1. J

    Thread Finding Fire TV's Friendly Name from the IP Address

    Hi After detecting my local IP Addresses, i'd love to detect which one of them is my FIRE TV Device and I'd to see the Device's Friendly Name. There is no ADB Command to do it. So how can i do it, any ideas?
  2. Ighor

    Thread Block updates. DNS way. No root needed

    Here is instructions of how to block Updates on a Fire TV. Important! Recently a Fire TV update released, it blocks any way to disable auto updates, except this one Some ISP are replacing client DNS requests by their own answers, in that case this method won't work. DNS configuration saved per...
  3. royfig

    Thread FireTV 4k Read-only expanded memory

    533 / 5,000 Hello, I do all the procedure to expand the memory of the firetv (OS 6) and it creates the partition for me, but it does not let me save the applications in it ... checking the properties I see that it is RO and not RW like the one in the tutorials, I have repeated the process...
  4. S

    Thread Audible app crashing on launch

    Hi, I've just bought an Amazon FireTV 4k Max (Fire TV Home Version) 6341067.1 running Fire OS (PS7255/2444) and no matter which Audible version I install but it crashes everytime i open it. Of course before uninstalling Audible I'm deleting data and cache. Does anyone has a working...
  5. nitinsawant

    Thread OTT Navigator IPTV v1.6 apk for Fire stick

    This is the best IPTV app I have came across till date, download and install the apk, enjoy worldwide IPTV. to view worldwide IPTV channels check the attached IPTV.txt file for configuration. --hit thanks--
  6. D

    Thread fire tv edition

    hello everyone, can someone help me in finding firmware file for toshiba 4k fire tv edition? model number is 55LF621C19. it just stuck on android recovery mode. i tried wipe data/ factory reset, but nothing, same screen appears .
  7. S

    Thread [Fixed] FireTV Stick 2nd Gen (tank) stuck on logo. Potentially broken file system/partitions. (Unlocked + TWRP available)

    Hey folks! I unlocked my FireTV stick and was able to install TWRP following the amazing guide by @k4y0z ( I can boot into TWRP just OK. I am using adb shell to issue TWRP commands. (I don't have an...
  8. U

    Thread TV screen clutter / tearing - Fire Stick 4K

    My problem is that sometimes when I turn on my Fire TV the image in the applications: Netflix, Youtube - it freezes/clutter/tearing heavily. The problem disappears after some time or after restarting the device. How to get rid of this problem, please give me tips. Thank you.
  9. R

    Thread Newbee Here! Forgive my lack of knowledge for now please!

    Yes I am a newbee here and I admit this forum looks a bit over my head at the first look. I have a 50" Insignia Amazon Fire TV that I bought a while back from Best Buy. Admittedly I do not watch a lot of things every day or night, but mostly I will sit and watch a TV shows (seasonal series) type...
  10. I

    Thread New Fire TV Launcher Live

    Update version - Fire OS Fire TV Home Version - 6300178.1 Profile migration - Any profiles created on Prime video will be migrated in to the Fire TV Profiles - You can change profile from the homescreen and also by long pressing home. Library section - Playlists and previously...
  11. Ighor

    Thread Amazon Fire TV Launcher [MOD] [WIP]

    Telemetry disabled. Ads and Promotional channels removed. Alexa is working. Selected channels enabled, on the video it is Netflix and Plex. Selective titles removed, only Home, Apps and Settings kept on the video. It is possible to patch every Fire TV and no root needed. There is no ETA of...
  12. Bertonumber1

    Thread Firestick Lite (Sheldon) Launcher Replacement and Debloat (No Root)

    Hello. I have a Fire TV Stick Lite running Gone through the post and applied the "Debloat the Lite of Unnecessary Sh*te", installed all the apks. I went with Wolf 0.1.7 as the launcher. When running FTVLaunchX I had to run the below two lines first and then perform the permissions...
  13. SweenWolf

