1. D

    Thread Rapid vibration lag issue

    After searching for nearly a year about this issue, I couldn't find any fix or more info on this bug. The problem is when the phone needs to vibrate in fast frequency, it starts to lag a lot. It's mostly noticable while playing games. (Specifically Tank Stars and Tetris®) The confusing thing is...
  2. AnonA2

    Thread Android is bad operating system

    Referral to post. :eek: Now it does not boot at all, no reactions, hard brick without fastboot. Conclusion? I am going to report it to the Customer Center. Moreover I SAY NO FOR ANDROID!!!! I don't have any more money for this fancy gadget. Imma gonna move to the old and perfect symbian just...
  3. N

    Thread [FIX] Fix "bricked" HD2\Leo; 1e FATAL HIT

    So I hope this helps those that have a "bricked" HD2. Two weeks ago I had the dreaded "1e Fatal Hit" error. No matter what I did I could not get it back into working state. Here are the steps I took: 1) Flashed Task29 2) Reflashed HSPL 2.08 3) Flashed Radio 2.15 4) Flashed MAGLDR 5) Flashed...
  4. Z

    Thread Fatal hit 4

    Hello! WP7 is not booting up for me. MAGLDR shows: 1234FATAL HIT 4 Tried different WP7 roms, radios, did task29 reflashed MAGLDR. Anyone know how to fix this?