1. L

    Thread Does anyone have experience with external HID touch monitors?

    Recently I got myself a Sculptor 16.1'' external portable monitor that has multi-touch and gravity sensors. The monitor claimed to support many smartphones including ours as well as some others like ROG Phone 1/2. While most other functionalities work (screen outputs at 1920x1080 @ 120Hz, USB-C...
  2. Bostrot

    Thread Px5 headunit Enable RCA Outputs for external speakers

    Hello everyone, I got a dasaita px5 android 8 headunit and I am trying to add external speakers over the RCA Ports but they seem to be disabled or least they do not get any Output. Is there maybe a way to enable them over the software?
  3. s3bish

    Thread [HowTo] Fix songs on external SD-Card lost after reboot on Samsung (Galaxy) devices

    Affected devices: (Samsung Galaxy, devices without adoptable storage) Operating System: Android No root required, KNOX Bit untouched Fix songs on external SD-Card lost after reboot on Samsung (Galaxy) devices and similar When you make use of an SD-Card for more space for songs and reboot your...
  4. V

    Thread PX5 External WiFi/BT Antenna

    I am curious if i can use an external antenna for the WiFi/BT antenna on a PX5 head unit. The antenna that comes with the unit is very small and doesn't pick up the WiFi to well, and i was curious if i could replace it with an external antenna. The problem is that the antenna is used for both...
  5. W

    Thread Replacement battery in UK (not extended) and external charger

    I've just picked up a refurbed H910 and want to add at least 2 spare batteries, but as the phone was never released here in the UK AND it's 2 years old, finding batteries that aren't rubbish "ebay knock-offs" really isn't easy. Does anyone over here have any suggestions? Ideally I'd like to...
  6. F

    Thread Standalone wireless screen for QR code

    Hi guys, I am looking for a little external monitor to display QR codes to customers. So frame rate, lag, color or picture quality are non priorities. It could work like on a smart TV, by projecting the whole screen, or we could also write custom software to make it work. It can also be cable...
  7. J

    Thread Gear S3 as external HR monitor on Endomondo

    Can I use the Gear S3 Frontier to display the output of an external (chest strap) heart rate monitor that is connected to my phone using Endomondo? Basically I need more accuracy than the built in HR sensor and on my old LG G Watch R, I could see the output of my Garmin ANT+ HR strap connected...
  8. D

    Thread External *stereo* microphone for both video and audio only recording?

    Does anyone have any experience in regard to connecting external microphones to the OP5? The idea behind this is that I want to record classical music with a high dynamic range without any compression or clippings. I'd like to record myself playing the piano both with an HD video and good...
  9. L

    Thread Which External Battery should we get?

    I need to replace my current external battery with a faster charging option. Link below. During the day, my phone actually loses its battery while charging from the external battery and the phone gets quite hot. What should we get? Our phones are not capable Qualcom quickcharge 3.0. Has anyone...
  10. BigMatza

    Thread Why are some Android/data subdirs duplicated in BOTH internal and External storage?

    I have a rooted Moto X Pure (XT1575) running CM13. I did all of my migration/installation prior to installing an external SD card. Today, I popped in and formatted an external SD card. I haven't done much of anything with the phone since doing that. About 1-2 hours later, I was browsing the...
  11. Halcyon

    Thread [Guide] Note 4 External SD Fix For exfat formatted SDXC and U1 Higher Than 32gb

    Nice Day Guys And Fellas! I'm Here Today With Another Guide, hope It will find people who need it and be useful to them. I found the possible solution for Note 4 SDcard Issue after dealing so much with it, posting here it may help some people. History : If you own an SDXC or 64GB SD card...
  12. S

    Thread Anway to force all apps to install to the external sd card?