    Thread [APP][FIRETV][NOROOT] Launcher Manager (Change Launcher without Root)

    LAUNCHER MANAGER (FOS 6+) STEPS TO ENABLE CUSTOM LAUNCHER: 1. Download Launcher Manager by clicking or by using short link and install on your FireTV. (Latest: 1.1.6) 2. Install a Custom Launcher and then open Launcher Manager. 3. To Enable Custom Launcher, Click on "Launcher Options" and...
  14. R

    Thread Fire TV STICK Gen 2 TANK TataSky Binge Edition Without Binge

    Hi I have a Fire TV STICK Gen 2 TANK TataSky Binge Edition which comes with preinstalled Binge app. I wanted to use the device without Binge Subscription Just to watch youtube amazone prime and others just as a normal Firestick But without binge subscription the device will not allow to open...
  15. N

    Thread Easy way to launch an app from Fire TV?

    Hi, I am setting a Fire TV 4K stick for my mother in law, and would like to make it as simple as possible. She only needs to use two apps: Netflix and Youtube. Is there any way to quickly launch one of those two apps? Right now, clicking the home button will show the "Sling App" on top, I have...
  16. M

    Thread Content Removed

    MOD Edit:- Content Removed
  17. G

    Thread ....

  18. JonnyTrulove

    Thread (Helpful Device First Run / Pre-Rooting Tip) Avoid Auto Update on first Power Up

    As many of you know, the FireSticks and Fire Tvs immediately search for updates the first time you turn them on. This can be a catastrophe for anyone who was hoping to gain root access via an earlier firmware exploit. I discovered a little potential workaround that I am going to share here, but...
  19. SimLynks

    Thread [TOTAL MOD] Playing With Fire (v4) NEW "LazyLeanback" Installer - AndroidTV on FireTV

    [TOTAL MOD] Playing With Fire (v4) NEW "LazyLeanback" Installer - AndroidTV on FireTV This is not another "How-To install GApps on FireTV Thread" Instead these heavy system modifications will finally allow you to completely control almost every aspect of the FireTV, including: OpenGApps...
  20. D

    Thread [Guide] Hulu Live TV on Fire TV without Root

    So I know that Hulu will be releasing a new version of their app for the Fire TV that supports live TV (looks like the private beta for it may be starting today), but I've been wanting to watch live shows on the television that I have my Fire TV (2nd gen) hooked up to. Originally, I was hoping...
  21. WrathChild08

    Thread FireTV V2 (Sloane) Root/NTFS disk ?

    Hello there, I have some questions regarding the FireTV I bought one some day ago, I already have an AndroidTV box but it's sh*t and don't play 4k video so that's why I took the FireTV, unfortunately I didn't know that you can't put a NTFS disk on it. So I have some questions, which can seems...
  22. J

    Thread IPSec on firetv rooted or non?

    Am I able to connect an amazon firetv to an ipsec vpn headend? I'd like to put a firetv at my parents house and have it connect back to my firewall at my house via my already configured and working ipsec vpn service on my firewall. It's not openvpn or an external provider, its running off of my...
  23. S

    Thread DT2 ? Is it possible to sideload?

    Hi Chaps.... Honestly didn't know where else to go for help on this one... First off.... I've been happily playing DT2 with my amazon controller since I first got my Firetv box (non rooted) v,.... right up until today,... when i was met with "Please update your application with a new...
  24. I

    Thread uvcvideo module: using an webcam and apps like skype, google duo, hangouts on Fire TV

    At first: No. :D I did not compile a working uvcvideo module for my firetv box gen1 or my firetv-stick 1. But I want to do it with your help. Some people, like christian__ or bash-ninja, allready write some kernel modules so I think it should be possible. Perhaps I dont need kernel modules, I...
  25. deanr1977

    Thread (Guide) How to stop the annoying click sound or change it on Amazon Fire Tv

    How to stop the annoying click sound or change it on Amazon Fire Tv Do you hate or love the click sound when moving around on the Fire Tv? Well if like me you can't stand that annoying sound, I will tell you how to remove that "click" or replace for a sound of your own? This has been tested...
  26. S

    Thread Advice on firetv v1 about updating firmware...

