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flash rom

  1. K

    Thread How to Flash sony xperia 1 ii XQ-AT52 or XQ-AT51 Firmware on SOG01 Device ?

    Will it flash XQ-AT52 or XQ-AT51 can flash SOG01? I'm dealing with Flashtool and Newflasher issues. not working sony xperia 1 ii
  2. StratOS_HTC

    Thread Question Latest builds EXPORTS and GDPR

    Model Project Project ID Download link RMX3081 20711 (Project ID-20711)_INDIA,MM,BD,PK RMX3081export_11_A.44...
  3. S

    Thread Find CSC code without turning on the device? Flashing S8 in boot loop with Home_CSC, no root

    My S8 G950F got stuck in a boot loop after an update. At first it would try to install updates on boot, then reboot, start turning on with "optimising apps" message but start rebooting again once the app count is finished. Now it shows "no command" after trying to install update on boot and goes...
  4. MahdiyarB

    Thread Nokia 8 (NB1) Full ROM Installation Guide

    In this guide, you will find: What you should do before installing a custom ROM on your Nokia What are the button combinations of Nokia 8 for reboot to download mode, recovery mode, and etc How to install T-Virus (project treble) on Nokia 8 How to clean Flash a custom ROM How to dirty flash...
  5. Maho_lee

    Thread Question How to unlock bootloader of Sony Xperia 1 III

    Hi When i checked in https://developer.sony.com/develop/open-devices/get-started/unlock-bootloader/#unlock-code There is no Sony xperia 1 III Is there a guide or step ? And how to flash to a different ROM ? As well ?
  6. T

    Thread Help me huhu =*((

    Hi everybody! Please tell me if I flash a rom with img extension, do I have to extract it or flash it directly in recovery mode? Thanks for reading this <3
  7. D

    Thread Does flashing a rom through ODIN wipe e-SIM profiles?

    I want to change my CSC from ZTO to BTU and I use e-SIM. I wonder if flashing a rom through ODIN will clean my current e-SIM profile. It's a PITA to reactivate e-SIM on my carrier and I want to avoid the need to go there just to do this. Does anyone know if ODIN will wipe my current e-SIM when...
  8. Arnau17

    Thread Rog phone 2 stuck on a bootloop without ever trying to install a custom rom

    I have my rog 2 stuck in a bootloop. I don't really know why in the first place, because I don't like to change and mess around with custom roms. So i've never done that. The case was that I was watching a video on YouTube and suddenly the touch screen stopped responding, the phone kept...
  9. R

    Thread Honor view 10 doesn't boot after OTA update

  10. N

    Thread How to flashrom Sony Xperia X Performance(502so) without flashtool.

    So i got this japanese xperia x performance 502SO from softbank for very cheap and it's stuck on android 6.0 and it can't update with flashtool. I tried many different firmware but they don't work. I want to know if newflasher is working on my sony x performance ?? Please help me !! Thank.
  11. J

    Thread Flash Official ROM A2

    Hello all! I recently bought a second hand Xiaomi MI A2 online however I found a problem. The previous owner did a factory reset on it but I'm stuck in the initial set up configuration because it asks me for the google account credentials attached to the phone. I texted the previous owner but...
  12. G

    Thread AQ4501: Stuck in boot loop. Unable to go into recovery mode. SP flash isn't starting.

    I had previously root and unrooted my device it was working fine since 6 months. But since last few days, it's stuck in "Starting Androids. Optimising apps y of x". After that, it just repeats the same step again. I've kept it like for 6-8 hours. Still, phone didn't boot up. I tried to go into...
  13. M

    Thread [ROOT] Huawei Y5II (Model : CUN-L22), How to root?