    Just wanting to be able to move all my apps to my sd card so if I have to reset my s7 or some other reason, I can just leave all the apps there. Thanks :)
  13. P

    Thread Obb files to /data for better performance

    Hi all! I have an Honor 6, with 16 GB internal storage. After I've installed many apps, I have about 6 GB free space, so I decided to move my favourite game to the internal storage for better performance/loading times (~1,5 GB), but I can't. If I just copy the obb files to internal memory, when...
  14. benbugohit

    Thread ze551ml - which external mic?

    Hello, I would like to purchase an external mic in order to record sessions with my band in good conditions. There are different choices concerning the jack. Does anyone now about one that is compatible with our zenfone 2? Thanks in advance!
  15. B

    Thread can the oneplus external batery charge the oneplus 3?

    I ordered the oneplus 3 and I wanted to know if I could charge it with the oneplus external batterie. and i was also wandering what the rate of charge woud be like
  16. Xampy

    Thread [FIXED] Gallery is getting slow

    Hi guys, I noticed today that my gallery is so slow to delete a picture or just to view a video (sometimes when I try to watch a slow-motion video, it freezes and the apk crashes). Both pics and videos are in the external sdcard, but this sdcard is brand new (128gb class 10, from sandisk). I'm...
  17. F

    Thread SM-T810: file management since android 6.0.1 (external SD card)

    Hi Community, Since I upgraded from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1, I have some issues with file deletions on my external SD Card. - If I delete a file on my external SD card using ES File Explorer or Solid Explorer, the file is deleted, but the space that comes free after the deletion isn't cleared. (yes, I...
  18. U

    Thread How do I install external touch screen drivers on Droid Razr XT912? HELP!

    Hello all I am interested In connecting an external TFT Resistive Touchscreen panel controller to my Motorola Droid Razr Model: XT912 so that I can control my phone from a separate display. This is the LCD, LCD driver board,,Touch panel, and touch panel driver board. Link bellow...
  19. J

    Thread Portable SD card write permission

    Any way to make externalSD writable by all apps in Marshmallow? I mean if you format it as portable storage
  20. C

    Thread Do you prefer Adopted Storage (MM) or Portable Storage formats?

    MM brought the adopted internal storage option for SD cards, which combines your SD space with your device space. It still has a few bugs with certain apps but for the most part is pretty fluid. The traditional portable storage works as usually expected but also encounters some bugs in MM...
  21. aragorn21

    Thread Connect VGA / HDMI external monitor

    Does anybody already tried to connect an external monitor to the X2 ? for those who succeed, what was the solution ? (I'm interested to fully replace my laptop at work with X2 + USB Hub + Keyboard / Mouse / External Monitor)
  22. W

    Thread How to Move from 16GB SD Card to 32 GB

    Update: Never mind, I uninstalled some apps I haven't used in a long time, then moved the apps off of my SD card and to Device Memory. -------------------------- I have a 16 GB external SD Card, I have apps which I run off of the SD card. I want to move to a new 32 GB SD card I bought. I don't...
  23. A

    Thread External Microphone Volume

    I own the Klipsch R6M headphones and the built in microphone is very low. Nobody can hear me unless I yell or press the microphone hole up to my lips. This does not occur in any other Android device I plug it into. I figured I'd grab AlsaMixer and boost the external microphone input but I am...
  24. X

    Thread Tutorial for getting Nokia Here/Drive maps onto the external SD card on a Lumia 532

    Hi guys, I bought a Lumia 532 for navigation purposes for my parents, as they have absolutely no clue about smartphones and this should be the easiest handset to work with. Also, I am totally new to this operating system, because I am using Android and iOS. Now I am searching for a complete...
  25. N

    Thread Write to SD issue on TW 5.0?