    Hi all, I've decided to get out another firetv box that i initially purchased over a year ago and wanted to set it up with a bogus amazon account. So far so good, ... sorted out the account, followed the instructions from aftvnews to pull the lan when required to bypass the initial setup...
  27. S

    Thread Help Req with Kodi Changing back to icono

    Hi chaps.... Everything has been working perfectly for the last year or so, up until last night. As I finished watching a prime movie, I went back to the home screen and I watched the IconoTV return back to a pink color. I decided to simply run adbfire v 1.28 and redo the llama install, this...
  28. S

    Thread Is it possible to move data to thumb drive on firetv??

    Hi chaps.... A rather quick question, As we all know the 1st gen firetv has a minimal amount of memory to be used for apps ect.... Unfortunately after a recent service provider upgrade I stupidly left the firetv on, even though I was using opendns to block updates, my new service had a change...
  29. S

    Thread Non pushed game not updating,... any one know if it might be my fault???

    Hi Chaps.... I recently had an upgrade from my isp,... and stupidly forgot to turn off my firetv,.... (I had it running perfectly,... no banners, and no intro to prime movies....) IMy original update was the only one I ever had to do to allow xbmc (at the time) to be installed,... I them...
  30. H

    Thread [APP] VMLite VNC Server

    This is a trial version of our popular Android VNC Server for fire TV Box and Stick. With this app, you can view and control fire TV using a VNC client or a web browser that is running on another computer or mobile device. Trial apk download...

    Thread [UPDATED GUIDE] How-To Properly Install Kodi to the Amazon Fire TV

    We just rewrote the guide from scratch, detailing the best method for installing Kodi to the Fire TV. You'll want to follow both parts below: 1) Install Kodi: 2) Configure Kodi: Enjoy!
  32. S

    Thread [Q] Custom Background for firetv question help please ??

    Hi all, Running kodi/Helix 14.0 sideloaded on my non-rooted fireTV.... With no other extras or addons apart from my network attached HD. Using IkonoTV as my launcher. all updates blocked via opendns. I just wanted to know if it was possible to change the background wallpaper on the main...
  33. B

    Thread [Q] [@] Youtube livestream not working

    Hello, I try to play the current Star Wars Celebration Livestream on my FireTV-Stick (unrooted) but receive everytime an error message. Is this a general Problem in YT or just with this specific stream? Are there alternative apps to view Youtube livestream? Greetings Buzzdee
  34. U

    Thread Gigabit connectivity FireTV

    Found a gigabit connection that works with FireTV. "iClever 3 Ports USB 3.0 Hub with RJ45 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Converter LAN Wired Network Adapter for Laptops, Ultrabooks and Tablet PCs with USB Ports, Compatible with Windows XP/7/8, Mac OS-X, Linux Chromebook Anroid 4.0 and above"...
  35. J

    Thread Miracast working with windiws 8.1 after update (Resolution problem)

    I can confirm that screen mirroring is now working with Windows 8.1 devices that support miracast. I have connected to my firetv with my surface pro 3 multiple times with great success and no last. (probably my best miracast experience yet) However, after the initial connection, upon...
  36. S

    Thread I really did wonder about those SSavers, & now I know...

