firmware poco m3

  1. RealTiz

    Thread HI. I'm a user of POCO m3 global device and i want to know the problem of my phone

    my phone was just 5 month old since i bought it. I always update my phone. and the problem started (when started to notice) at version 12.0.5 of the update. it won't turn on as it should whenever I restart or shut down then try to open it again. have I ever tried to charge to my phone and wait...
  2. simika

    Thread How To Guide ROOT GAINED !!!!

    THIS METHOD WORKS on both: POCO M3 Pro / Redmi Note 10 5G hey guys.. wonderful news.. been trying here and there and IT WORKS FINALLY i gained root of POCO m3 Pro 5G ! i'll write in steps how it works and post all files i've been using DISCLAIMER as always.. " do it at your OWN risk , i won't...
  3. ReyvaJ86

    Thread Flashing Firmware DOUBT

    So, Poco M3 Firmware have been updated last March 21st and I've just flashed the on my Poco M3 and I'm wondering if flashing the new updated firmware is needed? Is the compatible with this updated Firmware? Does anyone know at all?