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franco kernel

  1. B

    Thread Fix Exynos 990 battery drain and Overheating Issues -[ It works ]

    I have the exynos 990 version of the S20 FE and as we all know, the 990 is a little bit of a hot mess. However it has quite a lot to give if limited correctly.I'm running One UI 3.1 on android 11. I rooted my FE with magisk and installed Franco kernel manager. The steps below will give you good...
  2. Hiou

    Thread which is the best kernel

    Franco R5 or Electra Blue 11 Anyone have experience of this two :confused:
  3. smallvan

    Thread [HELP] Changed Slot After Flashing Kernel

    Got my Pixel XL and updated to NMF26O 7.1.1 by OTA. Then, unlocked bootloader, flashed TWRP RC1 and SuperSU V2.79 SR1. Worked no problem as well as did TWRP backup twice. I noted that Slot B is being used when I rebooted from TWRP. Tonight, I flashed custom kernel, FK-R6, by using "fastboot...
  4. DespairFactor


    This thread is strictly for building revisions of AK kernel from the nightly branch as new commits are added. This means that all code is strictly from the respective kernel and has no additional code. The official thread will not support these builds, although we have our thread/community here...
  5. J

    Thread [Color Profile - Franco kernel] Ditio ( underrated!! )

    After using franco kernel for a while I have tried various color profiles, until recently I found the following profile. After downloading it, copy it into /sdcard/franco.kernel_updater/color_profiles/ . If the directory does not exist then just click on load color profile to import all the...
  6. N

    Thread [q] help! I think my phone got fried! :(

    hi everyone! ok so last night I flashed franco kernel on my phone and I went to bed setting an alarm for 8. in the morning I woke up but not at 8, because my alarm didn't go off. why? because my phone was off. it got so unbelievably hot that you literally couldn't hold it for more than 3...
  7. S

    Thread [Q] Franco Kernel Random Reboots

    I was running a rooted stock ROM when I wanted to install Franco kernel r32. After installing the kernel I kept getting random reboots. While using nearly all applications after sometime the screen just freezes and then in 10 seconds the phone reboots. This keep s happening again and again. Can...
  8. franciscofranco

    Thread [KERNEL][N5] FrancoKernel - r115 - 2nd November - Stock & Oreo

    Hi all. Compatibility: It should work on any rom by following this logic: Builds (starting with r65) are Android 5.0 Lollipop only. Builds (starting with r72) are Android 5.1 Lollipop only. Builds (starting with r76) are Android 6.0 Marshmallow only. Builds (starting with r97) are also...
  9. TRSHD

    Thread [Q] 4.3 mako non-developmental question

    I was wondering why some ROM developers use the earlier JSS15J build of AOSP while others use JWR66V... For instance, I installed CM10.2 official nightlies, which are built on JSS and quickly tried to install build r176 of franco.kernel. Then I realized Franco's obligated to release TWO...
  10. Morpheus90

    Thread [ROM] [Halo] [FK] Stock Stable CyanogenMod 10.1.2 with Halo [20130714]

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. I wanted a ROM as Stock as possible with Halo from Paranoid Android, so I started this project...
  11. Morpheus90

    Thread [ROM][Halo][FK] Stock Stable CyanogenMod 10.1.2 with Halo [20130714]

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. I wanted a ROM as Stock as possible with Halo from Paranoid Android, so I started this project...
  12. R

    Thread [ROM] AOSP 4.2.2 Nexus 7 with franco.Kernel

    This AOSP ROM is built using latest version (4.2.2) of pure Android open source project (AOSP 4.2.2). And I replaced the default kernel with franco kernel (r47) which is known for its performance. Warning : Built for Nexus 7 wifi only model. Features: Pure Android Experience + Better...
  13. R

    Thread Franco kernel Cruzerite case review

    Hey guys, I got this custom case a couple days ago and wanted to show you the review. It is a case made by Cruzerlite and Francisco Franco , the kernel master. Pretty cool idea Here it is : zoTgD8AW6h8 http://youtu.be/zoTgD8AW6h8
  14. babalonius508

    Thread [Q] Dead Nexus 4?

