1. P

    Thread Question Default Font

    Wouldn't be great if Consolas font was the default font in LineageOS or it was at least in the font list?
  2. E

    Thread Question font style

    Zenfone 8 Flip comes with 3 native fonts installed. Does anyone know if it is possible to install others?
  3. KJX_85

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy TAB S8+ custom FONT?

    Hello and welcome! I have a request for help. Is there any way to change the font on the Samsung Galaxy TAB S8 + to your chosen one, e.g. from the internal memory? Samsung offers a few free fonts in its store and all the rest, not many nice paid fonts and it's quite high / expensive. The company...
  4. M

    Thread No serif system font in Android 12?

    I upgraded my Pixel 3a to Android 12 last night - stock OTA. Noticed today that websites that specify serif fonts for elements (and including the generic 'serif' fallback, so it's not a question of missing specific fonts) are now all displaying as sans-serif, both in Firefox in Chrome. Is this a...
  5. F

    Thread [MAGISK][MODULE][FONT]Open Fonts[3.1.0]

    Open Fonts A magisk module created to replace system fonts. Installation: Method 1: Download the module from the github release page. Install from Magisk. Enjoy it! Method 2: Download and install from Fox's Magisk Module Manager. Enjoy it! Features: Support latest unicode version (Unicode...
  6. ai.Sanaul

    Thread Flipfonts for Samsung Galaxy Phones [all working]

    Flipfonts for Samsung Galaxy Phones Disclaimer: I don't own these fonts and i am not the developer of these fonts. I just zipped and posted them so that other users can use them too. Warning: For Personal Use Only. Do not upload it on any website without certification and permission...
  7. hesa6565

    Thread "Softbricked?" after usign Magisk Module

    Hey, I used the fontrevival module on my Samsung A50 and changed the font - unfortunately, but after rebooting and typing pin, the screen goes dark and it returns to the lock screen in a moment - and so on all the time. Can I somehow undo these changes in OrangeFox Recovery? I am using the...
  8. B

    Thread [Request] Help please! Looking to Edit Font or Similar Font

    Hello! I'm looking for a way, or someone :), to edit this font I downloaded. I love everything about it but the lowercase "o" and "j" and would like for them not to be/have hearts. I am by no means a programmer but can try to edit it. I would really appreciate it someone else is willing to...
  9. jlgelario09

    Thread [Magisk Module] Product Sans Font for Android 12 (S)

    Hi All, For those who are still searching for Android 12 font Magisk Module, then the search is over! 😁 Kidding I believe this is a better magisk font module of ProductSans for A12 (Tested on A12 AOSP Roms). All Credits goes to @kdrag0n for his/her script. I just changed the internal files for...
  10. DaniV5

    Thread how to install fonts on system manually?

    to add fonts in the system i just need to add it to /system/fonts and edit /system/etc/fonts.xml? the apps will recognize the font after it?
  11. adauriac

    Thread font problem

    Hello, since my last reboot all texts which should appear very light (see upper dialog box in the attached image) appear in a sort of bold face very inconvenient with eg telegram. Does anyone know how to return to the standard appearance ? thx ! thx
  12. oowee

    Thread Question How to add/change font?

    Hi. Is there a possibility to add or change a font in UI? I have only one in personalization. Which is Roboto. And is there possibility to add more wallpapers, fingerprint animations, etc. to personalization options?
  13. hellomotog60

    Thread Question How can i change android emojis to IOS emojis on my Moto g60

    It seems difficult to change the emoji of Moto g60 from stock android emojis to ios :( is there a way to do that without root?
  14. gallgamer

    Thread [FONTS][MODULE] Inter Alt + Additional Fonts (complete overhaul)

    Inter v.3.15 Alt This project is modern and enhanced replacement of system fonts. Source font (Inter by @rsms) now received decreased font size and tracking to bring back "Roboto magic" and provide better app compatibility thanks to similar metrics. See "Description" for more information. There...
  15. Philip

    Thread Is it impossible to change the system font?

