1. B

    Thread LG E400 Root not working

    before i start don't tell me how old this device is I've tried many different rooting methods which none of them work so i need a fully working one any help is appreciated
  2. K

    Thread Failed MCU update - XL6107

    Hi! Today I tried to update MCU on my XinLian XL6107. Old MCU version was XL6107_V102_20210230__C1, and new MCU version: XL6107_V107_20210910__C1. After update the keys and sound stopped working, and Android can't see current version of MCU. Is there any possibility repair it? Please help :)
  3. R

    Thread Stuck on TWRP screen

    I rooted my old phone Samsung Galaxy a500G, using a procedure to connect phone and installing image using ODEN. It was all smooth, and phone was working nice. But after a few days I got stuck on TWRP screen and I am unable to boot up my phone. Can somebody please help? I am attaching the image...
  4. sebaalp22

    Thread the one who knows how to solve problems with twrp help me Moto E 1st gen

    hi, i'm trying to recover a motorola moto e 1 gen(2014), i brickeo I can enter the bootloader it gives me error when installing any rom C:\Users\Sebastian\Downloads\Compressed\RETAILDSDSALL_XT1022_4.4.4_KXC21.5-40_ci d7_CFC.xml> mfastboot flash partition gpt.bin target max-sparse-size: 256MB...
  5. A

    Thread Signature Verification Failed!

    Hi everyone... I have a zenfone 2 laser... it restarts after logo screen i tried to install a few stock rom from adb and sd card... but "E: signature verification failed" error occurs while installing... The phone's OEM is probably locked... so i can't install twrp or another... How can i solve...
  6. J

    Thread Safety Net Failed in Safe Mode

    Hello. I have unlocked bootloader with TWRP installed with default Stock Kernel. Also I have Magisk 20.4 with Edxposed installed and I can't pass the Safety Net. Until before 2-3 months the problem was due to Edxposed. If I deactivate the Riru core from Magisk then I passed the Safety Net. Now...
  7. G

    Thread TWRP Backup fails on System partition [Redmi Note 8T / Willow]

    I'd like to make a full backup of my phone via TWRP. Whenever I try to backup the System partition, TWRP fails. The log shows the following: I:Reading '/dev/block/mmcblk0p86', writing '/sdcard1/TWRP/BACKUPS/59a8e4df/2020-04-30--01-38-25_PKQ1190616001/' Truncating string...
  8. H

    Thread Htc bootloader unlocked but Not Allowed on Production Device

    I am currently running android 9.0 on htc dual sim model. i have unlocked my bootloader but whenever i tried to flash twrp or any other fastboot command after sending it says not allowed on production device. target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes sending 'recovery' (46340 KB)...
  9. S

    Thread OEM unlocking blue and ticked, but can't unlock...!

    Greetings all! You might have seen me around "these parts", but for the first time I'm creating a thread and pleading for some help and insight -- it's a curious feeling when I'm usually the one that's offerring outside ideas... Some background info: When running the January update via Full...
  10. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [GUIDE][OTA]Manually flashing ota over rooted system (Latest v309)

    Things needed: 1. Unlocked and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (why dafaq so long name?) 2. Stock rom (recovery/fastboot doesn't matter) i used this to updated to 305, get accordingly from here 3. Modified TWRP recovery 4. Ota package Instructions: 1. Download the full rom and ota (in your phone, from...
  11. TewSlo

    Thread magisk_merge.img mount failed [fix]

    Greetings, No matter where I look I see developers just ignoring us across multiple sites on a fix for this for us guys without f2fs format. Be straight with us, is there a fix for this? Or do we have to continue to install our modules with TWRP. It's very inconvenient and annoying. But, I...
  12. bosox284

    Thread Problems with Bettery Battery Stats & Wakelock Detector

    Has anyone else experienced a problem with BetteryBatteryStats or Wakelock Detector? After somewhere around the 8 hour mark, BBS says there are no stats and WLD says it failed to perform the task at the moment. I've used the App Systemizer with Magisk to see if that would make a difference...
  13. jauffre

