1. innye95

    Thread [ROM] 10,25" BMW HeadUnit . 8227L demo

    Here you have recovery files I got from chinese store AUTOTOP when asked from another account (on which they havent blocked me) Android 8.1 with "bmw os 1.09" There are instructions how to proceed recovery but...
  2. Miustone

    Thread General BOUNTY - SODP Sagami Modem Fix needed!

    Welcome! My Name is Marius Kopp and i am the Devolper of DIOS. DIOS is a upcoming AOSP based Operating System made for Pixel and Xperia Devices. Xperia Devices are depending on the great of work of the Folks from the SODP, the Sony Open Devolper Project. The SODP Contains many Xperia Devices...
  3. A

    Thread Moto G4 Play doesn't turn on disconnected from USB, can't boot into recovery bootloop

    Today I was remembered of an issue I had already faced with my harpia, it's an weird state of bootloop in which even a full firmware flash won't solve anything. If your harpia has the following simptoms: 1. Doesn't turn on, but you notice you can access the bootloader when it's connected to a...
  4. S

    Thread Android/Magisk SaftyNet Fix

    Hello, I would like to use Google Pay on my phone with Magisk Root, but I get the error message that the phone is rooted. After a short research I came across SafetyNet after a short test it turned out that the test failed. How can I fix this without losing root?
  5. Speedspeed.0014

    Thread Widget problem on android headunit

    Hello i have a problem on my headunit with any launcher when i try to put a widget no autorisation popup window show up what to do ,does anyone have a sollution ?
  6. M

    Thread Question My battery drain is insane!

    Hello everyone, I'm in trouble. 22 Ultra is simply eating battery at indescribable levels. Yesterday we went on a trip from work, I left my home with 100%. During the day I did not touch the phone, a bit of a camera but beyond that really nothing. My battery was about 40% after about 3 hours...
  7. K

    Thread RMNET_DFC causing wakelock

    Greetings, my Mi11i has really poor standby and overnight battery life, to be exact over night it looses over 50% battery. I made factory reset just in case some app was causing the issue, but now with everything clean and no syncs turned on, nothing changed. I noticed that if you turn on...
  8. U

    Thread Drivers Problem. Touch Screen Issue.

    Hello Guys. Since few days I'm fighting with my phone. One day I decided to Root my Realme 8i (RMX3151) and install Any different ROM. I did it and At First Look it was done well. But I realized that My IMS, Carrier don't Work. IMEI was corrupt. I repaired My IMEI etc. System I was receiving a...
  9. L

    Thread Looking for a workaround for my Poco X3 NFC's problem (it dies in sleep mode)

    Hello. Just recently I managed buy a really cheap Poco X3 NFC. While I am amazed what a lovely device it is, its got a small problem. It promptly dies after going into sleep mode. It takes no longer than a couple of seconds (never lasted more than a minute in sleep mode) and is likely a hardware...
  10. L

    Thread Can't send or receive SMS after uninstalling Google Play Services (

    Hello. I can't seem to be able to send or receive SMS messages after uninstalling Google play services through Universal Android Debloater. Everything works fine after i restore the said package. Tested it with the preinstalled Google messaging app (which would be expected to not work), AOSP...
  11. S

    Thread [GUIDE] Fix screen rotation / device sensors

    If your persist partition gets damaged this can break your sensors. Sometimes that just happens during a faulty operation while flashing. Some ROMs might even fail to boot and in some weird situations the screen may rotate to the opposite direction. To fix persist you can try these methods. If...
  12. C

    Thread Question Failed bootloader relock

    Hello beautiful people of the internet! I am in dire need of some help - today's morning I did the unthinkable and locked myself out of my phone once again, only this time I'm clueless how to fix what I have broken. So i tried to lock the bootloader with fastboot oem lock and after I did, I got...
  13. Bonoboo

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [App] Fix of buggy proximity sensor - Locking screen from being pressed during phone call

    Note: app compatible with any phone with 1080x2400 screen or lower. Probably higher too, try it. Also it's impossible to make such block when talking in messengers (more precisely, it's difficult). App won't work without gapps, rare case. Instead of classic reliable optical sensor we have sucky...
  14. YOSSEF45601

