foldable phones

  1. Q-Prof

    Thread Question Vivo X Fold VoLTE access in Canada?

    I am currently with Fido for my cellular phone service running a old import( 2016), Huawei Honor Note 8, from Toronto, Canada area, and interested in the Vivo X Fold and this Fido support webpage shows that it should work along with Gishan Canada for Fido APN settings for the Vivo X Fold but I...
  2. W

    Thread Accessories Best accessories for Samsung Z fold3?

    I'm Looking for some of the best accessories for Samsung Z fold3!
  3. rpareekh1790

    Thread whic one is better by performance-samsung fold 2 or fold3

    which phone of Samsung is performing better fold 2 or fold 3?
  4. kavunkaua

    Thread Do you think foldable phones are convenient or show-off?

    Foldable phones are appearing more and more, but they all have a clear bend. Personally, I really don't like it.