1. lohigno

    Thread [ICON PACK] Minimal White Lite - Icons Pack [Android 5.0+ Devices]

    Icon Pack based on minimal white color shapeless for your smartphone homescreen Features ▸ 2.000+ High-Quality Icons Included ▸ 10.000+ Icon Apps Themed ▸ 1.500+ Wallpapers Cloud-Based ▸ Greyscale Masking Covering Not Themed Apps ▸ Circle Ring Covering Unthemed Apps ▸ Dynamic Calendar For...
  2. frixy

    Thread [FREE] [GAME] Random Instagram Relax Travel

    Relax game. Time to travel! It's your key to fly in time. Teleport in over around the world. You can see more... Download Random Instagram Relax Travel:
  3. Siddhant Silwal

    Thread Are there any ad-free 'All in one' social media app?

    I just revived an old phone and found out that youtube has stopped its support. In the past I heard of an app inside which is a collection of web versions of all social media apps, Due to the fact that it had web versions it used less storage and endless device support which would be perfect for...
  4. GreenMan2022

    Thread WorldTV Client 1.1

    Hi all. I made for myself a small catalog of playlists with channels from all over the world. Thought it might be of interest to you. The catalog is divided into several sections: Languages, countries, topics. Management is simple. Select the desired section, say the country of America and a...
  5. Husar199422

    Thread [Free] [New Game] Adventure Dwarves

    Hey everyone! I would like to share with you the results of my work, which was creating an Android application. The name of the game is Adventure Dwarves. This is a simple 'Platformer Adventure' game in which you play the role of a dwarf who traverses a world full of obstacles, collecting...
  6. Tyoma96

    Thread Interactive lullaby

    Hi! I am from indie-studio "Dotbake". Reсently we created an interactive lullaby "Shleepy Stories: Nighty Night". The purpose of our app is to help parents get their kids ready for bed. Meditative gameplay and calm music soothes children, create the right atmosphere for sleep. By the way...
  7. StarwayGame

    Thread [GAME][FREE][4.4+] Starway

    **STARWAY** Hi everyone! I would like to present you this new game Starway. It is a simple but challenging game where you have to tap the screen to stop the falling stairs before they touch the platforms. If you stop it too soon, the next platform will go up as penalization, avoid it stoping it...
  8. B

    Thread [FREE] [Android] [GAME] Word Connect - Word Search

    Hello, I have a new word connect search android game, I will be thankful if you can support my game Link : The game is nice and easy to play. Thank you so much
  9. Danil_Now

    Thread [FREE] METALBATE Core [GAME]

    Greetings! I want to present my top down shooter ... about robots ... about cars ... pieces of iron, yes. I must say right away that this is a prequel to my other game - Dominator. "Your task in the game is to assemble your death machine and go through the levels through the crowds of enemies...
  10. **Menos**

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Tilla - subscriptions manager

    Hi guys, I am the developer of some ad-free system utilities for Android OS (Castro, Skit, and Graphie) and now I tried to do something different, so meet Tilla - subscriptions tracker with the ability to receive reminders about coming payments for subscriptions, get total expenses statistics...
  11. Oshekher

    Thread [APP] NeoTerm v2.0.5

    This release contains small changes and improvements: Change: Only supports aarch64 based devices now Changed: NeoTerm apt repository link Changes: Related for NeoTerm-Packages (Based on Termux packages sources) Changed: Default shell to bash Fixed: Wrong version string for app Notes: Keep in...
  12. ITawate

    Thread [APP][4.0+][Material Design] FM Radio: Radio, fm am, Free Radio & Online Radio

    I developed a radio app named as FM Radio: Radio, FM am, Free Radio & Online Radio. The radio app have all the unique and best features. The main feature of the app is to record online streams free & save it on the device. Also, User can make ringtones of the recorded radio stations by using MP3...
  13. Callandha

    Thread [Game] One hint of magic - interactive text adventure app

    So I’ve developed an android app now and I’m really curious about your feedback! The app is completely free to play. Here’s the link: As I already mentioned in the headline, this is an interactive text adventure story app, so you can...
  14. A

    Thread [GAME][FREE] Space Math

    Hi all, Are you the fastest, the smartest and the best at math in all of the universe? And are you ready to prove it? Then here is your chance! Play Space Math now! Compete with your friends on different levels. Easy, medium or decide! Solve 30 math problems, quick and flawless to...
  15. N

    Thread Making the most out of Jio Hybrid STB Set Top Box (Without forking)

    Jio STB Sucks. No doubt about it. This forum is for people to make the most out of the set top box. I got the Set-top box for Rs.1000 effectively mainly for Sony Liv because that's what my family mainly watches. At that price it was the cheapest to replace the Cable TV which was also only used...
  16. techrial

    Thread [APP] FL Studio Mobile 3.5.0 Latest version Installer | Android

    tutorial available on my channel: download link:
  17. TienDatPhan

    Thread [FREE][APP] Send SMS HANDSFREE by Voice: Unlimited message

    Dear all, This application was inspired by the fact that there are great demand on editing and sending quick SMS, without much action from your hands (no keyboard typing, minimum screen touches). Unfortunately, current applications on the market do not provide an adequate handsfree experience...
  18. Ayaz Alvi

    Thread Floating Windows (Floating Apps) on any Android phone for free!

