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  1. dasdsad1

    Thread The FM Radio (Sony Xperia) app does not work on Android 13. Ideas? Help.

    Hello XDA Forums, My phone does not have the preinstalled Sony Xperia FM Radio app, thankfully I have another one. So I downloaded from APKMirror the Sony Xperia FM Radio app, APK version 8.1.0, for Android 12+, then I installed it. Then, I accepted permissions for microphone and...
  2. C

    Thread Question FM Radio for Custom ROM

    Hi! I already brought Poco X3 Pro few weeks ago and I decided to install custom ROM for Poco X3 pro. But my problem is will I lost some features like FM Radio in custom ROM after I flash it from original stock ROM (I'm using latest MIUI 12.5). Because I doesn't like some ads and bloatware from...
  3. Stefanos53

    Thread [HELP] MiniCM9 Crash FM Radio

    Hello!!! The Rom MiniCM9 has an fm radio and it sends me the relevant message: The radio is not responding please restart the phone or the application!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  4. ITawate

    Thread FM Radio: Radio, Online Radio & radio tuner am fm

    Listen radio & music with FM, am radio, online radio, live radio & free radio. You can get app from play store: Want to listen radio, FM stations, news, music or am FM radio but fed up with switching different app...
  5. ITawate

    Thread [APP][4.0+][Material Design] FM Radio: Radio, fm am, Free Radio & Online Radio

    I developed a radio app named as FM Radio: Radio, FM am, Free Radio & Online Radio. The radio app have all the unique and best features. The main feature of the app is to record online streams free & save it on the device. Also, User can make ringtones of the recorded radio stations by using MP3...
  6. M

    Thread [APP][MOD][V1] MIUI FM Radio APP (STEREO IMPROVEMENT, RDS show on notification, 76MHz-108MHz) for HMK20/MI9T

  7. D

    Thread [root] FM Radio in android 11 roms

    Here is how to get the FM radio app on R based custom roms which don't come with it preinstalled. Note: I am pretty sure this method works on other devices which officially support FM radio, too, but I only tested on my santoni. Also note I don't take any responsibility for the changes you make...
  8. A

    Thread No FM radio access on Verizon for my Note 20 Ultra with the NextRadio app

    No FM radio access on Verizon for my Note 20 Ultra with the NextRadio app Help
  9. O

    Thread Your favorite device for FM Radio development?

    Hi Everyone! I'm building a custom ROM to expose as much of FM Radio functionality as possible. I'm wondering which device would be the friendliest one for this? Am aware that only a handful of modern (2019-2020) devices have FM Radio chip enabled at the hardware level, and even fewer base ROMs...
  10. L

    Thread Does the 9 Pro (Global version) have FM radio (as the Global 9S model does)?

    Does the 9 Pro (Global version) have FM radio (as the Global 9S model does)? I need NFC but also FM radio so this rules out the NFC-less 9S. If it doesn't have FM, could an FM app be installed - ideally the one from the 9S? Or does the PRO's different LTE bands, NFC, faster charging and 64MP...
  11. E

    Thread FM Radio apk/zip for custom ROMs?

    Is there an FM Radio app (apk or zip) that can be installed or flashed for custom ROMs running Android 10? I'm using Evolution X, it (and some/all other custom ROMs) have no FM Radio app.
  12. perfect_

    Thread Android FM Radio API with RDS support

    Are there any APIs available to access the FM radio receiver on Android phones? I hope Google add it with RDS support to the future Android versions. Because FM Radio is important technology when we experience natural disasters.
  13. A

    Thread FM radio app for G8

    Thank you in advance :o I am holding LG G8 (G820UMB) version with Android 10 which does not have FM radio app. If anyone can provide the apk would be helpful. :)
  14. D

    Thread Using the built-in FM tuner on custom ROMs (root required)

    Many of you may know that the Moto Z2 Play has an FM tuner built-in and a Motorola app designed to use it on the stock ROM (Motorola FM Radio). However, if you try to install this app from the play store on a custom ROM, you just get the message "your device isn't compatible with this version."...
  15. dt_matthews

    Thread Ominrom Pie (treble) - FM Radio support

    Hi Can someone tell me if the treble Pie version of OmniRom supports FM Radio if the hardware is present? I notice the stock Huawei apk is on the file-system but it doesnt display in the app drawer. Are there any steps I have to take to enable it if it is supported? I am using an Huawei p9...
  16. P

    Thread Anyone know if there's an FM tuner radio?

    I know most of the galaxy S# have them and you need to plug in headphones for the antenna and I think the first pixel had it too. Anyone know if the 3 has it? I downloaded NextRadio, the basic tuner function does not show up, is it because there's no FM radio or is it because headphones are USB-C?
  17. G

    Thread FM Radio deleted by accident!

    Hi, I'm faced with a peculiar situation. Had just finished an RUU on my H/K HTC M8 and noticed there was no FM radio app after the process completed. So i installed the relevant apk and it ran fine. When i was getting rid of the bloatware using Titanium backup, i noticed not one but two FM...
  18. C

    Thread FM radio in airplane mode

  19. F

    Thread Radio Accessory for Exynos Models?

