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  1. J

    Thread Any way to encrypt the SD card?

    Hi everyone, Do you know if there is a way to encrypt SD card? I need to protect important data if my phone is stolen or lost. Regards, Jhun
  2. xdausernl

    Thread Who can help install/play Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 on Android 9?

    I have SM-T510, with SD-card as Extended storage. The 'secret files' and Magic Dosbox I installed on the SD-card using a cardreader. But now I don't know how to go ahead. What I want to get done is to install and run the game from external storage (flashdrive). Who can help me with detailed...
  3. M

    Thread [CM11] Apps keeps crashing at open, caused by no external storage inserted?

    Hi all, I've just installed CM11 (LegacyXperia) on my Xperia Play for using it as MP4, but I have a little problem: looks like every app which checks for external storage crashes. I've reached that conclusion after taking a logcat and seeing what causes the crash: accessing to na empty array...
  4. S

    Thread Question regarding dual-SIM models

    I'm strongly considering buying a OnePlus 7 Pro (GM1917) but had a question that I can't find a definitive answer for. My wife has a dual-SIM HTC U11 and the second SIM slot also doubles as an external SD card slot. Does the dual-SIM 7 Pro function the same way? If not, can that be changed...
  5. coyttl

    Thread Saving files to external storage, custom directory.

    Hey all - Have a question. I want to call the Camera intent, but have the camera save to a custom file. I've read this: https://developer.android.com/training/data-storage/files#WriteExternalStorage And the only two options it gives is 'Save to a public directory" (like \Pictures, \Ringtones...
  6. nitrous²

    Thread [GUIDE] WhatsApp Folder, Download Folder etc. on External Storage with Xposed (ROOT)

    There's one thing I hate about living in Germany. It's that we never get the high storage capacity models of most Smartphone models. We always get the base models with 16 or 32 Gigabytes of internal storage. But the ads and people working at the big stores will tell you "Well, you can put a...
  7. d00mz

    Thread Internal vs External storage paths

    So, I have what is probably a really stupid question. What is the path for the internal and external SD Card storage? I'm using Root Explorer as a file browser.
  8. L

    Thread External, Adopted HDD's *enclosure* died, replaced enclosure, can't access drive

    Summary is this, I have the 2017 model (changed from the 2015 which had gotten the green flash of death), I had to rebuild all the data I had available from the SD card on my 2015. I had backed up the encryption key and was able to save all my app settings. Both that one and this one were/are...
  9. drago10029

    Thread [EASTER EGG] Force App to SD Card?

    So Just updated to Nougat 7.1.1 and found this little nugget! This could be a fun little option to experiment with, no when will someone make a MicroSD card case for our phones lol what are you guys thoughts on this?
  10. tbm48813

    Thread External Storage

    I pre-ordered the 32gb xl, not wanting to wait a month or more for a 128gb. With 4k videos, apps and however much daydream wants to eat up though, it seems a little dismal. I was checking out https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-connector-Android-Devices-SDDD2-032G-G46/dp/B00RBGYGPG?th=1 something...
  11. E

    Thread [Completed] Update from external storage is disabled please help

    Hello guys, i own a samsung a7 2016 (sm-a7100) i need to apply some updates in recovery mode, but when i try to do so i get the message "update from external storage is disabled" can anybody please help me fix this? Thank you
  12. H

    Thread [Q] Downloading and/or Installing Apps Directly to External Storage/SD-Card

    Hi, everyone. ;) You know, installing Apps if you're going to run out of space storage is a hard and big problem. One of my classmates has got a low-end Galaxy Ace. And it's ONLY Got 180 MB Space Storage. That's horribly low :eek: - but the SD-Card has still 12 GB Free. The app has a size of 4...
  13. P

    Thread [Q] what are the SD card requirements for 2014 tab pro 10.1

    Hi all, I have the 10.1 2014 tab pro and I want to get a new SD card. I know from my brief reading through these forums that not all SD cards will work and I dont know enough to really understand what is what (like what does "SDHC Tf Class 10" mean?). If anyone knows what it is that I need to...
  14. andiling

    Thread [Q] [4.4/KK][10.5.A.0.230] Android/data and obb folder on external sd card

    Hi There, I updated yesterday to KitKat (Commercial And Journalists version). :) Since then I noticed that on the external storage Android creates folders such as Android/data, Android/obb and fills them up with several root folders for apps though they are not used. Within those root folders...
  15. jacqueline robert

    Thread [Q] External storage card in T-Mobile S3 NOT RECOGNIZED

    [PROBLEM] External storage card in T-Mobile
  16. K

    Thread [Q] Internal Storage and SD Card Formatting

    Hi all.... I haven't found specific answers to my questions so am posing them here. I am running CM11 Can you expand your internal storage without doing an entire ext sd card to internal swap? I want to use only part of my ext SD card to enhance the internal storage. Is there any point in...
  17. rodrigoperu

    Thread [Q] how to store music on external SD (google music, amazon store)

    ok peeps, I'll try to make it short and to the point. Mods, I've tried searching the forums, I can't seem to find an answer, if one's available, my apologies for duplicating a thread, and if you could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. so, I've got a Galaxy S4, Tmobile, 16gb...
  18. mfaisal98

    Thread [Q] How to move OBB and/or Data files to external storage?

    Hi all, Does anyone know any app that can move the OBB and/or data files (of games) to external storage via OTG? I have tried a number of apps, including, Folder Mount, Supermount, Directory Bind and none worked! I also use StickMount, but that's for another purpose of course. Any help would be...
  19. Dan Law 001

    Thread Modified vold.fstab for N7100???

    Hello, does anyone here have the modified version of vold.fstab for the Note 2 N7100 ub irder to use the external sd as internal storage? I've tried to modify it but after a reboot everything crashed. This is the original version of the file: ## Vold 2.0 Generic fstab ## - San Mehat...
  20. Dan Law 001

    Thread Partition Ext-sd card

    Hello, I got the app called Link2SD app which allows you to move apps to your external sd card. However, when I tried to move apps to SD card, it says that there was no second partitionn in my sd card and my external storage is emulated by the internal storage. What that means? Also, I went to...
  21. _A.T.Omix_

    Thread [Q] SD slot in a stupid place like previous Galaxy Ss?

    Hello, is the SD card slot placed on top of the battery in such a way that you can't access it without shutting down the phone still?
  22. the00guy

    Thread [Q] Security Lock Bypass?

    I'd like to start by saying I checked but couldn't find any similar threads to this issue I've been facing with my S3. I believe it to be a global issue since samsung did away with needing drivers to mount internal and external storage on their phones to just having the device showing up as a...
  23. J

    Thread Internal Storage vs External Storage - How to access it?

    I am having difficulty accessing external storage connected via USB, micro SD card or the SD card in the keyboard. If I use the built in app FILE MANAGER, I have no problems. If I try and use ASTRO or GHOST COMMANDER I can NOT see these external storage media. The path for the MicroSD card...
  24. P

    Thread Can we get the Mini to use 32GB card or above?

    Hi all, I know that SE said the Mini should support up to 16GB but I'm just wondering what happens if you put in something like 32GB? I heard people saying phones get slower with larger memory cards. Has anyone tried that? And does anyone use a 16GB? Is it slower? I really need minimum 32GB...