    8 Pro, IN2023,, rooted, Magisk installed. I'd really like to change my system font to Bauhaus (which I have as both .TTF and .ZIP). I've spent the last few days messing around with various Magisk modules and with ZFont, but haven't managed to achieve it. My research suggests that any...
  16. shaftenberg

    Thread NotoColorEmoji.ttf Unicode 13.1 merged with old Android 10 Emojis [ROOT]

    Hey guys, I simply love the Emojis from Android 10 (Unicode 12.1) and didn't like the new look of the Android 11 (Unicode 13.1) Emojis at all. See the changes here: Android 10: Android 11...
  17. nongthaihoang

    Thread [MODULE] Oh My Font — Google Sans Prime — Custom Font Installer

    Oh My Font Improve Android Typography GitLab OMF is the most advanced font module ever made. It is a collection of typefaces which are believed to improve the overall Android Typography experience.
  18. T

    Thread [BUG] GUi ERROR - Bad GUi DESiGN

    there seems to be a bug in the code: when starting the app, the gui is somewhat unreadable for me by using a strange font and not the system-font. all apps on my device use the system-font, hence there seems to be a bug in this applications code.
  19. benpeltz

    Thread Lock Sreen Font Colour Keeps Changing

    Hi there, I recently upgraded to an LG Velvet 5G running Android 10. For the most part, it's been great, but when I set a custom image as the background of the lock screen, the clock font keeps changing from white with no outline to black with a white outline. At first I thought it was just the...
  20. thabull

    Thread Customized fonts

    On my Note8 I was able to use system-wide custom fonts via #HEX_ but on my new S20FE it says that the custom font support was removed in Android 10. I guess it's a ploy by Samsung to make sure you use only fonts in the Galaxy Store which not only are 98% paid only, but comes in basic latin...
  21. T

    Thread [APP][4.1+] StylishText - cool fonts, message & nickname generator

    STYLISH TEXT Tool which helps convert normal text to beautiful text. This cool font app is useful for Messages, Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tiktok, ..., Games(Free Fire, Battle Royale, Apex Legends, PUBG, CS GO...) ★ Pimp your Instagram bio and comments ★...
  22. Doomkopf

    Thread [MAGISK] Ubuntu Font for Android

    Hey guys, recently I discovered custom fonts on android for myself. I became aware of it's aesthetics and importance, and started to be interested in fonts. At first, I wanted to install Google Sans instead of Roboto, but then I found the official Ubuntu Font and instantly loved it. You can see...
  23. Ranbir7878

    Thread ⚡[Fonts] For Galaxy S8/S8+ [Oreo/Pie/Q][Root]⚡

    Hello Everyone! This is for whom are using the SamsungSans for very long time(Like Me). ;) I have edit (SamsungSans V2.0.00-1 apk) and added 99 Fonts (+2 Already in Apk) From [Winb33 [MASTER FONTPACK] -=v7.2=- 1120 Fonts] [ You know the loading of 1120 Fonts taking some more times :p ] So I...
  24. R

    Thread Changing Lock/Unlock sounds in Google Pixel 1 (Android 10)

    Hello! I want to change the lock/unlock sounds in my Google pixel 1. My device is rooted. I've used some root explorers to replace the lock/unlock sounds in system/media/audio/ui but it seems that it's not possible to rename/replace/delete/paste any files in there. Even after installing magisk...
  25. E

    Thread How do fonts / fallback fonts work in Android 9+?