    I would like to find a portable solution for listening to FM radio through my Exynos model which doesn't have native support. The best solution would be some kind of Android-compatible, USB Type-C radio accessory that recieves signal from the headphones. Since USB Type-C is still relatively new...
  20. K

    Thread Sprint Galaxy Note 4 (910P) vs. Canada (910W8) - I WANT FM RADIO

    Ok.. so I've been doing some investigating. These are virtually the same hardware. Qualcomm Processor, 3GB RAM, same sound, video, etc chips. Sprint has enabled the FM radio in their unit .. Nobody in Canada has. How can we extract what Sprint did for their model so I can do it on mine? Or...
  21. G

    Thread FM Radio for General Mobile 4g stock rom Nougat 7.1?

    Hi! Does anyone have link for FM Radio app for Nougat 7.1. stock rom? Thanks!
  22. redct

    Thread Really bad FM radio reception on G930T

    I just picked up a T-Mobile S7 to play around with and, as you all know, the G930T on T-Mobile USA has FM radio enabled. However I've noticed that the radio reception is absolutely horrible with a lot of static, crosstalk from other stations, and dropouts. I tried two other FM-supporting phones...
  23. R

    Thread Flash sprint radios on verizon note edge (Activate fm radio)

    Hi, I was thinking, since the Verizon note edge and Sprint note edge are basically the same phone in terms of hardware and the sprint variant is the only one that has the FM radio chip activated (I guess it is activated by firmware). It would be interesting to see if some dev can make it...
  24. A

    Thread [Completed] can't get Radio3.apk back onto phone

    Hi folks, I removed Radio3 from /system/app because I was having an issue with my headphone jack and therefore the app wasn't useful (this is the stock FM Radio app that uses my phone's internal tuner). Now, mysteriously, my headphone jack seems to be working again and so I wanted to put the...
  25. xzyk

    Thread LG leon (340n) fm radio apk ?

    Hi guys, hoping someone can help. Looking for the LG Leon 4G (H340n) fm radio apk. If someone could make a backup of it and link it through would appreciate it. thanks.
  26. rez3vil

    Thread [Request] Sony FM Tuner/Radio for AOSP MM 6.0.1

    Hello all, I recently flashed my Sony Xperia M c1904 with AOSP MM 6.0.1. and now looking for Sony FM Tuner/Radio apk or flashable zip. I searched down whole forum for apk and found Z3 app, but it doesn't work on MM. If anyone can possibly help or provide apk, plz do. I appreciate it. Thanks.
  27. davecotefilm

    Thread Enabling FM on msm8996 Qualcomm rooted.

    I would like to know how to get the FM radio working on a rooted Qualcomm S7 Edge, the sm-g9350, Hong Kong variant. I've rooted on Aurora ROM from a chinese site, and it doesn't have what's needed for FM. I can't get OTA updates as knox is 0x1. I've poured over the AP7 T Mobile update that...
  28. dado_13

    Thread [APP][MM][AOSP/CM13] FM Radio

    FM Radio MM HI everyone. I want to share with you stock FM radio for roms, which don't include it. It's clean and fully working radio with material desing and nice features. Feel free to flash. :) Installation: Download attached zip Flash it in recovery. Tested on Tesla rom. Thanks to...
  29. Y

    Thread FM radio on CM based ROM?

    Hi, I upgrade from Nexus 5 to LG G2 recently, in hope to use FM radio with data usage. I can use next radio on stock, but I really like CM based roms. But I did lots of research and couldn't find how to make FM radio work. Does anyone know how to do that? Please help, don't want to revert back...
  30. L

    Thread Cyanogenmod 11 FM Radio

    Hello I recently checked out Maclaws CM11 again, after being a long time on stock and now wanted to know if there is an FM Radio App. Should be free, but its ok if it costs something, but shouldnt be too expensive
  31. P

    Thread ANT-208 FM aplifier

    I bought Chinese ANT-208 FM radio amplifier from Aliexress. I have Klyde KD-7003 Mazda 3 head unit with RK3066 and TDA7706 radio IC. I installed in my car and took a video. I tried it only in garage yet, on next week I can say more, but it works! In my garage the stations with week noisy signal...
  32. m i n a r

    Thread [Q] Oneplus X FM radio on Oneplus One?

