1. ThatsYisy

    Thread How To Guide Install Google Mobile Services (GMS) on EMUI 11 or Harmony OS 2.0 W/O rolling back to EMUI (Test Nov 2022)

    You can find the video instructions in the following: Video of successfully installed Google apps: *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Do NOT give up if your first attempt fails. Factory reset is recommended if failure happens, try again and I am sure you can get it done by following this guide, however...
  2. Tausif882

    Thread I Can not spoof Android device with xposed framework

    Even after 5 days of trying I didn't manage to spoof an Android app. My configuration is: Lenovo Vibe P1 (P1a42_288_160721_ROW) + ROOT + TWRP + XPOSED. The thing is that android APP somehow tracks me and I get ban immediately. In Terms & Conditions is stated, that this app tracks: device and...
  3. E

    Thread Xposed updated?

    Hi, i have question, what xposed updated works good on android 5.0.1? with rom phoenix rom i9505.??? because i try to install the xposed but already installed, the phone has bricked :cautious::cautious::sleep:
  4. A

    Thread How do software development processes change?

    Hi guys, I am doing research for my master's thesis on frontend frameworks and component libraries and how they affect the software development process. I am mainly focusing on the relationship of the project manager (planning) - designer - developer. I would like to get a holistic view of the...
  5. I

    Thread How to install OOS 11 Phone/Dialer app on OOS 10?

    I recently downgraded my OP 7 Pro from OOS to OOS 10.3.8 as I found the former to be causing a lot of stutters and hiccups. One of the things that I miss about OOS 11 is the Phone (com.oneplus.dialer) app. I tried simply installing the app, and despite it having different package name...
  6. G

    Thread Xiaomi framework for APKTool

    I am trying to decompile an APK from the ROM, but I need the Xiaomi framework to be able to successfully do it. Would anyone be willing to do that for me and attach the framework as a post in this thread please?
  7. G

    Thread Google framework services - freeze

    Hi, Short story - I cannot freeze or disable google framework services long. I installed google services on my device without knowing about icebox when I've got it. A few days ago a made the time to reset and start over(factory reset) and try the new version of installing google services but...
  8. amazinglarry311

    Thread Android x86 9.0-r2 Xposed Framework Installer -[x86posed]-

    Android-x86-9.0-r2 Xposed Framework Installer Requires a fresh install with /system partition set as read/write, Extract contents of THIS zip file to the root fo your sdcard folder. Open Terminal and type: su cd /sdcard/x86posed sh Reboot and Enjoy Xposed framework on Android x86...
  9. D

    Thread EdXposed optimize applications with speed mode

    Hi I have been in the dark for sometime and just recently updated from the EdXposed installer app to the latest EdXposed manager. 4.5.4. Have a couple questions. First, which of the two lightening icons on the framework screen is for optimize all apps with speed mode? Second, is this good to...
  10. mlgmxyysd

    Thread What is the replacement of xposed module repository?

    well, I noticed the whois of domain will expire at 12:31:26, January 29, 2020 rovo89 has left. I'm not sure if it will renew the domain That's a bad message. :( Where should module developers upload their own modules? How can users who are still using older Android continue to...
  11. Hamza417

    Thread [MOD][Magisk] Realme 3 Pro Framework Port

    The System Launcher is good enough for daily use. I don't always lean towards the heavy customization and most often live with something that just works and requires little to no maintenance over time. Although the System Launcher is such that launcher but I realized that it is not providing...
  12. sosukeaizen

    Thread Modify framework of J700H?

    How do I modify the framework and afterwards how do I add it in my 1 more thing I need to add features like taking snapshot and s-bike features in the framework, if you have the resources for it please share them here. Thanks :laugh:
  13. S

    Thread [app] [privset] [change hidden system settings via overlays] [6.0+] [root]

    Hi all Play Store Download Link: Demo video of "Privset" FIRST OF ALL BIG THANX TO NICHOLAS CHUM (lead developer of Substratum Project which i also participated as contributor)...
  14. S

    Thread [app] [privset] [change hidden system settings via overlays] [6.0+] [root]

  15. S

    Thread [app] {privset] [change hidden system settings via overlays] [6.0+] [root]

  16. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread [HELP] Status Bar icons

    Hello guys, i have an Flat S7, and i want to custom the statusbar icons, and put the S8 icons like battery, singal, WiFi, 3G/4G/LTE, but i cant found the resources, i search in SystemUI and in framework-res.apk but nothing, any help?
  17. C

    Thread [MOD] [Jlo] SystemUI + Framework Lolipop Style

    Just share the Systemui and the framework I have edited into as shown below Requirements : 1. CM 10 ( CM10 - FreeXperia Project : ★ ★◢ MJB™Xperia J ◣ ★ ★ ALPHA 2 | Z EDITION | TOUCHWIZ EDITION 2. Disable Signature
  18. facuarmo

    Thread [MOD] Customized framework for stock ROM

    After getting a bit angry about Motorola's decision to not to enable and allow people to access the multiuser mode, I've decided to customize the framework and touch some more things. Don't hesitate to suggest any other modifications that you'd like me to do. WARNING: This is ONLY for stock...
  19. G

