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  1. N

    Thread Extract SMS to clear text on Firefos OS-based device (using GerdaOS, a free alternative to KaiOS)

    Dear XDA-community! I recently bought a `Nokia 8110 4G` (which runs `KaiOS` by default, which is based on `Firefox OS`) and flashed `GerdaOS` as an alternative (more free and secure) OS (see also ``). Some things work great, but some not so much. Specifically I'm able to...
  2. Zentac

    Thread Is this where KaiOS questions go?

    Hey everyone, Is KaiOS similar enough to continue to use the Firefox OS forums for questions? I just got the Nokia 8110 4G and I'm not sure where to go. KaiOS doesn't seem to work with Google one time codes for 2FA, and I'm curious if this was/is also the case with Firefox OS.
  3. C

    Thread Request: Fx0 Japanese version partition dump?

    Could someone with the original Japanese version of the Fx0/LGL25, not the unlocked international version, dump some partitions for me? I'd love a full dump, minus EFS surely, but just the aboot, boot, factory, laf, modem, recovery partitions would be cool. A dump from the original shipped...
  4. E

    Thread Fairphone 2: what about Firefox OS support

    Hi, the Fairphone 2 is a great project, not only from the hardware point of view as described here...
  5. Droidsan

    Thread FireFOX OS on Sony Xperia Z Ultra C6833

    As you all probably aware FireFox OS 2.5 developer preview is out. So I gathered some courage and downloaded the available Firefox Android app that lets you get a sneek preview of how the OS would run on your droid. I was too timid to flash the OS just yet.:laugh::laugh: So below are a few...
  6. K

    Thread [OS][Dev-Preview] FirefoxOs 2.5 [Oneplus two]

    NOTE : I HAD NOT BUILD OR PORTED THIS OS. ITS OFFICIALY RELEASED BY Firefox FOR Android DEVICES. AS IT IS OPEN source I'M SHARING THE INFO WITH YOU THAT IT IS working WITH OUR ONEPLUS TWO Firefox Os 2.5 developer preview is an apk which can be used as a launcher. But its much different than a...
  7. T


  8. beli3ver

    Thread [Huawei Ascebd G7] Jolla / Firefox OS / Sailfish

    Hello, I want to know if there is a was to get one of these on my Huawei Ascend G7? Thanks
  9. astronfestmon

    Thread [HRC] Helping Rom Custom FFOS

    Hi there everyone! I've made a repo sync for firefox OS for Sony Z Ultra nowadays. git clone B2G git clone ffos cd B2G chmod a+x repo nano cahnge REPO = ./repo to REPO=repo change eccho on togari ctrl +...
  10. mirasmithy

    Thread [KICKSTARTER] A powerful code editor for Android and Windows Phone.

    The Android and Windows Phone ecosystems don't have too many code editors, and the ones they do have lack basic features like code folding, linting, and macros. I decided to do something about it, I decided to make Elemental, a powerful and open source code editor for Android and Windows Phone...
  11. F

    Thread [Q] Porting FxOS Need help building a custom B2G-manifest for Lg G2 (vs980) Verizon

    Okay so im trying to port over Firefox OS but im stuck at Create a manifest for the new device Now you need to add a manifest file for the new device. Refer to one of the existing manifests for a template. You can use the hamachi manifest a reference. Once done, you should add and commit your...
  12. F

    Thread [Q] LG G2 VS980 B2G-Manifest for porting

    Okay so im trying to port over Firefox OS but im stuck at Create a manifest for the new device Now you need to add a manifest file for the new device. Refer to one of the existing manifests for a template. You can use the hamachi manifest a reference. Once done, you should add and commit your...
  13. John Blueh

    Thread [Q] Porting Firefox OS to Samsung Galaxy Fame

    wulsic and corsicanu, you who have more experience with ROMs could answer me one thing? Lately'm interested by the Firefox OS, and found a tutorial to port Firefox OS for new devices, do if I follow himself being a beginner I would still be able to perform the port? Link to the tutorial...
  14. X

    Thread [Q] Success with crespo4g. How to make CWM zip?

