1. jeryll

    Thread How To Guide [SCRIPT][FLASHABLE] Encryption disablers for Redmi Note 10 Pro (MIUI vendor, OSS vendor) [SWEET]

    So, here is a little script, which I modified to work on Redmi Note 10 Pro (tested and working on sweet). I didn't create this, only modified it, so all credits goes to ghostrider_reborn. Edit: found another working encryption disabler (rmcrypt.zip), working out of the box, so no edit by me...
  2. N

    Thread [STOCK][FASTBOOT][Root] Revive bootloop with Fastboot Flashable Images, RealMe 5 Pro(IN)

    I tried to root this phone, and got bootloop. The screen only showed "Realme", vanished, and showed this again. I can only boot to BOOTLOADER. I tried Flash Tool. Download the ".ofp" file from google. Didn't work. As it only supports Realme older than RM5P. No use. Tried to use MSM Tools...
  3. mayker05

    Thread ZenUI Essential ( Stock apps )

    ZenUI Essential DISCLAIMER: I wont be held responsible for bricked devices or dead MicroSD and USBs. Modifications comes with no warranty, by installing this you agree doing it at your own risk...
  4. mayker05

    Thread Pixel Master Port (UN-OFFICIAL) :

    Pixel Master Port (UN-OFFICIAL) DISCLAIMER: I wont be held responsible for bricked devices or dead MicroSD and USBs. Modifications comes with no warranty, by installing this you agree doing it at your own risk. TESTED ON ZENFONE 5z EVOLUTION X 5.3 !!! TESTED ON ZENFONE 3 SUPERIOR OS ...
  5. acervenky

    Thread [STOCK][FASTBOOT][IN] Fastboot Flashable Images For RealMe X3 SuperZoom

    Disclaimer : * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * Your warranty will be void if you tamper with any part of your device / software. Download : RMX2081PU_A33_fastboot [IN]...
  6. soyimparable

    Thread Build.prop editing (flashable zip)

    Hi, I made a flashable zip but i need it to be able to edit some lines in the build.prop and I would like to delete some lines in the build.prop from the recovery, not manually... I have tried several scripts, but none works, thanks :)
  7. ^I'm_With_Stupid

    Thread [ROM/FW][STOCK][Nougat] LG V30 (Joan) H933 10h TWRP flashable firmware ROM

    Stock Nougat H933 10h TWRP flashable zip This is a 100% stock build H933 10h made flashable by me using LGExtract. It has been tested, and is confirmed working on the US998 variant. Flashing this will not re-lock your bootloader. TWRP 3.2.1-3.2.7 must first be installed. I've made this for...
  8. niwia

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION][60fps][Love.Death.Robots] L.D.R Bootanimations for POCO [2.03]

    Hey guys, hope you all are bored watching the stock bootanimation of our poco. The Bootanimation is based on the title animations of the Netflix series called Love.Death.Robots The main objective behind this particular bootanimation was to have a seamless transition from the stock...
  9. karkand

    Thread [STOCK ROM][ZIP][ROOTED][OREO] LG V20 (H990DS) H990ds20a IDN Flashable

    LG V20 (H990DS) Indonesia Oreo Firmware (.ZIP) Downloaded through LG-Firmwares.com, extracted and repackaged by WindowsLGFirmwareExtract- (12/21/2016). Android version: 8.0.0 Android security patch level: 1 November 2018 Baseband: MPSS.TH...
  10. R

    Thread [Rom][Oreo][Rootable] H990DS 20a, 20b [AME][IND][TWN] flashable

    Hey Guys Here's the rootable H990DS Oreo flashable ROM based on AME, IND and TWN I have NOT tested this ROM on other regions but it should work. I've also included the patched raw_resources.bin to prevent showing the corruption warning at the startup. The missing Second Screen's "App...
  11. M

    Thread Convert flashable ROM to ISO?

