1. C

    Thread Question Pixel 6 not flashing with Android Flash Tool

    Hi guys i have a problem with my Google Pixel 6, when flashing any OS or anything everything goes trough untill the fastbootd screen comes on the phone then it suddenly says disconnected or error while flashing. I have tried multiple cables and everything and the phone is recognizable on my pc...
  2. S

    Thread Question How to flash a different model firmware (i.e. SM908E onto a phone currently running SM9080)

    Hi everyone, I do have a Snapdragon S22 Ultra that is currently running SM9080. However, non of the CSC versions available for this firmware has eSim support. Therefore I would like to try flashing the SM908E firmware (which should have eSim support) and which is also a snapdragen hardware. My...
  3. JigSaaw

    Thread How To Guide Script flash for Realme/OPPO Devices

    Hi friends, Script flash for Realme/OPPO Devices OPPO REALME FLASH OFP
  4. Minionguyjpro

    Thread Samsung Game Services (Game Booster + Launcher + Optimizing Service) flashable ZIP for any Samsung device

    Samsung Game Services (Game Booster + Launcher + Optimizing Service) flashable ZIP for any Samsung device (requires Custom Recovery) (OneUI (Core) required) A flashable ZIP for custom recovery to install game services from Samsung on any Samsung device with OneUI (Core). Requirements Custom...
  5. nsfxpython

    Thread Question Flashing Another Country/Region's Firmware?

    One UI 5/Android 13 still hasn't hit my US (SM-A536U) phone yet. I'm leaning towards this being a no, but would it be possible to download the European firmware for Android 13 for the A53 and use it on my US phone? I'm hesitant because the European variant is SM-A536B and mine is SM-A536U. That...
  6. Mecidzade

    Thread Samsung tab a 10.1 SM-T515 can't find custom rom gta3xlwifi ...

    First of all, I apologize for my mistakes in writing. Because I use google translate to get my point across. I have a Samsung tab a10.1. SM-T515 with code gta3xlwifi. I had a lot of trouble rooting this device and also installing twrp. I was able to install custom recovery at the end. but none...
  7. SHSuperEddie

    Thread Why does LG Flash Tool give me a 'could not connect to server error' when I go to use it?

    Does anyone know what causes this? I am trying to stock flash LG k7 ms330, followed tutorial, everything is as it should be, but this error still happens. I have some questions: Is it possibly caused by A) the USB cable I'm using or B) the USB port I'm using? Would either of these things matter...
  8. Nem1x

    Thread [GUIDE] Flash Retrofit Dynamic Partition ROMs on Redmi 7A/8/8A

    Hi. I wanted to share with you this guide so you can flash newer Retrofit Dynamic Partitions on Redmi 7A/8A/8 devices. These kind of ROM's can be found on SDM Mi439 Telegram group as well. Here are the instructions. You will also need to use newer recoveries. For flashing Android 12+ rom I...
  9. G

    Thread Question Flash Canadian Firmware on US zflip4

    I purchased a Z Flip 4 (SM-F721U1) from Samsung US for use in Canada. Everything works perfectly, but I can't add my Canadian debit card to samsung pay. Funny enough, my Visa and Amex work without issue. When I try to add my debit card, it tells me that the card information is invalid. I've...
  10. gio.mchedlishvili

    Thread Question How to downgrade MIUI 12.5 to MIUI 12

    Hi. I have Redmi 9T with, you know, horribly optimized MIUI 12.5.12. With MIUI 12, phone was wery smooth, but after 12.5 everything changed. So, I tried to downgrade it to MIUI 12 via updater app but that is officially unsupported. What can I do? Is it worth to wait more for long awaited MIUI...
  11. Hazekaya

    Thread Veidoo T8 Chinese tablet. Stuck in Powered by Android boot screen.

