1. R

    Thread Hi guys I am new and have a question directly

    I own a Rog Phone 5s (ZS676KS) since one week and tried to install TWRP without success. The result was a bricked phone and stressful days with no prospect of a solution. In this forum I found the following tutorial and completed it successfully...
  2. K0mraid3

    Thread Reason for different firmwares not being compatible with different devices?

    Title says it all. I can't wrap my head around why the same Versions of androids OS are not compatible across devices, aside from CPU architecture. Can anyone shed some light on this? I've done quite a bit of reading on the android development website and other posts/threads etc here on XDA...
  3. mariodantas

    Thread [TOOL] - FYT firmware workbench

    # FYT-Firmware-Workbench Scripts intended to mount the FYT UIS7862 firmware, make modifications and reassemble it back They can retrieve the firmware from specified location and after modification, they can put the firmware into another specified location Files: 1-) config.ini = A file to...
  4. R

    Thread My note 9 is blocked on "Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock", Odin doesn't worked

    Hello everyone, I'm currently experiencing a problem on my Note 9 since yesterday. I can no longer start it and every time I try I have a red message in the top left that says "Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock". I specify that I bought the phone new and I did not try to install any exotic...
  5. J

    Thread Question ARB and firmware flashing

    If I flash for example fw_alioth_miui_ALIOTHEEAGlobal_V13.0.4.0.SKHEUXM_17e135935d_12.0 and another custom ROM wants fw_alioth_miui_ALIOTHEEAGlobal_V12.5.8.0.RKHEUXM_5e087090df_11.0 (v12 basically) will I trigger ARB and brick the phone? Or what is it that triggers ARB?


    WARNING! /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  7. koarc lkas

    Thread How do I find my firmware version realme 5i

    So I dont have any OS on my phone, just a pc and a custom recovery. Is there a way to find out my exact build number, firmware version, etc? My build number goes: RMX2030EX_xxxx-xxxx something something. I wanna find out what's next to it cause Im seeing stock ROMs go like...
  8. R

    Thread General Possible fix for setting lock screen password issue

    I had this problem after restoring a TWRP backup where it would constantly say wrong pin when trying to get in, so I followed this guide to restore the original firmware. The problem now was that I was unable to set a lock screen password at all, crashing the app after verifying the entered...
  9. P

    Thread General (Roms) - all roms for downloading

    In this place you will find the roms available in your region. If you have it backed up, share it:
  10. tommoose13

    Thread SM-G930W8 Stock Firmware Link 2022?

    Hey all, I have an S7/SM-G930W8/heroltebmc and had it running LineageOS for a while and was loving it... Until I found out it's locked to a carrier and apparently will refuse to unlock with a custom ROM installed. :( I tried installing stock rom from and got...
  11. D

    Thread Assistance needed with DZ09 firmware

    Hi all, I've just got my hand on a DZ09 smartwatch. I was trying to follow Gizmo Advices' tutorial ( to do a ROM backup to change the watch faces, yet every time at the readback part I got an error...
  12. Jeffrrey

    Thread Whats the best choice for XZ3 right now? (April 2022)

    Hello, Without any doubt I can say that XZ Premium was my favorite phone, many mods, ports and ROMS. Changed it to OP 7Pro and Im also satisfied with XDA support but it wasnt enough so... I bought XZ3 Dual 4/64 with A10 and 52.1.A.3.137 firmware. Read all possible topics here and Im totally...
  13. N

    Thread Question Secure check failed: PIT during firmware flash via Odin.

    I bought the S22 ultra Korean version with KT branding. I really don't like their bloatware. I downloaded the non-branded Korean firmware (KOO) and also the non-branded US firmware (XAA). I tried to flash both using Odin but no luck. It continuously shows the "Secure check failed: PIT" error...
  14. D

    Thread Question Stuck on Oneplus 9 Pro Indian firmware

    I attempted to convert my t-mobile oneplus 9 to international firmware by first flashing the Indian firmware. I mistakenly downloaded the oneplus 9 PRO Indian msm. I didn't realize this as the file has a very similar name. Lemonade_22.I.07_210412 vs Lemonadep_22_I.07_210412 I've tried...
  15. purpleraintoxicity

    Thread Flashing other countries firmware

    I have A71 with the Vietnam firmware. Given the fact that I am from Israel, and the Vietnam firmware is not yet at Android 12, I wanted to know if i can flash other firmware for my model, and if yes, what are the limitations? Can I just flash a European firmware? Is there a global firmware? Thanks
  16. Yuzarsif06

    Thread [Help Thread] Infinix S5 Flashing and System Update Failure

    Can't install system update for infinix s5 after flashing. Maybe I used wrong boot.img or vbmeta.img. Now some apps are incompatible with my device. I successfully rooted the device with zygisk. I tried downloading s5 firmware but can't flash with SP Flash tool. Also installation of custom TWRP...
  17. lolmini

    Thread Stock Rom For AllWinner a33

    Hello! i need the stock rom for a33 AL-A33-708-V2.1 09-2017.09.02
  18. L

    Thread Question Flash PAC man firmware on normal OnePlus Nord 2

    So, I discovered the OnePlus nord 2 recently, but I like the color of the regular version more than the fluorescent one of the pacman Version. I decided to look if I could modify the regular version to the pacman one and found the magisk module, but it doesn't include everything that comes with...
  19. joenuts2124