    I've got a dual boot tablet that can run Android 5.1 and Windows 10. Both systems are available for download as .RAR files for flashing directly to the device. I was wondering if there would be a way to convert the flashable Android ROM files to an ISO for installing onto a USB/Micro SD card...
  12. infinity.plus

    Thread [GUIDE] Make Apps Recovery flashable (system/data)

    Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make...
  13. S

    Thread Android P DP3 emoji and fonts (Magisk and traditional flashable ZIP)

    Hello, everyone! Here are the latest emoji and fonts for your device, in two flavours: Magisk and traditional ZIP. Don't know how to deal with GitHub, so I can't submit it to the official repo. If anyone can submit it for me, I don't care about credit. So, without further ado: Magisk...
  14. RAZR-93

    Thread [MODULE] [EMOJI] FacebookMessengerEmoji

    This is a module that I put together after realizing that there wasn't an easy way according to my liking to be able to apply the Messenger Emojis on my devices as that was my personal favorite. I had come across this thread previously, and used to manually move the .ttf file to /system/fonts/...
  15. seriosbrad

    Thread [8.1.0][LineageOS] Classic BIOS style LineageOS 15.1 Bootanimation

    There's a flashable, and a manual zip attached. The flashable works for me, hopefully it works for you! This will not work on a Touchwiz ROM But you can try this : Bootanimation.zip support for Samsung Devices Disclaimer: I'm not a developer, if you don't trust the flashable zip, I suggest...
  16. K

    Thread can anyone make stock rom with magisk 16 for frd-l09

    ive been trying to flash magisk but it keeps boot looping i dont know why what do i do can anyone edit stock rom of frd-l09 and make flashable for twrp and built in magisk
  17. D

    Thread [FLASHABLE]OnePlus 5T Audio Files

    Hey guys, I am here with OnePlus 5T audio files. Its in 1 single flashable .zip to reduce work on your part. This .zip contains the following from the new OnePlus devices. - UI sounds - Notification sounds - Alarm sounds - Ringtones This will delete previous audio files so backup...
  18. Galaxyninja66

    Thread [BOOTLOGO][FLASHABLE] Updated Stock Boot Logo

    It took quite a while to make this in both MS Paint and Paint 3D, but I've done it, I've gotten our old red and grey-white boot logo and updated it using the Moto G 2013 Logo from this thread...
  19. Kell5719

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] New UI Sounds 01/04/2019 V4.0 S10 Sounds by Kell5719

    Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, Note 8, Note 9 & S10 UI/Alarm/Notification Sounds Hey Everyone! I had ported the sounds from Galaxy S8, Note8, S9, Note 9 & S10 and made it into a flashable zip file for you all to enjoy. Changelogs: Version beta 1 S8 UI, Notification, Alarm & Ringtone Sounds S7 UI...
  20. aeroxy

    Thread Creating flashable zip on macOS

    It looks like on macOS, the compression command `zip -r rom.zip rom` doesn't create a flashable zip for recovery (TWRP 3.0). Not sure what I am missing here. How do you guys create flashable zip under macOS sierra 10.12.6?
  21. kulvertti

    Thread [Update][android 8.1] [system] [emojis] [flashable]

    This is flashable zip file to install Android 8.1 (Android O) system emojis from the latest developer preview 2 with famous cheese burger fix. This work with for example with Gboard or Swiftkey. To install just flash with TWRP. Have a fun:)...
  22. svandasek

    Thread [MOD][SPLASHSCREEN] Bootlogo for OxygenOS bootanimation

    Hi guys, I made this Bootlogo because the stock Bootlogo with the powered by android doesn´t fit to the bootanimation. Now the boot experience will be even smoother. Thanks to makers_mark for his awesome splash injector! Just flash it in your custom recovery. Preview and Download:
  23. kamilmirza

    Thread [OP3T][FIRMWARE+MODEM] OOS 9.0.6 (FINAL) - Pie 9.0 (20th November 2019) [FLASHABLE]

  24. P

    Thread On-screen navigation bar on stock

    The only thing keeping me from going back to stock from LOS is onscreen navigation bar. I hate the capacitive buttons. Is this already enabled in latest stock version, and if not, can I enable it if I am rooted/custom recovery? I strongly prefer a solution for B25.
  25. R

    Thread Viper and Dolby Atmos Apps

    Viper and Dolby Atmos Flashable Zip. Download : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=889764386195898564
  26. R

    Thread LeEco Letv Remote Control App

    LeEco Letv Remote Control App flashable zip download : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=889764386195898642 Make Sure your Selinux Mode is Permissive.
  27. eskamhl

    Thread [MOD][Potter][7.0 stock] Statusbar battery percentage + center clock

    In the attachment you can find two small mods for stock firmwares. Both are based on NPN25.137.35 build. 1. Potter_Stock_VRT_status_center_clock.zip - Center clock in statusbar ( based om VRTheme so it should be compatible with all firmwares ) 2. Potter_SystemUI_Clock+Battery_deodex.zip -...
  28. 32dave