    So I was able to build FFOS from source today, ran and was able to boot and play with it. I would like to make CWM flashable zips so I can make changes and just flash the zips when I am ready. Can anyone here point me in the right direction? I have ran ./
  15. Setialpha

    Thread Adblock hosts for Firefox OS

    I recently bought a ZTE Open C and was surprised there's no adblocker (shame on you mozilla!). Since I'm using AdAway (available from F-Droid store) on my Android Tablet I simply extracted those hosts file and put it on my ZTE Open C - et voila: it works, much less ads while browsing now...
  16. R

    Thread OTG support for FFOS 1.3?

    I recently got the spice fire one mi-fx1 and was wondering is there anyway to add in or mod in OTG support. And is there any way to get predictive text in it, cuz am just way too much used to it..
  17. A

    Thread [ROM] FireFox OS Nightlies!

    Sorry Guys I'm Back, here is that latest! Firefox OS is still a work in progress but I have decided that it needs its time in the limelight so I am introducing nightly builds of the official Firefox OS source. Builds will be posted here and I will do my best to update them daily. Current OS...
  18. D

    Thread Firefox OS MultiROM compatible image for Nexus 5

    Hi, I had been looking for a multirom compatible Firefox OS ROM for Nexus 5. Couldn't find any, so I built one myself. Thought of sharing the ROM here. This is b2g - prerelease. I haven't modified anything, just compiled and packed it. Will try to update...
  19. G

    Thread Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko) on Galaxy Nexus - Not Android! - Latest 2014.09.05

    I have recently had interest in running Firefox OS on my Galaxy Nexus. NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR DAILY USE, FIREFOX OS STILL HAS SOME BUGS ON THIS DEVICE Also, just a warning about the first build... I used the binaries from Toro (Verizon Galaxy Nexus), which shouldn't be a problem, but I'll use...
  20. Y

    Thread [UPDATED] ZTE Open C 2.1 - modUI

    Hey everyone! I've been fiddling with gaia recently (big thanks goes to vampirefo for the clockwork recovery image and his 2.1 build!) I decided to fix a few annoyances that I had with the mozilla build, cause the Open C is currently my main phone and I use it every day. So I forked gaia and...
  21. K

    Thread [Q] Zte Open C: Imei 0

    I try to make a manual update on my Zte Open C following the instructions provided here ( ). Everything appear to be ok until the phone was rebooted(at 98% of the status bar). The phone boot perfectly but the upgrade tool...
  22. T

    Thread [Q] Firefox 2.0 and Geeksphone Revolution

    Hello, I've searched around the forum and haven't seen anything related to this, so I thought I'd create a thread and ask in case anyone knew. I was interested in purchasing the Geeksphone Revolution and was wondering if a Firefox 2.0 build existed for it? I see there is a a 2.0 build for the...
  23. haky 86

    Thread [Q][WIP] Firefox OS For Samsung Ancora

    hello mates i am working on a firefox os port based on Android 4.3.1 for samsung galaxy w, that's mean we should use cm10.2 as base for device repos. after download everything i got this. including device/generic/armv7-a-neon/ including device/qcom/common/
  24. astronfestmon

    Thread Firefox os samsung devices PORT

    Hi there xda-developers. I'm facing errors on porting i9300 firefox os on GonkHal.cpp. I'm trying also porting for armv6-vfp. So, I'll explain how i've done the things until now. Also too for rockchip mk3066. i9300 GonkHal.cpp error: G/gecko/hal/gonk/GonkHal.cpp make[6]: *** [GonkHal.o]...
  25. TheXorg

