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  1. A

    Thread Question Is Face unlock coming or not?

    Title says it all, have seen lots of rumours that it might be enabled but nothing concrete.
  2. Hurt Copain

    Thread Development [CLOSED][ROM][12.1_r5][unOFFICIAL] Evolution X 6.3.1 [05/14/2022]

    Unofficial thread will be closed.
  3. null-dev

    Thread [11+] UniversalAuth: Face Unlock for all ROMs

    UniversalAuth: Face Unlock for all ROMs This module brings face unlock (and possibly other authentication methods) to any ROM. Requirements - Xposed/EdXposed/Lsposed - Android 11, 12 or 13 DP (may also work on Android 10, but not tested) Installation Download the...
  4. S

    Thread Poco X2_Android 12_Evolution X (Face Unlock)

    I recently tried several ROMs of Android 12 for my Rooted Poco X2. All AOSP rom works on Pixel 6 profiles... And I believe none of them have Face Unlock backed in. I just wanted to know if there is a way to add Face unlock to my phone, in this Android 12 ROM (Evolution X). Thanks for any help...
  5. H

    Thread Face unlock not working in OOS11 and Magisk

    Hi people! For some reason face unlock stopped working with root after updating to OOS 11 stable. I manually updated to OOS 11, but without root face unlock works fine on 11. I've tried cleaning storage for the face unlock app, removing the face data to add again (if rooted, the process gets...
  6. L

    Thread Question about enabling face recognition on second or third user profile

    Hi everyone, I own a Huawei P20 Lite for 3 years now but only as my second phone (I'm a Pokemon GO player and I use this phone for playing on my second account, the one of my sister and the one of my friend 😅). I would like to unlock it faster when I'm using another profile than my main. I can...
  7. A

    Thread Delay after unlocking with pattern/PIN if Face Unlock is enabled

    Having this problem too. Looking forward to a solution for this one...
  8. S

    Thread Should I return the ATT version?

    I am junior here at XDA and am aware of the protocols for posting (search, search, search before asking), My query doesn't match anything I looked for because it is a combo of different things. Hence, this new thread a) I've bought an ATT G020J on Ebay that will work with Cricket (that's what...
  9. oneshotaz

    Thread Face Unlock Stopped Working After Root

    So I rooted my Pixel 4 XL with Magisk, and did the whole process of enabling Soli as it is not active in the country I live in. I installed Busy Box and used it to modify a prop to also activate VoLTE and VoWiFi as they are also not activated on the device here in KSA. Everything is working...
  10. F

    Thread "Face Unlock" form "Smart Lock" is missing from my A2 Lite

    I know that this feature has been removed from Android 10, but I want to know if this feature is missing also to you guys in Stock Android Pie. And is it possible to revert it? Sorry for my English
  11. R

    Thread Verizon S10 5G 3D face unlock?

    Does Verizon 5g version has 3d tof sensor face unlock option Available after Android 10? Can't find any info on the Updates notes... Thanks in advance...
  12. Ww222

    Thread Is there anyway to add Google smart Lock to emui devices?

    Hi Huawei has replaced Google smart Lock with Huawei smart unlock. My question is this :can I use Google smart Lock(especially trusted face option) in emui 5 devices? If no is there any alternative to unlock my phone with my face? *My phone is rooted and twrp is installed Sorry for my bad English
  13. JohnKuczek

    Thread Blackberry Work

    Blackberry Work updated today and now has working Face Unlock
  14. M

    Thread Face unlock not good without glasses

    I registered my face in good light and while wearing my glasses. In most situations face unlock seems to work well, but when I'm in bed without glasses, it doesn't work at all. I wear pretty strong prescription glasses, could that be it? Should I rescan while not wearing glasses?
  15. M

    Thread Apps that work with Face Unlock

    Hi guys, Just got my Pixel 4 XL today and after transferring my apps over noticed that Lastpass has a beta program that you can join that allows Face Unlock to be used to access your password vault. I installed it and seems to work! :D Might be worth others adding in this thread any other apps...
  16. djsubterrain

    Thread Face unlock and custom roms, dead and buried?

    So this is the Questions and Answers forum, I think this is a question a lot of people want to ask. Is face unlock on custom roms dead? OnePlus, from what I can gather, won't release their face unlock code in case competitors use the improvements they have, so that can't be used in custom...
  17. C

    Thread The "Xiaomi - LineageOS Situation / DMCA Desaster" (up-to-date)

    Here is a lifesign from LineageOS in case of the Xiaomi DMCA Takedown (after 3 weeks saying nothing): https://www.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/cwzlr3/update_on_xiaomi_situation/ You all can use this thread, to post NEW informations with sources (links e.g.), to keep everyone up-to-date...
  18. A

    Thread [MODS] [MIUI Global] Audio/GPS/Logs/Debloat/FaceUnlock

    MIUI 10 GLOBAL MODS (REQUIRES TWRP) As most of you know, I have been working on many MODS for MIUI 10 Global version to remove regional restrictions for face unlock, boost audio for all outputs, enhance gps accuracy, reduce logging, and lastly de-bloating to remove the bullsh**. I have finally...
  19. A