    I tried booting it in recovery mode. It had the option to wipe data/factory reset. After it wiped the data it failed and showed me. Volume not found Bootloader/data.notfirstrun. My original plan was install TWRP on the tablet and flash a stock ROM from there. But I can't find anything...
  12. G

    Thread I need a boot.img file from a Recovery ROM

    hi, i need a boot.img file from a specific Recovery rom for Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro. The ROM i need is SKFZAVC but cant find it anywhere, pls help, I flashed the wrong boot.img and now my camera and wifi and stuff isnt working.
  13. A

    Thread Question S22 ultra SM-S908E full flash Error An error has occurred while updating the device software

    hay everyone I try to reflash my s22 ultra SM-S908E through odiin3 and unfortunately it's kept getting stuck in prism.img and won't and now I have this error after restarting the device An error has occurred while updating the device software and the newer from I need it to be flashed n my phone...
  14. Vinpinto

    Thread How To Guide Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021 (SM-X200) Android 12 / Android 13 Treble flash Guide

    Your warranty will be void after any of these procedures. * I am not responsible for the outcome for using any of this information, e.g. bricked devices, dead devices, boot loops * do some research regarding flashing, custom ROM and unlocking bootloaders * you chose to make these modifications...
  15. S

    Thread Question Z Flip 4 camera flash while folded

    Hi, this maybe just a feature but when using the phone completely folded and making use of the cover screen as a view finder for a photo the flash will not operate in darker scenes....have the falsh on option in settings but still cant get the flash to activate...is this normal or is my phone...
  16. PHANX0M

    Thread [CLOSED] Is Unlocked Bootloader Easier to Crack/How to Secure?

    In what ways does having an unlocked bootloader make it easier for governments and (other) criminals to get into your device or data? Lots of people say "naaaaa it's not less secure, unlock your bootloader man... the data is ENCRYPTED" I know back in the day someone could just flash TWRP and...
  17. Bou3adis

    Thread I need help with my Junsun Head Unit!

    Hi all, I bought my first car 2 weeks ago, a Renault Clio 2014. The first upgrade i wanted to do was a android head unit that supports android auto and apple car play. after some research i ended up with this one...
  18. ryanwalkerr

    Thread Help with Samsung S20 with multiple puzzles

    A person sold me a Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F/DS Exynos) which later I found out had a host of issues that he was cleverly hiding with software. Obviously he wouldn't take the phone back so I am stuck with a potential brick in my hands. Maybe you guys can help solve the puzzles so I can use...
  19. 0ussam4

    Thread Looking to root my s10+ or a compatible stock Rom

    Hi Xda devers, i accidentally bought an s10+ not knowing that the model from Japan. more infos (from cpuz): Model: SCV42 (scv42_jp_kdi) Processor: Snapdragon 855 Bootloader: SCV42KDU1DVE4 I used to flash old samsung phones with different broadbands, i tried the F model, it broke and entered...
  20. @TomX

    Thread [S20+ 5G] Odin Flash Fail (Phone disconnect) - what to do? Official Super Image

    Hi, Everything is in the thread title, my S20+ 5G got disconnected (very small usb cable movement) at the end of the odin flash process with stock firmware. Now I am stuck with this : I have tried FRP Hijacker by Hagard but no luck I think : It asks for Official super image What can I...
  21. Howliel

    Thread Question Help! Realme C25 (RMX3191) Touchscreen Not Working After Flashing Stock Firmware

    I bricked my phone because i installed wrong TWRP and i attempted to flash Stock Firmware with SP Flashtool. it worked perfectly and i managed to get into welcome screen (where you choose device language). then i realize the touchscreen does not work at all, the display still normal (not...
  22. 4lbas

    Thread Lg Velvet failed system update into blackscreen

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I start an Android System update on my Lg Velvet LM-G900EM while it was connected to the pc in transfer file mode: it shutted down like it normally does but it didn't turn up. The screen is full black and I've tried different button presses on the phone but nothing seems...
  23. blackcoffee4009

    Thread Question flashing global firmware to unlocked AT&T S22

    Hi everyone, I am planning to get an unlocked S22 (AT&T unlocked, fully paid off) from the USA to my country (India). The box says it is following: Model: SM-S901U S/W: S901USQU1AVA7 Even though it is unlocked, i can see the SM-S901U does not support 2 5G bands which are used my in country...
  24. K

    Thread Bricked mido? Red blinking light when charging, doesn't turn on

    When I woke up, my battery was at 0% and the phone was off. I charged it a bit and tried to turn it on and my phone was stuck at mi logo and wasn't doing anything (it wasn't bootloop just a freeze) I tried resetting it few times but it didn't help. I managed to boot to recovery and tried to...
  25. HenneB

    Thread [ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK][FLASH]Alcatel/TCL Pop 4 Plus 5056E MSM8909-MSMxxxx[QUALCOMM]

    ##################################### ##################################### WELCOME TO THE FORUM HERE WE ARE GOING TO LEARN TO EITHER...
  26. patraputt

    Thread Question Realme C2 is not booting into TWRP recovery mode.