    Thread Problem installing 1st december OTA

    Hi everybody, This morning I received the notification about the OTA update on my phone (new build: NPW26.7, software channel reteu), that is unlocked and rooted. The problem is that the update fails everytime, even after I flashed the stock system image. I tried also installing the OTA with...
  14. M

    Thread My Phone is Locked after a Factory Reset

    Hi, I bought a Galaxy note 4 and made a Samsung account that is linked to this phone. Recently, I was compelled to do a factory reset. Every time I go through the steps of opening my phone, there is a step asking for the Samsung account's email and password to see if it belongs to me. I...
  15. M

    Thread My phone is locked

    Hi, I bought a Galaxy note 4 and made a Samsung account that is linked to this phone. Recently, I was compelled to do a factory reset. Every time I go through the steps of opening my phone, there is a step asking for the Samsung account's email and password to see if it belongs to me. I typed...
  16. S

    Thread New Mate, old software, failed upgrade. I REQUEST FOR HELP, PEOPLE :(

    Since I got a new Mate 8 with NXT-L09COLC45B560... I unocked the Bootloader using the SRK tool I installed TWRP 6.0 And downloaded C432B580 But...unfortunately...I could not upgrade my phone. I used both dload method and TWRP method and nothing seems to work. Any thoughts?
  17. I

    Thread S5 Prime SM-G906K ODIN FAILED after ROOTING and Twrp Installation Need Expert Opinion

    Hi guys i need expert opinions as i am worried about my device. I have S5 Prime G906K with Marshmallow installed. The set is super fine. I wanted to root and flash custom recovery my S5 Prime. I followed the direction of Kyntik (recognized developer of TWRP for my G906 Device). The procedure was...
  18. G

    Thread Ramdisk Compression Exchanger - systemless SuperSU/root on non-gzipped ramdisks

    Some of you might face the next error during systemless SuperSU install: ... - Decompressing ramdisk failed --- Failure, aborting ************************* IMPORTANT NOTICES ************************* First reboot may take a few minutes. It can also ... This means that the ramdisk...
  19. K

    Thread [ZE500KL] Long wait after 'fastboot boot boot.img'

    After a failed root I've recieved the error ' Can't load invalid boot image ' . I tried booting ' boot.img ' . That didn't work . After I tried booting it I got to the ' Asus , In Search Of Incredible ' waiting screen . After that , nothing else happened , and it kept loading . Will it load...
  20. K

    Thread [ZE500KL] ERROR: Can't load invalid boot image .

    As the title says , I got this error after a failed root attempt . I tried alot of methods , but none of them worked . Can you guys please help me ?
  21. J

    Thread lg phoenix 2 boot verification failed MISMATCH_SIG_LEN

    I rooted and installed the twrp-3.0.2-0-h815.iso from the flashing apk, the lg phoenix 2 is giving the error boot verification failed MISMATCH_SIG_LEN Is there any way to restore I did factory reset by pressing power and volume down , factory reset is erasing but not fixing this issue. I can go...
  22. L

    Thread Help to install custom recovery

    People, this is my last ditch effort posting here butI am now at a loss. I have a Tab 2 10.1 P5110 and have followed a number of guides with no sucess. I have tried to install both TWRP AND CWM but the recovery already installed on the tablet chucks error messages but no explanations that are...
  23. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread [Q] Failed Tablet Root - Will company repair it under Warrenty Return ?

    I attempted to root my Tablet (Fusion5 32Gb 10.1") using Kingoroot... The App told me root had failed to complete and the tablet still ran OK - however I now believe it did do something to tablet to cause it to 'lock up' on one of the Boot screens. (It first show a Fusion5 white screen > then...
  24. R

    Thread OpenVPN Issues with SHA512

    My new pixel is having an issue with SHA512. See the screen shot for my error message. The configuration works on my nexus 6 without issues. Same with windows. Anyone else know what the problem might be or how to fix it. I tried a few different clients some would say they connected but in the...
  25. NewWorldOrphan9

    Thread E:failed to mount /data (Invalid argument) fix?

