1. cacdas

    Thread Can't connect to internet except Windscribe macos vpn

    hello everyone, when i disconnect windscribe vpn on my macbook wifi is active but i can't connect to internet. but I can connect with windscribe. how that happens? Also, I installed an application called appfirewall from Github 2 months ago. but recently it started to deteriorate on its own. How...
  2. Mr. T 007

    Thread A Doubt ? (Firewall)

    Sorry I got a doubt if a firewall needs system Administrator permission (Android)

    Thread Auto SIM switch Based on Selected Application

    Greetings all is there a way to make android (using non-rooted Samsung S20) automatically switch between 2 data Cellular data SIMs based on what application is used. for example when running App X it uses SIM1 (private network LTE) and when running other apps/services the phone would...
  4. M

    Thread Custom firewall rules on LineageOS 19 / Android 12

    Hello, I have Sony Xperia 10 with LineageOS 18.1 installed. I was using some custom iptables rules on this device on top of the system ones. They were created by a manually written boot shell script that was executed by a rc file placed in /system/etc/init. I am wondering if something like...
  5. E

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] AdWall - Adblock & Firewall

    Adblock, traffic control, save money and battery AdWall is free adblock tool that blocks ads in apps, games, browsers and has a built-in firewall for Internet access control in your apps. ROOT not required! Fast Internet AdWall increases download speed by blocking unnecessary content...
  6. T

    Thread Are there any VPN apps with builtin firewall?

    I can't root every device. But everyone needs both these 2 things at once on their device: 1. stuff like your keyboard app should never ever talk to the internet. 2. you need a vpn (also with dns and possibly tracker protection) Android on all the popular devices famously does not let users...
  7. Roman Popov

    Thread [APP][5.0+] AdProtect - Adblock & Firewall

    AdProtect is adblock tool that blocks ads in apps, games, browsers and has a built-in firewall for Internet access control in your apps. ROOT not required! Fast Internet AdProtect increases download speed by blocking unnecessary content. Traffic control and save money Using the built-in...
  8. L

    Thread Android Zero Touch Enrollment blocked by Firewall

    Hi, We have in our company the problem that we want to rollout on our "Scanner Wifi" our MDM for all our new Android scanner, but our "Scanner Wifi" block any access to the internet by firewall, that causes that Zero Touch Enrollment won't work, and now I wish to know which DNS groups i must...
  9. EEngineer

    Thread Need a No-Root Firewall for Android KitKat 4.4.2

    As the title says, I need a reliable no-root firewall for a tablet running Android KitKat v4.4.2. NetGuard needs 5.1 or later so that's no good. There are a number of no-root firewalls out there but reviews are mixed. I'd prefer to hear from someone with experience with the firewall. Thank you!
  10. A

    Thread Integrated firewall?

    Hi everyone, right now I used adGuard since it works both as an ADblocker and as firewall. If possible I would rather switch to Blokada since it's open source. The issue is that Blokada doesn't have a firewall that can block internet access to some app. Does Samsung have an integrated firewall...
  11. O

    Thread NetGuard on LineageOS 14.1: firewall rules are not reloaded on connectivity change

    Hi guys, I use NetGuard on LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2), but I have an annoying issue with that. On every connectivity change I have to manually reload the firewall rules of NetGuard, because otherwise some apps do not recognize the internet connection. The developer said I should remove any...
  12. I

    Thread [APP][6.0+] RethinkDNS: Anti-Censorship + Adblocker + Firewall [open source] [no root]

    RethinkDNS is an anti-internet censorship tool with DNS-based adblocking and a firewall built-in for Android 6+ devices. The app itself is free to use and comes with RethinkDNS (previous name BraveDNS) resolver with support custom denylists, allowlists, ability to store DNS logs for later...
  13. M

    Thread A20 privacy ultimate guide without root

    This guide is for people who enjoys privacy, and want to enjoy a fully controlled experience even on a stock Android, and it dosen't only concerns the Samsung A20 but all powered Android phones, after applying all the steps you'll enjoy a stock firmware free from all bloatwares, free from non...
  14. G

    Thread [MODULE] [PSA] - Firewall for MAGISK v1.0.2

    Firewall Rules for MAGISK About the Module: This module is actually a simple script that executes a series of IPtables commands on boot in order to block inbound connections not directly related to outbound. There is no app or commands to execute in order for it to achieve it's results, so...
  15. xxxmadraxxx

    Thread Is Greenify Malware?... or Spyware?

