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  1. NinjaChunks

    Thread Flash Stock ROM RMX2117 Realme Narzo 30 Pro

    Advantages of Flashing stock rom: If your device is dead, you can unbrick using the Stock ROM You can fix the boot loop issue on Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G Fix Unfortunately, the app has stopped error Fix Network related issue Fix No OTA Updates issue Patch Boot image to Root using Magisk: Guide...
  2. P3droJs

    Thread Always "unable to mount /system" (cache too) when flashing stock ROM

    Hello, I tried using some ROMs for my J710MN (j7 metal (2016) exynos), and all of them wasn't working the touch, so I tried going backing to stock ROM with android 6.0.1 (android 7 and 8.1.0 of it doesn't work touch, don't ask me why because I don't know :( ), however everytime I flash stock...
  3. optimusodd

    Thread HELP!!! How to fix "Can’t load Android System your data may be corrupt" error without losing your data ?

    Kindly find the updated post here Hello guys,I was uninstalling some apps and accidently Asus launcher,Google Play and Play services etc got selected as well.While apps were getting uninstalled and downgraded,phone restarted somehow and everything is screwed up now.I am stuck on a screen...
  4. S

    Thread Flash stock ROM using only fastboot

    Hello, My Huawei P10 will not start up. Can boot into fastboot no problems, this is what comes out. Android reboot reason: coldboot NA volumnkey_down_press_process_func Tried to flash a recovery into phone to boot upin recovery, however it comes with this error. fastboot flash recovery...
  5. E

    Thread Flash stock rom Android 8 Oreo and TWRP, root Galaxy S7 edge (G935F) no troubles!

    Flash stock rom Android 8 Oreo and TWRP, root on Galaxy S7 edge (G935F) without TWRP internal storage 0 mb issue and create TarFork() process ended with ERROR: 255 on TWRP backup (tested by me %100 working) This work took more than one day to solve all the problems. Here's what to do: •...
  6. X

    Thread I need some help with Motorola C Plus XT1725 stock rom.

    I´ve found this stock rom for my Motorola C Plus. ->https://www.stockrom.net/2018/01/7399.html Can anyone help me out to install this rom? because all the toturials i´ve found was on portuguese and i barely speaks english :crying:
  7. G

    Thread RAM dropped to 4 GB after flash of stock ROM, device randomly hanging from then on

    Hello everybody, in the first days of september I received the Maze Alpha 6GB RAM that I bought on Gearbest. Everything went well until the first days of november, when the flash and the rear camera began occasionally to disappear. I mean that it often happened that any camera app could take...
  8. R

    Thread Can stock firmware be flashed to D850 through PC like the international version ?

    Hi.. Since I live outside of the US, this is the only way to install system updates as far as I know (OTA doesn't work), so I'm wondering, is there are any special procedures that should be taken before flashing the firmware? There is a dedicated thread for how to do that on the D855's forum...
  9. altermonte

    Thread [Q] From CM10 to V30C stock

    Hi everybody :fingers-crossed: i'd like to come back to ICS stock (not the repack). I am using CM10 with the recovery Is there a guide for this procedure? Or I simply flash the .bin and .fls with SmartFlash Tool? Thanks in advance! ;)
  10. dbo87

    Thread Help with restoring back to stock???

    Hey Guys!!! I've been looking around for a straightforward tutorial on how to flash back to stock. If anyone could point me to the right thread that would be helpful, I'd would just like to set everything back to normal since I need to send the phone back. I just want to know what the...
  11. Chainfire

    Thread [2014.05.01][ROOT] Mobile ODIN v4.20

    Mobile ODIN is the on-device firmware flasher of choice. Just throw those firmware files on your (internal or external) SD card, start Mobile ODIN and flash away. ! Your device must be rooted to be able to use Mobile ODIN. Check the list below to see if your device is supported ! If you use...
  12. J

    Thread [Q] Back to Dell stock 2.2

    Hello, I am starting this new thread because I can't find anything that helps in all the other threads. Right now I am on Streakdroid 1.8.1 and I want to change to the stock Froyo 2.2. This because my own language (Dutch) is in it. But I have tried all the threads, bibles and other...
  13. yatindroid

    Thread [Q] Porting Generic/Stock ROM

    Anyone know porting generic ROM (original htc ROM) to tattoo eg Hero/Wildfire ROM to tattoo main problem is custom recovery cant open/flash them they say bad zip or ROM & orig. recovery match signature for phone - ROM if any custom recovery can flash orig. ROM please tell me or how to extract...