1. Shawn77371

    Thread N100 Stock Firmware?

    Ok question. I get a lot of network unlocked OnePlus Nords, mainly the N100 & N200 T-Mobile variants. Is there a place I can download the factory firmware and flash it using MSM to remove the T-Mobile branding? So far all I've found is the global firmware and the carrier firmware. Is it...
  2. igorgamerbr

    Thread Please help me (LG K50S)

    So i was in download mode/firmware update mode on my LG K50s trying to downgrade it to android 9 so i could get rid of the touch glitch, the problem is... when i was upgrading, my lg k50s glitched at 15% resulting on a error. this error was probably given to me because it was malfunction of the...
  3. Q

    Thread Lineage 20.0 firmware issues

    I've been using Lineage for MicroG on my device since lineage 19.0 without problems, but since I upgraded to 20.0 I started noticing issues like wired headphones not working and fingerprints getting deleted every time the device turns off. At the same time since the first 20.0 release back in...
  4. ironbesterer

    Thread Question Problems with Verizon on U1 firmware

    I've been on U1 software since I bought the phone in 2022. I always flash U1 unlocked software on my Samsung phones, back to the S8. The most recent updates, CWGI and CWH3, cause a network lock, requiring an unlock code, rendering my phone basically unusable. With the way Samsung FW updates...
  5. Hex_101

    Thread help with setting up ssh server

    I am currently modifying GSM router firmware which uses android, and i want to enable SSH server in it is there any "software" i can use for, if you any guide how setup that kindly do share as i have directly modify filesystem to get it working this version of android is striped, so less deps...
  6. J

    Thread Question Full OTA firmware

    Could anyone provide the complete OTA firmware to be flashed directly via recovery mode or adb sideload? I can't find it anywhere.
  7. sazinas

    Thread Amazfit Balance Firmware

    Hey everyone, does anyone have the different Firmware (US, EU, China) for the new Amazfit Balance? Has anyone succesfully setup Zepp Pay, Zepp Aura, Alexa, if you are not in a "supported" region? Does anyone know how it gets "region" information? Because I tried VPN, have travelled physically...
  8. R

    Thread Question Installing other model firmware

    I've got a Samsung SM-A5360 and there are only 3 firmwares available: BRI, TGY, and CHC. I want to install a firmware to enable native call recording. Are there any downsides to the CHC firmware? Can I install a SM-A536E firmware?
  9. ARM64

    Thread [CLOSED] Please send me the file for QFIL flashing for Samsung T500 (Not Odin3).

    My Samsung T500 tablet has gone to Qualcomm 9008 mode and won't boot. The way to turn it on normally is to flash the Samsung T500 firmware with QFIL. Please send me a file for QFIL flashing for the Samsung T500 so this tablet can turn on (Not Odin3).
  10. gokusayain708

    Thread Trying to use HISuite to unbrick, however cant find functioning links

    I accidentally soft bricked my P20 Pro just after buying it, thought it would be easy to update manually i was wrong. CLT-L09 - current installed version (i think) does anyone have working links for either an update or just a way to unbrick
  11. C

    Thread Can I download a locked carrier firmware from one phone to PC and install it on another phone of the same model?

    I have an unlocked Note 9 with AT&T and I never knew I needed Wi-fi calling until I changed jobs. Could I download the firmware from a locked AT&T note 9 and install it my unlocked note 9? Any tips, software and software to make this happen? Both baseband are 9 bit so I'm assuming I could use...
  12. B

    Thread Question Flash firmware for another country/region

    Can I flash a firmware for another country/region without unlocking the bootloader? For example, if I buy the japanese version of Pixel 7a, can I flash the european version without unlocking the bootloader?? Is it possible? And how? Thanks in advance.
  13. UrZeal_Bowen

    Thread Question Issues with R885F

    Hi, New here but have read a lot of posts. But now I'm after help please. Picked up a watch 4 with softwares issues. The Bluetooth on the watch won't activate and the last firmware update it received was January 2023. If I try to update the firmware from the phone (can't connect to galaxy...
  14. noidodroid

    Thread LG Wing System UI Looping - Help

    LG Wing model F100TM. Firmware is on 40C. What caused this? I'm not totally sure but i have a hunch it was some sub settings of an option in developer settings. I forget which.. has been a while. After adjusting the settings I rebooted and it happened. I still get this error when booting...
  15. zeus1603

    Thread Question Can we flash indian firmware on Korean version s22 ultra?