    Short story I want to add a fallback font to my OP6t running Android 9 to support poorly updated / coded legacy apps (unlocked, and rooted with Magisk) I am not having any luck figuring out what I am doing wrong Long story Android 4-8 I just rooted the device, copied a modified...
  26. E

    Thread [FONT][MAGISK] Google Sans Text Beta

    Google Sans Text Beta In Google Design’s Best of 2019 page, Google used a new font called "Google Sans Text" (which is in beta as per the font name). The page and the look of the font can be viewed here. I really liked the leaner look of the font on my OnePlus 6 as compared to Google Sans and...
  27. blazzer12

    Thread [CLOSED][MODULE] Inter Font v1

  28. MP_7

    Thread Add big package of fonts

    Hello, I remember installing a zip file through recovery which added so many fonts, I found a file called "" on SD card and on my PC so that's probably the one I used once, I actually tried to install it but no fonts were added. Is there any way to install a good font...
  29. N

    Thread OpenMoji 12.1 font for Android

    OpenMoji 12.1 Root!C4djlA6Z!2SIiWvNzQQO2axHZMFk5hTleiXj0eecSp50zqZpM5PA Nonroot!GgNlVABR!rXh34zSBg9AyvqOIKNa-Ua1whLVH9olgTPjHOGx4kZA
  30. N

    Thread Ios 13.3 emojis font

    Hi Ios 13.3 font feel free to use it Root!e8skCYRa!3Rz0p9p4jEvmnuFQfbQp8JMbmybUakhCrr3XoUsAmS0 Nonroot!fs9ExI4L!mmiF-A9aF5GGXu06YKhewihmrAiU3J-vcMmGNodz-bs Don't forget to check my other work WhatsApp...
  31. N

    Thread WhatsApp emojis Unicode 12

    WhatsApp emojis Unicode 12 v1.1 New magisk module!mkcFSIxI!pO5hFOhyUYxSXMoGHq29yaXXsn4HgnMdx3WGTiXVMzU magisk module by tlf55 Root!m4VnjAbQ!nBJJrWTXA2uHsQ43tB9_-KjICMjee1s7jkxW7_YzLy0 Nonroot...
  32. N

    Thread Facebook 4.0 emojis font

    Facebook 4.0 emojis Magisk module made by tlf55 Root!blVyFKxT!E6w7Drr8oluiz2rodR4P_iM-3vKNNSlbFhEtmd7dYkg Nonroot!a9dglaSY!CFPs8VIgMN5DKisXisoD-HVrAzXLqwyg5erEFkAp5K8 How to install 1- Replace your...
  33. tych_tych

    Thread [Magisk Module] Product Sans modified (a little thicker than usual)

    Product Sans modified font I really like how clean Google's Product Sans looks but I just felt like it is a little bit to thin, that's why I decided to modify the font myself and make it just a tiny bit fatter, I only changed the regular (main) font and left the bold, italic, thin and other...
  34. N

    Thread Ios 13.2 emojis font

    Hi :) Ios 13.2 emoji :) Soon you can find all my fonts on zfont :) so if you have problem installing the font contact with zfont developer New Magisk Module!b9sTmSSI!raxLSH8_54wxHHxlylS3i-NInivtaFLpUho09rrr0qs...
  35. 7

    Thread [Magisk][Font] AppleArabic-Font

    This is a Magisk Module that will Systemlessly replaces ِِArabic font with new SF Arabic font. ✅ Compatibility: - Compatible with All Android roms (please feedback) ? Add-on: + Font fix for custom roms like (Samsung - Xsaomi - Others..) ? Changelog: - v1 2019/06/28 First...
  36. NaeemBolchhi

    Thread [MODULE] Change Bengali Font on Android Device

    Font Freak: Bengali Fonts If you are a rooted android user using Magisk, you're in luck. Some of you might remember the Bengali font modules that were in the Magisk Repo until a few days ago. They are no longer being allowed due a recent change in their policy. As such, I created a dedicated...
  37. NaeemBolchhi

    Thread [MAGISK] Change Bengali Font on Your Redmi 7

    Font Freak: Bengali Fonts If you are a rooted android user using Magisk, you're in luck. Some of you might remember the Bengali font modules that were in the Magisk Repo until a few days ago. They are no longer being allowed due a recent change in their policy. As such, I created a dedicated...
  38. NaeemBolchhi

