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  1. dedeoglumrt

    Thread What is the fastest android version for samsung t510?

    What is the fastest android version for samsung t510? I'm waiting for answers from those who really know. This device with 3GB ram became very slow as it was updated. I use firefow as a browser and it has adblocker plugins on it. but when I open several tabs at the same time, it now freezes and...
  2. Divaksh

    Thread 【ROM】【C.1.0/B.1.54/B.1.89】JB eXperience™ v2【Fastest+Smoothest】【AROMA】【supports OC】

    【ROM】【C.1.0/B.1.54/B.1.89】JB eXperience™ v2【Fastest+Smoothest】【AROMA】【supports OC】 About this ROM: Apart from regular updates Xperia U users now you have a rock solid reason to celebrate as I "Divaksh" unveils the latest eXperience Rom code named SABERTOOTH !! you thought eXperience™ v1.4.3 was...
  3. erickwill

    Thread [ROM]NEW X10x EWJet (495.000+ dls) GB V7ex (16MAR12) - Farewell Release! :)

    NEW EWJET xKERNEL GINGERBREAD Version X7ex Rom - EW xKernel (The Magic EW Kernel release - Thanks to DooMLoRD, thjap, Zhzidu, viulian and Jerpelea for helping and a HUGE THANKS to DooMLoRD and Tkymgr for all help and sources) and POWERFUL PATCH V3.1e (05NOV11) - USING LATEST SE FIRMWARE X10i...