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  1. D

    Thread [Q] Any ROMs Other Than FRG33 Base?

    So are there are any Eris ROMs that use something besides the FRG33 build? There are some Eris ROMs on the Linpack results that use the FRF85B build. What gives?
  2. O

    Thread [Q] Best way to update HBOOT?

    I've tried flashing the different versions of the RFG33 update without success. The problem seems to be that since I have two bad blocks in my boot partition the boot.img doesn't fit. It seems that the newer HBOOT 0.35.0017 has increased the boot partition size so that might solve my problem...
  3. Geo411m

    Thread [ROM] GRI40 Stock, Deodexed, rooted, busybox, battery %, TB alert 3/04/11

    This is pretty much stock, rooted Gingerbread I've made for myself and thought I would share. *Everything works just like previous builds except trackball wake. I'll update once I get it working.* Features GRI40 stock rooted (Android 2.3.3) Insecure Boot ChainsDD's Superuser app Busybox...