1. D

    Thread Question Fastboot bricked with locked bootloader

    So I was trying to manually push an update from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 via ADB, it failed about 80% of the way and is now stuck in Fastboot mode. Every time I manually try to enter recovery mode it just reboots to fastboot. Another part of the issue is that the bootloader is still locked and I can't...
  2. N

    Thread Root without fastboot or bootloader commands [ Specially for phones with IMEI erased ]

    This method is for mediatek chipset devices only Rooting phone: Prerequisite : 1. Mediatek drivers Extract the zip and open Android VCOM Driver folder Run the exe files, after the installation process is complete restart your PC To check if drivers were installed and are working, turn off...
  3. Leonniar

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 10T keeps booting into fastboot

    Hello guys, I recently formatted data on my phone to fix a bootloop I had. After fixing everything, SIM card and wifi was not working, I downloaded the Official Stock ROM of my phone and flashed bluetooth, modem, dsp and dtbo. The original plan was to run "flash_all_except_storage.bat" but that...
  4. lidgl4991

    Thread Question [SOLVED] ran "adb reboot fastboot" instead of "adb reboot bootloader", now I can't boot or reboot normally.

    It's started when I mistakenly ran "adb reboot fastboot" instead of "adb reboot bootloader" (I want to flash magisk image), now I can't boot and reboot normally, whenever I boot I always get a blank screen and need to press power button and then hold the down button (to enter fastboot mode). On...
  5. ax0

    Thread SM-A137F Fastboot OEM & flash not working

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy A13 Issue: fasboot oem and fastboot flash commands working (I have the bootloader unlocked) So I was trying to flash an GSI but when I entered fastboot mode from recovery and tried using the flash command it returned an issue saying (remote: 'unknown command') I assume...
  6. ba11e

    Thread Question Stuck in fastboot mode

    I've made a custom boot animation magisk module that bootlooped my phone. I tried to remove it using the command and that may have worked but my new problem is that I am stuck in the bootloader. I can issue fastboot commands and flash a new boot image. But to no effect, no matter what i do...
  7. HollyMarijuanna

    Thread Question Trouble installing GSI on Camellian

    From what ive read in this forum, reddit, and the universal method, i would flash stock boot.img, empty vbmeta image then GSI system.img. So far, i have tried: Android 12 & 13 GSI from Google System_a flashes clean, on booting will restart once then boot to fastboot System_b returns: Pixel...
  8. Lorry

    Thread Question What did I do wrong - Patching boot.img and re-flashing

    Hiya folks. Well that was a fun brick - And I still don't really know what I did wrong. I have a T-Mobile LE2127 and it was on Android 12 - I don't need to use it yet, so I am happy to play with it. Bootloader and SIM are unlocked, I can fastboot boot magisk_patched-25200_JdBlm.img to get...
  9. david_moldovan

    Thread Question computer can't detect RN11 in fastboot mode

    hello, so i recently installed on my redmi note 11 but accidentally installed the android 11 one. before this one, I had the android 12 based miui 13. after this, my pc can't detect the phone when it is in fastboot mode. does anyone know if I have to look for other drivers?
  10. Ubuubub

    Thread Question N200 Stuck Booting into Fastboot, Otherwise Bootlooping

    I tried to follow this guide not realizing it was for the 10R, and now my phone is stuck booting into fastboot when I use sudo fastboot --set-active=a and bootlooping when I use sudo fastboot --set-active=b. I want either stock OxygenOS or the T-Mobile version as it is from T-Mobile. Model is...
  11. L

    Thread Question [Q] How do I fix my SIM network after installing Magisk?

    Hello After I flashed vbmeta.img to my phone (Realme Narzo 30 5G) to install Magisk via fastboot, my device doesn't longer recognize any SIM card. How could I fix or solve this problem? I've tried flashing the stock firmware ROM but I couldn't do it. Please, I need help on this problem.
  12. N

    Thread Possible to load custom rom onto FRA-B19?

    The FRA-B19 is HUAWEI Band 6. I was wondering if it would be possible to load a custom ROM onto this device. And if so, what ROMs are recommended?
  13. AnonymousPocoUser

    Thread Question Any OneUI(Samsung) GSI ROMS working on the Redmi Note 11?