    So unfortunately my Nexus 4 will not turn on. I was on CodefireX SR6 and franco.Kernel r53 and I decided to run an Antutu benchmark out of curiosity. It froze up during the benchmark and turned off. It hasn't come back on since. The battery was fully charged when this happened and I've never...
  15. C

    Thread [ROM]OptimusC ROM for P500 and P509[Beta3]

    OptimusC ROM for P500 and P509 Beta 3 Features: Android 2.2.2 Froyo Overclockable Kernel (Franco Kernel 19.4 BFS) Custom Boot Animation Ad-Blocked! Build.prop Tweaks Stagefright Enabled Holo Launcher Google Play Music, NotifyMe, and ES File Manager included Deodexed (For Theming Purposes)...
  16. P

    Thread [Q] Franco Kernel Problems

    So sometimes whenever I lock my screen, the next second I try to unlock it again and it's unresponsive and the phone reboots on it's own. I don't know if I'm having compatibility issues or what. Screenshots don't work on my phone for some reason, they just come out all black. But here's my info...
  17. D

    Thread Kernel not Working (Glitching)

    Hey guys. So I was on Bugless Beast originally but the franco.Kernel application was bugging out everything I tried switching between the panels. It would lag and freeze, then it would switch to the next panel, but when I try to change a value, it won't change. I've tried color changes, and it...
  18. jeremyt727

    Thread Slight issue with Franco Kernel !

    So i am running LiquidSmooth JB v2.0 ROM and i've been wanting to run a proper Franco Kernel. Here is why i say "proper." After i do a wipe data/cache and dalvik, i'd flash the LiquidSmooth Rom. After flashing ROM i would flash the Franco.kernel r241-384GPU which would install successfully...
  19. jeremyt727

    Thread NOT a Question BUT an answer to solve your problem!

    To whom it my concern: I have been the guy who had dealt with ups and downs with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Mostly downs! But this thread is to simply help those with the LTE Galaxy Nexus and needing answers as to What rom is best and/or Kernel. My experience lately with one of the greatest...
  20. case0

    Thread [Q] How to get normal colours on Franco kernel?

    Hey, I flashed franco a couple of days ago, but it creates a weird blue tint on the screen. The solution seems to be either buy his app to adjust it, or use some command (which he doesn't explain it very well..). So I tried this in a terminal but it didn't work: echo "0 0 0"...
  21. franciscofranco

    Thread [KERNEL][GPL][11 OCT - Milestone 6][r196-ICS r283-JB] franco.Kernel | 4.0/4.1 |

    franco.Kernel features: * I have 1 version for ICS(4.0.3/4.0.4) and one version for JB(4.1/4.1.1/4.1.2). If you ask if it works on older roms I will kick your ass * Overclockable by tons of frequencies * Custom Voltage Control from Ezekeel * Sound Control from Ezekeel/Greg White * OMAP Gamma...
  22. Cybergr

    Thread [ROM][23DEC]CyberGR-MOD|NS.NGN v.4 Ult.+Franco Kernel 08.12|Lightning FAST!

    CyberGR-MOD|NS.NGN ver. 4.0 Ultimate **If you like all the good stuff that a CyanogenMOD ROM offers and you looking for a lightning fast, smooth and rock stable alternative with stock look, custom ROM, then you are in the right place!!Give it a ride to believe!!** Features : Based on AOSP...
  23. M

    Thread [Q] Swap & franco.kernel

    Why franco removed swap support from his kernel. I've used it for along time but after kernel upgrade was surprised. U8800 has extra space on it's internal SDcard so it is reasonable to use it. I repartitioned it and inserted to init.d "swapon /dev/block/mmcblk0p15" - now it doesn't work . Pleas...
  24. dr.notor

    Thread [ROM][Themed] MIUI-Gen71 v0.666 Suicidal Edition |CM 7.1-RC1|2.3.5|franco

    Per popular demand and due to lack of MIUI porting progress, bringing to you: MIUI-Gen71 v0.666 Suicidal Edition Big thanks to: - mik_os for his excellent ROM - franco for his excellent kernels - ZduneX25 for his great theme - all other people mentioned below Special thanks to: SWEATTAIMI for...
  25. franciscofranco

    Thread [KERNEL][GPL][23 FEV - #4] franco.Kernel |

    About Following the popular franco.Kernel series I present you the new .35 tree based kernel for the 2.3.3 from LG and for the CM testing releases from mik. (Because people keep flashing this **** with the wrong roms and come here crying "HALP" enjoy the big letter warning) This kernel is not...
  26. D

    Thread [Q] Help with random crashes using Franco Kernel v15

    I'm using Franco's Kernel v15 + ZRAM with Mik's CM7 6.5.2. At first it was a dream, 1352 points on quadrant and 58.5fps on neocore @480/729Mhz Smartass. Everything running smooth and really fast. About 6 hours of intense testing some apps (many, in fact) started crashing for no reason. Mostly...