1. null-dev

    Thread [11+] UniversalAuth: Face Unlock for all ROMs

    UniversalAuth: Face Unlock for all ROMs This module brings face unlock (and possibly other authentication methods) to any ROM. Requirements - Xposed/EdXposed/Lsposed - Android 11, 12 or 13 DP (may also work on Android 10, but not tested) Installation Download the...
  2. joco1114

    Thread Huawei Watch Face Designer (w/o Chinese acc)

    Face Designer: https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/doc/30114 Guide: https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/doc/5050304
  3. A

    Thread Is it possible for IR camera to work with custom 9.0 roms?

    Hello all, I know IR camera sources are closed with xiaomi hence we cannot have IR camera(Face Detection)to work with AOSP/LOS roms. My question is is it possible for us to request xiaomi or anyone incharge so that we could get that source code and get IR cam to work with custom...
  4. S

    Thread [MOD]Add Face Unlock to any ANDROID

    ADD FACE UNLOCK TO ANY ANDROID NOTE:- I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR DEVICE So finally i have discovered a way to add face unlock to any android by using the Google Smart Lock feature...:D This feature is available in most of the android devices:good:... There are two...
  5. MakeMeFibonacci

    Thread [DEV] [PORT] Movado Connect Watch Faces

    I've pulled the watch face APKs from my Movado Connect. The APKs need to be decompiled, signed, and recompiled before they are ready to be installed on other devices. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do that. I'm posting them here in the hopes that one of you fine individuals would find it...
  6. M

    Thread Turn off facial recognition

    Yesterday I realized my S7 shows faces under image info in the Gallery. Is there some way to turn that spying feature off? Through that it connects all the pictures where the face is recognized. I don't want that and couldn't find any options. I'd be very thankful for your help. The ROM is...
  7. Koostis

    Thread Watch face bug?

    Hi guys, A few days ago my Sport stopped showing correct step/stair/calorie counts on the watch face (zeros everywhere). SHealth widget and app on the watch counts everything fine, it's just the watch face that got 'disconnected'. Tried rebooting, changing the watch faces. No improvements...
  8. Rueben_

    Thread [CLOSED][Watchface] Watch face: Weather

    MOD EDIT - Commercial Advertising Content removed.
  9. A

    Thread [WATCHFACE] Satellites Watch Face - Earth & Moon, Mars & Phobos/Deimos, and more...

    [WATCHFACE] Satellites Watch Face - Earth & Moon, Mars & Phobos/Deimos, and more... Hi guys, Satellites Watch Face is my new WF for Android Wear. It is an analog watch face, which shows the planet of your choice on the middle, and its natural and/or artificial satellites on their own orbit...
  10. A

    Thread {NEW APP} Take an image along with your beauty camera and apply masks to your pics

    N/A This app is best for live photo animations and effects. Turn every selfie into a funny selfies, it includes a set of funny animal face, will be selected randomly which make it more fun and surprising. Take an image along with your beauty camera and apply stickers to your pics as presently...
  11. DeNitE

    Thread [WatchFace] DeNitE! Brushed Chrome Watch Face - FREE

    Here is my first Android Wear Watch face! Please let me know if you encounter any issues at all. As this is my first release, i'm putting together a list of tested and working watches... Please let me know which model watch you have if it's working for you. Thanx so much! Download Click...
  12. Mark_QS

    Thread [WatchFace] Fluid Watch Face, FREE!

    Hello guys! Please check out my new watch face for Android Wear: ★★★ Features: ★★★ lovely number animation beautiful backgrounds ambient mode 24h time format ★★★ Settings: ★★★ 5 different backgrounds ★★★ Download: ★★★...
  13. sharp2G

    Thread [Request] Daniel Wellington (Facer)

    Would anything be willing to make this watch face? I like the simplicity, but elegance of this watch face:
  14. C

    Thread [APP] Wear face collection (already 50k downloads !)

