1. mikalovtch

    Thread Viper10 6.0.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓

    Featured by Tomsgt aka RootJunky and zedomax aka Highonandroid FZtvdA0wRW0 qVzidaC3Lg0 A1MMa0oaU_g sKyzR0Xj9cI f4Y0-8YsJxc OUuAQX55V9o More videos j to the 4n | m0narx | ivicask | mikalovtch | shnizlon | topjohnwu Download the latest rom from our...
  2. B

    Thread [GAME][ 2.3.3+] Dynamic

    Hi. I'm an indie game developer. My game has new concept and style. - Fantastic background musics - 300 stages - Game rule : Just left to right :D [free] Demo version [paid] full version
  3. Toxicoblivion

    Thread I'm a senior member?! What?! :'D

    Just logged on to the computer to discover my dream of becoming a senior member finally became true! Im crying of joy right now :') this is my heaven :') AT&T HTC One | ARHD 12.0 Tbalden Perf Kernel 2.1.4 UV/OC/UC
  4. D

    Thread You HAVE to port this. SOMEONE.

    Someone PLEASE port this -