    :confused: Who can root "Huawei Y5II (Model : CUN-L22)" :confused: :D Please teach me :D :victory: Thank for all comment :victory:
  14. persona78

    Thread Tool to flash ROM images

    Hi! I create this tool to make the flash more easy, only follow the instructions from the software. Flash tool https://mega.nz/#!2pR1BYLb!r4Jze1p7DPVUV05RkXImURgBWx1iBDqjaZpTKr8Veao If you try it tell me if you like it! :fingers-crossed:
  15. H

    Thread Can I flash different rom on my S6 Edge+

    Hi, my s6 edge plus was from United Arab Emirates. For some reason it keeps overheating. My friend who also got the s6 edge plus from UAE said the same thing. So I was wondering it may be the rom/software on the phone? Because other people on this forum said their S6 Edge Plus doesn't overheat...
  16. M

    Thread Easy Z3 GUIDE: Root, Recovery, Unlock bootloader, Flash rom

    After several hours last night comparing tons of guides to find the fastest, easiest and newest guides this is a summary of what i came up with. (No need to downgrade or mess around with a bunch of complicated steps). Tested on Z3 D6603, Firmware 23.1.A.28. Rooting I used these guides, but...
  17. MadWhips

    Thread Detailed INTRO How to Update OnePlus One Video

    There are quite a few good how-to videos from our community. Here is one more: I have made it as detailed as possible. I tried to cover everything for a new user! gjLRYyel2dA https://youtu.be/gjLRYyel2dA If you have been scared to try flashing it yourself, I hope this encourages you to take the...
  18. R

    Thread MotoG XT1032 reconvert to GPE, how do I know if phone is really GPE?

    I have a Moto G XT1032 phone and I've being using "Moto G - N5X CM" for a while. I'm not sure but I though in some moment in the past I convert my phone from GPE to non-GPE using MotoTool because encrypted partition doesn't allow me to install new ROM like the ones based on CM (the one I'm using...
  19. D

    Thread [Q] no radio after flashing ROM

    so i installed TWRP on mu unlocked and S-OFF phone, and rooted the phone. then from the recovery, i made a nandroid backup, wiped the phone, and installed this ROM. even though all traces of Verizon software is now wiped off the phone (i hope!), it still only connects when the Verizon SIM card...
  20. J

    Thread dsixda kitchen, galaxy s4 (sprint). Anybody success?

    Just as the title says, has anyone out there "BUILT" a rom with dsixda kitchen...... and SUCCESSFULLY flash it..?? Mine will not flash for the life of me... If you have had success, were there any problems that you had to resolve? If so what was the error and how was it resolved?
  21. T

    Thread [Q] safest way to update hboot on htc one s (s4 ville)?

    I want to try out the new PACman rom. I have flashed about 6 or 7 roms on my htc one s (villle s4) before, but when i try to flash it, I get this error... "assert failed" getprop ("ro.bootloader") == "2.15.4444" getprop ("ro.bootloader") == "2.15.0000" getprop ("ro.bootloader") ==...
  22. Y

    Thread [Q] Help me please in Flashing Stock Rom

    Well guys, I'm [NOOB] in android. Q: I downloaded the the Italy Stock Rom for GT-S6500. The file is S6500XXMD2_S6500XXMD1_S6500WINMD1_HOME.tar.md5 Where to put it? Bootloader PDA PHONE CSC :confused: Thanks
  23. E

    Thread [Q] A500 rooted but unable to flash ICS

    Hello... I've spent about a good week and a half trying to root and install ICS on the A500 at where I work. My goal is to get ICS or higher on this device so that it can be used for testing purposes. I was able to root and install CWM but have not been able to flash ICS or JB. Am hoping you...
  24. T

    Thread [Q] I'm so noob

    Hi, I've been on the last hours reading a lot of tutorials in this forum to avoid to post what is already answered. But i'm still confused, maybe a good soul can help me out : ) So far, i installed GNex Toolkit and the drivers successfully and i can enter in recovery mode, so the Toolkit is...
  25. A

    Thread HD Video Tutorial on how to flash Custom ROMs on the Galaxy Note - Cursed4Eva

    Hi Guys, I made another video tutorial today on how to flash custom ROMs onto the Galaxy Note. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyGo5uObFhA Check it out. Hope it helps Ash
  26. S

    Thread [Q] Carrier apps Omnia 7

    Hi there, looking for some more advice here! Just took out a contract with Orange, and I want the orange apps..specifically 'Your Orange' so I can look at my account and such on the fly. After doing a bit of research, I've found a few different bits of 'loose' information, with nothing...
  27. billybag

    Thread [Q]New Rom = Execute .CABs?