    Hello all. I am running Twisted v7 FINAL, and I am having issues with my external SD card. I have already tried the 4.4 fix, manually editing platform.xml, and even a full ODIN and reroot, but to no avail. This issue just started recently, and I am unable to add music files through...
  26. c0nvict

    Thread Review of the 11200mAh Introcircuit Power Caste Powerbank from Hisgadget with videos

    Hi everyone, In this review i'm gonna present you one more very useful gadget from Hisgadget which i bought from here, it is the 11200mAh Introcircuit Power Castle and let's get to it It comes in a rather small package indicating the best features of the device which are: Aluminum alloy...
  27. kulvertti

    Thread [External sd card][write acces fix]

    This is easy fix or more like workaround for KitKat and Lollipop firmwares when some of your apps can´t write to external sd card. It add one line to "platform.xml" file. This is flashable zip -file via custom recovery. It can also be installed manually by unzipping file, moving it to correct...
  28. S

    Thread [Q] External SD Corrupt

    Hey, For the past month my rooted SCH-I545 (Verizon) S4 has had an error notification that my external SD card is corrupt and needs to be formatted. Tried connecting the SD card to a card reader, which it wouldn't show up. Then tried connecting through mounting in Safestrap, which nothing would...
  29. K

    Thread [Guide] Swap internal sd with external sd [MT6572] [Samsung Galaxy S IV(I950X)]

    Hello , this guide is needed when you have small internal sd card , and your phone don't support switching internal sd with external sd, which mean some apps or big games won't find enough space in your internal sd card to download files (DATA or OBB files for example), so applying this will...
  30. L

    Thread [SOLVED] Cannot disable External SD Card Encryption under any circumstances... Why?

    Solution at Bottom I stupidly encrypted my SD Card. This resulted in slower startups as it always searches for errors, and notifies me that it's encrypted, plus it's slower to view, load and transfer any files associated/on the External Card. Worst of all, for some reason I cannot disable the...
  31. enkelad

    Thread [Q] problem with phone memory

    The phone suddenly no longer reads SD card, nor the internal memory. Settings> Storage displays all of the memory as Unavailable. It all started yesterday when I took out the SD card. When I returned the card and switched the phone on, the problem started. Computer and tablet normally read...
  32. thahim

    Thread Extracting files to External Sd Card

    I have been trying to extract some zip file to sd card, i have tried using AndroZip, Rar apps and also the stock files app on samsung, but i can't. I think its restricted in 4.4.2. Is there anyway to do this, my phone is rooted.
  33. Mango Polo

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire 310 Swap internal and external memory

    The vold.fstab for this model is http://mangopolo.com/vold.fstab but seems, that any modification done on it, does not affect anyhow the memory of the phone. What kind of version is this ? And what special does it have that ordinary changes don't affect it?
  34. WastedJoker

    Thread [Q] Folder sync between internal SD and external? [Solved]

    Hi, I'm looking for a program which will allow me to sync folders from internal SD to external SD. I was previously using FolderMount but because it can only mount after boot, I was losing data in that gap between phone booting and the mount process taking place. I tried FolderSync by tacit...
  35. I

    Thread [Q] Alternative to HTC Camera app on GPE?

    Hi! Is there a good alternative to the stock HTC M8 camera app? I tried the Google camera app but I really miss the option to save all the photos and videos onto my external SD card. And the "move the camera and center the object" is really bulky. :(
  36. L

    Thread [Q] Best way to move app data to SD Card

    Has anyone got any recommendations on the best way to move my app data to SD Card on the Z2? For example the 1-2GB of data that many larger games download to internal storage, I'd like to put that onto the SD Card. I know there'll be a performance hit, but I want to be able to play around with...
  37. V

    Thread [Q] Internal/External Memory Swap

    So, I have a Sprint Galaxy S3 Running Cyanogenmod 10.2.1, and I'd like to trick it into thinking my 64GB SdCard is the Internal Memory. So far, by using Script Manager, and this Code: busybox mount -o remount,rw / busybox mount -t vfat -o umask=0000 /dev/block/vold/179:33 /mnt/shell/emulated/0...
  38. C

    Thread [APP] Memory And Storage Info Widget (V5.5)

    Memory And Storage Info Widget This is a simple widget that update itself every 10 seconds. It works in English and Arabic. You can place it on your home screen. ** Fixed the transparent issue in this update (100%). It will display: 1. Free Ram. 2. Internal SD Card free space. 3...
  39. tomorio

    Thread External Battery Charger (High Capacity) - Info Needed!

