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  1. J

    Thread Finding Fire TV's Friendly Name from the IP Address

    Hi After detecting my local IP Addresses, i'd love to detect which one of them is my FIRE TV Device and I'd to see the Device's Friendly Name. There is no ADB Command to do it. So how can i do it, any ideas?
  2. F

    Thread Amazon and intrusive business practices

    Recently Amazon has increased its retaliation tactics against developers , modders , and really anyone who believes in ownership rights . Recently they have pushed out updates to most Amazon devices that first continuously look out and spy on your device , looking out if you install any...
  3. T

    Thread [ROOT] [Guide] Google Apps Install + Pass Safetynet + Help/Extra Info (Sheldon/p)

    Using TWRP/unlock from [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 3 and Fire TV Stick Lite (sheldon/p) with successfully installed OpenGapps on my Fire Stick Lite. Needed files: Open Gapps (Arm, 9.0, tvstock/tvmini) gapps-config.txt (Attached Below) and edit as needed These are the steps...
  4. S

    Thread Audible app crashing on launch

    Hi, I've just bought an Amazon FireTV 4k Max (Fire TV Home Version) 6341067.1 running Fire OS (PS7255/2444) and no matter which Audible version I install but it crashes everytime i open it. Of course before uninstalling Audible I'm deleting data and cache. Does anyone has a working...
  5. O

    Thread Change resolution via ADB

    Hi! I'm looking for a tv stick/box to hook up to my 1440p montior. Since that resolution is unsupported on all of the devices out there, is it possible to force it via adb on the fire tv sticks? I was looking to buy the 4k max since it's on sale right now, but I have no strong opinion on any of...
  6. nitinsawant

    Thread --delete this--

  7. DovHaLavon

    Thread Fire TV Stick 4k: Alexa error message, how fix?

    I purchased an Fire TV Stick 4k a few weeks ago. Last week, Alexa stopped responding normally, but instead says: "Please set up Freetime in the Alexa App on this device" I do not have kids profiles at all on my account. I cannot find any Freetime App on the Fire TV Stick 4k. What...
  8. Ighor

    Thread Amazon Fire TV Launcher [MOD] [WIP]

    Telemetry disabled. Ads and Promotional channels removed. Alexa is working. Selected channels enabled, on the video it is Netflix and Plex. Selective titles removed, only Home, Apps and Settings kept on the video. It is possible to patch every Fire TV and no root needed. There is no ETA of...
  9. P

    Thread [Question] [Tasker] Detecting clicks in scenes on Fire Stick

    I side loaded an app built with Tasker AppFactory only to find that button clicks don't work at all in scenes. Currently I'm using scene key event and checking %key_name for "dpad_center" to detect long clicks then using "uiautomator dump /proc/self/fd/1" to check which element has focus, this...
  10. SweenWolf

    Thread [APP][FIRETV] Accessibility Permissions Manager for FireTV Devices

    Accessibility Permissions Manager Hi Everyone, I would like to share with you my app which you will only need if you want to use apps which needs Accessibility Permissions to work. This app reduces the hassle to enter the commands to set those apps up and is created to be used on FireTV...
  11. Fifth313ment

    Thread Insignia 58" Fire TV Audio Issues!?

    I have two Insignia Fire TV devices. I have the 55" and the 58". After the most recent update (Fire OS NS6269/2372) the TV drops all audio, usually happening after a graphical or video glitch. Sometimes it never comes back and I'm forced to reset the TV (via menu or remote hold select...
  12. Toothless_NEO

    Thread How to install Gapps on Fire TV 2

    Can someone tell me how to successfully install Google play on the Amazon fire TV 2, I am well aware that this guy requires root and my fire TV is rooted I would like to install Google play so that I can sign into my Google account as well as download paid apps I have purchased on Google play...
  13. A

    Thread Fire TV Stick 4K with HDD external docking

    Hi, Need help how I can used HDD external 2.5” 500Gb with docking station with my Fire TV Stick 4K? My docking station Hard Drive Docking Station, FIDECO USB 3.0 to SATA HDD Docking Station Dual-Bay Ex... Reason to used...
  14. masivb

    Thread [Request] TSN extracted app

    Hey, as the title says I'm looking for the Samsung Smart TV app if anyone can has root and can extract the APK? The TSN app on Gplay only supports mobile but I believe the Samsung TV app should work right for ATV?
  15. papamalo

    Thread 2nd Gen Firebrick is fireSTUCK.

    After a couple of years of happy usage last night, my Firestick 2nd gen, got stuck on the home screen, and is now unresponsive to both the selector button, as well as the restart routine, (Holding down select and Play/Pause at the same time until it restarts). I did a couple of hard restarts...
  16. G

    Thread ....