    I originally posted a summary of these thoughts on my Play Store review of Greenify. But, since comments there soon get lost in the traffic, I thought I'd rewrite here. Greenify seems to get a free pass from pretty much every Android-focussed site as a "must have app". I even saw an article on...
  16. J

    Thread Any protected firewall available?

    Hello, is there any protected firewall available? I have tried many & the problem was as follow: - it works very well but ANY user can simply uninstall it!! how didn't they put this into consideration. - i used a program to hide it, and when I hide it it becomes disabled. I used AFwall+ (root)...
  17. L

    Thread Which firewall blocks all connections per app? afwall+ alternative

    I'm looking for a firewall that can connect all connections (on all network interfaces) for specific apps. I had a problem in the past when connected to VPN the apps could access the internet even when supposedly blocked.
  18. K

    Thread why is SMS app accessing internet (Lineage 15)

    Hi, I was surprised today to see that my android firewall (afwall+) blocked several communications from the SMS/MMS application (ID 10068). The following IP address were blocked, all on port 443 These IP belongs to google hosting, have...
  19. johnathanamber

    Thread Amazon Apps and Noroot Firewall

    Hey everyone, I've recently installed Google Play Store and related apps. I've also installed Noroot Firewall which blocks app access to the internet and waits for either an Allow or Deny choice before permanently allowing or denying access. I noticed a major battery drain before Noroot...
  20. M66B

    Thread [CLOSED][APP][5.1+] VPN/Sentry - Virtual private network with firewall [DISCONTINUED]

    VPN/Sentry Virtual private network with firewall Encrypt the internet traffic of all your apps Allow or block internet traffic per app or address Mix your internet traffic with that of others for increased privacy Simple to use while still offering advanced features Blocking access to the...
  21. N

    Thread [APP][4.0+]NetPatch Firewall - Secure Proxy, Ad Blocker, Custom Rules NoRoot Firewall

    Introduction# NetPatch Firewall is an advanced Android network firewall WITHOUT ROOT. You can block Any network access based App, Hostname and IP using the no root firewall. It supports custom rules fully, shadowsocks and shadowsocksR proxy, the only network firewall supports these features...
  22. A

    Thread Spyware on Xperia Keyboard

    I recently set up a firewall on my D5803 running stock (rooted) 23.5.A.1.291. I went through the installed apps and blocked most of them from using the internet (things like web-browsers, obviously, excepted). The logs from the firewall turned up two big surprises: Surprise number 1: "White...
  23. D

    Thread Lock Internet access after installing VPN or firewire

    Hello, I have a problem running programs such as VPN or firewall on the cell. These programs completely block my access to the Internet even though the connection to the wifi is very good and yet I can not connect to the Internet. Everything is back to normal after switching off the work of...
  24. S

    Thread HTC M8 Temp Root and Data Monitoring

    Hello All, I have two questions: 1) I want to temp root my device as I need to get some files that are found within the system files (to be more specific, whatsapp files), and I don't want to use 3rd party applications. How can I achieve this without using SunShine as I won't be able to pay...
  25. H03!

    Thread [TUT] N preview NPD35K nexus6p - root, adaway, firewall, titaniumbackup

    root: with [cf-auto-root]( recovery: twrp dont work for me, but i dont need it anyway here.. adaway: install [busybox](, reboot, install...
  26. B

    Thread [Completed] Is there a way to block apps from accessing internet in Lollipop?