    On Android 7, Google introduced Freeform formation in development option. In this topic, you will be able to float apps on any Android... For Android devices (below Android 7, as Android 4.4,5,6...) You need to install custom ROMs for this action... Learn how to install custom ROMs on Android...
  19. Dimanchous

    Thread MobileGame: Shape Runner

    Hey. I want to share important news for us. We have successfully completed the development of our first free mobile game. Our goal was to have only an idea, by all means, to bring it to life, since it is quite easy to come up with and start a project, but to bring it to mind, as it turned out...
  20. F

    Thread Android VNC Server no Root and Free

    Hi there, I've been trying to connect to my Phone via VNC protocol from the computer, either with an USB cable hooked or some kind of internet layer (LAN). I have seen on Windows there is the Android Studio One which has a VNC Server client on it , but for Linux I cant find something that it...
  21. AleksSoft

    Thread [Game] [Free] Hexadots

    Hello! I want to share with you my new puzzle game for Android - Hexadots. Few words about what was done. I decided not to use game engines like Unity and implement everything using just standard Android SDK. Also, I tried not to use any libs and create all logic and algorithms for the...
  22. B

    Thread [FREE NEW GAME] Word Search Puzzle

    Hello, I have a new word search android game, I will be thankful if you can support my game Link : The game is nice and easy to play. Information : Rating: 4.9 Installs: 1000+ Download Size: 15M Version 1.4...
  23. whitebbit

    Thread Planetary Jumper

    Google Play Link Planetary Jumper is a fun and enjoyable endless runner with pleasant controls, the ability to buy outfits from the skin store and other features. This game is a great way to kill some time. Simple but addictive gameplay will not let you get bored wherever you are. You control...
  24. t-ryder

    Thread [APP][Android 5.0+] Rywall UHD wallpaper app

    __________________ I took Jahir Fiquitivas Frames Dashboard and created Rywall - an UHD wallpaper app for Android smartphones. __________________ UHD JPG wallpapers 3840x1644 pixels Set wallpapers using the app itself or the system-tool (adjust) No ads No tracking No premium version...
  25. T

    Thread [APP][4.2+]Control your Android's sound volume from a browser (free noads opensource)

    Hello everyone, my application is (and will remain) free, without ads, and open source. It lets you control the sound volume of an Android device remotely from any other device that has a web browser, Android or not. Therefore this also includes non-Android devices (such as PC, Mac, iPhone and...
  26. TechOut

    Thread Free Schnail Case Testing Opportunity

    One of my favorite case brands is giving away some free cases! Schnail is offering 20 cases for free in exchange for feedback if you are interested you can apply at the link below!
  27. A

    Thread Blast ball: match 3 puzzle

    Blast ball: match 3 puzzle game which goal is to blow up all the balls by collecting combinations of three or more blocks in a row. The game is complicated by the presence of different obstacles that also need to be destroyed. The game contains over 100 levels and three different types of balls...
  28. vivekkalady

    Thread [APP][Android 5+] Around the World - Meeting Planner [2020]

    Around the World - Meeting Planner Description Around the World - Meeting Planner is an application which allows users to find the best appointment times for cross timezone appointments. This application shows you what would the time be in other cities compared to your home city, add an...
  29. I

    Thread [APP][6.0+] xChanges Rates - crypto currencies, rates, charts and notifications.

    xChanges Rates - Android application which helps you to get in touch with crypto currencies in real time. Monitor all available crypto currencies from over 90 exchangers across the globe. Check currency last changes with filters - 10 mins, 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 week, 1 month, half a year, year or...
  30. I

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Touch Counter with holding time

    Scope of using: Helps you to count anything you need with high precision just by clicking CLICK. For example, when you do workout, then save results and give it a name. Features Simple-to-use. Free and Ad-free. Holding time of each click. Create, edit and delete unlimited amount of...
  31. D

    Thread Smartwatch/bands based in Opensource/openhardware

    Is there any watch/band focused on compatibility and based in open standards or at least with a documenteded protocol? I am seeing that all watches supported by Gadgetbridge app for android, required reverse engineering/hacking efforts. Is there any watch open for interconnectivity? In my...
  32. LRSdeCo

    Thread [Game][4.1+]Hold Brawl - Challenging arcade game with 2 modes.