    Thread Question Poco f3 heating help

    Hello my Poco f3 8gb 256gb is heating when I play PUBG on 90fps and 120hz on my screen the battery temp is 47c and the CPU temp is 65c is it dangerous and what are the temp that ok for phone will gaming ?
  15. A

    Thread Question Restoring call logs and contacts from titanium backup messed up contacts and phone app

    So I backed up call logs and contacts from titanium backup before and when I tried to restore it, it messed up my contacts and phone app. Contacts app cannot import contacts from google account, it shows error. while contacts from vcf files imports but it doesn't show up in app. phone app does...
  16. X

    Thread [Guide] How to modify app preferences with adb (and set configuration for the Simple Calendar Widget)

    HowTo change the Simple Calendar Widget configuration by modifying its internal files. (also shows how to modify applications data files without root) Go to reply 1 to get the solution right away Go to reply 2 to get my config file Simple Calendar Widget is my favorite calendar widget. It has...
  17. Kripzen

    Thread Crash Dump Mode + No power Button

    I have a OnePlus 6 and out of nowhere it went into Qualcomm Crashdump mode. So,I saw few solutions for that but that requires hard reset which requires power button to do it and my power button is like stuck inside, it just doesn't press.So what should I do? Should I go to OnePlus service...
  18. K

    Thread Phone won't charge.

    Hi, the phone got to 0% then I tried charging it, and it didn't start, I've tried wireless charging, fast charging, and the combination of both, and it didn't start charging, then I replaced the battery and it still wouldn't start charging, I have thought about replacing the charge port, but I...
  19. hxsports

    Thread Please help!!! My phone is not working right now! Please help!

    I tried to root my phone today and I failed and my phone is not working right now. Does anybody know how to fix it? Can someone please help me? Please!!! Thank you so much.
  20. A

    Thread Bootloop Solution ------ > #Android #iOS #generally #Display-unit #falldamage

    Hello XDA-Forum I dont know where to post the thread, because it belongs to every smartphone brand. If you have an other opinion to that, feel free moving or deleting it. But now..introducing myself,, a crazy dude and android noob², who tried to fix his bootloop issue since yesterday 3...
  21. G


    need help to fix this i am lost. a factory reset is my last hope but no that would be too much trouble. never updated the phone; so stock rom. i did drop it behind the toilet a few day ago. if that did anything , "ouch!" tried clearing camera catch, no go, but the camera works fin minus the...
  22. D

    Thread Oneplus 7 pro stuck while installing rom - SOLVED

    i just manage to broke twrp when i trying to erase /metadata it says cant format metadata. when itry to resize or repair it says cannot not recreate /data/media and give error when i try to insall official rom just says to flash additional zips please reboot recovery to switch to the updated...
  23. pandmc

    Thread Download not completed after flashing the phone using SP Flash Tool

    Hi. So I flashed my realme C3 using the SP Flash Tool but I didn't realize that the option I chose was "Format All + Download". After I turn on my phone it says "Download not completed! Please press volume ....... Error Code: 0x992566". Is there any way to solve this problem?
  24. yuvrajdesai98

    Thread [FIX] PSA: SIM CARD/Data & WIFI not working, because of which phone reboots or enters crash dump mode

    PSA: THIS IS NOT A SOFTWARE ISSUE. So no need to wipe/ reset your phone or msm flash. NO NEED. It is related to hardware. There is a really easy fix for this and it might seem stupid but its worked for me a lot of other people according to my research. So when you come across this, all you...
  25. S

    Thread Question Poco F3 mi account issue, bootloader unlocked and all

    Hi, guys i need some help if anyone can help me out ! so i bought my poco F3 a while ago brand new, i was the 1st person to open the box and i used the phone normally like anyone would, i logged in with my Mi account and all, till one day i decided to unlock my bootloader ( it went smoothly...
  26. U

    Thread General Can't take a screenshot? Bluetooth not working? Here's why.

