1. fluentmoheshwar

    Thread Facebook Watch and Instagram Reels not Working on AOSP 10.0 v222.

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my phone, and I need your help. I recently flashed AOSP 10.0 v209 on my Redmi Go (tiare) then I flashed litegapps (systemless) and everything was working fine until I tried to use Facebook Watch and Instagram Reels. They just don't load at all! I can see the...
  2. Ruhan69

    Thread Can't reduce Volume to 0% in Massenger Call

    Hello everyone, I am not sure from when, but I found there is no way you can reduce the Volume to 0% while you are in a massenger call. The minimum seems like 10% if you try to reduce the audio while you are in middle of an conversation. Is there any tweaking we can do to enable that function...
  3. TopCoolAndroidApp

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Video Downloader — all-in-one video saver from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Vimeo

    Video Downloader all-in-one video saver from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Vimeo and other video tubes and social networks! Download now at Google Play! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=video.downloader.all.freedownload
  4. RaselMiah364849

    Thread [APP][MOD] Facebook LC Reborn (LCR)

    Finally, Facebook LC has reborned.... Well, I am so much excited to release this Facebook LCR mod.... But it has a long story for final result.....We all know that Facebook LC was first released by EvilWombat in XDA Developers Forum which was the first Facebook mod that is Ads free & also all...
  5. p4ra

    Thread Question How to make Facebook notifications work on my Pixel 6 Pro?

    I have got the phone 2 weeks ago and I really like it. Everything seems to be working just fine except for the push notifications for the Facebook. Please, don't tell me to uninstall it - I use it for business and also to keep in touch with my family and friends - so telling me not to use it is...
  6. G

    Thread [APP] Fast Video Downloader for FB

    Fast Fb video downloader is a video downloader for Facebook that is used to download videos from Facebook into a phone gallery. It allows you to browse for a particular video and download videos in many formats. Just think about how many times we liked facebook videos on different Fb groups...
  7. nocomp

    Thread Question [BUG] Cant open Youtube videos from facebook app

    hi, impossible to open a youtube video from facebook app, do you have the same issue? best regards
  8. M

    Thread Facebook Emoji 13.1 TTF File

    This is my first post. Pardon my grammar. Its bad i know. I need help. I want facebook emoji 13.1 ttf file. I wanna ue these emoji to my default browsee. I know how to do it. I jut need the ttf file. Please give me that if anyone have or can get it for me. I am talking about the emoji the...
  9. L

    Thread Bubbles Option missing from Settings - MIUI 12.1.1

    Hello everyone, Just yesterday I received the Android 11 update for my Xiaomi Mi 9T, in the form of MIUI 12.1.1 Global. After updating, I noticed that the app Facebook Messenger, an app that I use all the time, was not displaying notifications for new messages. After double checking all the...
  10. K

    Thread Looking for a few privacy focused app alternatives to a few app

    I know, it's an oxymoron for some of these apps/services, but unfortunately, I need them for business purposes. I am seeing many out-of-date apps and posts about this topic and wondered if anyone has any current suggestions. I'm using Aurora Store, Aurora Droid, and Hermit. Hermit isn't always...
  11. J

    Thread Why there is no a Facebook Mod free ad apk yet?

    I already saw a lot of apps modded on xda forums like Twitch and Youtube. But the only Facebook modded apk i found is one from 2017 outdated, can someone explain why there is no a modded version of Facebook yet? Just like Vanced Youtube or something like that, is it hard to mod a Facebook apk...
  12. S

    Thread Facebook Application SSL Bypass

    Hello, I use Burp Suite SSL Proxy Rooted Galaxy S8. Traffic decrypts occurs everybody and everything but does not work on Facebook Mobile App and Facebook Messenger. Please help me and seek any documentation how to do it
  13. NeonOrbit

    Thread [NEW][MOD] Choose between Bubble and ChatHead in Facebook Messenger (Android 11+)