    Stores descriptions: Hold the pad and drag it to collect points. Use the shield to bounce back the obstacles! Make your own record and personalize the environment, complete all the goals and have fun. Be careful not to be hit, and hit back to earn coins. Time your actions, target carefully and...
  33. E

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] ⚡ Network Speed - Monitoring - Speed Meter *Free REAL Promo Codes*

    Network Speed Monitor your network speed in real time on your status bar or floating widget You may obtain your promo code below Xhf_4xls4s4 Download (Play Store) QR Code...
  34. rcoliveirajr

    Thread [APP] MAH Battery (Limited time free)

    mAh Battery will give you easy access to many informations from your device, including your current battery life condition and milliampere. - Current Battery Life and Milliampere - Battery Level - Temperature (Choose between Celsius, Fahrenheit degrees, or even Kelvin!) - Voltage - Status -...
  35. rcoliveirajr

    Thread [FREE APP] Notification Remember

    A whole new way to keep track on anything you need to do - Keep notes in your notification bar - Make then impossible to clear when swiping away - Always be reminded - Easy and fast to use Try Notification Remember right now! Download at Play Store
  36. sandhu4

    Thread [WLP][4.3+] Fusion Watch Face and Live Wallpaper

    FUSION WATCH FACE AND CLOCK LIVE WALLPAPER Fusion is Fully customizable Aviator style, Wear OS (Android Wear) Watch Face and Clock Live Wallpaper for all Phones. With many more features. ScreenShots: Free Downloads:
  37. M

    Thread [T-Mobile] OP7 Pro SIM Unlock!

    [Update 20200210] Service continued in this thread: *** SERVICE HAS BEEN TEMPORALILY PAUSED. WILL OPEN THREAD WHEN RESUMED *** Hello, I am doing free SIM unlocking on the T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro...
  38. P

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] Trog Smash Island - A prehistoric adventure ** Free Promo Codes **

    We are giving Trog Smash Island promo codes for free to celebrate the game's launch Get promo code here: Game download link:
  39. kshark27

    Thread [APP][5.0] ❤️ Motivation 365 - Habit tracker, task tracker and Timelines ❤️

    MEGA LAUNCH GIVEAWAY : 100 Promocodes STORY : Why I made Motivation 365? So I am a full time Android developer and I work from home. Although it's really fun doing what i do, there are times when i feel totally drained and unable to work on my apps. I have been trying to solve this problem by...
  40. A

    Thread [APP] PaceDown v1.2 - Air Pressure Monitor for Pace/Stratos/Verge

    PaceDown v1.2 This is the last app of my Pace(X) series (On, Off, Up & Down). :) It records air pressure data and shows the current reading with the trend indicator. The app can also show a graph of the historical pressure data. Disclaimer: The app is provided "AS IS". I am not...
  41. A

    Thread [APP] PaceUp v2.1 - Altimeter for Pace/Stratos/Verge

    PaceUp v2.1 It is a pressure (barometric) altimeter which determines the altitude based on the pressure with some calibration. Known altitude, pressure, and temperature of a near reference point can be used to calibrate PaceUp to give more accurate altitude. By default, the International...
  42. T

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Bottom Quick Settings

    Bottom Quick Settings - Notification Customisation Android P's quick settings and notifications at the bottom of your screen Promo video: Do you find the quick setting panel and notification drawer hard to reach with one hand at the top of the...
  43. S

    Thread Watch Face Sale

    Check out this page, lots of the faces are on sale and if you like animated watch faces there are some good ones here and more coming out in another day or two.
  44. D

    Thread Download free games <word>

    :хорошо: :хорошо: Product description: This is the best quality game.For all fans of puzzles riddles crosswords and puzzles! 100% Fun! The rules are very simple: 4 pictures (pictures) you need to guess what word they represent. Look at the pics and guess the word. If you are stuck at some...
  45. nickelghandi

    Thread APP - OpenIT - The easy, FREE way to unlock unlimited HotSpot on the Sprint Variant

    Hello all, *** So far this is not working on Pie. It seems as though Sprint has found a way to keep the app from loading, but it is still on the device. I am working on a solution, but at this time, if you have not done the mod yet, do not update to Pie. If you have already done the mod and...
  46. S

    Thread Anyone want a Droid 4 for parts?

    Hi everyone: Well, I screwed up reassembly of my Droid 4. And I have two other phones. So I'd like to give the Droid 4 parts remaining to someone who can use them. I messed up the part of the front frame where the screws go in-I put in the wrong screws and they were too long, and came out the...
  47. K

    Thread [dev][free][puzzle] mrgd

    Hi, I just made my new game - MRGD: Make It Merged! You can find it on Google Play. MRGD is a match 3 (or more) puzzle game mashed with numbers, logic & strategy. Simple rules, hardest ever levels, infinite solutions. Take a look please. I really need a feedback & advices about gameplay &...
  48. K

    Thread [dev][free][puzzle] mrgd

    Hi, I just made my new game - MRGD: Make It Merged! You can find it on Google Play. MRGD is a match 3 (or more) puzzle game mashed with numbers, logic & strategy. Simple rules, hardest ever levels, infinite solutions. Take a look please. I really need a feedback & advices about gameplay &...
  49. Z

    Thread [FREE] Great Ringtones App [APP]

    Hi everyone! I found out a great free app that offers really loud ringtones, is perfect for those phones with low volume. Old Phone Ringtones! Old Phone Ringtones
  50. HeathenMan

    Thread [Game][MMO][Free] Aquila: First Contact

    Join the beta now! Create a station, build and customize your fleet of battleships. Fight pirate factions like the Red Sun or the deadly Night Ravens, or go pirate yourself and come up against powerful security forces. Research, craft and loot new equipment from the pirate fleets or other...