    Thread Stock ANE-LX1 Firmware for dload

    Where could I find an for the ANE-LX1? I have looked everywhere. The websites with the files are either too big for my SD Card, or the cdn servers on that website are insanely slow. Would anyone have a link for one of them?
  20. P

    Thread [CLOSED] (noob) Customization for power consumption

    I just got a Pixel (first generation). I'm planning to root it for the following reasons: 1. For learning (this is my first time rooting anything) 2. Reduce power consumption (especially by making the graphics worse or by automating tasks) 3. For fun Can anyone recommend customization choices...
  21. A

    Thread Looking for Metawatch M1 firmware

    Hello, I've aquired a very nice unused Metawatch m1 from a chairty shop. I've fixed all the problems with the Android Meta Manager so it runs on the latest Android and connects to the watch, unfortuntely it looks like this watch has never been used and still has the default factory firmware so...
  22. I

    Thread Vortex V22 Standup Wireless Firmware Error

    Hello! I tried the search function but my search-fu isn't strong today. I got a Vortex V22 phone from Standup Wireless. I must have been half asleep, because when i flashed what I assumed was the correct boot.img, I got stuck in a boot loop. On further investigation, I had flashed the boot...
  23. alacy7611

    Thread Samsung tab a sm-290 help!

    okay so i was trying to unlock the bootloader and install custom rom "first time ever trying" now all i get is only official binaries are allowed to boot. would anyone happen to have the stock files for me to flash to this . and how would i go about doing this.
  24. J

    Thread Question Where to download stock firmware?

    Hello, Any place to download the stock firmware? Are there any projects of development for this tablet? Thanks in advance.
  25. H

    Thread Generic (XY Auto) Android Head Units Firmware Update

    Hi, I checked if it there was a post about this but i didn't found anything, so, here we go. For those that have a generic or FY Auto firmware, here is a website where you can find the correct firmware for your head unit. User: Xyauto PW: 123456 For example, my unit...
  26. n3tfox

    Thread Alt firmware for (possibly fake) DZ09 smartwatch?

    Hi! I got a DZ09 smartwatch and it's missing a lot of stuff. Is there a way to run normal (I efully functional) firmware on the smartwatch? It doesn't seem to support notifications, vxp apps, or remote camera viewing. I typed in *#3375# into phone app and got Software V...
  27. M

    Thread General Firmware Scatter unbrick via BROM

    full Scatter firmware to unbrick Oneplus Nord 2 by using SP Flash tools. Version: OPN2_DN2103_OxygenOS11.3_A.17 Password: Link: Instructions: backup nv partitions Run SP Flash tool load MT6893_Android_scatter.txt Select...
  28. R

    Thread Flashing US firmware on Japan AU Samsung S8

    I want to change the firmware of my Samsung S8 model is SCV36 baseband version SCV36KDU1CUD4 this is snapdragon variant. I tried flashing the firmware of SM-950U of US but it was failed on Odin. Can someone help me find a way to change my firmware aside from Japan?
  29. leonnel_74

    Thread Question P11 ZA7R0002CN do you have the firmware? to put p11 by qfil

    compre un p11 de aliexpress y me estresa tenerlo de alfombra, la situacion es que indica que es firmware no compartible, ya intente ver el tema de region pero por lo que entiendo esta en la version 0520, gracias por adelantado.
  30. s7vennn

    Thread Wifi keeps not working

    Hi, guys. Some time ago, I made a post here talking about a wifi problem that happened after I installed a custom ROM on my Surya (for those who don't know, my wifi keeps disconnecting and connecting when I use ROMs that wasn't made based on MIUI). Sometime later, I reinstalled the original ROM...
  31. vMarcelll

    Thread Question Please help, Deck stuck on splash screen after latest firmware update

    My Deck is stuck on this splash screen for over 2 hours after downloading/installing latest firmware update. What can I do? I'm afraid to reboot the system. Thanks!
  32. natopotato390

    Thread Help rolling back/changing firmware to fix cell service issues, unsure of version to use

    I have an s9+ SM-G965U I bought Pre-Owned from Boost Mobile, I called and got the phone carrier unlocked and switched to Verizon near the end of 2021. Service has worked fine up until a day or 2 ago, I strongly suspect it's caused by the latest Firmware update it auto installed recently. latest...
  33. Raflen100

    Thread Looking for a version of firmware

    Hello, i'm looking for a stock firmware for Galaxy Note. The version i'm looking for is N7000XXKKA N7000OXXKK6 with XEO CSC (Poland) Andoird 2.3.6. I was looking for it on SamMobile, SamFW and Google but everywhere I check there are links that no longer work. Does anyone have this software or...
  34. Arsmarin

    Thread Flash stock firmware to Samsung Galaxy S10 via Heimdall on Linux.