    Module: ChatHeadEnabler About: An Xposed module that lets you choose between ChatHead and Bubble in Facebook Messenger (Android 11+) For Non-Rooted Device: check this Thread Requirements: - Root: Magisk - Xposed: LSPosed [If you don't know how to use xposed, check this Video Tutorial]...
  14. burnO2

    Thread [APP][MOD] Messenger Old Chat Heads for Android 11+

    With Android 11 came the bubble functionality, which displaced the chat head mechanism in Messenger. Unfortunately bubbles are very buggy - for example on OnePlus phones they are responsible for freezing the whole phone. That's why I've created a MOD for Messenger which brings back the old chat...
  15. G

    Thread Does removing preinstalled apps using ADB revoke SafetyNet attestation?

    Hello, I stumbled upon a post on removing preinstalled apps using ADB (pm uninstall -u 0 com.app), and after couple hours of googling the only unanswered question I have left about this is: would doing this revoke device's SafetyNet attestation? I.e. would it break Google Pay and banking apps...
  16. Khan_Baba111

    Thread How to create a poll on Facebook 2021

    Running a poll on Facebook is really helpful for you and your friends in making decisions. Different opinions help us to decisions easily. How to create a Facebook poll You can create a Facebook poll with your Facebook story maker. And ask what you want from your friends. You can ask...
  17. JCamps

    Thread Poco x3 - facebook livestream

    I come frome Redmi Note 8pro and bought a poco x3 but I need to use facebook live almost every week few times for sessions from about 50 minutes. I was able to save the videos on my redmi when I went live on fb.. with the poco it's not possible. There is no button when I finish the livestream...
  18. T

    Thread Years ago, there was this app to see other's FB feed.

    Any of you have ever heard about this app that gives you access to other people's Facebook feed and messages, as long as they were in the same wifi network as you? I believe it was called "Anti" and I was using it back in the HTC Inspire days. I have been searching it for ages, but no luck...
  19. A

    Thread How to stop Facebook Messenger from showing Calls notification ?

    Hi, I have a galaxy s7edge running Android 8, and i simply want Facebook Messenger to NEVER notify me, what i tried in settings: Notifications: All blocked Permissions: None Apps that can appear on top: Off Yet i still receive calls notifications, and its not even a silence...
  20. d_Barood

    Thread [Root] Change Facebook and messenger in-app emoji

    in the new update Facebook releases cancer-emoji -so called- Facebook 3.0 Emoji if you dont like them here is how to change them (you need root) 1- go to /data/data/com.facebook.orca/ras_blobs/ (for messenger) /data/data/com.facebook.katana/ras_blobs/ (for messenger) 2- replace...
  21. Edgie70

    Thread Facebook help

    Hi all , I have a galaxy S10 running latest UI and android 10 , my issue is with Facebook , when I write a status and I type someone's name it highlights their name but if I carry on typing their highlighted name isn't highlighted anymore meaning I can't mention them and it won't notify them ...
  22. P

    Thread Symbolic link (symlink) with rooted Android 10

    Hi. Everyone knows that FB app saves its downloaded images in DCIM folder. At the same time, Google Photo doesn't allow to select subfolders elegible to media auto-backup. So my idea is to create a symbolic link between that Facebook subfolder and another one on different location, and so...
  23. B

    Thread 10 Facebook App Settings You Should Change Right Now

    https://youtu.be/GHlxCvJHkmY Whether you are concerned about Privacy or just that Facebook is consuming most of your limited mobile data, these 10 settings got you covered. Well, if You log into the Facebook App (in this case Android App) here are my top 10 settings that you should Change...
  24. T

    Thread OPO cannot login to Messenger

    It repeats login. The login and pswd is confirmed at a PC. No matter whether I login from FB or Messenger directly. One strange thing: Whatever I used Linage or Cynagenmod (stock), it reports no Facebook, so I had to download an APK.
  25. S

    Thread China ROM - compatibality issues with certain apps

    I have a few questions for people who are on the China ROM. I cannot install the app list below: 1. Ebay 2. Facebook 3. Gumtree 4. Paypal and a few other apps. I transfer the app apk each time from my other phone with Google Play Store. I just want to know what other apps people cannot...
  26. B

    Thread Facebook Records Your Off-facebook Activities - Turn It off Now!