    Im having s22 ultra korean model. I want to use it in india but it was purchased in korean have apps from there and calender app and same samsung app are in korean. Samsung pay also not work So can i flash indian firmware on my korean s22 ultra? Both indian and korean model have snapdragon...
  16. E

    Thread Where to actually obtain that elusive “stock firmware”?

    All the guides always mention some stock firmware, but nobody *ever* mentions where to obtain it? I have a Blackview BV8800, and the manufacturer isn’t exactly posting his firmware on his web site… I searched for it, but there’s just a ton of shady sites offering firmware for many phones...
  17. U

    Thread Question Looking for the combination file and NetOdin compatible firmware for SM-R935F

    Hi, I'm looking for a NetOdin compatible firmware for my GW6 SM-R935F (currently running on R935FXXU1AWG1). I'd be grateful if someone could point me into the right direction.
  18. N

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy S23 - EUX CSC - No firmware updates since May 2023

    Hi all I changed my CSC over to EUX and downloaded the latest firmware from sammobile in May. They oddly have the outdated May update as their last update available on their website. Since then there have been 3 updates released by Samsung (
  19. B

    Thread [Firmware] Need firmware for STM 32 unit

    Hi there, I'm all new here and I'm all new in this android headunit thing. About month ago I bought some android headunit for my Audi A4 B6 and it is great for that money and I love hove it looks and every thing but I would like to update firmware because it looks too old and its not really...
  20. L

    Thread 2 x S7 devices with dirrerent security patch dates

    Folks I have two S7 devices both running stock. Both in the UK and on the three nework. The oldest device is on Android 7.0 with the last security patch dated 2017. (This device I'd like to update but no system updates are availible) The baseband ver is G930FXXU1BPJJ The second device is on...
  21. N

    Thread Question Replaced Motherboard, Old firmware on Android 11

    Recently had to replace my ROG phone 5 motherboard with a new one from Aliexpress due to the original shorting and completely failing. This new board is a 16 gb RAM, 512 gb storage model which I believe is an 5s board. After installing the new board and getting it successfully powered on, I see...
  22. M

    Thread Soft, firmware do Huawei P8 lite Ale-l21 Alice

    does anyone have soft firmware for Huawei P8 lite Ale-l21 Alice here I'm posting a photo, a photo that needs soft, firmware for my phone Huawei P8 lite Ale-l21 Alice, because Huawei removed the soft firmware and I need these firmware, soft I need to upload install soft firmware for Huawei P8...
  23. M

    Thread Viking Pro RCT6303W87M7 No Firmware

    I used SP flash tools to "Format whole flash except Bootloader" and now my tablet seems to be bricked. The screen isn't turning on. I can't get into recovery or fastboot because I can't see what I'm doing. I already have a male-to-male cable, that's how I managed this in the first place. Is...
  24. deeeznut

    Thread Firmware for royqueen rq 739

    Idk if this is the right forum, im new to xda. Its a chinese tablet so i got a pictore of the motherboard
  25. blox98

    Thread Question ZENFONE 8 Need android 12 firmware to downgrade from android 13

    Android 13 broke my wifi and there is no way to download the android 12 firmware on the official website anymore (or i didn't find it). Please help me with that. 🥺
  26. chronoloton

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi note 11s stuck in bootloop. how do i create a backup before flashing stock firmware on again?