    Is this a concern? For some reason I can not update to the latest update G930PVPU2APH7 and the only thing I can think of or have narrowed down is this. The update always failed at 32% and I get the yellow triangle with the ! in it, and the phone reboots, and says the system update failed. So I'm...
  26. pilazma

    Thread Help

    Failed: -2, 12: fail to flash via downloadzip The insertion gives error messages! It is possible to learn interpretation?
  27. J

    Thread soft bricked but can't connect to computer

    What happened - I have no idea, my tmobile lg g4 was running cm13 and had twrp. I set it down for a minute, when I picked it back up the device had turned off. Turned it back on to a bootloop. The problem - I can't get into twrp no matter how many times I try. I can't connect to my PC...
  28. T

    Thread Error Google Talk authentication failed RPC:S-7:AEC-7. I need your help

    Hello guys, After doing a factory reset for my device I started to face these problems listed below: 1- Whenever I connect to the internet a white triangle popping out at the notification bar with the following message: "Google Talk authentication failed". Whats that suppose to be?! 2- After...
  29. R

    Thread Moto G 2013 (xt1032) - can't access TWRP recovery

    Hi all. I decided to root my brother's Moto G (2013). I have already unlocked the bootloader and tried flashing TWRP recovery for this model, but once I flashed it and tried accessing recovery, it just always says 'Boot up failed'. Also, there is no error in CMD while flashing, which makes it...
  30. appzattak

    Thread Cannot update to 5.1.1 from 5.0

    Hey all, I have repeatedly tried to update to 5.1.1 and it fails each time at 32%. This phone is unrooted. Any help would be much appreciated. Here is a video of the process.
  31. M

    Thread [Completed] Need Help Installing TWRP or CWM for my New Device ! SANY V8 Limited Edition !

    Hello Guys, hope you doing well, I received a new device Called SANY V8 Limited Edition, it's a sort of tough and strong devices, waterproof dustproof shockproof ...; etc :p But I didn't find any google app so i wanted to install a custom recovery then a gapss pack, the problem is when i...
  32. @Elie.G

    Thread Stock recovery doesn't replaced by custom recovery?

    I have Samsung Galaxy grand prime SM-G531H. I tried to flash a custom recovery with odin, and "PASS". But the problem is the custom recovery doesn't installed on my device (stock recovery doesn't changed into custom recovery. Can someone help me to solve this problem. Thanks.:confused:
  33. JavaScout

    Thread Bad flash - need to recover /data

    Hi, friends. I'd really appreciate your help. My phone is suffering from consequences of kernel flash, which was obviously not a very successful :silly: Short <intro>, if I may: I have been using Cyanogenmod 12.1 nightlies (lollipop 5.1.1) for a long time. Everything was great. One day I...
  34. mr.dj26

    Thread FAILED (remote: Permission denied!)

    Hi guys, I need some help, I'm rooted running on the stock rom. I was running the 6.0 L and decided to update to 6.0.1 vie fastboot. I followed this guide ( section 10- and did the exact same thing. Every...
  35. A

    Thread Software install failed

    B140 caused problems with my Honor 7 battery. So I managed to downgrade to B121 full rom. I tried with local update, with volume-power buttons, and fastboot but everytime I get the message "Software install failed". I also did factory reset and still the same. I tried with B100 full rom too...
  36. Kedas

    Thread Can't unlock my device error while requesting unlock key.

    This evening i tried to unlock my Moto x Style. But when I give the "fastboot get_unlock_data" it tells me: (bootloader) Failed to get unlock data, please try again! FAILED (Remote failure) Finished. Total time: 0.254s I tried it on several pc's with windows 8.1 and 10 yet no luck. I do have...
  37. C

    Thread [Q & A] TrueDualBoot: Failed Mounting Data

    Hi Guys, I'm unable to mount my /data partition(shows in TWRP). I was on a custom ROM when I accidentally encrypted my phone for email sync(for some office app). I was on TWRP and got the error saying I was unable to mount. I have then tried Flasing CWM(v7) via OTG and it was successfully...
  38. N