    There are a few privacy concerns about Facebook but Today I want to take a look at the Off-facebook activities. If it is called off-facebook, why do Facebook still have your data for activities carried outside of Facebook? Well, you can see a detailed video here: https://youtu.be/gkPyliLMyIU...
  27. M

    Thread Feedback request on application

    I have puıblished a watchface which retrieves your photos from Facebook and uses them as background. The watchface receives photos from Facebook realtime so this is a very dynamic watchface. I had thought that it would really get a lot of attention when publishing it. However, very few have...
  28. J

    Thread Does FB also supply the APK for Facebook Messenger on its official website?

    As we all know, Facebook supplies the APK for Facebook on its official website. But it does not supply the APK for Facebook Messenger. Do you know why there is a different policy for its Android apps? :confused:
  29. vectorized

    Thread I have an idea for an Anti-Social-Network ROM...

    The short version (since I've had this tab open for weeks and havent made the post). I'll be happy to elaborate or answer questions if anyone is curious. Autoreply to social media DMs with a phone number to text Block one's self from downloading social media apps or visit them in a browser...
  30. B

    Thread Override stock messaging app?

    Device: Realme X (China variant) So, other than installing a custom rom, is there any way to override the stock messaging app in ColorOS 6 that would allow to me to use Facebook Messenger instead as the SMS app? When I try to do that now, I always get a system message about it switching back...
  31. J

    Thread Messenger bubble chat

    Hi y'all, i've noticed that bubble chat of facebook's messenger doesn't show in MIUI, it's a bug or just a simple configuration? Can you guys help me?
  32. N

    Thread Facebook 4.0 emojis font

    Facebook 4.0 emojis Magisk module made by tlf55 https://www60.zippyshare.com/v/zXhMNgBf/file.html Root https://mega.nz/#!blVyFKxT!E6w7Drr8oluiz2rodR4P_iM-3vKNNSlbFhEtmd7dYkg Nonroot https://mega.nz/#!a9dglaSY!CFPs8VIgMN5DKisXisoD-HVrAzXLqwyg5erEFkAp5K8 How to install 1- Replace your...
  33. bilal91

    Thread Feature for Facebook

    so this started happening since i upgraded to android 10...basically it keeps saying updating and downloading feature for facebook, it goes away sometimes but comes back everytime i open the app anyone had the same problem or any solutions? also i need to use the official fb app as i work for a...
  34. A

    Thread [APP][MOD][5.0+] Facebook - lighter and faster version by ALYSKY

    Facebook - lighter and faster version by ALYSKY Hi. I created lighter and faster version of facebook. Hope it will works well. Highlights: - no update reminder - various background processes disabled (like error reporting, loggers) - disabled stories - disabled recommendations - disabled ads...
  35. tanago

    Thread How to prevent an app from deleting and re-creating notification categories?

    I'm using a Sony XZ Premium with the latest Android 9 software. Facebook Messenger has really been a pain. Whenever I modify it's notification categories after a couple of hours it deletes the notification category I modified and re-creates it. At the bottom of the screen there's a counter -...
  36. X

    Thread Facebook Android App Not Working

    I've reached out to Facebook several times regarding their android app not working on my lenovo yoga book tablet. With each update facebook releases on the playstore I keep hoping they've worked in a fix... but they haven't. Since this ONLY affects my lenovo tablet and not my other android...
  37. R

    Thread Facebook app do not get updated

    Hey guys, so I'm constantly getting Facebook updates from the Google play store, but none of them change the app's ui. I am still stuck with the old blue layout. Do you guys have any kind of solution?
  38. Justin2003