    Hello all, maybe you know it already, WEAR FACE COLLECTION is a bundle of 58 themes (and counting). PLAY STORE LINK GOOGLE PLUS LINK Like others it's freemimum, there is about 20 faces for free. After that, you can choose the amount of your contribution, and in return you...
  15. asdfasdfvful

    Thread [GAPPS][LOLLIPOP] Smart Face Unlock for Android 5.0

    This is a flashable zip that installs ONLY the face unlock for Android L. It is best to flash this after flashing a minimal gapps package (like banked apps). Tested on my Nexus 5 with Terminus. Download Link Files have been extracted from drewwalton19216801 's file. Original gapps thread here.
  16. Nokia7Vista

    Thread [Android WEAR] Wear FaceLift - Automate Face Switching

    Greetings, I've been working throughout my free time to develop this app "Wear FaceLift" to allow users to automate watch face switching at time intervals. It supports both squared and round Android Wear Devices Instructions: 1- Download and Install the app from Play Store Note: You won't see...
  17. B

    Thread Official Wear Face Theming ?

    Hello, Now that Android 5 aka lollipop is now out, there should now be the ability to theme your android wear watch, with this in mind i now want to buy one. but dose anybody know how to use the new version to officially theme for an android watch ? I'd be most great full if anybody could...
  18. OstrichSak

    Thread Anyone else getting "OK Google" on their screen whenever the face illuminates?

    Anyone else getting "OK Google" on their screen whenever the face illuminates? I've only had the watch a few days but last night I noticed that I'm getting "OK Google" across the top of the screen whenever I turn my wrist to look at the watch. I can't actually say "OK Google" to access the...
  19. scar45

    Thread [FACE] Retro LCD for Facer

    Just finished creating my first set of Facer watch faces, and thought I would offer them up for download. I plan to keep improving them, so stay tuned! * NOTE: As of this posting, the only version that is available is for 320px by 320px devices. It was designed on the Gear Live, but plans are...
  20. Awesmazing

    Thread Final Fantasy 3 Kefkas Battle ANIMATED WATCHFACE!!

    Title says it all, here's a link to my SUPER TEDIOUS AND INCREDIBLY INEFFICIENTLY made live wallpaper for facer. It's the kefka battle, every character (Sabin, Cyan, Terra, Edgar and of course, Kefka) has an attack animation. Animated frames are tied to the rotational position of the second hand...
  21. Ashrockr

    Thread [MOD][21/12/2014]QuickWindow Apps for G3 Ported Roms

    G3 Roms Only Here are some of the QuickCircle Apps which are converted to QuickWindow. Apps included 1.Clock 2.Music 3.Call Logs 4.Phone 5.LG Health 6.LG Message Installation: 1.Go to recovery mode. 2.Flash following files for your rom. For Cloudy G3 2.1 / 2.2 Users 1. Flash...
  22. Breach

    Thread Create, Edit & Install A Custom Watch Face for the Gear 2 Neo

    This is not a full blown, how to program tutorial. It's a simple "Getting started with Tizen SDK for Wearables" First, you will need to Download and Install the Tizen SDK for Wearables. Once installed, Start the Tizen IDE. We need to make a quick emulator to emulate our Gear 2 Neo. On the...
  23. Breach

    Thread Create, Edit & Install A Custom Watch Face for the Gear 2

    This is not a full blown, how to program tutorial. It's a simple "Getting started with Tizen SDK for Wearables" First, you will need to Download and Install the Tizen SDK for Wearables. Once installed, Start the Tizen IDE. We need to make a quick emulator to emulate our Gear 2. On the lower...
  24. J

    Thread [Q] Gear 2 Neo with watch faces from www.gearfaces.com

    Hello, Does anyone know if it is possible to put a new watch face from www.gearfaces.com on Gear 2 Neo? I downloaded the watch styles, downloading watch face goes fine, but i dont see them in the latest Gear mananager. Thanks.
  25. L

    Thread [App][2.1+] Facial Metrics Analysis

    Facial Metrics Analysis is a mathematical tool that analyzes images or photos on the phone gallery, web images, newly taken photos and returns accurate details about the person of interest such as their age! Facial analysis reports can be saved and shared through various platforms such as...
  26. Saimoon

    Thread Morfo 3d face booth apk needed!