    Thread Nexus 6 Boot Failed

    So I recently decided to flash a rom based on the newest android m preview. Everything flashed fine, no errors, no 'failed' messages. However, when I try to reboot my phone it immediately sends me to the boot loader with a Boot Failed message. Furthermore, at the top of the log it says "fastboot...
  39. M

    Thread Camera failed error

    Hello, I need some help with the issue that occurs on N900T. Whenever I try to launch a camera there is just a black screen and then I get an error "Camera Failed". Sometimes it throws another error saying "Server errror occurred. Restart Camera". This is actually not my phone, my colleague...
  40. r00t55

    Thread [Q] Any way to fix camera without rebooting?

    Hi, like many others I also have problem with camera on my S5(G900F). Reboot helps in my case, but after a couple of hours camera stops working. Is there any way to fix that maybe using shell or something else, just without rebooting? Thanks
  41. Smilex93

    Thread [Q] Bootloader Unlocking failed

    Bootloader Unlocking failed I have my New htc one m8 So ive started to Unlocking the bootloader, rooting and gaining s-off I have copied the Token with Token start to Token End But htcdev says failed wrongh length and Invalid... I have copied the Token with strg (ctrl) + C :/ HTC m8 is...
  42. A

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Help with " MD5 Verification Failed " Backup Restore

    MD5 Verification Failed This is the problem i'm facing when i want to Restore my old backup , . i've used Rom Manager to create the backup .. i don't know what the issue in here . i've also tried to create a flashable .zip file from that backup .. but i can't find any guide to it trying to...
  43. S

    Thread Galaxy Grand Prime Duos (G530H) firmware installing failed by Odin

    Hi. flashing other regional countries new firmware has failed by Odin on G530H ! it has (G530HXXU1ANL4) firmware installed and i want to upgrade to new ( G530HXCU1AOA2) firmware , but its failed by Odin at starting of installing . what's the problem of it ? best regards
  44. S

    Thread Video camera broken on lollipop

    Hi before I have searched high and low to find a solution to my problem and this is my last resort to asking the people of XDA. I have installed two different roms one was Echoerom v23 and the lastest is Omega V25 and every time i go to use the stock video camera it locks up and says recording...
  45. L

    Thread [Q] XT1068 OTA Lollipop update failing

    Today my XT1068 offered me the 22.26.1.en.GB update, but it's failing to install. The phone reboots and attempts to install the update. The progress bar gets to approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the way across before a red triangle appears and the phone reboots back to KitKat. My phone was rooted...
  46. I

    Thread [Q] Any ideas for bringing back this dead tablet?

    Yesterday, after installing the 2.2 update (maybe related?) I plugged it in to charge and couldn't get it to wake up after charging for some time. When it eventually did come up, it came up to the boot loader screen (small text with a list of options) choosing Continue or Recovery from the list...
  47. S

    Thread [HELP] - Flashing Problems - FAILED (remote: (FileWriteFailed))

    Hey guys, I have been trying to flash my Tablet for a few hours now. I would constantly get problems trying to flash. I'd reboot and go into fastboot again and then it would flash successfully. This works for everything (boot.img, recovery.img, system.img) however i can never get userdata.img to...
  48. T

    Thread [Q] SIM not working - wrong baseband? (UK)

    So as well as my issue here: I'm also having a bigger one- the SIM card isnt being recognised. I think this is because of flashing the wrong rom (seems a few people here have been misguided into doing that)- and now...
  49. KunalKene1797

    Thread [FIX] Repo Sync Failed Due To Fetch Errors!

    If Repo Sync Fails due to Fetch Errors Use This Command -> repo sync -f "-f" Means to (continue sync even if a project fails to sync) Happy Developing:cowboy:
  50. Hellscythe

    Thread Cannot OTA update, registration failed??

    Long story short, I reverted to stock rom using Odin and flashed the official firmware. Left my phone completely stock and unrooted, no mods at all, although it does show my status as "Custom" because my KNOX is tripped. Now when I try to run OTA, it tells me "registering device" then...