    Thread HTC Blinkfeed Facebook integration on Android 9.0

    Has anyone already succeeded in linking Facebook to Blinkfeed on Android 9.0?
  39. Justin2003

    Thread Deleted

    Delete please
  40. TK Studio

    Thread [APP][5+] AutoResponder for Facebook Messenger

    Hey guys, some of you may already know my AutoResponder for WhatsApp. It got over 1.3 million downloads in about two years. Time passed and many people were asking for a Facebook Messenger version of AutoResponder. Finally it's here! :eek: I really appreciate your feedback. Happy testing! :)...
  41. jheayahr

    Thread Official FB Messenger Dark Mode - No Root

    1. Open any conversation in messenger 2. Change the default convo emoji to ? (moon) 3. Send the moon to the convo and tap the sent (moon) message. 4. Moon drops will fall off the screen. Tap any. 5. Messenger will notify you that you have enabled dark mode setting. If not make sure you have...
  42. K3V1991

    Thread [SCRIPT] Facebook Uninstaller (Helpful for Facebook LC)

    You have Trouble with unistalling Facebook? Try my Script NFO: • Helpful for Facebook LC Installation • Deletes Facebook, Facebook Installer & Facebook Manager, after this its clearing the Cache & Dalvik-Cache automaticallyUsage: Flash it via TWRP, done Download: AFH
  43. H

    Thread Muffed notification sounds when an app uses stereo speakers

    I don't know if this is the right section to post in, but for some reason, only Facebook is using dual speakers to sound the notifications. It would also make the notification sound buffed and echoed. That does not happen to other apps and I've also tried turning off Atmos. Any suggestions...
  44. S

    Thread LED not working with facebook messenger

    I am on October update, was experiencing some stutters and bad battery life so I did a factory reset. But after the reset, my LED is not working when I receive a message on facebook. I can hear the vibration and sound, but no LED. I already did *#0*# test, tested the LED and it works, so it...
  45. iamROX

    Thread Facebook Hacked with POCO F1

    Hello All, Title of this thread might be misleading but I want to share with you all one suspicious activity in my FB account after I bought POCO F1. I have attached the screenshots below. From the time/day I bought POCO F1, My account have started liking random pages from various countries...
  46. D

    Thread Is there any rom for the G9650 variant without Facebook pre installed?

    The title says it all, I'm looking for a G9650 (Snapdragon) rom without Facebook pre installed I'm currently using the ZTO unbranded ROM and it came with only a few apps, which is great, basically some Google Apps, MS Office and Facebook, but I want to use a modded Facebook app and it's...
  47. Awesome Developer

    Thread Perfect Package -All In One Pro ( Social , News , Tech , Weather , Songs , much more)

    Welcome to Perfect Package App The idea of this application is to collect most of our daily routine in one application and put most of websites we browse on our daily routine on one single place , The Application Consists of 8 Sections : top 60 websites all in 1 place DOwnload Link...
  48. dalanik

    Thread Problem with posting to Facebook

    I have a little weird problem with the Facebook app. WHen I try to share something from an app or post directly from Facebook app, I can't seem to press "post" button at the top of the screen (or the "back" button also at the top). They're there but pressing them does nothing. Just like they're...
  49. IronSheik

    Thread [APP][MOD] fb integrated messenger

    facebook integrated messenger MOD (No separate messenger needed) Optimized with Messenger enabled inside the app. No need for the separate app or any prompts to install it! Need to uninstall any version of facebook & messenger before installing, and recommend deleting bloatware apps in...
  50. A

    Thread Oreo Bug w/Facebook on Samsung S8+ (Oreo, VZW)

    Trying to see if ANYONE has a solution to Facebook not logging in on the main Facebook account. If you use the "Dual Messenger" capability you can log into Facebook and Facebook Messenger from the secondary account, just not the first. Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite work also. When you try...