  17. ACHILLES R32

    Thread The Ultimate AT&T TV and FIRE TV APK Repository ( DTV No Longer Updated )

    Welcome to the most extensive AT&T TV (formerly DirecTV Now) and Fire TV repository thread. Over the last few years I have gathered various AT&T/DirecTV Now apks and other Fire TV apks. My plan is to continue uploading the latest AT&T TV apk files and various Fire TV apps until they are...
  18. Z

    Thread Toshiba Fire TV remote control button remapping the HBO button

    I purchased the Toshiba Fire TV edition on prime day from amazon. The fire tv remote has four buttons to open specific apps: prime video, netflix, hbo, and vue. Any idea how to remap those buttons to open a different app? I'll never use the vue button and would rather it open Plex.
  19. J

    Thread Ideal downgrade Fire TV OS via hardware (eMMC)

    Hi every one! I have idea downgrade Fire TV OS via hardware (eMMC) My Fire TV Gen 2 running on Fire TV OS version it can't root by kingroot. i follow instruction hardware root but not work. i desolder eMMC and connect to Linux PC use Transcend USB 3.0 with SD Card Adaptor Now i can...
  20. TechNash

    Thread Turn your Amazon Fire or Fire TV into an Android TV like experience (No root)

    Hello everybody, I've been inactive on this forum for a while, but I'm back. Today I'll be showing you how to use your Amazon Fire (Any fire 3.0.0 up), or Fire TV with a stock Android TV like experience. Please note, this is not a custom ROM, Kernel, nor firmware, I just put together a bunch of...
  21. R

    Thread [GUIDE][NO ROOT] Installing YouTube (unblock), Play Music, Play Movies, and more!

    Hello! In light of the recent blocking of YouTube on Amazon devices by Google I have put together a list of steps to install Google Play Services and the Android TV suite of Google applications without root. In addition the Android TV YouTube app can view paid content (movies, TV shows, etc)...
  22. W

    Thread AMC app from Fire TV?

    Has anyone had success pulling the AMC app from the Fire TV and getting it to work on the Shield TV?
  23. nyln

    Thread Change Amazon Fire TV's Default Launcher (NO ROOT)!

    Hello everyone! In the Amazon Fire tablet community a member (BaronKiko) made a program called Launcher Hijack. It works really good on the Amazon Fire TVs. If you do not like ads and bloatware, it hides them pretty well. I installed a TVLauncher3.1.0 apk and Launcher Hijack v3 and it does the...
  24. V

    Thread Amazon Fire TV/Asuswrt-Merlin R7000/-50% speed 5GHz

    Hi All, I have a bit of an issue and I've been searching endlessly with no luck of a solution. My ISP provides with 150 Mbps. Amazon FireTV forces to use Channel 36 with 40MHz to get max speed of 70 to 80Mbps. Unfortunately with this setting all my other devices can only achieve 70 to 80Mbps...
  25. Sass86oh

    Thread KDE Connect

    For all you linux fans just want to let you know KDE Connect side loads and works beautifully.
  26. C

    Thread [APK Request] Fibbage apk

    Can someone upload the apk for the game Fibbage? I want to try it on my nexus player. It is a free app.
  27. T

    Thread Ad-Away isn't blocking Launcher nor in-app Ads.

    I'm using latest pre-rooted ROM with Ad-Away. I've used Xposed with Min-Min Guard to hide Amazon's launcher ads in the past. I'm patiently awaiting Xposed for this version of FireOS. Since I'm a DTV Now subscriber, I decided to try out the USA Now app instead of fumbling in Kodi. It wasn't...
  28. C

    Thread Fire TV remains stuck at "amazon fireTV" logo animation

    Hello. I have a Fire TV (2nd gen.) and whenever I start it, the Amazon logo is displayed and that's that. It does not advance any further no matter how long Ieave it like that. The device is not rooted. I would like to somehow reset my box to its factory state, but so far nothing I've tried...
  29. CJD14

    Thread Amazon Instant Video working with different launcher?

    Hello everyone, I have been trying all day to get a dedicated Instant Video app working on my Fire TV 1. Everything I have tried Force Closes. I had disabled the Fire TV launcher for a while, then I just re-enabled it again, as I saw no other way to get amazon instant video to play. I attempted...
  30. F

    Thread [APP] [Windows] AppTuner | Easy and fast sideloading for your Fire TV or Android TV

    The AppTuner Software is a new sideloading tool which lets you manage your Firestick or Box completely. With a few clicks it will unleash the full power of your Fire TV or Stick. It provides a easy and intuitiv User Interface for managing a Firestick, Box or Android TV with 1 Click...
  31. S

    Thread Tv box rom for i9505

    Hello, im wondering if anyone can point me in a direction of what I would like to do. I have a Galaxy S4 GT-i9505 with broken touch which is currently set up with custom rom and root and various apks, pkugged in to my tv in the bedroom via mhl. This works extremely well as is a quad core phone I...
  32. apache07x

    Thread {APP REQUEST} Hide HDMI Status on Fire TV

    Hi I am trying to run the BHTV app on my Fire TV and when the app goes through it's checks it says something along the lines of app does not support use of external HDMI devices. Well actually it does the same app works just fine on my Fire TV Stick but apparently it passes the HDMI output check...
  33. D

    Thread Sky go app for Fire TV "hdmi not supported"?