    I got this phone from a friend to recover the data from him. against the odds i managed to unlock the bootloader and flash twrp and i can now access the internal folders of the device and the data isnt gone. I know i can make a system backup using adb commands, but im not sure if this is helpful...
  27. KirBeats

    Thread [Solved] Installing CM11 based roms , with several issues

    Hello and regards from 2023, we know this device is very old. but still being a beast for keep working up. I have a samsung Galaxy Ace that on the label shows that it is GT-S5830M. but when I enter download mode, GT-S5830i appears. I do not understand what is happening and why it appears like...
  28. Basti564

    Thread Firmware Archive for Quest 1, 2 and Pro [Release]

    I just released a firmware archive for the Quest 1, 2 and Pro on my website and thought it might interest some of you. It currently contains 156 builds with metadata about Incremental Version, Version, Runtime Version, Build Date and Build Fingerprint. If you're curious how it...
  29. labu kundur

    Thread Need Firmware For My Dead Realme 6i g85 MT6768.

    Hello, i tried to revive my Realme 6i. I'll already try so many firmware but none of them working. My device specification: Realme 6i G85 MT6768 3gbRam / 64gbRom Thank you.
  30. pizzadox11

    Thread non stock firmware detection

    hi, not sure if anyone experienced such problem but looks like supercell, the company who made game like clash royal or clash of clans now wont let you launch their games anymore, it crashes on startup, im using alexander's base rom. if you have non stock firmware, could someone please try to...
  31. AwardedSheet616

    Thread Who have Motorola xt760 update firmware or some update ways to Let me remake it.

    I want to update it to android 5 and higher. Please ask Who can help me?
  32. S.H.E.I.K.H

    Thread [Firmware][Official] Xperia C5 Ultra e5533/e5563 Official Firmware Installation Guide

    You can flash C5/C4/M5 with this method [I've tested it on E5533] If you bricked your phone with old methods, this thread will give you a solution to revive the dead phone :) 0. [IMPORTANT] backup all important data on your pc or an SD-Card or etc. 1. Download Sony FlashTool from Github...
  33. D

    Thread Soyes XS14 Pro Almost-Original Firmware

    Thought I'd post working stock(-ish) firmware for the Soyes XS14 Pro in case someone else bricks theirs and needs something to attempt repairs with. In the zip are all partitions dumped as .bin with bkerler's MTK Client (except cache and userdata), after I unlocked the bootloader with "fastboot...
  34. L

    Thread Any version of odin is accepted for mini?

    Hi. I'm thinking to flash my old samsung galaxy mini S5570i, and as far as I looked up, I downloaded Odin 3.13 here in XDA, that was recommended on wikipedia page. Then I found the right (i hope) firmware for the phone. When I was reading one tutorial on odin, they mentioned that newer odin is...
  35. D

    Thread Mobile data not working after firmware update.

    So, recently I switched My S21, snapdragon variant's (SCG09 Model) firmware to an US one (SM-G991U1). I used the BL and CP from the stock firmware and the AP and CSC from the US firmware and flashed them with Odin. Now, everything seems to be working fine. Except for mobile data. I can receive...
  36. michioxd

    Thread Bada 2.0 for Samsung Wave 575 (GT-S5753E)

    I found my old samsung phone and bada 1.1 installed, i checked it can be upgrade to Bada 2.0, but Kies said unsupported. Does anyone have a archived firmware for this phone? Thanks so much.
  37. lexpog

    Thread Question [South Korea to India] S23 Ultra firmware query

    Hi, I bought a Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra from South Korea, with Model = SM-S918N and CSC = OKR. However, I am unable to register on the Samsung Pay app now. What do I need to do to get it to work in India? Should I download and install Indian firmware through Frija and Odin? Please help and...
  38. D

    Thread Flash Verizon G6 to Retail G6

    I have my dads Verizon G6 that is still on Android 8. I would like to flash the phone from Verizon software to retail software and remove the verizon software. Is this possible and if so how? I am unsure how to do this and there isn't much that I can find on this.
  39. P

