fingerprint fix

  1. ranenshio

    Thread New Way to Fix the Fingerprint of an Unlocked Device (LG G8X and V50s)

    Preparations: Stock Firmware Only 1 bond paper (clear or no writings) Unlocked bootloader 100000 patience Steps: 1. Downgrade to Android 9 as lowest version as possible 2. Unlock your bootloader if it isn't unlocked (not required if already unlocked) 3. Go to Service Menu and turn on...
  2. Bismuth83

    Thread [FIX] Fingerprint Sensor Stopped Working OR Not Working After Flashing Rom

    If fingerprint sensor in your device stopped working suddenly or after flashing rom then follow these instructions: FPC: delete " /data/system/users/0/fpdata/user.db" , then reboot Goodix: delete all files in " /persist/data/gxfp/0_0/ " , then reboot Note: Use MiXplorer or any other root file...
  3. L

    Thread Can fingerprint scanner work on all XZ1 ?

    What exactly is the deal with the fingerprint scanner on the XZ1 ? To my understanding the ones being sold in the US have it disabled. Does this mean it can be re-enabled with customization? This website is ( for Canadians but doesn't say anything about fingerprint scanner.
  4. S

    Thread [help] fingerprint reader on custom ROM

    I am unable to find the fingerprint security setting on any custom ROM that I flash (1921-1). I can only find it when I flash a custom ROM. Is there any way to enable the fingerprint reader for custom ROMs for this phone?
  5. E

    Thread Fingerprint sensor suddenly unusable

    Hi everybody,today I got a very strange problem with my p9 lite (VNS-L31 C432B380). The phone has been rooted ~9 months ago, with SuperSU 2.82 (official) and has twrp recovery. Today I used my phone as the usual,using fingerprint to unlock it.from 3 PM to 5 PM I didn't use it,it stayed in my...
  6. L

    Thread Private Mode Fix on Stock Rom after xposed framework

    Maybe my private mode stopped working after installing xposed framework. After Searching a lot for the Private mode fix , i got few zip files. But none worked. After flashing zip my Private mode and Finger Print service broke with > Unfortunately Private Mode and Fingerprint has stopped. I had...
  7. Raaj52

    Thread [MOD] Fix/Replace Fingerprint scanner Single Tap as Camera [FPC/7.1.X]

    Hello Folks, Recently we got the official CM14.1 and many of us are annoyed with the fingerprint scanner single tap to open camera feature. So I made a fix for this in the form of a flashable zip. Also I modded the file for Fingerprint Single Tap for Home. Below you can find three types of...