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  1. Z

    Thread [Q] FRF91 / 2.2.1 pulled from Google servers?

    Three days ago I switched back from CM6.1 to stock 2.2: I wanted to see if I would get the OTA for 2.2.1 but so far nothing. This morning I decided to try it manual, but it appears all the links I could find for 2.2.1 have been pulled. No wonder the OTA wasn't coming... Or have they just...
  2. F

    Thread [Q] No way to download Modaco's superboot

    Hi, I'm trying to install a custom rom to my stock N1. Right now I'm trying to download Modaco's superboot from this page, more specifically the frf91 version, supposedly available here and mirrored here. Neither link seems to work, though. The first one does download a file but it seems to be...
  3. O

    Thread [Q] Best way to update HBOOT?

    I've tried flashing the different versions of the RFG33 update without success. The problem seems to be that since I have two bad blocks in my boot partition the boot.img doesn't fit. It seems that the newer HBOOT 0.35.0017 has increased the boot partition size so that might solve my problem...
  4. maximillion82

    Thread [Q] What ROM do I have?

    I bought a slightly used Nexus One, the guy said it's rooted, well I am new to Android, just trashed my iPhone. Anyways my OS seems slow at times, I have Froyo on it FRF91, but I think that it's a rather instable custom ROM how do I know if it's the original Google ROM? I rather have the...
  5. OctoPI

    Thread [Q] HTC's Nexus One Image

    I did a search about the updates to the source code/images site that HTC made public on the 11th but couldn't find a clear, or updated, answer. If you go to developer.htc.com, they have the Nexus One FRF91 system image listed among a list of kernels and source code downloads. Is it safe to...
  6. Gunthy`

    Thread [Q] FRF91 change kernel

    Hi, I've been searching the forums for this, but haven't found any real answer, so I thought I'd open a new thread :). I've successfully rooted my stock N1. However I'm wondering, with my newly acquired root rights, would it be possible to flash a custom kernel on it without needing to use a...
  7. V

    Thread [Question]rooting FRF91 with modaco's superboot for FRF91

    hello guys.. i just came to know that Modaco released his superboot version for FRF91... i want to know that is anyone tested it?? coz i badly want to root my nexus... so can anyone who tried it can gv a conformation that is it working or not??? looking forward for the replies... :)
  8. G

    Thread hotspot gives increasingly higher numbers

    I am running frf91 and my hotspot is working. Every time I turn on the hotspot function of my phone and connect my computer, my computer sees it remembers the SSID and password but reports a higher number than the time before. For example my SSID shows 'androidap (5)'. Five is the number of...
  9. R

    Thread FRF91 and Sense, is it that hard?

    Okay, I know I sound like a petulant child here, but there seem to be many FRF85 Sense roms, and a few FRF91 non-sense roms, but a severe lack of FRF91 Sense roms. I had a G1 for nearly a year and helped many of my friends with their heros along the way too, and the community kept astounding me...
  10. J

    Thread [TIPS] Stuck On FRF91? Want To Downgrade To Get Root? Click Here!

    Hello to Everyone! If you are like I was, stuck on FRF91 without being able to downgrade to get root, or if you just want to be able to flash to any earlier version Nexus One rom, then this post is for you. FRF91 does not allow you to flash to just any earlier version rom so for this tutorial...
  11. navymoss35

    Thread Desperately seeking help on nexus one

    I bought this nexus one used from someone on craigslist. It came with android 2.2. on it. frf 50 build and 4.04 radio. The video camera doe not work and I've researched and learned its due to the out dated radio. I received the ota frf91 update today but it didn't work. I have no idea how to...
  12. R

    Thread downgrading from frf91 to frf83

    Hi, anyone has a tip how I can downgrade from FRF91 (whic I got via OTA this mornig) back to FRF83? I really regret upgrading.. overall feeling is worse, and GPS seems to stop fixing on satellites at all.. so - may be someone has a reliable method to go back to FRF83? or any tips how to get...
  13. alexh3791

    Thread Nexus FRF85B/FRF91 Droid Port?

    Does anyone intend to port the latest Nexus One ROM(s) to the Motorola Droid? I am a Nexus owner who would like to give Froyo to a friend with a Droid. Neither root nor overclocking are important to me, but working radios and battery life are... (Sorry if someone else has asked this before. I...
  14. Geo411m

    Thread [ROM] GRI40 Stock, Deodexed, rooted, busybox, battery %, TB alert 3/04/11

    This is pretty much stock, rooted Gingerbread I've made for myself and thought I would share. *Everything works just like previous builds except trackball wake. I'll update once I get it working.* Features GRI40 stock rooted (Android 2.3.3) Insecure Boot ChainsDD's Superuser app Busybox...