    Thread [MAGISK] Change Bengali Font on Your Mi 9

    Font Freak: Bengali Fonts If you are a rooted android user using Magisk, you're in luck. Some of you might remember the Bengali font modules that were in the Magisk Repo until a few days ago. They are no longer being allowed due a recent change in their policy. As such, I created a dedicated...
  39. NaeemBolchhi

    Thread [MAGISK] Change Bengali Font on Your Redmi Note 7 Pro

    Font Freak: Bengali Fonts If you are a rooted android user using Magisk, you're in luck. Some of you might remember the Bengali font modules that were in the Magisk Repo until a few days ago. They are no longer being allowed due a recent change in their policy. As such, I created a dedicated...
  40. S

    Thread Display font scaling

    I found the normal size display font too small and the larger size too big for my taste. Using ADB I was able to set the font scaling to a more desirable level for me. I used the following command. adb shell settings put system font_scale 1.05 By default the numerical value for normal size is...
  41. E

    Thread Google Product Sans for Galaxy S10

    Hi all, I'm looking for a way to install Google Product Sans (w/o root). I tried a couple of methods (this and System Mod module for Substratum) but bot doesn't works. Did someone find a way?
  42. M

    Thread IOS Emojis on Android Pie (One UI) without Root (in Snapchat)

    So, I have found a way to get IOS 12.1 Emojis on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 without Root (through Wings Fonts) and it works really well in almost all apps, except for Snapchat. Before the Note 9 I had a phone with a custom ROM and Magisk and I could just download the Magisk module with the IOS...
  43. nongthaihoang

    Thread [DEAD] Google Sans • San Francisco • Custom Font Installer

    images by @GeilsonF56 GitHub Screenshots
  44. kamilmirza

    Thread [MODULE][FONT] Urdu Fonts - Nastaliq

    Magisk modules to replace stock (Naskh) Urdu font with Nastaliq fonts Compatibility works on Android 10 works on AOSP/Custom and Samung OneUI ROMs - Android 9 works fine along English works on Microsoft Word and Google Docs (use any other font except Arial) can be used for Arabic Notes...
  45. 1914Macguyver

    Thread Can you edit lockscreen font?

    I know on earlier versions of Android you could change the font to whatever you want. Is it possible on Oreo? I'm using the H910 stock Oreo. Thank you.
  46. parduscix

    Thread [Module] ChocoEUKor font for magisk 17+

    Download This is ChocoCookie font port for magisk 17+ Current status: testing Version:1.0 Offical telegram channel: @PlayBoyStore SS:
  47. P

    Thread Text in chrome is disappearing.

    Hey I have pretty strange problem with my Galaxy Note 4. From some time when I browse websites in Chrome text are starting to disappear/glitch. After you scroll up and down several times everything is ok (in most cases). I tried removing cache, data, uninstalling all updates and installing them...
  48. Mr.Ash.Man

    Thread Google Product Sans Fonts for Samsung Oreo [No-Root] [No-Substratum]

    How to install: - Download & Install GoogleSansFonts.apk - Reboot device - Go to Settings > Display > Font and screen zoom - Choose your Font - Select Apply ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to uninstall: - Download...
  49. H

    Thread Lock screen and AOD clock show colon as rectangle

    Hi all, I am on Pie, rooted with magisk and have installed the Product Sans module enabling system-wide Google Product Sans font. It is amazing and works very well, except for the lock screen and AOD where it shows a rectangle instead of a colon ( : ). Any way I can fix this?
  50. R

    Thread Status bar font change [Lineage 14/Nexus6/Root]

    As the topic title indicates how do you change the font? I've tried fontfix, ifont, and tried a mix of font face variants and nothing changes the status bar font. In particular the clock. Bored of it. hesitant on using substratum to do it since that's way too much overhead. Any other ways...