    Thread Mi8 Region

    What is the best Region to have Face Unlock, Theme Store and no Ads? I have tried Germany (No Face Unlock, no Theme Store, no Ads). I have tried France (Face unlock but no Theme Store, no Ads).
  20. Gambino1ne

    Thread OnePlus 6T Face Unlock pattern loop

    When trying to setup face unlock in the security settings I keep getting a loop of entering my pin/pattern (tried changing from pattern to pin, same result). Will we need to wait for a patch or update or is there a trick to fixing this loop? Thanks.
  21. P

    Thread Face Unlock Not Secure (Unlocked by sister)

    I've been using the face unlock feature on my Poco F1 since I got it. I'm running the latest XiaomiEU MIUI 10 Stable + Sphinx Kernel. No other mods. Although it doesn't recognize the faces of my friends or relatives today I decided to test it with my sister who is 6 years younger and she...
  22. S

    Thread [MOD]Add Face Unlock to any ANDROID

    ADD FACE UNLOCK TO ANY ANDROID NOTE:- I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR DEVICE So finally i have discovered a way to add face unlock to any android by using the Google Smart Lock feature...:D This feature is available in most of the android devices:good:... There are two...
  23. coda00

    Thread How does the region setting affect my phone on Android? + Europe GDPR question

    Greetings everyone! Yesterday I have finally purchased this awesome device (Mi 8) and one of my most desired feature was the face unlock. After I unboxed the package, I have sadly seen that there is no such option in the settings. After a few-minute research I have found out that face unlock is...
  24. N

    Thread How to enable face unlock in oreo

    Hello guys is there a way (mod, install apk,etc...) to enable face unlock on s7 edge stock android 8 rom?? i have searched but no luck. thanks.
  25. F

    Thread Phone wakes up when I pick it up, turn it off?

    Hello, I was trying to set up the Face Unlock feature on my Huawei P20, just to try it out and see how it works. I could not get it to work, it only said that the phone cannot recognize my facial features (maybe because I have a beard, I assume). However, after the unsuccessful attempt to make...
  26. nbock97

    Thread Are this features available on Redmi Note 5 Global

    Hello I want to buy a RN5 Global, but before I want to know if some special features and feature combinations are available. Please add information of which rom you use (miui9/10/custom) to your answer. Thank you 1. Is it possible to use Face unlock + fingerprint + double tap to wake...
  27. D

    Thread Face unlock now available on VTR-L29 (C636)

    My P10 just got an update a moment ago which includes Face Unlock and Pick Up (raise to wake). The update comes with May 5, 2018 security patch.
  28. dizM0nkey

    Thread Face Unlock - Is it TOO permissive / Not secure enough?

    I love how fast the Fast Unlock feature is... but I was curious as to how secure the facial recognition technology actually is. I did a test today with my father and my brother-in-law try to see if they could unlock the OP6 with their faces. My father and I look relatively similar and my...
  29. Kornelije23

    Thread Face unlock on mate 10 pro

    Hey guys i heard that update is planned for mate 10 pro with face unlock, anyone know is that true, and if it is true when it is coming ?:o
  30. V

    Thread It's possible to add dt2w or face unlock with magisk or other method on rooted miui 9

    I have 2gb version of redmi 3s without fp sensor. I use my phone a lot and I'm worried about power button. Is there any way to add double tap to wake or face unlock or any other method free from clicking power button to unlock screen. I've tried various apps on play store but they all are...
  31. A

    Thread Stock system and vendor partitions with FACE Unlock (Indian Version)

    Assalamu alaikum people, Presenting you with the stock ROM system.img for our Honor 9 Lite. I received my phone yesterday i.e. on 22ndMarch'18 so, this ROM is the latest preloaded ROM you can find. I have ordered the device from India so the ROM is Indian version. I don't know if the...
  32. Deni_NS

    Thread (Guide) Face (ID) unlock for Mi A1 (any other phone too) Android 7.x+ (without root)

    Hi members of the xda developers. Presenting you a guide where you can unlock your phone with your face just like iPhone X, OP5T etc. Firstly you will need this app AUTOINPUT https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joaomgcd.autoinput 1.) Join the Beta for AutoInput The new...
  33. ravidaada

    Thread Will motorola bring face unlock like 1+5T?

    Honor v10, lg g6, Samsung, one plus 5t has face new face unlock system, based on the idea of iPhone X. Will Motorola bring this feature to z2 force? Confused to choose between v10, z2 force and 5t. Each one have their unique features. Please help me.
  34. 3

    Thread Face Unlock OOS 5.0.2 - Who's using it?