    I have unlocked my Realme C2's bootloader and my device shows this 👇 But when I input the "adb reboot bootloader" command the phone booting into this 👇 (USB Debugging is "ON") I have flashed TWRP and it showed "OKAY", but when I input the "fastboot reboot recovery" my phone rebooting into...
  27. northmendo

    Thread [TOOL] Auto Pixel Updater Windows

    Auto Pixel Updater - BETA created by @northmendo, please do not take my work without permission. Feel free to use it for yourself as much as you like. Prerequisites: You will need a Pixel with an unlocked bootloader and a Windows computer. Preferably Windows 10 or 11. Downloads are now below...
  28. D

    Thread Question Reflash to stock ROM and lock bootloader

    Hi all. Gonna send my phone back under warranty. Just want to know how to flash a global stock ROM and also lock the bootloader so all looks untouched as not sure how fussy Xiaomi is when it comes to that stuff. I'm currently on stable eu 13.0.8 release.
  29. R

    Thread How do I upgrade from rooted Android 8 to latest Android or LineageOS?

    My G7 Thinq (G710EM) has been neglected for a while now, ever since I got a new phone. Right now, I want to setup the G7 as a backup phone, and to make it compatible with my current apps, I have to update it either to the latest official firmware...
  30. K

    Thread Question Unbrick Nokia 2.2

    Good night everyone. I have a Nokia 2.2 TA-1188 to which I recently unlocked the bootloader successfully using the method from this guide: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-how-to-unlock-the-bootloader-for-nokia-2-2.4244039/page-24#post-86999311 However, when I tried to flash the latest...
  31. Pocri

    Thread Question Firmware/Rom/Update T3/8.1/7786/1+16GB/5.2D

    Hello dear people. I have a stereo unit stuck in logo android. What should I do? Flash rom or install firmware? Does anyone have the file I need? I tried with some but doesn't work with USB directly. Other info about the unit...
  32. aricooperdavis

    Thread Update using Direct Install doesn't update Magisk

    I am on a POCO M4 Pro (Fleur). I have updated the Magisk App to 25100, and am trying to update Magisk (the system) to 25100. I click "Update" and select "Direct Install (recommended)" and it appears to work: So I click "Reboot" and the phone reboots. I open the Magisk app and I'm given the...
  33. G

    Thread Differences between EEA rom and non-EEA rom

    Hello, I've found 2 roms for my device. One is EEA, and is more recent. The other is non-EEA, and is older. Are them interchangeable? Meaning I can flash any of them to my device?
  34. E

    Thread Bricked Unihertz Atom - Strange screen [Help]

    Hello all, this morning I wanted to get my Unihertz Atom (the very small one from 2018) ready for the vacations. The phone was in the drawer since the end of 2019 and when I turned it on today it was stuck in a bootloop. I tried to reset it via the recovery, but this brought no success. Via...
  35. mamograg

    Thread how to flash any custom ROM for your device.

    Hi there NOTE: please follow this steps one by one. Disclaimer: i am not responsible if your device got bricked, i use this method for my samsung galaxy A20e and it works. well when i wanted to flash a custom rom for the first time, i didn't find any steps to follow, i just picked out the...
  36. V

    Thread Home Screen app icons appearing in app

    When I touch and led go near the multitask button, the Home Screen app icons flash for a brief moment on top of the app that is currently open. (see screen recording) I have noticed the bug since the last update, is this a already known bug? Is there a fix? Thanks in advace,
  37. rookey

    Thread Convert GM1915 to GM1917?