    Hi I am currently using a gen 2 fire TV and recently signed up to sky. I sideloaded the sky go app using the app from my note 4 and anytime I try to play something on my fire tv I get the HDMI not supported error. I saw the list of working apps thread and it said sky go does work but I always...
  34. R

    Thread VPN on Fire TV

    Can anyone elaborate on how to set up a VPN on their Fire TV box/stick? Particularly with Kodi? Tweaking the router is not an option, as apparently Comcast frowns on such endeavors.
  35. J

    Thread Amazon Video Wrapper

    Hey Guys, I am an active member of (German Kodi community) and the users Sandmann and dimbo developed a Video Wrapper to launch a stream with the official Amazon Instant Video App from within kodi. So basically a Wrapper app is started to launch the Amazon Instant Video app and...
  36. finndo

    Thread Amazon Fire TV 4k/gen2 - working accessory thread

    Since I keep seeing accessories listed and asked about in various threads and cannot find anywhere a listing of working accessories, here we are, please post what you are using with your Amazon Fire TV 4k/gen 2 that works, I figure something simple like 1. What it is 2. A product link if you...
  37. M

    Thread Is it not possible to cache/buffer during playback when streaming over the internet?

    When streaming content from Kodi over the internet using an AFTV box, does it only actually cache content when it is buffering? Because I’ve noticed that during playback that the previous cached content is being depleted about as quick as it is being obtained. I would think that while the...
  38. G

    Thread [Q] Backup single app on Fire TV

    Is there a way to backup a single app on the Fire TV. Any way to pull it from the box via adb or something as an APK? I'd really like to make a backup of my Hulu Plus app before updating. Because I am outside US, I always fear that updates can cause hassle with the geo-checking. In this case I...
  39. EZTEQ

    Thread Share screen to Fire TV

    Hi XDA, is it possible to share the screen of the Fire to my FireTV? Like it works with the Fire Phone or the HDX Tablets? Thanks for any information you can give me! Regards, EZTEQ
  40. C

    Thread Aftv kodi slow down

    Hey all I'm having some issues with both my fire TV and fire TV stick. I've installed kodi, plus genesis and a few other add ons on each and changed the skin (aeon nox silvo on stick and titan on fire TV gen1), updated the library with some of my favourite shows and over time it seems to be...
  41. H

    Thread [app] How to Turn Fire TV into a Chromecast Receiver

    You can download our free trial apk and install it to fire TV, all of sudden, your fire TV is also a Chromecast receiver. Please refer to this thread: Download this apk: [apk, updated...
  42. H

    Thread [App] YouMap Chromecast Receiver for Android

    This app turns android device to a Chromecast receiver. As far as I know, this is the only Android Chromecast receiver besides Google's own implementations. It supports YouTube, Chrome browser tab mirroring, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, and screen mirroring. Most 3rd party apps...
  43. T

    Thread Have Amazon dropped Kodi?

    I know you had to still sideload it but at least you could get it in recents when purchased from their appstore. Just looked and it's completely gone from the UK site? There was I hoping for a proper release.....
  44. TheFixItMan

    Thread [APP] SecondScreen - Eliminate lag when Miracasting your phone to Fire Tv/Stick

    SecondScreen - Eliminate lag when Miracasting your phone to Fire Tv/Stick This app doesn't do the casting - it simply changes your phone resolution to match your TV which eliminates the lag when using miracast This app allows you to change your phones screen res so you can miracast it to your...
  45. Bloodflame

    Thread Request: latest Netflix apk

    For some reason, installation always fails when I try installing it from the Fire TV itself. I'm temporarily using the regular Android version which I sideloaded, but it's not optimized for the Fire TV remote. I had to resort to using a mouse. I was just wondering if someone could pull the APK...
  46. L

    Thread [Q] How to access USB storage via WiFi on Amazon Fire TV?

    Hi, Now that Amazon Fire TV officially supports USB storage, is there a way to connect to it via WiFi from a PC? I'd like to be able to send files to the attached USB stick. Is there a way to do this? Thank you! :fingers-crossed:
  47. P

    Thread Nintendo gamecube controller working on amazon fire tv

    Well sort of. I can get a few things to work. But perhaps someone can build upon this and get it working fully? Would be great for emus and stuff gamecube controller fire tv
  48. C

    Thread [Q] Could Soeone Get The File From Mincraft Fire TV Edition?

    I am wondering if someone can get from minecraft on their fire tv. I want to compare it to the tablet/phone version to see if I can make a mod to enable controller support on mobile. All you need is the apk from your fire tv and an archiving program like 7zip or winrar. Open...
  49. sharp2G

    Thread Anime APP

    Is anyone using an anime app that is compatible with the fire tv? If so which one(s)? I tried side loading the Animefreak app from their website, however the fire TV remote doesn't allow me to select any videos. Thanks!
  50. sharp2G

    Thread Fire TV Won't Turn On

    Like the title said. I unplugged my Fire TV and now when I plug it back in, it won't turn on. Any thoughts?