    Thread Boot2Gecko (FirefoxOS) for Nexus 4

    Hello guys, I've compiled Boot2Gecko (better known as Firefox OS) for Nexus 4. It's a very early version, not a daily driver and you flash at your own risk ;) How to install: 0. Reboot to recovery (CWM or TWRP) 1. Make a backup 2. Download B2G (download link see below) 3. Do a factory reset...
  26. haky 86

    Thread [Q] Porting B2G on S2 Plus

    Hello mates I would like to download repos of firefox os and try to "make" a build for s2 plus devices but i can't download repos by following this. -i fork the b2g to my github's account and edit to add s2vep. -same think for b2g-manifest to add s2vep.xml using cm11 as revision...
  27. D

    Thread [Q] Help with starting to port FFOS

    Hey, guys, I am facing very big issues with trying to port FFOS to Alcatel OneTouch Tab7 (Not HD). I dont have a lot of knowledge in mobile development, but have foundations and can get on easily, after I get any clues for what I am doing (:D). I have the above mentioned device in house...
  28. K

    Thread [root] ZTE Open C

    I was browsing a help thread I have over at the dev.b2g google group this morning when I came across a post by Vance Chen. Look at the bottom of the thread and you will find a link to root the ZTE Open C! You will need to have Windows Vista/7/8 to run the upgrade tool and flash the developer...
  29. K

    Thread [Q] FirefoxOS will not boot on p4wifi

    Hello, I've been working on trying to port Firefox OS to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [p4wifi] for a while now and have finally got it to compile and flash to my device. However, I have been having some trouble getting it to boot. See, what happends is after I've flashed the system, and boot...
  30. B

    Thread [Q] ZTE Open backing up user partition using ADB

    I have a ZTE Open (US Ebay edition - with root permissions). I am trying to use ADB to backup the user data partition from the device (either via dd in the shell or ADB "pull" commands). I have also stopped b2g before commencing a "pull" command, without any luck. Each time I manage to get...
  31. B

    Thread [Q] Peak+ ordered and delivered

    Hello, something really funny is happening. 2 days ago, I ordered an Geeksphone Peak+ (plus) in the shop. And now, I received a message, that the the phone is been shipped via UPS. The mysterious thing about that is, that at the end of 2013 Geeksphone said, that they stopped the development...
  32. K

    Thread [Q] [NEED HELP][WIP]Firefox OS for Lg L3 (e400)

    Hello to all, im trying to port Firefox OS to the LG L3 (e400) phone From now, i forked various repos of b2g and other to github ( (if repos doesnt sync right,try in some hours,and if still occurs,say it please) and with the great help of feherneoh now we can start to...
  33. A

    Thread FireFox B2G AOSP build available for Nexus 4

    Hi All, for those who wants to try Firefox OS on there Nexus 4 a.k.a Mako can try to flash the images provided ate below google drive link. I tested almost everything except NFC. Comments welcome. ~Amit
  34. tuxor1337

    Thread [Q] Firefox OS on Photon Q, good idea, doable?

    What do you think about porting the new Firefox OS to Photon Q? That would mean porting it to a QWERTY phone, which is promising for a bunch of reasons: of course for keyboard fans, but also for everybody interested in or dependent on accessibility features. On the other hand, it should be...
  35. gigitux

    Thread Compile Firefox OS [Xperia U]

    Hello guys, I'm compiling Firefox OS on Xperia U, but i have this error: make: *** [out/target/product/kumquat/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libwebcore_intermediates/LINKED/] Error 1 How do i fix it ? Thanks :) For info:
  36. S

    Thread Installing Firefox OS on tablet TT101 (HUAWEI)

    Hi! How can I install Firefox OS on Huawei TT101? Is it good? And will it be upgraded by WiFi? Is italian available? Is it faster than CyanogenMod 7? I have just a problem: after I installed CyanogenMod 7, my tablet can not be accessed soon after the turning on because the green Android does not...
  37. Ray_Rx

