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    Thread Best File Explorer

    As title says, looking for a file explorer that will be on rooted phones, something that will show all files & hide nothing. I may do some personal app development if that makes a difference and want/need a file explorer that holds nothing back. Thanks in advance for your suggestion, Bob
  2. M

    Thread WTF is going on with es explorer?

    I have tons of apps installed. Especially for picture editing there is not the one perfect app for me. Any app has its special features. But there was only one perfect file explorer for me... es explorer. I loved it. So I was very sad to see that anoying and ugly buttons and "features" that...
  3. X

    Thread [App] [4.1+]FE Private Cloud invites you for Beta-Test! Updated on Sep. 5, 2016

    Hello everybody, We are excited to let you know that Private Cloud feature is offically launched in Google Play, you can download it from: Let us know your feedback about File Expert anytime: [email protected]...
  4. kshark27

    Thread [APP][2.2+] [★GIVEAWAY★] Ultra Explorer - Root Explorer [★PREMIUM★][XDA EXCLUSIVE]

    [APP][2.2+] [★GIVEAWAY★] Ultra Explorer - Root Explorer [★PREMIUM★][XDA EXCLUSIVE] Latest Version : Ultra Explorer - Exclusive XDA Release Version ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Google + Community - Link Hey Guys, I want to...
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    Thread [APP][4.1+] Android file manager File Expert V7 Beta invites you for test!

    Attention please: This post has been moved to Please go ahead to check the newest one. Since being launched in Google Play in 2010, File Expert has undergone six major updates in the past five...
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    Thread [App][Free][XFrame Labs] File explorer

    File Explorer application is the Android explorer allows you to browse your SDCard, show list folder and file very fast, very simple. Link download: File Explorer Features: * Application backup * Multi-select file supported. * Show list of files with thumbnails for images. * Move, copy...
  7. P

    Thread [App][Free] File Manager - Explorer

    File Manager application is the Android explorer allows you to browse your SDCard, show list folder and file very fast, very simple. Link download: File Manager - Explorer Features: * Application backup * Multi-select file supported. * Show list of files with thumbnails for images. * Move...
  8. P

    Thread Accessing files remotely via SMB over SSH

    Hi all. I dont know if this is the right place to post but please bear with me. I am using ES File Explorer and want to access my files remotely. From what Ive read SMB (Server Message Block) port would need to be forwarded on a router's firewall. Also SMB is not encrypted and so I wanted to...
  9. jakuburban

    Thread [TOOL] Quick File Explorer

    Hello, I decided to make some simple and quickly file explorer that uses adb. It was annoying for me to launch apps like WIFI file explorer or sth. like that and then open the browser, enter ip address and so on. This works only via WIFI for now, but You can always vote to implement USB option...
  10. kshark27

    Thread [APP][2.2+] [★GIVEAWAY★] Ultra Explorer - Root Explorer [★PREMIUM★][XDA EXCLUSIVE]

    [APP][2.2+] [★GIVEAWAY★] Ultra Explorer - Root Explorer [★PREMIUM★][XDA EXCLUSIVE] Latest Version : Ultra Explorer - Exclusive XDA Release Version ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Google + Community - Link Hey Guys, I want to share with you...
  11. wifesabitch

    Thread What is the point in an application for your cloud service?

    I just deleted SkyDrive today because I can't remember the last time I opened it up. Most file explorers support them and you can just use that. Same with office programs. Is there something I'm missing? Why would you need this?
  12. S

    Thread [Q] File Explorer Good With Mouse & Keyboard

    Does anyone know of a good file explorer that handles the mouse functionalities like a normal PC? All the ones I've tried act like a touch screen explorer. So if I want to select multiple files I have the options of selecting all or turning on multiselect and clicking on multiple files. This...
  13. rah77az

    Thread [APP][4.0+] fylee | simplest file manager with Holo UI

    Fylee is a simplest file manager for Android with a standard Holo themed user interface. Fylee is a super fast and easy to use file manager (file explorer), designed and built with Android Ice Cream Sandwich - Jelly Bean UI and capabilities in mind. Fylee takes full advantage of advanced...
  14. P

    Thread Advanced Explorer 1.1- The Best File Explorer For Android

    Requirements: Android 2.2+ Overview: "Advanced Explorer 1.1!" - The simplest file explorer for android. Quick access to all your files without folders. Full functions with new and fresh design. Free Version: Full...
  15. JoJoLanny

    Thread [Q] File Manager.....

    What is the stock file explorer/manager for the Galaxy Nexus? And..... is there a way to recover pictures (without an extra android app) after a factory wipe/reset? My wife did not back them up to "the cloud"? Thanks for any help. Josh:)
  16. M

    Thread [Q] Problems with Root and file explorer [Solved]

    Hi ! I have a problem with my file explorer (Solid and root explorer). When i want to push à file in /system, the phone reboot, directly :/ Do you have a issues ? :) Thanks
  17. osmosizzz

    Thread [APP] Solid Explorer.File Explorer

    Just sending you all to one of the best, if not, the BEST file explorer that I have used. Go check it out! Just spreading some good APPS as a follower of Christ spreads the Gospel @116: Unashamed >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  18. D

    Thread [Tool] ADB Fileexplorer

    Hi, I have built a little tool, which enables the user to browse through the phones filessystem via ADB. You can also connect an android via ADB over TCP if its enabled on the phone. Prerequisites are is a JRE version 1.7.0_03 or higher and ADB in Path. Short feature overview: - pull files...
  19. chandanbs

    Thread MIUI Apps for SGR i9103

    Hi folks, I just thought of sharing all the MIUI apps created by various chefs/devs which work fine on our SGR i9103. 1. MIUI File Explorer, MIUI Sound Recorder Works on GB and ICS. Thanks to apoonet 2. MIUI Music player V4...
  20. A