    Thread Please help

    Could some dev out there make a flashable w8 zip file? Nothing fancy just stock I like to theme but its a pain when I screw something up and have to odin it back to stock when I try to restore a back up the systemui doesn't work and odin is the only way to get it back, but I'm thinking a...
  29. nhmanas

    Thread Creating a flashable zip file to delete and migrate files

    I have a GM5 Plus which is an Android One 3rd Generation device. Every month google sends to my device security patches like nexus or pixel devices. I like stock rom with my modifications but I also like to have security updates. So I think about it and said "if I make a flashable zip to delete...
  30. pvineeth97

    Thread [NEW!][TWRP FLASHABLE] Latest Stock MM ROM for K420N

    Hey guys! :) I have created a TWRP flashable zip of latest Stock MM Rom for K420N. ONLY FOR K420N Requirements: (1) Unlocked Bootloader (2) TWRP Steps: (1) Download the ZIP here (I am searching for it). (2) Copy it to your phone. (3) Reboot into TWRP. (4) Select "Install". Select the zip...
  31. B

    Thread [REF][ROM]Recovery Flashable Stock SM-N900V ROMs

    As a convenience to the users here, I have created recovery-flashable versions of the SM-N900V (Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3) Stock ROMs from the following releases: NC4 NJ6 NK1 OB6 OF1 PL1 These flashables are ONLY INTENDED FOR SM-N900V OWNERS WITH UNLOCKED BOOTLOADERS AND STANDALONE CUSTOM...
  32. V

    Thread [Flashable][ZIP]Camera Light painting for every firmware

    Hey. I think I found a way to install Camera Light Painting Mode known from the sokoban ROM. Its a flashable ZIP that you can flash with TWRP. It will add some files in the /system/etc/camera directory and replace your camera apk. Please let me know if it works! Here is the Link. To...
  33. motolio

    Thread (updated) Last stable official CM9+gapps in one recovery file

    I have tracked down the last "stable" cm build for the TF101(CM9) and combined it with the necessary gapps through a TWRP backup. It is untouched, and ready to be restored. You need to unzip the file and place the contained folder inside your TWRP backup folder. Hope this helps someone. FLASH...
  34. Nikhil

    Thread [Tool][Windows/Linux][Dec 13 2017] Android Flashable Zip Creator v5.0 Alpha

    Hi Everybody, Are you tired of installing same apps again and again after installing new Rom or factory resetting current Rom? Well, We have been experiencing the same since different Roms and Nightlies are out. Hence I and RajatPatel created a tool which would make it easier for you to try...
  35. O

    Thread [GUIDE] B13 Chinese A2017 root and unlock bootloader, TWRP, Xposed

    This is for Marshmallow B13. However, I can confirm that installing twrp using tenfars tool still works even on latest B17 nougat or B08 mifavor 5. However, some users don't have luck with it. I advise to check first on Axon Toolkit located here...
  36. Swapnil Soni

    Thread [Sounds][MIUI-8.1] Default Notification, Alarm, UI, Ringtone Flashable

    So Redmi 2/2A/Prime got new MiuiV8.1.3.0 with new ui and some other sounds... Then why not everyone should get ;) and... here it is... (zip contains basic sounds like default notifications sound, default alarm etc...) Zip contains: Noitifications: -miui_default_notifi (FadeIn)...
  37. niwia

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION][FLASHABLE][60fps][45fps] Google Play edition OnePlus (CONCEPT)

    Preview of the animation: youtube SPECIFICATIONS Resolution: 1920x270 [will apprear as 1920x1080, 1080p] Framerate: 60fps and 45fps duration: ~16seconds SPOILER There may be some sluttering in the begining of the animation (Hardly noticeable) which im looking forward to fix in the future...
  38. Swapnil Soni

    Thread [Fonts][Port][MiUI] TienZhen Fonts for all devices[Flashable]

    yo guyz, so some days ago I saw awesome Fonts in my friend's device, but I don't have any MI device. So I took those fonts and flashed and it Worked :) so I thought you guys might like them too. heres the link: DOWNLOAD FONTS original thread link(for MI devices)...
  39. ZawZaw

    Thread [FONTS][FLASHABLE][LP,MM,N] : Fonts Style Flashable Zip [FONTSTYLE]