    I want to flash firmware from Sammobile to Galaxy S10 via Heimdall on Linux. However, it seems that PIT file contains an entry --- Entry #1 --- Binary Type: 0 (AP) Device Type: 8 (Unknown) Identifier: 100 Attributes: 2 (STL Read-Only) Update Attributes: 1 (FOTA) Partition Block Size/Offset: 109...
  35. althafvly

    Thread [DEV][WIN/LINUX] Amlogic Kitchen

    Kitchen for working with Amlogic firmware Used for unpacking/packing amlogic images Supported features Unpack/repack Amlogic images Unpack/repack partitions (system,product,system_ext,oem and odm) Create flashable zip from amlogic image Unpack/repack recovery,boot,logo and dtb Create aml image...
  36. Chr_mch

    Thread Problem with the Launcher

    I need your help. I have bought a car stereo, and after I did a reset, my launcher changed (now I have the blue one). Is there any solution? I also lost my navigation app which was working without data.
  37. cryptodivus

    Thread Question HELP! CANT UNBRICK

    Hello,i tried rooting the phone(Realme GT ) and it got soft bricked,i cannot flash any firmware on it, realme flash tool tells me that it cannot find central directory,oppo download tool tells me incorrect scatter file, i tried like 10 different firmware none work, msmtool asks for pass and...
  38. C

    Thread G960F (Japan Version?) flashing to One UI 2.5

    Sorry if i ask a stupid question, but when searching for it i found contradicting answers. Also i somehow can not post in the general questions forum so feel free to move this thread over there. I do own a S9 G960F which i have bought in Germany. But according to the official Samsung...
  39. reyis4402

    Thread I can't update the firmware version

    Hi, I made a mistake and if I update the Davinci firmware, no ROMs are working. Including official software from Xiaomi. I am using an old Firmware version How can I fix this error? Please help me.
  40. V

    Thread Galaxy Note10+ displaying "not registered on network".

    My Galaxy Note10+ is showing "not registered on network". Emergency calls only. Can't make or receive calls with it since I upgraded to android 12. Any suggestion on how this can be corrected?
  41. E

    Thread Can someone help with creating a firmware?

    Hi all I'm not sure where to turn to at all and I'm sure if this firmware can be created and used successfully, if it could there will be alot of other users that could benefit. This is a little specific so bear with me, for Christmas I got myself a corsair virtuoso se headset to use with my...
  42. B

    Thread How can I repair semibrick on Realme x3 Superzoom (RMX2086)? - Only works Fastboot Mode

    Hi, I have a semibrick on my X3 Superzoom (Global), and I can't seem to restore the original firmware. When it was working properly, I think the phone was updated to the latest version available in Europe (RMX2081EU_11.A.50), hence Realme UI 1.0. I do not remember very well what I did, it's...
  43. P

    Thread LG G Pad F2 8.0 Bootloader Unlock

    I used mtkclient to dump the firmware for this tablet and tried to use the bootloader unlock feature but it seems the lock is in a different partition on this device as it worked on my other devices but not this one. If anyone knows how which partition it is please let me know! Stock Boot and...
  44. Ahsandon00788

    Thread YT9218C Firmware upgrade help

    Hi, I have YT9218C (8227L) android head unit running on Android 8.1Go (2018) with 2GB ram. Screenshot attached. I want to know that can I update my device to XY auto android 9.1 or android 8.1 (latest build) ? Is there any chance I brick my device? If I can install it then which version...
  45. Adaoh

    Thread How To Guide Updating the firmware (If it does not appear in the settings)

    Updating from an update file I have been seeing a lot of posts about people not receiving the OTA on their phone, and got tired of linking my instructions, so I decided to make a separate post Download the version that you need from the Asus Zenfone 8 Support page (Note that if you are not on...
  46. giant_ant_tiny_elephant

    Thread Merge super_*.img_* files

    Hello everybody! Anybody knows how to merge these multiple {Mod edit} into one super.img file? I wanna obtain the LG Velvet's color emoji ttf file, and they're extracted from firmware file. Thanks in advance. (BTW I don't have the LG phone :D)
  47. F

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S7 firmware for SM-G930F, SM-G935F, SM-G935FD

    I have a selection of Samsung Galaxy S7 devices including ... SM-G930F SM-G935F edge SM-G935FD edge duos I would like to update these to the latest UK & Ireland XUE firmware [Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F (XEU) | G930FXXU8ETI2] and wonder if this firmware is suitable for all three variants of the...
  48. Sagar_Shinde

    Thread need Gionee Max Pro v08 Firmware

    Hello!, so basically what happened was that i was trying to root my gionee max pro with a v05 boot image using magisk manager and magisk did the patch but since the bootloader was locked it didnt flash the patched boot img however i thought of installing the stock of gione max pro which...
  49. D

    Thread Firmware for SM-G930A

    I've been looking for the firmware for this device for a long time and I can't find it, I need your help please. What I can do? Or do you know any custom rom? The stock rom would help me a lot, thanks... :C
  50. K

    Thread How to Flash sony xperia 1 ii XQ-AT52 or XQ-AT51 Firmware on SOG01 Device ?

    Will it flash XQ-AT52 or XQ-AT51 can flash SOG01? I'm dealing with Flashtool and Newflasher issues. not working sony xperia 1 ii