    I Really wondered where Amazon got there screensaver images from..... and now I know..... I managed to locate the stock images that are poured down into the FTV, all 350mb plus of them.... It seems they come from a few different places... one in particular is a UK based company called...
  37. W

    Thread [Q] New FireTV Stick, Won't Start

    I have an Amazon Fire TV stick. I plugged it into the HDMI port. I tried using the port on the TV and the port on the Set Top Box. On both of them I go to the remote, I press TV Input at the bottom of the remote, by repeatedly pressing TV Input I am able to get to HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. But I'm...
  38. S

    Thread [APP] AFTV Launcher Helper (No root required)

    Hi Guys! I've written a little helper app that allows you to basically use any app you want as a launcher on your FireTV (and probably also Stick, but I don't own one to test). The app does not require root as it doesn't really set your app as system launcher, it just provides various...
  39. P

    Thread Apps on main menus Unrooted firetv

    Hi my first thread I was excited. I have been using aptoide for installing virtually anything without any difficulties and whilst browsing it informed me there was an upgrade for Amazon store, of course I clicked it, I have updates blocked in the router by the way. Well I didn't expect much ...
  40. 1lazysheep

    Thread [Q] was rooted, upgraded to latest firmware, want to reset to factory

    i was on the very first firmware version, rooted w/ custom recovery. i used it as an XBMC machine. i'm now giving this to my brother, which won't be using XBMC, and doesn't require root/custom recovery. i used "factory reset" and upgraded to the latest firmware ( i...
  41. C

    Thread FireTV Stick (FTVS) Root & Firmware Updates

    I'm seeing multiple references to rooted sticks, but no guides. I'm guessing those that have done it are coming from the FireTV original. Who has successfully rooted the FireTV Stick? What Firmware was device successfully rooted with? Can Android OS be changed to a different ROM? I have 2 that...
  42. F

    Thread Tips for new users?

    I have just gotten a fire TV here in the UK today. I've done a bit of searching and found out how to sideload APK's but can't find much on blocking updates to help with potential future rooting? When i turned on the fireTV and connected wifi, it immediately wanted to update. If i had...
  43. B

    Thread [Q] Can I use Amazons game controller with the ouya launcher on AFTV?

    Can I use Amazons game controller with the ouya launcher on AFTV? I installed ouya software on my amazon fire tv and I am just wondering if Amazons fire game controller would work with that. I would rather get that then ouyas controller but if it wont work than ill just get the ouya controller.
  44. B

    Thread [Q] I am getting my FTV. Anyway to disable the update before connecting to wifi

    I am getting my FTV on MOnday. Anyway to disable the update before connecting to wifi? So i can root it.
  45. D

    Thread [Q] Unable to get past update screen on new FireTV

    I hope I'm posting this in the right sub section. I purchased a FireTV last week at BB and rooted and blocked the updates via the guid on Aftvnews. I grabbed another FTV today for a family member and I'm unable to get anywhere. After configuring network it goes on the the checking for updates...
  46. C

    Thread [Q] XBMC Stickmount Path Substitution

    I have setup XBMC to start from a launcher using the xposed method on the wiki. I have also setup stickmount for my USB thumb drive. I was hoping to use it as a path substitution for thumbnails so the internal sdcard does not fill up with cached files. However, it would appear that stickount...
  47. S

    Thread [Q] CBS TV app sideloaded stuck on Downloading updates

    Downloaded the latest CBS TV app from Google Play and sideloaded it on a rooted Fire TV. It launches and then says there is an update and I am given the options to download the update. It sits there and just spins forever (15+ minutes) Data goes up to 172KB Cache goes up to 44KB Any...
  48. R

    Thread FiredTV Launcher - Replacement Home/Launcher

    FiredTV Launcher is a 'replacement' for Amazon's Home/Launcher app which does not show sideloaded apps. Visit the project page for more information (including source code): How does it work? While it's not possible (yet/without root) to actually...
  49. elmerohueso

    Thread Amazon FireTV apps - Ripped for your pleasure

    I've extracted the following apps from the Amazon FireTV for anyone who wants to tinker around and try porting them to other devices. Bloomberg TV Crackle Hulu Plus iHeartRadio Netflix Pandora Showtime Anytime TuneIn Radio Vevo Vimeo ESPN All the interfaces are pretty good, so we really get...