    Oneplus Just released kernel sources for opx, that is FM capable and has an FM radio app. I don't know if this can help in porting the FM on opo. Sadly, spirit FM developer stated that is an hardware limitation. Let me know what you think :/
  33. bel57

    Thread [APK] Missing apps? FM Radio, Quick Remote, Smart settings etc dl HERE [discontinued]

    Hello guys, If you've installed a rooted image like I did, maybe you just noticed that the author decided to get rid of LG bloatwares. But some apps are really useful and I don't get why he removed them. I am indeed refering to FM Radio and Quick Remote (IR) apps. So, I did a backup of the two...
  34. rajib4

    Thread Fix for FM Radio (For both AOSP and CM based ROMs)

    Hi All, I could able to fix the FM Radio on XenonHD current version (0706 build). After the compass fix (thanks to vasishath) I was looking for a fix for the FM radio. As I didn't get any solution, thought of giving it a try myself. I have tested it on my Mi3, it is working fine. Need...
  35. S

    Thread [Q] [Solved] FM radio problem

    Hi all, i dont know if someone has/had a similar issue but here goes: i have not been able to get FM radio working on any custom so far. All i get is static, and searching radio stations takes very long. I don't know if it helps, but i have Viper4Android installed (but same happens when it is...
  36. Steria

    Thread [Q] CyanogenMod 11 and Yellow Triangle / Task Manager / FM Radio / Battery

    I recently installed CyanogenMod on my i9100 successfully with the CM installer: Quick question; does that mean that my phone now has been rooted? Here's a screenshot of the About Phone section: Back to my original question. When I reboot the...
  37. R

    Thread [Q] Weird FM stations Tags/Names

    Hi I dont know if this happens to anybody else, but for me its really getting in my nerves... Whatever FM station you pick, it apears a weird 4 letter tag as its name... I've already clear data and cache of the app but no use...... Always apears that weird tags... I'm on kitkat. Does this...
  38. GigaSPX

    Thread Sony Bluetooth Headset SBH50 display problem?

    HI all, I have one of the most interesting bluetooth headsets designed by Sony and I absolutely love using it with my D6708, the Sony Xperia Z3v for Verizon. I love being able to swap out the headphones with any other ones to use with the headset for wireless listening and being able to make and...
  39. S

    Thread [Q] Any way to get FM Radio offline on Cyanogenmod 12?

    Hy guys... I have a LG E975 with CyanogenMod 12, but it have no Fm Radio app... Did you know any way to get that? Just Offline app will work to me. Sorry for my bad english...
  40. R

    Thread [Q] FM Radio is built in but how do you get it to work?

    From the Sharp website, it shows there is FM radio built in. I love listening to NPR. How do we get it to work?
  41. G

    Thread [Q] FM Radio through MHL?

    Greetings I'm struggling with one thing on my new lovely device: I can't get my Ultra to play FM radio through HDMI. Here's the details - I've tried to root and use Spirit2 player and Soundabout manipulation app. - My TV is not MHL compatible, could this have effect? TuneIn and other sources...
  42. M

    Thread [Q] FM radio over bluetooth headset?

    OK, I've checked all the "older threads" and none of them seem to have an answer, especially one that applies to the M8, so I'll ask again: I understand that the earplug headset must be plugged in to act as the FM antenna, but rather than listen through the earphones, I'd like to use a Jawbone...
  43. Uqbar

    Thread [Q] Last CM to provide FM radio app?

    I know that CM v7.2 had it. What about CM v9? How can I know without installing? TIA.
  44. Piyush Pastor

    Thread [APP] [MOD]S5 FM Radio

    Samsung GALAXY S5 FM Radio Hi guys .. :) ! Today I am sharing my S5 Radio MOD with you .. Hope you'll like it .. :) ! SCREENSHOTS : [SIZE="3"]DOWNLOAD:
  45. C

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth headphones and FM radio

    Hello, I own a bluetooth headphones that works perfect with music players, but I have problems with the FM radio. When I turn it on, it says I need a normal wired headphones to act as antenna. That is OK; I plug one, and it starts the radio, but when I make a bluetooth connection with the...
  46. OmarEinea

    Thread [MOD][KK/JB] Radio Without Headset (Turn on FM radio without headset plugged in)

    Hello guys, this modded radio app is widespread on Xda these days, and lots of users are loving it; so I thought it would be cool if we have it on our beloved Z1C too. This mod allows you to launch the Radio without headphone (or earphone), it was tested by me on both KK .681 and .757 {odexed...
  47. arabbitte

    Thread [Q] Does the S5 have FM radio

    I've looked at the official specs and can see no mention. Does anyone know if the S5 has an FM radio? (I know the arguments as to why I really don't need one - separate BT headsets, streaming alternatives, etc, etc - but I would like to know)
  48. J

    Thread Looking for stock FM radio apk!

    Hi, I am looking for apk for FM radio from stock rom. I tried multiple FM apps from play store, but they all use internet. So, I am looking for stock rom's apk now, as I forgot to back it up before flashing. Also, is there any other FM app that does not use internet? :confused:
  49. G

    Thread [Q] FM Volume way too loud

    Hi I have a Huawei Mytouch Q and it comes with an FM radio app and even on the lowest possible setting, it is WAY too load. Media volume and ringer volume are just fine. Is there a volume control app that I can just turn down universal volume while listenting to the radio? Thanks
  50. G

    Thread [Q] FM Volume way too loud

    Hi I have a Huawei Mytouch Q and it comes with an FM radio app and even on the lowest possible setting, it is WAY too load. Media volume and ringer volume are just fine. Is there a volume control app that I can just turn down universal volume while listenting to the radio? Thanks