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  1. A

    Thread Lineage18.1 (Forces Encryption Password & Boot Loops)

    Everytime I flash a rom it requires me to input a password to unlock encryption. In order to break encryption I have to flash Oreo rom. After flashing Oreo rom to break encryption I am able to flash lineage16 and lineage17rom without any issues. However everytime I flash lineage18.1 it brings...
  2. Z

    Thread How to unroot / flash stock rom - Jelly 2 smartphone

    Hello together, I've rooted my Jelly 2 smartphone and unlocked its bootloader (using MAGISK). It worked well and I gained root access. After that, I am not very happy with it and I want to undo it again (pls dont question that). As I am quiet a newbie in rooting, I don't really know how to...
  3. K

    Thread Question [HELP] Bluetooth issue, after messing with magiskhide props config

    hey beautiful people, I've got a problem. my phone wont connect to certain car hifi radios with bluetooth. its all fine when I can select "add new device" on my phone and the cars bluetooth is visible, but when the car only has the option to find nearby devices, my op9 just wont show up? its...
  4. dev_willis

    Thread Need some direction rooting 3rd-gen HDX

    I have an old Fire and I want to install a custom ROM on it but I need some help figuring out how to proceed. I've been reading a lot of threads around here (primarily this one, this one, this one, and this one) and I've successfully unlocked the bootloader but I'm hesitant to start flashing...
  5. X

    Thread [CLOSED][OnePlus 8T][ROM][STOCK][Oxygen OS] Full guide on how to flash latest OxygenOS with Fastboot Mode (macOS, Linux distros and Windows)

    Many of you asked how to flash latest official Oxygen OS rom with macOS or other Linux distros. Hence, I wrote this step-by-step guide which would allow you to restore easily to the latest stock ROM. This guide works for macOS, linux and also windows (for them who don't want to use the MSM...
  6. StratOS_HTC

    Thread Question MSM and EDL , UI Recovery flash

    Guess you must be using special version of QC Qfil to flash the device or typical MSM. In EDL mode I was in current SaharaMode been able to get infos from the firehose : We have SN, MSM HWID and two OEM Hash Don't forget that OEM SecondBootLoader have it's version also. From normal QFil ...
  7. UtopiaXC

    Thread I cannot connect the Xperia 1 II to computer under flashmode.

    My Xperia 1 II (XQ-AT52) fall into reboot loop that cannot get into system. So I tried to flash it by Sony Companion and flashtool. I pressed the volume down key when it turned off. After few seconds the green LED turned on, i connected it to computer over USB cable, but my computer did not...
  8. VHasCome2

    Thread Does flashing a custom ROM mitigate the deadboot issue on an M3 that has been repaired by the service center?

    I just bought a used M3 from my neighbor for $60, comes with its original box and all. They were very honest about its condition so I was aware of its background and issues before making the purchase. Here's the background of the phone: The unit was bought back in March 2021 as a gift for...
  9. StratOS_HTC

    Thread How To Guide How to prepare to do a flash ... a start

    First Lets's start : Realme 8 Pro v .41 EU GDPR version. When connected the phone via USB on Windows computer : USB debugging enabled and OEM unlocking enabled and installed original Android or Oppo drivers for ADB interface : And installed Minimal ADB and fastboot programs with drivers ...
  10. donijpeg

    Thread Mi 10T selfbricked

    Hi. My father's mi10t got bricked by itself. It just was freazing a little, and after reboot it have the bootloop on MI logo. So... How do I flash it if I cant get enable OEM Debugging and anyhow unlock the bootloader? It bricked by itself but there is no sevices in my country that works...
  11. pixie_laluna

    Thread Error when flashing two official ROMs - Error Validating Footer, help ?