    Im trying to flash a gsi by nippon but it dont work.
  14. D

    Thread Countless "Unfortunately Has Stopped"

    Hello. Please forgive my bad English. My Asus ZE500KL phone with Android 6, almost died. I have collected various things in it, phones, notes, passwords... and I had the stupidity of not having any backup. Sometimes it starts, but it throws up countless signs like "Unfortunately
  15. A

    Thread Can't use fastboot anymore

    I've just bought a OnePlus 6T and wanted to install LineageOS on it using this guide I stopped at the step saying to boot custom recovery, it didn't worked for me. Then I tried using TWRP to install the zip file provided but it said that it was invalid so it did not install it. During these...
  16. M

    Thread Pixel 4 xl bricked, doesn't boot normally

    Yesterday, I am using my phone as normal on work. In couple seconds it turns off and that's all. It doesn't charge. But I can boot to logo via press power button for a long time until it powered off. If I release power button, it stops boot up. Second interesting thing, I can go same way to...
  17. mateja_m

    Thread Backup contacts from unlocked and rooted OnePlus 6T with a dead screen

    Hello everybody, I have a OnePlus 6T that's rooted and has an unlocked bootloader, but USB debugging is off. I installed LineageOS on it, and it also has an LineageOS Recovery (I didn't use TWRP). I dropped it recently and now the screen is dead, but the phone is still alive... So, I'm...
  18. mustafa akram

    Thread redmi 9c bootloop cant enter fastboot or recovery mode

    my redmi 9c was rooted and everything was fine but one day i decided to install a custom rom so i did everything and the phone didnt boot normally it directed me to the recovery mode always which is PBRP i tried 3 custom roms with no effect so i decided to install the twrp recovery mode instead...
  19. Z

    Thread 'Command not allowed' error occurs and bootloader locked despite "unlocking" it (Honor X6)

    I'm posting on here as no thread for Honor 6X exists. For context, I'm trying to root my Honor X6 (not 6X). My plan was to unlock its bootloader, flash a patched vbmeta image, fetch the boot partition to patch with Magisk, and flash the boot img to root it (no custom ROM or kernel as none exist...
  20. xXLeYpLaYXx

    Thread Fastboot/Bootloader mode inaccessible to root ZTE Blade a5

    Hello i wanted to ask about this since i dont see any other thread related to my issue, im trying to install magisk root and im at the stage of accessing fastboot/bootloader, when i go to recovery mode and select "reboot to bootloader" it just restarts the phone, i have tried adb commands didnt...
  21. T

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Soft Bricked device stuck in boot loop, only fastboot working. No TWRP. MiFlash does not work. How can I fix this mess?

    Solution: I hardbricked my device because of my dumbness. This device is not veux... It s viva. Be cautious my friends... I unlocked my bootloader and wanted to install TWRP to flash a custom ROM to the device. Unfortunately, right after I tried, device got stuck in a bootloop (Mi logo...
  22. I

    Thread Question Fastboot update hangs on Mac, never shows "waiting for device"

    I'm unable to run fastboot update from an m1 Mac. It flashes the initial set of partitions fine, but when it reboots to fastbootd, it hangs and never moves on to the "waiting for device" step. Bootloader Version...: cloudripper-1.0-9074510 Baseband Version.....: g5300g-220908-220908-B-9040061...
  23. C

    Thread Question Pixel 6 not flashing with Android Flash Tool

    Hi guys i have a problem with my Google Pixel 6, when flashing any OS or anything everything goes trough untill the fastbootd screen comes on the phone then it suddenly says disconnected or error while flashing. I have tried multiple cables and everything and the phone is recognizable on my pc...
  24. Tex2083

    Thread Unknown bootlooping problem on Redmi Note 10

    Hello, so about 2 days ago from now, my device, while waiting for the bus started to bootloop for no known reason. Skipping into this weekend, I have tried almost everything to get it working without the risk of any data loss, unsuccessful I am here. Right, so the main problem of the device is...
  25. T

    Thread Help needed with recovering OP8

    Hello dear xda-developers community, i hope this is the right place to post this questions. Otherwise pelase notify me if there would have been a better place. I have an old OP8 here (on A12) for playing around. Since i wanted to try to install kali nethunter on it for a while i decided to...
  26. T