    I did some research on internet and most of the articles related to this topic are either outdated or suggests using some kind of another app. I want to block internet access to apps I've installed without installing any other app or firewall. I was wondering whether there are any inbuilt...
  27. R

    Thread [APP][4.0+][Unlimited][No Coupon] ? Totally Free VPN ?- Hundreds of VPN Servers!

    Update: I have reports from users that some UDP protocol servers can work in CḨ|NǍ, TCP protocols are blocked. I have added a protocol filter to help with that. Hi All, I released a new app, would like to share with all of you. Totally Free VPN Bypass blocked websites and applications...
  28. U

    Thread Firewall advice , plz.

    Hey guys .. & thanks in advance .. .. I need a firewall that doesn't use IPtables, A VPN-MOCKING approach .. because I am already using apps that use those two methods ..; AdAway for example..
  29. M

    Thread [APP] Advanced Firewall

    Hello all !! We developed a new firewall app for Android mobile phones, called Advanced Firewall. Advanced Firewall is an educational app for learning the basic of network packet filtering using firewalls. The App can be also used to create filtering rules and/or select filtering rules from...
  30. S

    Thread [APP][4.0+] NoRoot Data Firewall - Manager your mobile/WIFI data on NoRoot device

    Hi guys, I have just launched a "NoRoot Data Firewall" app in GooglePlay recently. It has the following features: * NO ROOT REQUIRED FIREWALL. * Control the access permission for each app to access internet with mobile network and WIFI. * Support to only blocking background data and let...
  31. L

    Thread [Q] howto connect pptp vpn on port 80 to avoid hotspot firewalls on non rooted phone

    trying to connect to my pptp vpn which is on port 1723 buy some hotspots block the port. I changed my pptp server to port 80 on my server but i can't find a app that would connect to it or forward ports locally to avoid the hotspot firewall
  32. G

    Thread Can't run some network services on my G3

    I'm trying to run some network services (servers listening for incoming connections) on my LG G3 phone. Its rooted, though all the services that I want to run do not require root to function (they use unpriviliged ports). Some network services work, while others do not. For example, Ice Cold...
  33. B

    Thread [Q] looking for advanced android firewall

    Hi, currently I am using Android Firewall on CM10.2. Nice app but I am missing some pro features. Is there any Firewall for Android available where I can restrict app's network traffic to special IPs or domain names? Example: An app (eg. contact sync app) should be allowed do communicate with...
  34. tonystuck

    Thread WallProxy GUI on RT

    This is a GUI interface for WallProxy that can run on RT. FYI WallProxy uses the Google App Engine as a free proxy server. Useful if you can't visit certain websites behind a firewall and don't have a vpn handy. The concept is that assuming your connection to is good, we can create...
  35. J

    Thread Windows Firewall misbehaving, prevents installation of store apps

    Just today, the Windows Store has stopped me from installing apps because my Firewall is not running. This is on a jailbroken Surface RT. Trying to turn on Firewall from the action center gives a generic error. Trying to turn on Firewall from Services results in Error 1068: The Dependency or...
  36. skinator

    Thread Android Firewall, How to use it

    Hi every one, before starting i'm sorry for my english i'm a french dude ... So, a lot a friend asked me to help them for Firewall Android. i thought it was a good idea to make a post on it so every one can be satisfied ^^ ( the pics are in french ... but the placement of the items are the...
  37. A

    Thread [Q] Popup asking for Internet Access?

    I like LBE Privacy Guard, especially for its on-demand permission requests when an app asks to access my SMS Inbox or whatnot; I like that I can ensure that it never accesses it, always does without asking, or continues to ask each time. I'm also using the firewall with mixed results; I don't...
  38. michhy

    Thread [Q] Firewall dont work on FB Messenger app

    Hi, I have the needs to have all instant messaging apps disabled at work. But I need data for other stuff on the android phone. I have tried a few android firewall apps and while they all work flawlessly, there is one problem: NONE of them can stop the (Facebook) Messenger app from receiving...
  39. spotopolis

    Thread [Q] MK808 running Smoothwall Linux?