    Thread Lollipop Xposed Framework on Intel Cherry Trail (Z8300)

    Hey guys, Was really hard to find anything related to this matter online, but after many bootloops and banging my head around, trying to install Xposed Framework on my Onda V80 Plus tablet, I've finally discovered a way to make it work. It's really simple, just flash the Xposed framework...
  20. abirkan

    Thread Asus Zenfone 6 Xposed x86 lollipop

    Hi, İ have intel x86 asus zenfone 6 z002 ww- lollipop 5.0 My device rooted and have twrp... İ need install xposed framework... Please help me Thnx,
  21. B

    Thread LG HD Audio Recording on AOSP?

    Hi there everyone! I enjoy and am grateful for all the work that all the devs have contributed towards the Stock and AOSP roms for this device. That being said, I'm wondering if it is possible to get HD Recording @ 24Bits on those types of roms (AOSP). All the apps on the play store usually only...
  22. A

    Thread [need help] apktool framework for ID : 4

    Hello All, I need little help, i am using apk tool 2.2.1 by ibotpeaches, :) and everything is working fine for almose all apks that i decompiled, but i have created xperia theme now, by xperia theme creator, now i want to decompile that theme to add some more features menually, and when i try...
  23. M

    Thread [Help] TWRP On PPTV King 7s

    Hello there, I bouth a pptv king 7s and recived it yesterday. I want to install/fastbook TWRP on it so i can pull the original framework from the phone and have a backup. I tried to fastboot the phone with the pptv king 7 TWRP that i found on this forum but it didn't work, i assume its because...
  24. Nick Verse

    Thread [DEV_INFO][android-6.0.1_r74]November 09th framework security patches

    Basic introduction: From November 09th of 2016 and up Android is trying to patch the framework sources with file descriptor testing (fd), which is causing the mentioned bootloops across our platforms. More about what FDs are can be found here -->
  25. A

    Thread Xposed Framework {6.0.1}

    ==================================Xposed Framework For 6.0.1 {SDK23}================================== Xposed Framework is now much more stable for sdk 23. So let's try it out! :o Requirements : * Unlocked Bootloader * TWRP Recovery * SuperSu...
  26. C

    Thread Xposed framework install how?

    about: Samsung S5 G901F I don't know what i am doing wrong, but I cannot install the xposed framework for Android 6.0.1 What I did so far: 1) installed a new stock rom 2) installed CF auto root, I have a confirmed SU. 3) in Recovery mode I try to install all Xposed framework zips from my SD...
  27. stewie-droid

    Thread Correct Framework for Xposed Installer on H811-10n LP ?

    Hi guys. I have h811 LP 10n rom. Xposed installer installed 3.0 for LP below but my framework is older 80 version from romracer which works fine but newer apps require newer framework. I tried few recommended frameworks and i can get past lock screen, it loops backs to lockscreen if framework is...
  28. asdfasdfvful

    Thread [Help] Creating/Modifying touch events

    I'd like to make a module that can either create or modify touch events on a specific app. I don't have access to the app's source. An example of the usage would be to make every x value of a touch event in that app to have an offset of say 200 pixels, so if you tap the center, the touch will...
  29. B

    Thread xposed framework on moto g4 plus

    Guys xposed framework works perfectly on moto g4 plus. I tried using the latest version (v85) but my mobile data wasn't working but with version (v78) everything works fine. so here is what you need to do. 1.) root your phone, install custom recovery. There are plenty of threads for that. 2.)...
  30. BatDroid

    Thread [[theme]] [[cm12 - 12.1]] mix dark

    Hey everyone, This is a ultra lightweight dark theme for CM12 and the size is only 2MB! I am new to CM12's theme development as I was using KK and there's a huge change between kk and LP framework. I hope u guys will help me by suggesting what to add next. What's themed--- Status Bar Quick...
  31. BatDroid

    Thread [[THEME]] CM12-12.1 (Batdroids LP)

    Hello Sir/Ma'am, Welcom3 to the thread of my first cm12 theme. I am not still familiar with cm12's framework as I just started using it. Oh! Forgot to mention one thing... This is a bad theme/real bad, perhaps worse. I just started it and I hope u all will help me by guiding or telling what to...
  32. Hitman951

    Thread Quick Question about Xposed.

  33. wanam

    Thread Xposed with Huawei theming engine support

    I am new to Huawei devices, the P9 is my first device, so trying to get Xposed to work on it, i noticed that we need to disable the theming engine. I digged a little into this engine sources and it seems the required change is simple, so here is a test version that should support it with no...
  34. M

    Thread Framework And Av Update 5.1.1 Camera Error

    Hi. I'm trying to build OmniRom for my msm8974 phone. My camera worked at test applications in 18.02.2016. but after then never worked. repo is synced and my friend who has got very knowledge about omnirom and android development said omni has updated frameworks and av. What can i do to pass...
  35. J

    Thread Xposed Framework for CM12.1

    I am attempting to install Xposed framework for CM12.1 on my 5.1.1 device, but it says "Xposed is not (yet) compatible with Android SDK version 22 or your processor architecture (armeabi-v7a). CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE DEPENDENCIES: library "" not found" Is there some other version or a...
  36. R

    Thread installing xposed framework in galaxy j5

    I have searched a lot on the web and xda but cannot find any way to install framework on galaxy j5 i have tried installing xposed framework with twrp but there also no luck. Please suggest a way or provide a compatible flashable framework file .please help.
  37. G

    Thread [R] Trimnot successor for Marshmallow ?