    I am wondering if it is standard for a custom ROM to allow the installation of .cabs and the use of browsing the SD card through phone/computer to be able to add music. My previous phone was a TP2 with Energy rom. The HD7 with mango is a whole new thing for me, im still awfully confused...
  28. B

    Thread CM7 Nightly Will Not Install, Rough Time, Help Needed

    All, I have read through the wiki and the CM boards and just can't seem to get CM7 Nightlies to install. Here is what I have done: - Used Pete's Motorola Root Tools to root my wife's stock Droid X - Used the Droid 2 Bootloader and installed Clockworkmod Recovery on the system I can access the...
  29. N

    Thread [Q] [FLASH ROM] question again

    hi guys, is there anyone who has flashed virtuous unity can explain how to install it, becoz i am afraid that i have sth. wrong and i dun wanna take my phone to htc 4 maintaining(I have spent a lot $ 4 replacing the main board be4). 1. s-off 2. flash Clockwork Recovery 3. backup and wipe 4...
  30. N

    Thread [Q] stupid starter questions

    Hi, I am using IS 4 half year, and I decided to flash this Rom recently. However, I have a few stupid questions and I hope u guys can answer me. 1. What is the tool to wipe my device? 2. Is it ok 4 me to flash the Rom by using '4EXTRecovery v2.1.0 FINAL' 3. When I flash this Rom, am I going to...
  31. S

    Thread [Q] Cannot mount my sd in clockworck

    Hey Guys I am eager to use the revolver rom supplied here-so i downloaded it and started in recovery mode. the problem is i cannot mount my sd. I read in the forum that i should format my sd. then i try to do this in clockwork it gives me the same error cannot mount sd card i have clockworck...
  32. M

    Thread [Q] Chinese S2 flashing

    Hello, I am having some trouble with a chinese s2, I read alot on this forum, and I was able to flash my own s2. But mine is bought where I live, in belgium. My dad bought one in china. I tried to put on a belgian firmware, but he won't accept it. I used odin, but it stops when he tries to...
  33. O

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire SD Brick? Can't BOOTLOAD, help!

    Hi everyone, I've had a bit of a search on here, and although I can find threads about SD bricking, I can't quite find one that matches my situation. I tried to root my phone and flash my first ROM today, I thought it'd gone ok, partitioned using GParted and flashed the GingerBurst ROM, and...
  34. R

    Thread [Q] Black screen after flashing rom.

    Hi, i rooted my desire yesterday and flashed with CWM I wiped all factory data and cache, flash the rom, reboot. It showed HTC logo without the "quietly brilliant" and all of a sudden, the screen went black. :eek: I couldn't power up my phone until i pull the battery out and restore...
  35. R

    Thread Problems upgrading to RevolutionRom JVQ Final 2.3.4

    I wanted to report some feedback on installing RevolutionRom JVQ. I have been most lurking so didn't have posting privileges to post in the development forum under the release. I have been experimenting with various ROMS since I acquired my Vibrant last July. I installed Revolution ROM Beta 2...
  36. nodeffect

    Thread [GUIDE] Complete Tutorial for the Beginners and Others

    HTC Desire S Tutorials/Guides vtp4A5rVy_c Reviews: 1. GSMArena: http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_desire_s-review-590.php 2. Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/10/htc-desire-s-review/ 3. Slashgear: http://www.slashgear.com/htc-desire-s-review-28142921/ 4. Techradar...
  37. C

    Thread [Q] How to flash the leaked 2.3.4 rom?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently upgraded from a stock Nexus One. I'm in the US on AT&T. Purchased my SGS2 from Expansys, popped in my sim card, and have been happily using it since. I was waiting from CM7 to mess around, but now that the 2.3.4 rom is leaked I wanted to give it...
  38. Facuu

    Thread [Q] question: step to step guide to install custom roms?

    hi! i'm a new guy here, and i have an lg gt 540 with the 1.6 android version i'm a total beginner in these things of smartphones, but i'd really like to upgrade it and put a 2.2 or 2.3 version of android, but i'm not so sure how to do it i searched for topics and guides here but none of them...
  39. B

    Thread [Q] Need Help, How to recover ALL?!