    So I just got a MK808 Android TV stick. And I have seen on the freaktab site that they are working on a linux kernel to run Ubuntu off it. It got me thinking since you can run a USB hub on these things with Ethernet, Would it be possible for someone to "port" Smoothwall to one of these sticks...
  40. J

    Thread [Q] Working firewall?

    Does anybody know of a firewall working on this device? Firewalls (with root) seem all to edit iptables. This does not work here. I'm not sure if it really is a problem with the kernel, as reported, or something else. Anybody found a solution?
  41. ukanth

    Thread [5.0+][ROOT][3.5.3] AFWall+ IPTables Firewall [28 JUN 2022]

    Welcome to official support page for AFWall+ Introduction Features Changelog - See third Post AFWall+ BETA Program Source Code/Wiki/FAQ Translations Thanks To/Credits Cheers, ukanth XDA:DevDB Information AFWall+ [ IPTables Firewall ], App for the Android General...
  42. megabiteg

    Thread Protecting our phones, Protecting our information...

    Hello All, As a Security Engineer with the Army, I'm always worried if what I'm doing on any electronic device is safe and secured. With more reports of mobile phones being targeted for malware, spyware and ID Theft, I just wanted to get a consensus of what everyone does to protect their...
  43. t-fuse

    Thread [Q] Firewall

    Hi everyone, I have Galaxy Tab 8.9 (GT-P7310) with stock Android 3.2 and there is Firewall in Settings allowing to set which application has access to the Internet and which doesn't. On my Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6800) also with stock Android 3.2, Firewall in Settings is missing. Where is it and how...
  44. S

    Thread [webtop] Using cellular network without jumping through hoops

    Upfronts: I'm using NottachTrix 1.3.1 with the 2.3.6 Webtop. I'm also a programmer and a network administrator, so I might be a little more comfortable poking around in things that might break my phone than other users. Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with! I'm just reporting my...
  45. [] AL []

    Thread Firewall not working on VPN connections [iptables/Droidwall] ?

    Hey guys, I really hope to get an answer on this as it is kind of really important for me here... It seems that Droidwall stops working once I connect through a VPN and thus opening the door wide for any applications to connect to the internet; hello ads ..and what not...!! :mad: I saw that...
  46. C

    Thread [Tip] Security (IP Tables) and Performance

    IP Table based Android firewall apps (i.e., DroidWall, LBE Privacy Guard) are known to provide a good measure for preventing applications accessing the internet. However, during the boot time, while they are not fully loaded in the background yet the phone might still be vulnerable. It might...
  47. L

    Thread [APP][2.1+] Root Firewall - an Internet firewall for rooted devices

    This is the best choice to ad-blocking, prevent data over-billing, save battery life, as well as protect your privacy Feature: ☆ Block Internet access for any apps ☆ Separate 3G and WiFi data ☆ One-click widget enabled ☆ Test blocked app in a touch Download...
  48. E

    Thread [Q] App Firewall - provide fake authorized access data?

    Hi guys, I have an idea against access-hungry apps on Android, since Android is so open, why don't we make an access emulation layer, if an trivial app asks for SMS and Contacts access, grant it, but you can feed fake data to it whatever you want, sort like a firewall to malicious apps. This...
  49. Chef_Tony

    Thread [TUT] Android Security

    This thread is meant for all new Android Users, unsure about the security of their phone and their personal data in this operating system. Please feel free to contribute all kinds of security related information (anti-virus, firewall, theft protection but also viruses, data harvester apps...)...
  50. jefffeely

    Thread Solution/possible solution for Tether police issues

    I don't have much time to look into it at the moment, but for those of you who tether either internet or bluetooth you should look into getting NAT going on your phone. This requires root as far as I know. You can use iptables (comes with our kernels), ipchains, netfilter, or what ever else...