    I tried to re-flash my A50s with its original stock rom (from this website). I have tried these 2 roms : A507FNXXU5DUG4 (Android 11) A507FNXXU5CUB1 (Android 10) Both failed to be flashed properly and sent me back to Download Mode with this error : ODIN MODE (AVB Fail) system : Error validating...
  12. lofi2op

    Thread How To Guide How to Flash GSIs through Fastboot

  13. UnequalB

    Thread Unable to flash any partition [Infinix X657 (MT6580)]

    Technically a repost with more info (also I may or may not have forgotten about tags on the first thread). Trying to fastboot flash to any partition gives the error: FAILED (remote: 'sparse image size span overflow.') Tried specifying size with -S, flashing stock image, erasing the partition...
  14. miravision

    Thread General [TWRP] [UNOFFICIAL] [ROSEMARY] [BETA] TWRP 3.5.2 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10s

    WARNING: THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL BETA MEANT FOR DEVELOPERS AND TESTERS NOT AS DAILY DRIVER Credits: @Woomymy @J6idot @mastersenpai05 @myst33d https://github.com/notmyst33d Developers WoomyMy, J6idot , mastersenpai05 and Myst33d have helped develop an unofficial TWRP for rosemary - xiaomi redmi...
  15. Un KnOwN

    Thread Question dm-verity corruption Redmi Note 10 5G

    Hello, I don't know if this is right forum. If this is wrong forum, please suggest me the right one. I have a Redmi Note 10 5G bought at China. There are all Chinese apps and No Google apps. I didn't like it so, decided to flash it into Global ROM. I have done this kind of thing many times...
  16. anilsharma2211

    Thread asus zenfone max m1 recovery, rom not working. help

    Please HELP I am writing here the whole story. I unlocked the bootloader of my Asus zenfone max m1 (3/32GB) using the unlock tool which I downloaded from Asus's website. Then, I went to fastboot mode and flashed TWRP recovery and then tried booting into it through the cmd screen using fastboot...
  17. B

    Thread problem boot loop root fail

    Hello and thank you for those who will try to help me. I tried to follow a tutorial to root my one plus 8 pro android 11 last night. So I followed several youtube tutorials. only I put a rom which was poorly optimized. The wifi didn't work. So trying to do everything I went to the developer...
  18. proadi96

    Thread Logicom L-EMENT TAB1001 - Stock ROM?

    Hi Guys, I've got a tablet that's bricked (in boot loop) and I was looking for the Stock ROM on Google but can't find anything. All the links are scam websites (claiming they have stock Android 12 ROM for this tablet...). Anyway, I can get into FastBoot fine so I should be able to flash the ROM...
  19. S

    Thread Help needed! Qualcomm Crash dump after trying to reinstall magisk upon upgrade to Android 11

    Hi, Lost root access after updating my OnePlus 6T to Android 11 a few days back, hence decided to flash magisk_patched image that I had created around 2 months back. Phone didn't like it ofcourse and gave me a QualComm Crash Dump error. After searching, managed to boot into bootloader, however...
  20. augustusk

    Thread Question woah...

    Hi! Has anyone seen this error message? I wanted to flash a custom rom on my phone, but before that I wanted to flash the factory rom on my phone and I got this error message after the flash was over. Luckily, my phone is working fine...
  21. michits

    Thread Question Fail flashing miui on poco f3

    i recently wanted to flash the new miui on my poco f3 (global) and when i want to flash the fastboot version it stucks at flashing super even when i use mi flash
  22. michits

    Thread Question Bricked poco f3. I Need Help :(

    Hello i recently bricked my phone (poco f3) and there is no firmware on the phone. when i boot up it shows the poco logo and instalntly opne fastboot, fastboot works but the mi recovery not., i tried to flash the global img and there is a error.it says failed reading sparse file , i researched...
  23. S

    Thread Fastboot Mode bricked Acer iconia tab a700

    I think I bricked my acer iconia tab a700. Every time I start the tab there only comes the acer logo and on the left upper corner there stands "Bootloader Version JB-653b3d3 (Unlock Mode)". I know there is a thread about this (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/acer-a700-bricked.1952590/) but...
  24. Y

    Thread Flash to stock firmware from T-Mobile

    I am trying to flash to stock/global firmware from T-Mobiles. I have already unlocked the bootloader but I am confused on what to do next. Some people say all you need to do is flash the system and boot images. But when i try to flash the system it says unknown partition. If I try to flash...
  25. S