    Thread I need the firmware of the slim Full HD LED TV 40PFG5109/78

    Hello. Does anyone here have the firmware for the slim Full HD LED TV 40PFG5109/78 and can you send it to me, please? And is there a way to put a custom Firware on this TV? I have already tried to contact Philips do Brasil without success...
  40. N

    Thread How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy tab 7 p3110 to android 5.1 or higher

    I would really grateful if someone could help us. I'm just a method and also working links to how to update Samsung Galaxy tab 2 to android 5.1 or higher please
  41. S

    Thread Oneplus 8t+ 5G AT&T lock bootloader

    Hello , i faced a problem I need to lock the boatlooder of my phone Also does my phone can get update normaly up to android 13 cause now its 11 I always got error Can anyone help me
  42. rahulsnair

    Thread How To Guide Manual Update to Latest OTA (Unlocked Bootloader NOT Required)

    /* * Your warranty won't be affected * * I am not responsible for bricked devices due to irresponsible cable handling * I am not responsible for bricked devices due to laptop power failure. * Ensure your device have sufficient battery charge along with good USB cable. * I am not...
  43. P

    Thread [RTL10B1][ROOT] Is there a way to root a device without a firmware and acustom recovery

    i have a device thats quite rare in the root community, i have been searching for days to get atleast the oficial firmware of my device, i fount it, but in the oficial webpage of zebra, contained a warning that its uses was for only user with a contract or with an one care plan (or what they...
  44. S

    Thread Question Is it possible to flash Indian firmware on unlocked S22 ultra sm-s908u with spectrum boot screens?

    Hi guys I have an s22 ultra sm-s908u with spectrum boot logos I live in india and i want to ask if it would be possible to flash indian firmware on this device and if yes then please would you guide me? Btw i am able to use any sim and 5g works aswell
  45. salvo223

    Thread Switch to XYauto firmware

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this field and I need your help, I'm sorry my English isn't that good but I'm trying my best. I bought an Android radio and unfortunately I don't think the software is that good and I would like to switch to XYAuto. is there a way to upgrade to XYcars? And if so...
  46. m1aw_d3v

    Thread ZTE MF927U How To Change Web UI / Firmware [ ZTE, AIRTEL, JAZZ , KAR-TEL, MTN ] Versions

    ############################## Steps for flashing ZTE MF927U Firmware ############################# *** NOTE: I am Not Responsible if anything happens to your device, so please do this with prior Knowledge. *** Reference Video Tutorial : Required Files ...
  47. OrangeBears

    Thread Help with choosing custom rom for Redmi Note 8T

    I am a complete novice in the firmware (never flashed my phone), I would like to know a good custom rom which will not chew the battery percentage (to aprinciple normally held the battery) And that it is desirable to be stable (working normally) Well, in some case, so that the firmware...
  48. M

    Thread Question Is it impossible to downgrade S21-Ultra SM-G998U/SM-G998W variants?

    I apologize if this has been answered previously, but i could not find the answer properly as different sources have different answers but i understand this would be the best place to find the correct answer. From what i understand in october 2021 samsung introduced Rollback Prevention on...
  49. Benefitssketch

    Thread I completely wrecked the software on a galaxy tab S5e, HELP!!!

    Hello, I have recently been getting Demo unit devices and re-flashing Android On them with Odin3. I decided to Flash a Galaxy Tab S5e with Android 9, however, mid-download, the flash was cancelled!! I was given an emergency recovery error and I am stuck in that error. First of all the obvious...
  50. F

    Thread Anybody got Unlocked firmware for this phone?

    I've recently been getting into unlocking Samsung phones for family, friends, and, of course, myself using Odin. Up to a couple of weeks ago, I thought the process was pretty straightforward: find the firmware (it's been easy for the last 4 phones I tried, although 2 were Note 9s, one was an S8...