1. 7

    Thread [Q] Is my phone BRICKED?

    I was messing around with bootloaders using Odin KI2 w/ Bootloaders Here are the LOGS: <ID:0/004> Added!! <ID:0/004> Odin v.3 engine (ID:4).. <ID:0/004> File analysis.. <ID:0/004> SetupConnection.. <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1) <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 /...
  2. Ulumia

    Thread [RUU]HTC Gratia Froyo S HTC WWE 2.37.405.11 Radio

    This is the latest (sort of) RUU for the HTC Gratia The attachments on XDA don't allow you to upload an .exe file so, but I can upload to the attachments Link to EXE: Link to see attachments
  3. HTCDreamOn

    Thread [KERNEL][][2708][Froyo/GB] DreamMod [31/05/2014]

    Welcome to DreamMod - Based on ezterry's latest 2636 sources | Currently for 2708 Radio only - If you want compatibility with others just ask - Features/Changelog - Froyo | Downloads | GingerBread
  4. D

    Thread [Q] How to Port Android bbm.apk SDK10 to SDK8

    I tried to decompile bbm.apk and change the androidmanifest.xml value for sdk8 and for androidversion 8 but still i can't use it after i compile it. So how to port apk SDK10 to SDK8? And what programs that i need to make it happen? Since i'm still a newbie i think i need a step by step to port...
  5. Legojr

    Thread [ROM][InDev] Help Wanted Custom ROM Option for SGH-I857

    I am currently attempting to port Cyanogenmod as well as Clockworkmod to a device known as the Samsung DoubleTime SGH-I857. It is a very unique end of life handset that I think needs a little hacking attention. So far I have found most of the partitions names and sizes on the device, and I have...
  6. T

    Thread [Q] USB/Blackrose Bad Combo Help

    Hiya! Been on the forums for years modding my Nexus One and would like to thank everyone for their humongous contribution! 3 years of constant upgrading and improving of what turned out to be the best phone ever! Now, I've come to an end where my self-confidence took over caution and...
  7. Sippi4x4man

    Thread [Q] AOSP Froyo 2.2

    This may sound like a strange question, but does anyone still have a copy of an AOSP Froyo 2.2 ROM they would be willing to upload? Thanks
  8. R

    Thread [Q] Going from Gingerbread 2.3.6 back to stock Froyo

    First of all let me apologize in advance if this is a repeat thread or something which has been asked before. Please help me with my query... I have a samsung infuse and few months back i had updated it to Gingerbread 2.3.6 using Kies. I have never installed any custom ROM ever on this. I think...
  9. kaustubhatzenith

    Thread [Q] Froyo to jellybean

    just wanted to check a few things before installing jelly bean on galaxy s (still on stock froyo) on my friends phone 1. Is is safe to directly flash cm10.1 straight from froyo?? or is it necessary to flash ics /gb 2. do the instructions on cyanogenmod work for installing (it says no need to root)
  10. spiderman1961

    Thread [Android on Omnia II-GTI8000] - [ROM] - [PORTING] - [FROYO 2.2.2] TWISTER v.2 ROM

    Twister Team (Frenkie99999999&Spiderman1961) is glad to present: TWISTER 2 Credits to: almar (Marc) bsbsbs (Sándor) Egon phj (János) Voyteckst Frenkie99999999999 kukafei Linuxsigh Argentinos ROM is based on Android 2.2.2 Froyo. I applied code tweaks and improvements to make it more...
  11. sad96

    Thread [KERNEL][FR][FINAL] KISADWORX KERNEL v1.2 //12.06.2013//

    Features v1.2:Based on Samsung's kernel sources code Insecure kernel (Root ADB) Busybox v1.21.0 CWM Recovery v2.5.1.8 (/system, /cache - ext2, /data - ext4) ext4, ext2, rfs support for /system, /data, /cache init.d scripts support Battery tweaks SD card reading speed 1% Battery mod Fixed Sound...
  12. vivekkalady

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  13. N

    Thread [Q] How to Install CM 7.2(0.32) over 0.35 baseband

    Dear Friends I know that if i want to go back to 0.32 based rom from official GB i have to first downgrade to Froyo. But my question is isn't there anyway by which we can directly flash Ezet's cm 7.2 without downgrading by modifying something may be? I am sorry, I am not a dev and don't know...
  14. G

    Thread [Q] Bought a SK4G and am looking for apps that recognize the Front Cam?