    Thread MIUI File Explorer " "Dark Theme" (Root Explorer Pro)

    Thanks apooonet Download & official link;
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    Thread MIUI File Explorer "Dark Theme"

    Thanks apooonet Download & official link;
  22. A

    Thread MIUI File Explorer " "Light Theme" (Root Explorer Pro)

    Requires Android: 2.2 and up V2.3.7.30 new build Uploaded new build: Thanks apooonet Official link:
  23. KnowledgeBroker

    Thread For the people who love things MIUI.. miui file explorer

    I know I have seen a fair number of posts about people who(also) wanted a MIUI port for the amaze, but since I think that is not going to happen anytime soon at least-- I was excited to see the file explorer that is included in MIUI that works on any phone. I can also testify that it seems to...
  24. A

    Thread MIUI File Explorer "Light Theme"

    Requires Android: 2.2 and up Thanks apooonet To download, please visit:
  25. bkensey

    Thread [APP][2.2+]Holo File Explorer (Update 4-11-2012)

    Now on Google+ ! Update 5-27-2012 This update replaces the text based view pager indicator with a sliding bar that looks just like the stock launcher's indicator. I'm still not satisfied with the contrast between the bar and the surrounding elements...
  26. apophis9283

    Thread IMO Best file explorer

    Another great application coming from the guys over at Init2winitapps. This time its a file explorer with a ton of features. You can check out the youtube video here.......
  27. V

    Thread Suggest Improvements to our Kindle Fire app and win TonidoPlug2 (120$ worth)

    We have recently launched Tonido Kindle Fire app in the Amazon market and we like to get feedback from Kindle Fire users. Note: This contest is exclusive for XDA forum members only. Please offer your feedback to our Kindle Fire app in the forum. We will award a TonidoPlug2 (Plug Computer) to...
  28. K

    Thread [APP] AnExplorer -ICS ready

    I have made a simple file explorer for day to day needs.Please take a look. Another Android Explorer(AnExplorer)is simple, fast, lightweight and with adfree. It has all the basic features of a File browser and the best thing is its small and tablet optimized. Features prese[CODE]nt : * New...
  29. L

    Thread [Q] Eclipse/DDMS : File Explorer Empty for Nexus One

    Hello, I'm starting application development, I'm new to xda so I can just post here... Here is my problem : I can not see the content of my phone (Nexus One - Android CyanogenMod 7 RC1 2.3.2) via the File Explorer in DDMS view. My phone is detected but when I click the N1 in Devices, I see...
  30. G

    Thread [Q] File explorer

    Which is the best File explorer for unrooted Desire HD. I tried ES File explorer, but it is very slow. I like ES as it has built-in FTP client. Any suggestions ? Fast and ftp. Fast is priority. And which ftp client if file explorer doesn't have it ? Thanks, Regards, Ales
  31. D

    Thread [Q] File Explorer does not start

    Hi, I have a problem - File Explorer and Bluetooth Explorer does not start on my Touch Pro Is stock ROM, no mods on it. Had File explorer extensions, that maybe made this problem, but i've removed it, restarted and still can not run File explorer. No error is shown. Maybe someone had the same...
  32. J

    Thread unlock CE 6.0 of Windows Phone 7? Is this will help?

    Hi I thought this may be useful to our gurus in development. I am sorry if it is wrong place to post. Is this a way to unlock CE 6.0 of Windows Phone 7? This I have seen in endgadget. This brings the native CE explorer in Zune. can we use this to bring file explorer in...
  33. J

    Thread Keyboard on HD2

    Does anybody know how to get the default Microsoft keyboard on the HD2? I want to multiple select files in FIle Explorer but can't do it if the scroll is there. The Default HTC keyboard doesn't have the Control Key to multiple select. Or if you can't get the Microsoft keyboard, does anyone know...
  34. S

    Thread 16 GB micro SD card causing file explorer to crawl

    i have a SanDisk 16gb micro SD card and recently it has been making file explorer crawl and crash when im trying to navigate my data. i tried using total commander to access the memory card hoping that it was just file explorer giving me a hard time and it is doing almost the same thing in total...
  35. N

    Thread Adding context-menu extensions in File Explorer

    I am trying to add an extension to the context menu of the File Explorer. I know how to do this in desktop windows, but it doesn't work in Windows Mobile. This is what it looks like for destktop windows: RegistryKey key = Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey("*"); RegistryKey shellKey =...
  36. R

    Thread Windows Mobile 6.1 - how i can install a security certificate?

    hello, I have a little problem with Windows Mobile 6.1 . I want to install a security certificate, but the filename extension (*.cer) is not linked. Installation with Activesync does not work. can someone help me? (sorry for my bad english)
  37. K

    Thread File Explorer in Windows 6.5

    Apologies if this issue has been dealt with before. I tried searching but couldn't find anything on this topic. Is there an application which mimics the function of file explorer in Windows 6.5 I've noticed that in 6.5: 1) You are not able to view the full file name of certain files if they...
  38. M

    Thread GSlide 0.4.5 - Explore anything

    Hi everyone :) Just wanted to let you know that i just finished version 0.4.5 of the GSlide explorer. If you want a general sliding file-dialog for your project you might just like this ;) Go to post for more info. Ciao Lars
  39. + Que PPC

    Thread how to install file explorer

    Hi im flashed A pda viet .20226 andit has otherfileexplorer, it cant show bt folder? does anybody knows how to reinstal the file explorerdefault not thisi think it is the gsfinder... or how to view btftp folder? thanks in advance.