    { FONTS STYLE } Hello.....all Nexus Users, I want to presenting you my new work. This is font style flashable for all android 5.0 and up devices. Thanks to original ttf font files. I'm create flashable zip for you. All font font style is simple and nice, my favorite font style is Product Sans...
  40. ZawZaw

    Thread [FONTS] [FONTSTYLES] [FLASHABLE] [5.0+] Font FlashableZips [Sep 18]

    FONTS FLASHABLE ZIPS Hello.....Everyone, I want to present to you my new work. This is font style flashable for all android 5.0 and up devices. Thanks to original ttf font owner. I create flashable zip for you. All font font style is simple and nice, my fav font style is Product Sans...
  41. bogarty

    Thread Tester needed for Honor 8 boot animation.

    UPDATE(02/04/17): Testers with Nougat installed needed. More info at this post here. Thanks! https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=70882260&postcount=46 ----------- UPDATE(01/20/17): Animation is finally working guys! You can check it out here. Thanks! :)...
  42. nerfman100

    Thread [Boot Logo + Animation] Minimal Moto Ripple

    Minimal Moto Ripple Boot Logo and Animation Edit: Added a white version Downloads are attached at the bottom of this post. logo.bin.zip is the only archive that needs to be extracted. motobootanim.zip and motobootlogo.zip are flashable. Let me know what you think! Instructions 1. Download...
  43. N

    Thread [ZIP][OOS 4.0.1] Flashable Stock ROM/Firmware/Modem

    I'll keep a list of firmware and modems here, with TWRP flashable zip files and images. If using stock everything or your recovery won't boot, you may flash the images with fastboot, and the complete rom is flashable with stock recovery! Information Complete ROM - Flash in stock or custom...
  44. Swapnil Soni

    Thread [Bootanimation] Watch_CryNex Animation for all Nexus Devices[Flashable]

    Hello guys so this my first Bootanimation. This is for all Nexus Devices. This bootanimation will Work on EVERY phone which contains 780x1280 resolution AKA 1080p and greater devices so I decided the name like this because it has WatchDogs intro and Crytek type of logo style...
  45. adrianjchi

    Thread [Flashable] Pixel Phone Bootanimation

    Just resized the bootanimation from 1440p to 720p. The file is flashable through TWRP, enjoy!
  46. K

    Thread Latest ODIN Flashable Modem+Bootloader From G920FXXS4DPJ2 (OCTOBER 06 2016)

    For the people who want to have the latest MODEM+BOOTLOADER as a odin flashable file. File name : G920FXXS4DPJ2_G920FOXA4DPGW_G920FXXS4DPJ2_HOME.tar.md5 Model SM-G920F Model name Galaxy S6 Country France Version Android 6.0.1 Changelist 8821257 Build date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 08:27:24 +0000...
  47. DrakenFX

    Thread [ROM/GUIDE] Full Updates / Back to Stock Files via TWRP (A2017U, A2017G, A2017)

    READ, READ BEFORE PROCEEDING YOU'VE BEEN WARNED Ok, I wasn't going to create a new Thread for this but is really needed to keep this a little separate but in the same thread, so here i'll be updating base on current updates for each variant this Thread will contain Current Updates and as for...
  48. wrongway213

    Thread [PIE] [9.0] [Nougat - Pie] OmniSwitch Flashable Zip - Universal

    Looking for a little flair for your new Pie, Oreo, or Nougat ROMs? I know I was. Presenting OmniSwitch for Pie, Oreo, + Nougat! Just flash in recovery and enjoy the convenience. Thanks to maxwen for this amazing work - this app is totally not mine, just ported it cuz OmniSwitch is so crucial to...
  49. tupac4u

    Thread Nexus 5x Radio & Bootloader Recovery Flasheable zip

    Nexus 5x Radio & Bootloader Disclaimer Install this zip at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device. How to install Copy zip to internal storage Reboot into recovery (twrp recommended) Install zip Done NMF26F Radio & Bootloader flashable zip Radio...
  50. tupac4u

    Thread Nexus 6p Radio & Bootloader Recovery Flasheable zip

    Nexus 6p Radio & Bootloader Disclaimer Install this zip at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device. How to install Copy zip to internal storage Reboot into recovery (twrp recommended) Install zip Done N4F26J Radio & Bootloader flashable zip Radio...