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  1. MinoriAoi

    Thread [Q] Is it safe to bypass the hash check in updater-script (from update.zip)?

    I have a custom Email apk with my FRG22D build on my Droid phone. Trying to update now to FRG83D, but it doesn't like the Email apk mismatch. Does anyone have an idea if it's ok to omit these lines in the updater-script file (that resides in update.zip)...
  2. H

    Thread [Q] Dowgrade FRG83d to FRG83

    I updated my N1 from FRG83 to FRG83d manually few days ago and wondering if I can downgrade to FRG83 or even FRF91? There is not much to it than I just like to get the firmware downloaded through OTA. Just curious! Thanks in advance!
  3. S

    Thread [Q] FRG83 + Fastboot oem unlock question

    Its been a while since i rooted a nexus one, i rooted mine back when they came out. A friend of mine wants me to root his, he is running FRG83, will the old method of fastboot oem unlock, flashing a recovery and then flashing a new rom over still work? I have been scouring the forums for over...
  4. N

    Thread [q] frg83 downgrade or root

    I've checked other post about rooting FRG83 but seems I can't even pass the first step they said. My situation are as follow: 1. My N1 has used the UNIVERSAL ANDROOT in FRG91/33(forgot), then I had upgraded to FRG83. However the root privilage has lost after upgraded to FRG83. 2. I cannot...
  5. B

    Thread [Q] 3G problems

    I just got a nexus one last night. it was previously used on ATT and now i'm using it on TMobile. I noticed right away that it would not connect to 3G, only 2G. today I rooted it via rageagainstthecage and adb because it was already updated to 2.2.1. I was just wondering if anyone else had this...
  6. 6

    Thread [Q] Need help reinstalling stock Twitter app

    Okay, I rooted my N1 with Universal Androot and removed the stock Froyo Twitter app without backing it up. (Shame on me.) Now, I can't update to 2.2.1 because of it (a status 7 error complaining about not finding /system/app/Twitter.apk) I have, at the advice of some other forum posts I've...
  7. Geo411m

    Thread [ROM] GRI40 Stock, Deodexed, rooted, busybox, battery %, TB alert 3/04/11

    This is pretty much stock, rooted Gingerbread I've made for myself and thought I would share. *Everything works just like previous builds except trackball wake. I'll update once I get it working.* Features GRI40 stock rooted (Android 2.3.3) Insecure Boot ChainsDD's Superuser app Busybox...