    Thread Question Unable to install TWRP after rooting Redmi Note 11 Pro 5Gv(veux)

    Hello all I have used the information on here to successfully root my phone (Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G - veux) via magisk but I would like to put TWRP on it however whenever I try to boot the recovery image it does not work. Below I will include the mod el and info of my phone and also the output...
  27. JigSaaw

    Thread Question How can I extract boot.img

    good friends, I would like to know how to extract the boot.img directly from my device from the cmd console in windows, can such a thing be done?
  28. P

    Thread Question Bootloop and bootloader locked / Only Fastbootd Access

    Hi, I just bought me the: ASUS ROG PHONE 6D (ASUS_2203). I used the offical ASUS apk to unlock the bootloader, but unfortunately that did not work and locked me from receiving updates... I could not root it, becouse I was unable to find the boot Image for my old Firmware(WW-31.0820.0820.19). I...
  29. I

    Thread Bootloop after replacing the battery

    Hi everyone, I need help with an HTC U Ultra. It's been about 6 months since I didnt turned on because the battery was dead, it wouldn't turn on or charge. Today I just changed the battery but the phone doesnt boot at all. It reboots endlessly on the screen with the HTC logo. I wanted to flash...
  30. MasudFihu

    Thread Can't reboot into fastboot - Redmi 9

    my redmi 9 is in problem. When i press Power+Vdown the phone start vibrating continuously but the screen remains switched off. Nothing comes on the screen. in cmd if i comand "adb reboot fastboot" the device goas into FASTBOOTD not into Normal Fastboot if i comand "adb reboot bootloader" the...
  31. MasudFihu

    Thread Can't Boot into Fadtboot Mode - Redmi 9

    my redmi 9 is in problem. When i press Power+Vdown the phone start vibrating continuously but the screen remains switched off. Nothing comes on the screen.
  32. leojyo

    Thread [CLOSED] Mi 8 Lite stuck, fastboot not working.

    Ok so my Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite was (hard??)bricked because I flashed something I shouldn't have so now I can still access recovery mode TWRP but fastboot does not work at all. I've tried flashing lineage but when I boot it back up it just brings me back to TWRP after rebooting again. By fastboot not...
  33. D

    Thread HTC Desire 828 Stucked on Bootloader Screen For No Reason

    I've got HTC Desire 828 Dual Sim A51BML and been using it for 5 years. I have never tried to root it or used custom rom on it. When I was updating some applications on Google Play Store, the phone suddenly shutted down and rebooted on "BOOTLOADER SCREEN". Since then, whenever i turn on my phone...
  34. RanchTheHay005

    Thread REDMI 4X (remote : partition flashing is not allowed) error while trying to install TWRP

    So I had this old redmi 4X chilling in the shelf and I wanted to use it...But with a different ROM I have enabled both USB DEBUGGING and OEM UNLOCKING option in the developers option and cross checked if its enabled before entering fastboot I have tried a lot of stuff from other threads in...
  35. mauricestr4823

    Thread Question OPPO A54 5G - Fastboot Commands dont work

    I try to root the OPPO A54 5G. I got into the fastbootd mode and i want to unlock the bootloader. I have no PIN or something, OEM Unlocking is activated and Developer Options are activated too. If i execute the command fastboot devices it shows my device. If i execute the command fastboot...
  36. N

    Thread [APP][NON-ROOT] Termux-ADB - debug one Android device from another connected by USB-OTG

    Run adb in Termux without root permissions! This is a launcher for adb which enables debugging of one Android device from another via USB cable. It should work with any USB-C male-to-male cable or the corresponding OTG adapter + cable in case of micro USB.
  37. S

    Thread Question One Plus 9 Pro Unbrick/Bootloop

    Hey Guys i have an Big Problem and i dont knwo what to please help So i wanted to flash lineageos and that worked good but its garbage the camera ist very basic and there are a lot of features which not work So i decide to get back to Oxygenos und root it Yeah and know my phone is stuck at...
  38. J

    Thread Recovering data from an android phone without booting

    Hi everybody! I am trying to recover data from a Huawei p smart 2017 after water damage. When turning on the phone, I just get a red/yellow/green flashing status blink by the led and a vibration, but the phone isn't able to boot, the screen stays black. I managed though to get into fastboot...
  39. Former04

    Thread Question Can't unlock bootloader and flash TWRP on Samsung Galaxy A12.