    Hi ! As you know, Android has a limit for call logs which is currently set to 500. There was a module working on Kitkat which seemed to break this limit, but this module doesn't work anymore on Marshmallow. So my question is : is it possible to build a module which breaks the call logs limit...
  38. wifesabitch

    Thread Why Can't I install an .apk File?

    After I installed the xposed framework I am unable to install any .apk files. It goes through the motions and results in "app not installed". I've tried many and not just from the Xposed Installer. Yes I have "Unknown sources" checked. Tried a complete wipe. Same problem. Asus Zenpad...
  39. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread [HELP] Xposed error

    Hello guys, i have a problem in my Core 2, since i Updated mu phone to the las version (G355MUBU0AOI4) I can't install xposed. I hope some can help me
  40. akky26

    Thread Guide to make FLASHABLE ZIP [System/Framework][For newbies like me ;)]

    THIS WORKS ON EVERY DEVICE SO FAR,STILL DO AT YOUR OWN RISK This guide is for them who has very less or Zero knowledge about how to create a flashable zip for their system apps or frameworks. Respected Dev's please correct me if I am wrong in explaining something in this tutorial. Thanks in...
  41. J

    Thread Xposed.....Galaxy Note 4.....Any Word??????

    Ok people, I'm just trying to find out the latest on when Xposed should be working and available for the Note 4. I'm running a Sprint Note 4 with a rooted stock rom and judging by what I've read regarding what all I can do with the Xposed Framework, I am more than a little anxious for it to get...
  42. G

    Thread Mobile frameworks for android development survey. Which one is better?

    Hi! I am doing a research for BSC on mobile framework development, and i am trying to determine which mobile framework is the best one for the job based on other developers feedback. If you have ever developed with mobile frameworks, then I invite you, to anwser some questions regarding some...
  43. T

    Thread Xposed framework don't work on Xperia T2 Ultra, android 5.0.2 19.3.A.0.472

    Flashed framework v67,66,65 - bootloop.
  44. T

    Thread Remove High Volume Warning (on Deodexed, Rooted ROMs)

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for soft-bricking or boot-looping your device I've created a modified framework.jar that simply disables the high-volume warning and I thought I'd share it in case anyone else wanted it. This is for people that want to disable this damn annoying "feature," but...
  45. B

    Thread compiling pac 5.1 from source (framework/org.cyanogenmod.platform-res.apk needed eror

    hello there im compiling pac 5.1 from source im almost done i guess after compiling for about 1 hour i stumbled upon this error make: *** No rule to make target '/home/bassface/pac-rom/out/target/product/a6000/system/framework/org.cyanogenmod.platform-res.apk', needed by...
  46. evil.demon_s

    Thread [MOD] Sony Xperia Z3 Lollipop Framework Ported to CyanogenMod-12.0

    Finally the long wait is over. I Proudly Present To You Xperia Z3 Lollipop Framework For Xperia Phones Running Cm 12 Lollipop...!!!! :highfive: ;) :D Experience Something New On your Lollipop running Device :laugh: Wherever You See, It Will Be New....So Just Grab Your Chair And Enjoy The New...
  47. D

    Thread [resolved] Xposed framework stopped working, now cannot reinstall.

    Rebooted my phone today and quickly noticed that my xposed framework stopped, well, doing anything. Some customizations from modules were not there. Went into the xposed installer and it reported that an update was available but the counts were all matched and green. Tried to install it all...
  48. ThunderSky7

    Thread [Deodex] [Android 5.1] [Sprout] [LMY47O] Deodex Framework

    Deodexed Framework Deodexed Framework files for latest LMY47O Stock. Deodexed Framework for ease editing,modding and tweaking of Framework. "Boot.oat to Dex" There is no need to Deodex apps because they are already deodexed. Why to Deodex? Because of deodexing you can edit your framework...
  49. sayakshinobu

    Thread lolipop framework v1.1

    this framework is based on xxana2 and will work on above(swap supported ones).i dont know about lower versions.i made it from stock it should not be working on odexed systems.ok now to the good part. Lolipop framework v1.1 yep,you heard it right.its lolipop framework for gt s5282...
  50. E

    Thread Downgrade experiences

    First of all, many thanks rovo89 and the others for your impressive work! Just wanted to share my experiences regarding my attempt to downgrade the framework version. You might ask "why would you want to do this?" Well, on a Huawei Ascend G700 (rooted, CWM, stock ROM) the framework stopped to...