    Hello, I've bought a OnePlus 7 Pro a while ago, and during my first efforts of installing the OnePlus drivers on the computer, then flashing it (unfortunately, I can't recall which image that was), my phone was identified as "GM1917" in the Windows notification area and the phone's about screen...
  38. TheAirBlow

    Thread OFFICIAL Samsung Odin v4 1.2.1-dc05e3ea - For Linux

    Samsung's Odin on Linux is no longer a dream! This is an official version leaked from Samsung. WARNING! Don't DM me stupid questions, I'm not tech support. My mission is to just provide this. All of this is REALLY annoying and makes me want to delete this post. Please refrain from DM'ing me...
  39. K

    Thread Question can't install applications with arm64-v8a instructions in this phone : samsung a02s 4gb/64G

    I can't install applications with arm64-v8a instructions in this phone , But the phone instruction set is : 64 bit Still can't install new arm64-v8a apps Is there any solution please ?! My phone is : samsung a02s 4gb/64G . If its there please explain it with simple words or a tutorial because...
  40. F

    Thread Flashing from Fastboot rom to Recovery rom

    Firstly, I switched from Chinese (Recovery) to Indian (fastboot) firmware, however I'm having some issues with it. Is it possible to switch to Indian Recovery rom? Thanks in advance!
  41. E

    Thread Question Zenfone 8 back to stock rom

    Hello, I have recently installed LOS on my Zenfone 8, but would like to get back to the stock ROM it shipped with. I am completely confused on how to do this. Could somebody please explain how to flash back to the stock ROM?
  42. KlubuntuDev

    Thread IPad 2 A1396 - Problem unlock activation lock

    HI, I'm problem in delete Apple Activation Lock using external Software, flashing with remove data not work I have tried many methods but they don't work. Does anyone know how I can enable iPad flashing/jailbreak to remove the lock? The attempt to enter the DFU mode is unsuccessful, I tried to...
  43. A

    Thread [solved] Few concerns before flashing ROM

    Hello everyone, I want to flash HadesROMv3 on my GalaxyS8 Exynos which is currently on OneUI 1.0 / android 9 with april 2021 security patch (oddly I haven't get the november 2021 patch). But I have never done such a thing before and even after going through a lot of threads here on XDA and on...
  44. R

    Thread My note 9 is blocked on "Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock", Odin doesn't worked

    Hello everyone, I'm currently experiencing a problem on my Note 9 since yesterday. I can no longer start it and every time I try I have a red message in the top left that says "Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock". I specify that I bought the phone new and I did not try to install any exotic...
  45. koarc lkas

    Thread RMX2030EX_11_OTA_0210 img files? Anyone? Manual flash?

    Help please, I need the files. My phone is stuck on bootloop.
  46. D

    Thread Assistance needed with DZ09 firmware

    Hi all, I've just got my hand on a DZ09 smartwatch. I was trying to follow Gizmo Advices' tutorial (https://www.gizmoadvices.com/create-read-back-rom-dump-dz09/) to do a ROM backup to change the watch faces, yet every time at the readback part I got an error...
  47. khrystyan27

    Thread Question Got my new P50 Pro, can I make it usable or should I sell it?

    Hello guys! Sorry if someone already posted this but I can't find any relevant information that could help me. Been looking through all this info, but nothing that can help me achieve what I want... Just got myself a new P50 Pro. I unboxed the phone and I find it really amazing in terms of...
  48. B

    Thread Question sha256sum/Ramdisk error after flashing rom

    After flashing arrowos 11.0 with TWRP, I got this error message as follows: cd / && sha256sum --status -c ramdisk-files. sha256sum proess ended with ERROR: 1 ramdisk files have been modified, unable to create ramdisk to flash, fastboot twrp and try this option again or use the Install Recovery...
  49. sup4k_

    Thread NFC not working on Xiaomi Redmi note 8T after flashing back MIUI

    so i have a xiaomi redmi note 8t, i did install some custom ROMs: Pixel Experience then LineageOS and then switched back to MIUI. The problem is that the NFC doesnt work, it appears ON in the status bar and i cant toggle it, and in the settings NFC options appear grey and inaccessible. I read on...
  50. C

    Thread Huawei P10 no screen firmware flash/reset

    Hi all! I've been digging through my old phones and I was wondering if it would be possible to flash or force reset an unmodified VTR-L09 Huawei P10 phone automatically. The issue: the phone was water damaged years ago and I thought the screen was dead but after charging it, I believe it's...