    As most know OnePlus has added their own Face unlock feature with OOS 5.0.2 Oreo. I'm curious to find: Are you using it? If your using it do you like it? Which do you prefer no Face unlock, Android Face unlock or OOS Face unlock? How reliable have you found it? How secure do you feel it is...
  35. A

    Thread Chance to get official Face Unlock Feature of the OnePlus 5T

    Carl Pei has officially sent out a tweet in favour of those wanting the face unlock feature on their OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T. Go check out his tweet and comment on it if you're one of those who wanted the feature: https://twitter.com/getpeid/status/946428911688323072 In addition to this, make...
  36. H

    Thread This guy say 5T Face unlock impossible to creak ????

    https://youtu.be/331E0CaILYw How can he say that ????????
  37. R

    Thread Unlock and go to homescreen after face unlock

    Hello XDA, I am really trying to make a task where the screen unlocks and goes directly to home once it has matched my face using face unlock. I'm sorry if this is a noob question because I'm new to this... Plus I'm running Oreo if that comes to any help. Appreciate all help
  38. S

    Thread How to get Trusted face on my Device

    I'm trying to get Trusted face installed with smart unlock on my nexus 7 tablet. I know flash gapps mini or full But. i'm trying to flash it with beta K3.4 asap - 7.0 rom. I flash it with mini and it works. But when i boot into system gapps is Not installed. So when i boot back into recovery...
  39. M

    Thread Kit Kat Rom thats up to date?

    Hi Guys, One of the main reasons I've still got my G2 is because I love Kit Kat. I've felt over the last few years that Google have been going in the wrong direction with Lollipop and Marshmallow. For a tablet, 5 & 6 are good but for a phone, I would miss the preview window when using face...
  40. M

    Thread [Q] Trusted Face Preview Window

    Guys I'm using Lollipop on my Nexus 7 and trusted face annoys the hell out of me as the preview window has been dropped since KK. This means it hardly ever works. :rolleyes: In the good old days of my Nexus 5, Face unlock was always successful as I could line the camera up properly using the...
  41. hotboyray

    Thread [Q] lollipop Face unlock for touchwiz?

    is there a way to enable this? i have the sprint note 4
  42. S

    Thread [Q] Face Unlock issue (Tried searching, sorry if repost!)

    Hello, I went through FAQ, tried searching these forums, first post, T-Mobile specific forum, googletrons, etc. Either this isn't out there or I am just super n00b face at using search on XDA. I got lots of hits that seemed unrelated, and one thread that did have a solution, but for a...
  43. asdfasdfvful

    Thread [GAPPS][LOLLIPOP] Smart Face Unlock for Android 5.0

    This is a flashable zip that installs ONLY the face unlock for Android L. It is best to flash this after flashing a minimal gapps package (like banked apps). Tested on my Nexus 5 with Terminus. Download Link Files have been extracted from drewwalton19216801 's file. Original gapps thread here.
  44. I

    Thread [Q] Faceunlock for unlocking phone

    When I first started using face unlock it worked 80% of the time. I then trained it a whole bunch and now it works 40%. How many times should you "improve face matching"? For example if your face looks different in to pictures, does that mean what its matching against is harder or easier to...
  45. V

    Thread [Q] How to change the Backup Pin/Pattern in Face Unlock

    Hi, I have searched hard to find the answer to this question but was unable to get any. I am using Face Unlock in my Moto G XT-1033 , and have trained it many times. But now I need to change the pattern lock as one of my Friends saw the pattern :p Is there any way to change the pattern without...
  46. deepaktom

    Thread [Discontinued][APP][MOD][4.2]Enable Face Unlock For 4.2 Roms

    Face Unlock has been disabled on the Nexus S by default as we have only a VGA front camera. But if you would like to enable face unlock, then flash the zip below. I found only ICS face unlock mods out there so I decided to make a zip for 4.2 JB roms. This one is the 4.2 Face Unlock with...
  47. N

    Thread [Q] Face unlock on Liquid Smooth?

    Hey fellas!! New GS3 owner here and I rooted and flashed Liquid Smooth (not a big TWZ kind of guy) but unfortunately, its missing Face-Unlock for some reason! I was wondering if there was an APK I could flash or something or someone could direct me in the right direction! -Also, the volume...
  48. blackstallion1234

    Thread [Q] [LWW]Face Unlock Cyanogenmod 9.1 missing?

    Hi there, just recently clean-installed CM 9.1. The version of gapps that I flashed was the latest (gapps-20120429). I read somewhere that CM 9.1 and/or gapps latest contain Face Unlock for phones with a front cam. But, Face Unlock is still unavailable in screen security. Any ways to get face...
  49. G

    Thread [Q] Enabling face unlock turns the screen on immedately after it goes into standby

    Hi all, I just updated my DS to stock 4.0.4 / Sense 3.6 and rooted. The problem is when I use the face unlock and make it standby by either time out or using the power button it turn on the screen immedately and shows the lock screen. Anyone get this problem as well? Is it a known bug?
  50. vivelafrance

    Thread [Q] Lock Screen: Face Unlock

    Hi Guys, When you use the Face Unlock, you can improve the Face recognition by taking a picutre of your face in different situations (like with or without glasses, more light, less light etc...). I have taken quite a few of these "pictures" to improve the system. Is there a way to backup...