    Thread Firefox OS for Ray! The Possibility and Preview by trewelu

    I came up with this post.. - post #107. trewelu ( has built it from the source and this post contains a link for the rom. Check it out. [Screenshots included] Don't forget to...
  38. Siprah123

    Thread [ROM][B2G][LWW] Firefox OS

    Boot 2 Gecko (Firefox OS) for Live With Walkman Hello! I Ported Firefox OS for my LWW device :) Working: - Call/SMS - Mobile Data - USB Storage - Vibrations - SD Card - Battery Indicator - LED Notification NOT working: - GPS - WiFI - Camera - Back and Menu Buttons (and probably will be...
  39. Z

    Thread [Q] Nexus S issues with firefox os

    Hello all. I flashed Firefox OS onto my nexus s the other day. I am having several issues with it so far. 1. I am not able to connect to my network (t-mobile) using 3g or any data connection for that matter. 2. I am having trouble with screen resolution (know issue) 3. In the messaging...
  40. E

    Thread Firefox OS - What the F**K? (An answer from Mozilla CEO)

    There has been a lot of criticism for Firefox OS lately, such as that the world does not need another mobile OS. The thing that I think they are missing is that Firefox OS has a completely different concept as opposed to Android and iOS. It's trying to make applications platform independent, so...
  41. taodan

    Thread Firefox OS on Nexus One

    I am wondering whether the Firefox OS would ever be ported to the Nexus One. I just read Firefox OS being ported to the HTC Explorer and it has 512MB storage which is similar to the N1. The OS looks nice.
  42. G

    Thread [Q] Firefox OS port?

    Is it possible to port Firefox OS to the One V?
  43. T

    Thread [Q] It's possible Firefox OS on X10 Mini and Pro?

    Hi. I found what minimal requirements of Firefox OS it's Xperia X10 Mini-Pro :D It's possible install Firefox OS on X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro?:confused: EDIT1...
  44. F

    Thread [Q] Firefox Os or Ubuntu

    Is there any possibility of porting or building a firefox or ubuntu os for x8?
  45. N

    Thread [Q] Firefox OS on Omnia II (i8000)

    Are there any efforts for porting the new "Firefox OS" to Omnia II ? or will it be something that we can install on top of windows 6.5 ?
  46. zinconnu

    Thread App's examples & dev tools : HTML5 webapps.

    Have you developed a Firefox OS HTML5 webapp? Used some dev tools? Share/Submit here! Mine is a QR-Code Generator (LINK ) : No flash, java, php, ...just HTML5 & JavaScript. Works offline too! Here is the Mozilla Marketplace permalink : QR-Fox. Have a look at screenshots in attachment, and...
  47. brakke97

    Thread Firefox OS B2G Project | Xperia 2011 MDPI

    Are there already plans for porting this awesome OS to our Xperia 2011 MDPI devices? :confused:
  48. Axel2033

    Thread [WIP] [BUILD 1] [9.1.13] Firefox OS (B2G) - NOT ANDROID, SOMETHING DIFFERENT

    General Info: More information about Firefox OS (B2G) is available here and here. So... I saw this and couldn't resist having a little sneaky play around with it. This is NOT a daily driver. This is NOT stable. It's pre-alpha. If you want something to use as a phone, this isn't it. If you just...
  49. JordanRulz

    Thread [ROM][WIP][HELP][NOOB] Firefox OS (B2G) for Optimus 2X: need help packaging

    Before everyone starts flaming me and trying to kill me for being such a noob, i would like to say that i'm a teen and a noob. ANYWAYS, i got bored and decided to have a go at porting Firefox OS to the Optimus 2X. After figuring out how to make a flashable zip out of .img's, I tested a bit...
  50. JordanRulz

    Thread [Q] B2G:remote github not defined

    Forgive me for being a noob, but in my futile attempt to port Firefox OS to the Optimus 2X, I ran in to a problem with that says: [email protected]:~/B2G$ ./ p990 Get % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time...