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    Thread Question SM-A326U Combination Firmware

    US Combination Firmware link for Galaxy A32 5G Supposedly you can FRP bypass or OEM unlock based on what I've heard https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?export=download&confirm=syaM&id=1b8Umj0tNQ_YY-u9EpPfoH0z_vsZDNSv3
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    Thread [FACTORY FIRMWARE] [FLASH STOCK ROM] QMobile Z8 / Wiko Ridge 4G / Blu Life One (2015)

    NOTE-1: I'm not a developer or something even near to that. All information provided here is copied from different internet sources and according to best of my knowledge. I have tried this on QMobile Z8 only. It's similar to Wiko Ridge 4G and Blu Life One (2015) in hardware specifications. I'll...
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    Thread N00B question from an old-timer

    I have a Galaxy Tab s2 (810) and am currently running 5.1.1 (optimalROM R1-1 DEODEX) and I'm stumped. I've been flashing ROMs on Androids for years. Always the process is: Root the device Install new boot loader (Currently TWRP) Download the zip file for the ROM and GAPPS onto my Mac. Copy...
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    Thread [Q] Help! Spice MI-436 BOOT LOOPS

    i flashed my SPICE mi-436 with the FACTORY ROM using SP FLASHING TOOL .,.,all went good (process completed till 100% and green logo pops up) bUt when i inserted battery to switch on it showing only Spice logo and that to on half screen,.,other half is flickring White. I have even BEEN TO...
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    Thread Semi Noob? - Clarifications for Vivid's S-Off, Images and Factory Restore?

    Hey, I am new to the scene and I just got myself a used Vivid. I only asking few questions as I searched the forums extensively and just few things confused me - I would like some clarifications about certain steps. I would appreciate your time and help. History of the phone - This is stock...
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    Thread [Q] Last update= dead Tablet

    Took an over teh air update while on a road trip this weekend and upon reboot, the screen is showing nothing but semi-random dithered pixels. Looks like the display is pointing at the wrong RAM or something. Tried a hard reset. Nothing. I would assume this was just a coincidental hardware...