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  1. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] [MOD] [1.5+] FLIP CLOCK

    Hi!!! Flip Clock is the best clock application to put it on the home screen of your phone!!! :) RECUIRES: ANDROID 1.5 (CUPCAKE) AND UP DOWNLOAD
  2. Sevastopol

    Thread [WIDGET][2.3+] Sense 4 Clock and Weather widgets (1x1, 2x1, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4)

    Hello everybody. This app was modified with intention to create the most accurate copy of clock and weather widgets from HTC Sense 4. It is based on a free version of FancyWidgets 3.5.5 Modification will fit any screen size starting from QVGA up to HD 1x1, 2x1, 4x2 || 4x3 || 4x4 : Download...
  3. whiteintegsg316

    Thread [Apk-Widget] HTC Style Flip Clock That Actually Flips

    Just wanted to share this with everyone. It has Chinese writing at the bottom of the widget but it flipps just the the HTC one. Really smooth must try! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moji.mjweather Finally got a hold the developer. Will keep everyone posted. This is the...
  4. K

    Thread Temporary Solution to Sense Time Zone Issue

    I've run into the time zone being incorrect for my city on a couple of ROMs lately and have found this simple solution for the time being: 1. Access clock settings via menu -> settings -> Date & time 2. Uncheck Automatic 3. Select correct time zone in the manual settings This fixes the issue...
  5. N

    Thread [MIUI][CLOCK WIDGET] Flip Clock widget Italiano

    Hi everyone. This post is for italian fun of MIUI Flip Clock Widget. Download at: http://nikydroid.blogspot.com/
  6. R

    Thread Flipping clock for Wildfire

    FLIPPING CLOCK FOR WILDFIRE -- Taken from SFM 1.1-- This is a bug free Sense clock (Flipclock) for the wildfire taken from the SFM 1.1 ROM.The clock behaves as the normal HTC clock(Tapping either takes you to Desk clock app or weather app) but has added FLIPPING animation :cool: .I have used...
  7. H

    Thread [Q] Sense or Best Custom UI for G2X?

    Hello, I just got my LG G2X and I love how fast it is and it is my first android phone, however one thing I realized is that it is really plain. You know how other UIs have widgets that take up all 4x4 of the screen like Sense and even Windows that is what I would like. And especially the sense...
  8. 6

    Thread [MOD] Flat Black Flip Clock and B&W Flip Clock for GB Sense ROMS

    This clock has been tested with Fresh 4.1.1 ROM and works like a charm. Thanks to chingy51o for original work on this MOD. Check out this thread. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=871016 Original artwork is not mine. AS ALWAYS: NANDROID BEFORE FLASHING ANY MODS. FLASH AT...
  9. gerbetta33

    Thread [UPDATED 7-11-2011][Theme][Sense UI] 99% complete / CM7 / aospCMod

  10. G

    Thread [Q] Animated Flip Clock

    Hey all. Im usually the first one to tell someone to do some research before they go posting. I've been looking for an animated flip clock for the Evo. Went to the Sprint Store and saw that there was an Evo Shift 4g there and it had a flip clock that worked. How do I go about getting this. I...
  11. Z

    Thread [Q] About the HTC Flip Clock

    Alright I'm going back to the stock FroYo ROM. However, I'm really going to miss the HTC Flip Clock in ReflexTSenseHD. Is there any way to get a Flip Clock working on the stock FroYo ROM? Many thanks! :)
  12. S

    Thread [Q] Flip Clock Animation Missing

    Hi, I am new to the Android game and I got the HTC Aria few days back. I am a big fan of the Sense UI. The main reason I got this phone. My question is that why doesnt the flip clock on my Aria actually FLIP, like it does on other HTC phones with the Sense UI as shown in the videos. Am I missing...
  13. J

    Thread 'Marble' and 'Tiled Effect' (Flip) Clock Homepage 'Mini-Themes' - New 07/05/2010

    And now... to complete the set... A Homepage 'mini-theme' based on all of my 'marble' or 'tiled effect' ('flip' or digital) clocks. These are basically two variations of my previously released 'glass clock' Homepage mini-themes. One set is a sort of 'marble' effect. The other a kind of...
  14. J

    Thread Glass (Flip) Clock Homepage 'Mini-Themes' - New 06/05/2010

    At last! The release that no one has been waiting for... A Homepage 'mini-theme' based on all of my 'glass' ('flip' or digital) clocks. Each of the attached cabs installs one coloured glass 'mini-theme' to your Today/Homepage. The mini-theme consists of the flip clock and the other 'furniture...
  15. J

    Thread More Digital (flip) Clocks [New 04/05/2010]

    Despite (or in spite of) the completely underwhelming response to my 'glass' clocks (you can find them here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=650245), I have decided to share my latest 'creations' with you guys... These are basically two variations of the aforementioned 'glass'...
  16. Bad4ss

    Thread [SOLVED] Time to bring back the Original "Flip" Clock?

    Now that we have all sped up our phones, and roms because of this thread by androcheck: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=622666 (some have also used this thread for a general processor speed up: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=628178) Is it time to bring back...
  17. B

    Thread How to remove the flip clock from an installed theme

    Hello everybody. I have a very simple question. I DO NOT want the flip clock in a particular theme I downloaded. How do I remove the flip clock and get back the stock clock on the At&t Fuze, while keeping the theme I downloaded. Thanks in advance...
  18. E

    Thread [MOD] Disable 01:02 clock flip in Manila 2.1 and 2.5

    In recent releases of manila HTC introduced feature that forces digital clock to go back one hour and two minutes to play animation everytime you display home screen. Some people like that while others don't. So if you want to get rid of this unnecessary animation (leaving `standard` flip when...
  19. sv452

    Thread Flip Clock "Problem"

    Hi all. I am having a wierd problem with my flip clock on the home screen. When i open anything and go back to the home screen the clock shows a time 1 hour before my time and then flip to my time. i have uploaded a small 20 sec clip to show what I mean since i don't think i am explaining it...
  20. S

    Thread [TF3D 2.1] Working Background 4 All & Flip Clock [Verizon][10.21.09]

    Here is a tested and working background for all tabs and flip clock all in one package for your Touch Pro 2. Previous versions of the background for all modification would disable the Missed Calls/Call History and the Scrolling appointments. I am not taking credit for creating the flip clocks...
  21. whitealien

    Thread [APP][QVGA][23Sep09]Manila 2D v2.0 build 19191432 from HTC Mega + Other Cabs

    MANILA v2.0 QVGA for WM6.5 ------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCEMENT I'm not able to provide any support anymore to this thread since I don't have any Windows mobile device left. My old HTC Polaris is running on Android now. So if you have any questions just post it here...
  22. F

    Thread MDA Vario IV rom 1.95

    Heyy ya'll, I recently updated my MDA Vario IV with the new rom, and i noticed the changed a few things. for example the wheather tab has been replaced with a mobileTV tab. and the flip clock has also ben removed. there is also a Web n widget tab added which is pretty nice, but i really want...
  23. K

    Thread Remove Flip Clock and use Default

    Ok call me weird, but I prefer the default clock that came on my stock Sprint ROM. I don't really like the look of the flip clock. Is there any way to get that back? I've search here, ppcgeeks, and google and all I could find was how to install the flip clock, not uninstall back to the...
  24. D

    Thread Black flip clock for htc touch hd

    Hi, I just bought my new HTC HD phone and wanted to change the flip clock to black background and white text. Any idea how I can do that? Thanks!