    Hallo everyone..... I was searching morfo 3d face booth for android for few days without any luck! Can anyone help me with that? I really liked this app!
  27. P

    Thread [App] Fat You! [Released 6/21/2012]

    With this fun app you will be able to fatten faces within just a few and easy steps! You can acquire faces from your phone camera, pictures gallery or even grab your friend’s faces from Facebook. You can also save, email or share your friend’s fattened faces, yes on Facebook and even tag them...
  28. D33KK

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Tab Face Unlock?

    Hi, I'm wondering if the CM9 or any other ICS ROMS for the wifi only version of the galaxy tab features face unlock? Getting my tab tomorrow! Thanks,:D
  29. nuuits

    Thread [BOOTANIM] Troll face dancing!

    This animation is based off of and looks exactly like this (except it's a bit faster and fits our screens ha): http://i.minus.com/il1jaw.gif I did not create this; I just put together the zip. All credit goes to xterminator at AndroidArea51 (I'm not sure if he's a member here or not). Also he...
  30. Bass_Amphetamine

    Thread [Q] Advertisement Notification - Green Smiley Face similar to SMS icon

    Hi, First, I apologize if this is the wrong thread. I am getting a green smiley face advertisement notification on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I have no idea what is causing it. I have tried all of the recommended airpush notification detector apps, but none of them detect anything. I get the...
  31. K

    Thread [Poll] Do you use face unlock, pattern, etc?

    Just curious about what kind of security people use to unlock their phones. I played with the face unlock when I first got the GN but eventually got too impatient. I'm trying to decide if continuing to "Improve face matching" will eventually make it fast almost every time, or if I should just go...
  32. S

    Thread Cleverbot Images

  33. T

    Thread [Q] Camera Face Detection ?

    Hi everyone; I am a new atrix user. I'm using atrix att version with rooted 4.5.91 rom and my phone is unlocked. All of atrix photos on the net, it seems like it has face detection. But i couldn't find any settings for this and autofocus befor press the shutter. İs there any way to enable...
  34. J

    Thread SMS/MMS Face Unlock Issues

    I am currently using Go SMS for my txt application. I have it setup to show a popup of a received txt message over the lock screen so I can quickly reply. If I look at the txt, and reply or close it out right away, everything is fine, but if I let it sit for a few seconds, and the screen turns...
  35. K

    Thread Widgetlocker + Face Unlock Possible?

    Had a quick search but couldn't find the answer, is there any way to use Widgetlocker and Face Unlock? It's not that big a deal as i can live without Face Unlock as its really just a gimmick in my opinion but would be nice to have my cake and eat it lol.
  36. J

    Thread [Q] Slide to unlock+face unlock???

    Is there a way to enable both the "slide" option and face unlock ?
  37. S

    Thread [Q] Does Face Unlock work on [ROM][ICS][AOSP][Beta 4.1]Creamed Glacier?

    Does the camera work on Beta 4.1? Face Unlock?
  38. T

    Thread [q] face wrap omnia 2 (i8000, 6.53)

    Is there any cab file for face wrap on omnia 2 (i8000).... I have try some .jar but nothing seems to working fine....please let me know...thanks
  39. E

    Thread [FREE] IQ Camera : Take Photo to get IQ Score!

    Hey guys, just like to announce our Cool + Funny Android Free App "IQ Camera - Smart Face Scanner" Just enjoy this app with your buddies! Do you have an moron-looking buddy, and you just don't know how tell them? IQ Camera scans the details of face and give IQ score that will tell they look...