    Hello, everyone. Today I'm trying to root my phone, but I am not succeeding to do it because I can't unlock the bootloader and flash TWRP. Currently, on the developer options, I've activated and grayed out OEM unlocking, and also I have unlocked the bootloader on the download mode. Is there...
  40. ot_inc

    Thread General [Restore NothingOS & Magisk] Nothing Phone(1) Fastboot ROM(Full ROM) & boot.img Global v1.1.6

    Fastboot ROM and boot.img for NothingPhone(1) are now available. v1.1.6 is available. Sorry for my poor English, I'm Japanese.
  41. I

    Thread Stuck in FastBoot Mode

    Hey all, My OnePlus Nord is stuck in fastboot mode. I tried many different images to flash as recovery with `fastboot flash recovery image.img`; I tried the twrp recovery image by @mauronofrio and the ones on the official LineageOS webpage. I've seen there some other threads to this problem...
  42. kururu258

    Thread Cant boot to custom ROM

    hi, i have a problem with my LGV20 korron version. i install custom rom using lineage OS vs995 and It work fine. after couple of day my battery went out... i try to charge back it went to greenscreen "xblramdump mode". i thought the battery was dead, buy a new replacement still got the same...
  43. alexwhitney845

    Thread Question Unlock Bootloader Realme GT Neo 2

    Hello good, I want to unlock the bootloader in a realme gt Neo 2 rmx3370_11_A.09, other than by the Deep Test method. I want to upgrade to Android 12 RU 3.0, or do you recommend installing a ROM like ArrowOS? Thank you very much :)
  44. T

    Thread Question Miui Fastboot for 11 T?

    Hi, I couldn't find any info on when a Fastboot type of the SKWEUXM comes out. The recovery version is out but I can't use it as I need the boot images. Does anybody know if one is even planned? In the past the fastboots came out earlier then the recoveries. Now there is only a recovery.
  45. C

    Thread Question [SOLVED][Help needed] Pixel 6 stuck in fastboot mode

    Okay, so it's been a while and the saga is finally over. I'll try to summarize the whole story but if anyone is reading this with the same issue, the TLDR is that I had it replaced/serviced under warranty by Comspot Repair Germany. I'll leave the OP for archival purposes. ---- original post...
  46. N

    Thread Question no devices in fastboot after the oxygen 12 update

    EDIT3: Resolved! I changed the usb port on my computer... Weird problem as adb worked fine over the old port. What I say about having relocked the bootloader below is wrong. I just assumed I had because my system said so and I didn't see the scary letters at startup. Leaving this here in case it...
  47. noteugenio

    Thread Xiaomi Note 9 is still bootlooping even after installing stock firmware

    Hello! Just created an account in this forum to seek help because this is driving me nuts. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (Merlin) which has no system (Android), but I still can access fastboot and recovery menu, so I went ahead and unlocked the bootloader and flashed MIUI without any issue. To...
  48. je suis daccord

    Thread Question Can't access any service which require drivers(?) Oneplus nord ce 2 LITE 5g here is the first thread i did, now i only have the boot.img flashed and i can't use wifi/bluetooth/location/camera and a bunch of other things, i really need help since i got this...
  49. je suis daccord

    Thread Question "Bricked" after a wrong twrp install, stuck in fastboot

    So this is my phone, i succefully boot twrp, and it didnt do anything and just made this "fastboot loop" I tried "fastboot erase data" i get this error: Then i tried "fastboot erase cache" and i the same error. I tried "fastboot erase...
  50. omar404

    Thread Question NV data is corrupted after flashing miui 13

    Hello guys , Please help my Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Global snapdragon 678 stuck at NV data is corrupted after I've flashed the latest MIUI 13. Now I can't boot into my OS . It always reboots to recovery mode . While searching in google I've found that it's caused by NON-HLOS.bin file . So I've...