    So recently I had been unable to take screenshots through the three finger swipe on my Mi 11x (MIUI official firwmare) while the hardware button shortcut was working alright. After going through the settings for a while and finding no solution, I chalked it up to being a bug in MIUI and forgot...
  27. joseriazor

    Thread FINALLY! A way to permanently fix proximity sensor. [Without root/changing Rom]

    Its been a while since some users of this phone ran to this problem. But in the end there's a way to fix it... How: Unlocking factory mode and correcting proximity sensor. Go throught this: Dial *#06# to open up the IMEI information screen on your OnePlus device. Then, long press on the IMEI 1...
  28. Avoxon0103

    Thread p20 is unlocked and cant be trusted, how to make it trusted again

    Hey community, before starting im a completly noob in things like this and i have no clue about that at all. But somehow 3 years ago i wanted to root my p20 lite and since then i always have the booting screen not trusted etc etc. So my question can i get back to the normal state just like i...
  29. C

    Thread help me ! my IMEI turned into a "0".

    i deleted all partitions in qfil, after repair i boot into my phone, and discovered that my IMEI turned into a "0".
  30. Orange45

    Thread Help fix no sound on Mi 9T

    There is no sound of my Mi9T even with a Bluetooth speaker there is still no sound. When I plug in headphones it does not recognize that anything is plugged in as well. My MIUI is global 12.1.4 it was previously 12.0.9 but the phone kept crashing and rebooting itself when I tried to open any...
  31. drifter69

    Thread Vibrance UX installed on J2 Prime but its loop on Samsung galaxy J2 Prime logo

    I have installed Vibrance UX in my j2 prime but its looping on Samsung galaxy j2 prime logo also I can't goto recovery is there a method to wipe data
  32. B

    Thread Secure Folder working in a Rooted Android 10

    hey, i'm not sure what happened so i'm not sure if it will last, but i managed to use the samsung secure folder on my twrp/magisk rooted Android 10 A20, and i am using right now. I looked a lot on how to do this and the most famous alternative was the smali patcher module, I followed the...
  33. N

    Thread Mediatek chips vulnerability

    Major vulnerability. Gain full access to flash memory via Mediatek cell modem. Suspect this affects many Mediatek chips. Per Workaround for the interim- change owner:group for /dev/mmcblk0, /dev/mmcblk0boot0 and /dev/mmcblk0boot1 in...
  34. J

    Thread Replacing boot animation

    It the boot animation a vital part of starting the phone? Can I replace with another one or make my own animation file?
  35. H

    Thread [GUIDE] How to fix the touchscreen in TWRP (Moto G 5G)

    In this guide a describe how you can easily fix the touchscreen issue in TWRP for Moto G 5G. Before providing the necessary steps, I would like to express my gratitude to the guys here, especially Andrew Hexen for providing the sources and instructions to build the TWRP for this great device. 🙏...
  36. C

    Thread TCL LED40S6200

    Good day guys, My TV shows a text after it shows the logo. The text is" Software file check failed Plug and unplug the power cord to try again". I tried plug and unplugging multiple times but it doesn't work, I tried installing a software update on my USB drive and it still shows the text for 2...
  37. kwertydev

    Thread Lenovo A2020A40 custom rom installation problem

    Hi, I installed this rom called "MIUI 8" on my Lenovo A2020A40, but when I tried to boot into it screen just went white for a second then phone turned off, it also happened when I tried installing other custom roms. The MIUI8 Booting logo was also on my phone for every other rom I tried to...
  38. moujahead

    Thread Samsung j4 SM-J400F on opening it stop on black screen, and Keeping vibrating each second

    Welcome... Please I need help to fix this problem quickly, I am tired of searching for the solution and I hope to find the solution here. This happened after i flashed wrong TWRP File it was for j4+ Not for my device. Thank you all in advance
  39. moujahead

    Thread Samsung j4 SM-J400F on opening it stop on black screen, and Keeping vibrating each second

    Welcome... Please I need help to fix this problem quickly, I am tired of searching for the solution and I hope to find the solution here. Thank you all in advance
  40. G