    What's up guys, I looked everywhere and I couldn't find the exact answer I needed. I'm relatively new to the Android modding scene. My problem is that I am unsure of how to restore all my stuff (mainly all my apps, etc.) after flashing Eugene's Dead Horse ULF OC/UV kernel. - I have flashed =...
  40. X

    Thread ROM Manager no boot loader

    Hi, Full version as a note. Droid 1 Flashed clockworkmod recovery (, went fine. Made a backup of stock rooted ROM, worked fine. Next flashed bugless beast .6, while clearing data & cache, no problem. Now i want to flash to cm - trying out different ROMs - trying to reboot into...
  41. E

    Thread [Q] Help Factory Reset of MID X5A tablet.

    Dear all, I received a MID X5A tablet as a present. Since I don't use it much, I'd like to resell it. I'd like to perform a factory reset so that all my data are wiped out, but trying the Settings-->Privacy-->Factory Reset doesn't work (it is a known issue for this kind of tablet). I'm looking...
  42. N

    Thread [Q] Is my NC bricked?

    Im kinda new to this but have rooted nooks before. But this time I had tried to flas it with the Phiremod rom V2 with CWM and it worked perfectly. After a few hours of playing around with it I had turned it off and now it will not do anything. I have pluged it into the wall outlet and into my...
  43. J

    Thread [Q] Flashed Incredibly Re-Engineered Rom on 2.3.1 on Evo 4g but keep getting stuck on

    I just tried to flash the Incredibly Re-Engineered rom on my evo 4g 2.2 , and it keeps getting stuck on the white htc boot screen. I have tried to wipe several times and also tried a couple different downloads, but keep getting the same thing? Im sure it is something easy, but I have not been...
  44. KennyG123

    Thread [Q] Easiest way to put Sprint & Samsung Apps back

    I am using TW launcher and a few Sprint and Samsung apps on stock DK28. I want to flash a new ROM with EXT4 but don't want to spend hours resetting up my phone, home screens, Sprint and Samsung apps. What is the easiest way to flash a new ROM and put back everything exactly as is? I see most...
  45. N

    Thread [Q] Flashing ROM/SPL from SD card - no USB

    Folks, I've fried the USB charge circuit in my blackstone with a power surge through a dodgy charger. The repair guys have looked and want to charge me for an entire new mainboard which is more expensive than the phone is worth. All this for what I'm pretty sure is a simple blown fuse on the...
  46. C

    Thread [Q] Install new Nook Color kernel and reload apps and settings

    I would like to flash the rom on my NC with the screamer overclock kernel. Is there a way I can make a backup of my apps and settings, then flash the rom with the new kernel and then restore my apps and settings on the new kernel? I have both the free versions of Titanium Backup and Clockworkmod...
  47. O

    Thread 2 tips for flashing with Clockworkmod Recovery manager

    You're a noob like me (I've flashed a few ROMs on a WinMo 6.1 phone, trying in vain to make it suck less, but I'm new to Android). You're rooted, you've flashed the Clockworkmod recovery, created a backup, copied a ROM zip your SD card, and tried to select it in the Recovery Manager. It fails...
  48. T

    Thread [Q] Flashing new ROM on my Rooted Device -HBoot 0.80

    My current Specs ROM: Leedroid v1.8c Hboot: 0.80 Radio: Kernal: [email protected] #1 As gingerbread ROMS are on the baking, I am planning to upgrade my ROM. Its been a while since I did my rooting and flashing my ROM. And with all the things i have...
  49. M

    Thread [Q] Please help me!

    After spending countless hours working on it, I have finally gained root access to my slide using the exploid method. I flashed ENG and put clockwork recovery on it. I would like to put CM6 on my phone, so I downloaded it to the root of my SD card, downloaded ROM manager, and attempted to do it...
  50. S

    Thread [Q] windows 6.1 for Imate jasjar !! pls help

    Hi friends m new to this site... I have Imate Jasjar windows mobile 5.0 & i would like to upgrade it to windows 6.1.. please help as i never flash ROM. ROM Details are : ROM Ver 1.13.53 WWE ROM DATE 09-23-05 RADIO VERSION 1.03.01 PROTOCOL VERSION 42.36.P8 EXT ROM VER 1.13.137 WWE CPU INTEL...