    Thread Firmware is unable to be flashed

    Hi I use a Realme X, while I assume the model might be not relevant to this case. I tried several methods to flash both stock Rom`s and alternative ones, I did use both adb commands and adb sideloading and the official Realme tool. To me, as a computer expert but phone noob, it seems like...
  26. JanPauw

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Having Trouble Updating to MIUI 12.5

    Hi, I recently got myself the Redmi Note 10 Pro and it came with a stock ROM of MIUI 12.0.2 Stable (RKFZAVC). I live in South Africa, hence the "ZA" in "RKFZAVC". I of course went to the settings and tried updating to the latest stable version of the ROM as I have been seeing videos online...
  27. M

    Thread ADB not working nor anything else

    Hello people of the tech world, Im going spastic over here trying to install Lineage OS on my Xperia. I looked into 'wiki.lineageos' and 'android geek' and followed the steps.... I have unlocked bootloader, got the code, unlocked oem, downloaded ADB fastboot package (platform tools) from...
  28. mike0010

    Thread Smartwatch with Bluetooth Headset not working

    Hello Everyone one. II have a clone smartwatch and having issue with making and receiving call with direct Bluetooth connection . 1) Bluetooth is connected ..when the call is received... i don't get any ringtone in the smartwatch or in the Bluetooth headset ? 2) Smartwatch Bluetooth after...
  29. A

    Thread Samsung S20 with a few shady problems

    Hi, I bought a used Galaxy S20 from eBay and everything works fine except benchmarking apps wouldn’t install. Direct APKs don’t work either and the only suggestion I found is to clear Play Store which had no luck. The Galaxy Store works though but they’re mostly outdated or fringe benchmark...
  30. brekker

    Thread custom rom flashing without USB-Debugging possible?

    Hey Guys, I Recently got a Bootloop problem with my s10/SM-G973F. And after trying every other way of solving this and not having USB- Debbuging activated or the OEM unlocked my last option is to save the Data. And after figuring out i could save them with a TWRP recovery i always read that u...
  31. P

    Thread 64 Rear Camera Flash Auto

    In android 11 When shooting with full resolution of back camera with 64 pixels, the flash can be either OFF or AUTO (depending on sensor light) but cannot have it ON all time. Is there a way to have Flash enabled all time when shooting with 64 rear cam using samsung stock camera app please ?
  32. I

    Thread Merlin , bricked , cant enter fastboot or recovery, cant turn device off , bootloop

    Hello, i have a redmi note 9, I was using lineage OS from here https://t.me/HelioG85_Updates/265 Custom firmware, custom opensource vendor I wasnt able to boot into the recovery today for some reason, i was using the recovery from here https://t.me/HelioG85_Updates/268 In a moment of genius, i...
  33. Zekoslawen

    Thread 64GB HTC 10 shows 32GB internal storage after S-ON downgrade to Nougat

    Have a 64GB HTC 10 which was OTAed from stock Nougat to Oreo. Unlocked bootloader, installed TWRP, rooted with Magisk, then followed the guide in https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/solution-no-imei-signal-after-downgrade-oreo-8-0-to-nougat-7-0.3748999/page-2#post-75580986 to downgrade with S-ON...
  34. AhegaHOE

    Thread [SOLVED] Running a Fastboot Command restarts the phone instantly

    Hey there, i was trying to put Android 11 on my Razer Phone 2. I got Fastboot and ADB running and the device when in bootloader is installed on windows as android bootloader interface. But here's my problem: I want to flash the system and as soon as i run fastboot flash system "system.img" it...
  35. D

    Thread Prestigio pmp5880d Multipad 8.0 Ultra duo ??? [solved]

    Hi, ive got this old bricked tablet, cant enter recovery mode, not recognized in windows when in fastboot mode, nothing working basicaly, i want to flash it and i CAN'T, its getting frustrating after 3 days i decided to ask help here! this is where im stuck: i want to use Rockchip SD disk tool...
  36. I_DM

    Thread Fastboot command failed

    Hello. I am new to rooting and I wanted to root my old Moto E3 power. But the problem is when I flash TWRP into the recovery it says OKAY and finished then when I try to enter recovery mode my phone just boots up the OS and TWRP is not installed. Please help. Thank you in advance.
  37. M