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G9350 Qualcomm Snapdragon (system.img.ext4) Odin FAIL! (ext4)

    hello guy's, i can't restore my s7 edge SM-G9350, here's my story, i unlocked the bootloader using CROM Service & flash TWRP file and install a custom ROM from Trada ROM Last Oreo v10 by Hilary Trump few days ago, last night i accidentally rebooted my phone to recovery mode and it detects my...
  41. buzzywuzzy

    Thread [FIX] Universal SafetyNet Fix Module 1.1.2 for use on SM-T350 32bit ROMs

    This is a version of kdrag0n's SafetyNet Fix Module that has been patched to support 32bit ROMs of Android 9/10/11, such as the custom ROMs for the SM-T350 like crDroid and LineageOS. It was made by Wulan17 and I didn't see it posted here. Full credit to him. This came in handy since I wasn't...
  42. The-First-King

    Thread A problem with the stable GPS fix

    I'm using Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (serranoltexx) running LineageOS 14.1 since 2018. Some time ago I'm experiencing such a strange problem with GPS fix. GPS chip can find satellites quickly with a strong signal (4 and more satellites) but can't get stable GPS fix. It may get GPS fix for a few...
  43. Hyperion2005

    Thread [Guide][Fix] "Your System has reloaded Substratum's resources" on Android 7.1.2 Resurrection Remix V5.8.3 Custom ROM

    Perquisites Must be rooted for substratum to work on Android 7.1.2 and below The guide helps to fix the below shown issue Download this version of Substratum 950 Install the APK (if you have installed a newer version, then uninstall it) Try to compile and apply a theme and it shouldn't...
  44. VD171

    Thread [DISCUSSION] How to write and recover the IMEI for SLOT 1 and SLOT 2 in MERLIN ? (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    WARNINGS: - Possible risk of data loss ! Backup your files and contents ! - NO dongle and NO box is required. - NEVER try to flash in "format all" mode ! Otherwise, you will LOSE all secure and identifying infos for your device. Like IMEI. - Keep your backup files safe and secure ! If you can...
  45. A

    Thread How to fix failed to mount preload? (NEED HELP ASAP!)

    Hey, so when I try to restore my backup with TWRP I always get this error "Failed to mount '/preload' (invalid argument)"... On YouTube, I didn't find any working solution. I really need help with this issue, so pls respond asap if you can help me. I really appreciate any kind of help. Thanks...
  46. A

    Thread Flash/install .apk with TWRP on Galaxy S8 (need HELP asap)

    Hello, I accidentally deleted Bixby and related files, after which my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) crashed directly and got stuck in an infinite startup process (you see samsung logo all the time). Now I want to reinstall the apk's which I have deleted. These can be found under the following names...
  47. N

    Thread KF HD7 bricked post-boot

    I've had my KF7 for a while now, and I don't want to lose anything on it. Sucks that I need to change settings to un-brick it, the rendering system broke. Attempt to boot shows the following result: AMZN logo. KF logo. (loading lock screen + rest of sys at this point) logo shrinks and goes...
  48. S

    Thread Weird screen issue after replacement...

    Hello everyone, please excuse my english, thank you. So i have this Redmi Note 5 Pro since a little while. One day, the phone has fall down so i ordered a new one, i replaced it and voila, the phone worked just fine. Then, it happend that my hand are a little bit too slippery, so i dropped it a...
  49. A

    Thread How to get rid of the corrupted bootloader message after having turned on my phone (Nexus 5X))

    Hello everybody! I am writing this thread since I would like to know if there is anything possible to do to get rid (or at least substitute the image) of the annoying orange screen containing the message telling me that the bootloader is unlocked and that I would need to unlock it. Specifically...
  50. Slaggy

    Thread How to prevent Amoled burn-in in Evolution X custom rom?

    Recently I switched to Evolution X custom rom on my Galaxy A205F. It works amazing, there are no problems with optimisations. But the text and some things are too bright. I play Battle Royale games and the health bar got burnt into the screen. Is there any fix for this like OneUi had? So that...