    Hey one and all, Now I know there are already a few threads with some external battery chargers but a few are quite outdated and it's quite a pain looking through them all so I've been a little lazy and started this new thread. Basically im currently using the ZeroLemon 7500 extended battery...
  40. W

    Thread SD Card (Int/Ext) problem

    Got a problem that seems to be causing some programs that I've tried to crash such as Spotify/Tetris Blitz - they just come up with a stopped working button :( I found using Ex Filer Explorer I could not delete anything from internal/ext SD card, however if I use root explorer I can...
  41. H

    Thread [Q] Need Help with Write Protected External SD Card

    Hello, I need some help with my external SD card, please. I've Googled this quite a bit and found many with related problems, but no solutions. From time to time, it's hard to tell what triggers it, I notice I can't write any files to my external SD card. My guess is the card either becomes...
  42. Rockstar.garvit

    Thread Headset Mic Not Recording Audio (working only during call)

    Hey Guys [& Girls(if any) hehe :D], I have Yajnab's CM 10.2 Rom installed. This problem was not there on the stock 2.3.4. External mic not working for audio recording purpose but working for calling purpose only. Symptoms: 1) Headset mic working for calling purpose only. 2) Audio stops...
  43. B

    Thread [Q] Random files on SD card

    Hi all, I'm having a strange issue with my external SD card. I got a 64 gb Samsung SDXC from Amazon, the same one I have in my S4 (working perfectly), but for some reason, this one isn't playing as nicely. On occasion, it randomly unmounts and remounts, and one time the SD card began reading as...
  44. B

    Thread External Microphone Issues

    Hi, I know certain Androids will work with external microphones and some don't, but the main problem is why doesn't it work. Is it a software issue? If it is can someone show me how to modify my LG Thrill ICS Stock Rom to support reverse audio, as in a regular two-way cable or the microphone...
  45. H

    Thread [Q] Music Unlimited Save Location

    I have signed up for the Music Unlimited service through the Walkman app. Everything is working perfectly except for the fact that the offline Playlists are being saved to the internal memory by default and there is no actual option within the app to change the save location to the SD card. I...
  46. penta42

    Thread [Q] Using external microphone (2pin) without adaptator cable?

    Hello, I just bought Olympus M52W microphone. I have galaxy note 2 (rooted) and i would like to take videos using this microphone. At the moment, it works using a 3.5mm 4-Pin to 2x 3-Pin 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter but i was questionning if it is possible to record sound without it. As I...
  47. H

    Thread [Q] Moving Apps to External SD with Android 4.3

    Hey! I'm having trouble using the Android OS to move apps to the external SD card. I know this is a fairly common problem, and I've Googled it quite a bit, but haven't found a proper answer yet. I am on a stock, unrooted Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.3. My phone recently updated from...
  48. GoJo ^^

    Thread Android 4.2 Full Encryption : Feedback please?

    Hello, I'm interested in encrypting my phone (rootbox 4.2) including the external SD Card (if that's possible..?) but i need to know if you do it, then let's say you take that sd card out of the phone and plug it in your pc, how do you access the data? And is that still impossible to unencrypt...
  49. Y

    Thread Severe storage problems plzz help

    I have been experiencing a lot of storage related problems recently.After I restored my bricked phone I installed bmm and started flashing ROMs like I used to but now whichever ROM I install I after rebooting that ROM once I can't access my SD card both external and internal. I went to 'mounts...
  50. K

    Thread [Q] move app+data to external 64g card

    Hello, My device sm p605 rooted by de la vega root method. I m looking for a method to move my app+data on my external sd card. I tried many methods but no one is working with my device. I tried: - link2sd partioning external sd card into 1st partition fat32 + 2nd in ext2: It generates a script...