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  1. oF2pks

    Thread [10][microG] Los17.1 ufOFFICIAL with WakelockBlocker (cve July 2021)

    [17.1 cve 202107] download : https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=306432 All-in-one: "Regular" #derf elot Los17.1 build with microG patches, extended 2x permissions, #ale5000 implementation and multiple foss apps: microG: GmsCore(mapbox) GoogleServicesFramework DroidGuard addons...
  2. hotlittlewhitedog

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Bible Multi "The Light" [Open Source]

    Yop Guys, After Google, Amazon, F-Droid, finally XDA :D There is no a lot of Bible apps here. Download Rem: always use the same repo (Google, FDroid or my apk) or the app could be reinstalled. * My Apk: https://gitlab.com/hotlittlewhitedog/BibleMultiTheLight/-/tree/master/apk * Google...
  3. A

    Thread How to change installation source from play store to f-droid without losing app data?

    I have a rooted phone and want to migrate some open source apps from their play version to the f-droid version. Most are signed with different keys, so this does not work seamless without additional efford. I tried to backup them with TitaniumBackup, then uninstall them, install the f-droid...
  4. Setialpha

    Thread [MODULE/SYSTEM] NanoDroid (microG, pseudo-debloat, F-Droid + apps)

    NanoDroid NanoDroid is a installer for various OpenSource related things, most noticably microG and F-Droid. It supports direct /system installation, both devices with or without A/B partition scheme, aswell as Magisk Mode (module) installation. It also includes several tools (eg. GNU Bash...
  5. M

    Thread TextSecure & RedPhone F-Droid repository

    I have published F-Droid repository with TextSecure and RedPhone apps, for people who don't want to install apps from Google Play for security reasons. You can find my F-Droid repository (and more details about why I created it) here: https://fdroid.eutopia.cz Sources (build recipes) for...
  6. P

    Thread F-Droid, a package repository (aka "market") of Open Source software for Android

    Hello, Searching thru forums, F-Droid already got some mentioning on XDA-Developers, and there may be some posts about it in per-device forums, but I'd really want to start a general thread about which would benefit all Android users. is a software package repository of Free/Open Source (FOSS)...