    Thread Samsung galaxy watch bricked - need USB flash

    Hello, I have recently brick my watch SM-R805F with this firmware: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/changing-the-region-on-the-galaxy-active-2-including-r830xxu1bsi9-update.3983895/ after recovery, watch want start only showing clockwise circle to show mini-apps, after that i have flashed...
  38. alexc2021

    Thread Question Stylus 2021 requires sim to configure

    I need information on how to flash a moto g stylus 2021 because it was made a hard reset for forgetting the code and now to advance in the cofiguration asks me to insert a sim of the company and which does not allow me to configure it and I do not have the chip because it is cricket and I am in...
  39. Y

    Thread is it possible or safe to flash joy ui on Poco x3?

    is it safe to flash joy ui on Poco x3 nfc? can someone answer me?thanks a lot
  40. L

    Thread Flashing a custom ROM on a ZED AN817DK?

    Hey fellas, I've done some flashing on android before, but only on smartphones, instead of a car multimedia. My model is ZED AN817DK. It looks like this: The launcher it came with is kinda disgusting, so I installed Nova Launcher instead. Regardless, the system barely works, even on the...
  41. S

    Thread Flash stock rom without data loss

    Hi there! It's been a few years since my I flashed Firmwares on my S6 with Odin so please forgive me if I'm not quite up to date on that topic. Background: For installing custom emojis on my S9 I wanted to use Zfont, however, this doesn't work. I did some research and it is said that zfont...
  42. vaizardsparagon

    Thread Pocophone F1 Hard Bricked or Dead?

    I was using my phone like normal when it froze on me. I shut down my phone as I usually do when it freezes using the Power off + Vol Down. After turning the phone off, it refused to turn back on again, the light indicator for charging also does not work anymore when plugging in the charger. I...
  43. Y

    Thread s6000-h

    I have a s6000-h tablet with android 4.2.2. It has problems with SSL (ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR) And Play Store (not loading nothing). It is a EOL device, thus I need to flash a rom. Anyone has a rom for it? I've never flashed a rom, so I will need help.
  44. E

    Thread how to unlock bootloader bq-5047l

    howto unlock bootloader, no
  45. F

    Thread Can't boot on Moto G3, neither flash it

    Hi, I don't know why my old Moto G3 was in an infinit bootloop and I need it to make a baby monitor. I've tried to flash different stock ROMs downloaded from here, but I can't get it to boot correctly. When I try to install the ROMs I get errors like this: (bootloader) Invalid signed image...
  46. w4saboy


    Hi guys, after some flash mistakes all partition of my realme was deleted and i cant flash anything. I can go on fastboot and Twrp recovery, but i cant flash anything, so my question is, where i can find the official rmx2002 realme 6s rom? Im looked on the official oppo website and on the web...
  47. sidharthtripathi807

    Thread Stuck into bootloop after flashing fastboot rom !!

    I installed MIUI fastboot rom in my phone using platform tool and it got successfully flashed without any error but when it's time to boot my phone gets stuck into bootloop ( keeps turning on and off ). My bootloader is also unlocked. And the weird part is that I have used this method many times...
  48. M

    Thread Installing a rom without recovery

    Hi everyone, I want install a new custom ROM (I'm on CrDroid 7.6 on Android 11) but I can't boot into recovery. I tried to flash a new recovery but i get this message from fastboot "(remote: '(recovery_b) No such partition')". I've always installed custom OS using a custom recovery but it seems...
  49. L

    Thread Help Appreciated: Unlock OEM when ADP/OS not working

    Hi all, Appreciate any help that you might provide. Have a Moto G5 Plus which I was booting up today after I hadn't used it for a year. It never made it past the boot screen. Long story short, I now have a phone with OEM locked within the developer menu but without an OS to boot it up with. ADP...
  50. T

    Thread Need Help, Branded Tmobile Phone would like to use Odin to flash to factory unlocked version

    Hello, I have a note 10 i bought used from someone, it's unlocked phone, but tmobile branded (SM-N970U). Could someone please help me to figure out what version would I flash to make this factory unlocked instead of tmobile unlocked. Thank you. Again it's a note 10 snapdragon version and...