    Got a SK4G for the misses (it was wicked cheap on ebay) since my G1 she was using BLUE LED OF DEATHED on her (nothing could fix it). Anywho, It looks like the SK was stuck on froyo, and since gingerbread source / kernel were never leaked, we cannot have "native" front cam capabilities...
  15. ivoe

    Thread [Theme] Flashable battery

    Okay first lets start off on saying i am not responsible for your phone messing up or looking different nor is anyone else that is your fault none of these zips are signed unfortunately when i tried it keeped messing up BUT YOU DONT NEED THEM SIGNED!! red voodoo cwm just install them if on...
  16. H

    Thread [Q] Latest Version of Google Apps

    Where can I find the latest version of Google Apps for the Viewsonic G Tablet running Cyanogenmod 6.1.0-Beta4-Harmony and Froyo 2.2.1? I seem to not have had those updated from Google since the original install December 2011. Thanks.
  17. H

    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod 6.1, Froyo and Baidu Input

    I'd like to try BaiduInput (Chinese handwriting among other input modalities on my G Tablet running Cyanogenmod 6.1.0-Beta4-Harmony and Froyo 2.2.1) but the program is not available on Google Market despite it states it is compatible with Android 1.6 forward. I do have it running on my Google...
  18. H

    Thread [SOLVED] Help - Which Android on HTC TP2 !!

    Hello people, I have an HTC TP2 on which I run FRX07.1 XdAndroid but it is extremely slow (or maybe perhaps now we have been habituated to expect faster responses with the latest Ghz Processors). I think if it was directly on the phone it would be faster. So is there a way that rather than...
  19. B

    Thread [Q] RUU Buzz Froyo TMO UK

    Hello, Is there someone who have ? Badly needed this file or anything with Froyo TMO UK 2.21 (shipped) My Buzz Froyo S-ON with HBOOT 1.02.0000 and i need shipped rom badly, but there is only Eclair...
  20. josuearisty

    Thread Official Update 2.2.2 for Motorola Bravo?

    Recently I bought a Bravo which came with 2.2.2 "Blur_Version.38.6.0.MB520.Generic.en.US", there was a different kernel too. I was trying to root it and install custom recovery but I installed custom recovery twice and then I had to flash sbf because it went into bootloop, nothing beyond moto...
  21. R

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Best androidbase for our ROMs - 2.2/ 2.3/ 4.x

    Hey Guys, As we got now some quite impressive selection of both android 2.3 and android 2.2 and even some android 4.x based ROMs, I was actually thinking about opening this discussion-thread to see what arguments can be brought forth for the named android versions on our galaxy 3. It should...
  22. A

    Thread [Q] Upgrading from 2.2.1 to Jelly Bean… ROM recommendations?

    Decided not to upgrade officially to any newer version… so that I could easily root onto a custom ROM. That was a year ago now—:eek: Exploits available for my ROM (from running 'X-Ray'): ZergRush Gingerbreak Backup program planning to use (once ROOTed): - Titanium backup? [feel free to...
  23. C

    Thread [DOWNLOAD ROM] Rework of Qcom Froyo (to support MoBoot,kernel 2.6.35-palm-tenderloin)

    Rework of Qcom Froyo to support MoBoot, kernel 2.6.35-palm-tenderloin, and the stock partition layout I've just zipped up my Froyo kang such that it will work if flashed from SmackMe, and if you're crazy enough to run it alone, also Android recovery. The Wi-Fi works BUT YOU NEED A STATIC IP...
  24. sciurius

    Thread Wrapping up G8

    Last year I bought myself an Archos 10.1IT (256MB G8, 16GB+16GB SDcard). This was my first Android device and one of the reasons I bought it was its openness. I quickly installed UrukDroid and I've had a lot of fun with it. But not only fun. This tablet is now hopelessly obsolete and I'm...
  25. thejaimes111

    Thread [ROM] [Froyo] CyanogenMod 6.1 [u8160/u8180] Working on it...

    Hello; Today I´m starting a new project for u8160/u8180 owners. This is a mix of two ROMS, CyanogenMod 6.1 for HTC Wilfire and SmartLucky 3.0. Why Froyo? Well, this is because I think that a Froyo ROM will be more stable than any other android version rom (GB is good too, but there are...
  26. H

    Thread [Q] Probably asked before, but is two-pane Gmail for Froyo possible?

    Is there any way to lie to the Gmail app so that it will use the two-pane Honeycomb-and-up (tablet) Gmail interface on a Froyo ROM? I love the stability and speed that Froyo ROMs give me on my gTab, but I hate the single pane, subject only list in Gmail. I have tried several HC, ICS, and JB...
  27. S

    Thread [ROM][FroYo][2.2.2]Stock/Optimized/Clean FroYo

    This is not a new ROM or a customized one, in fact, this is just the Stock FroYo that comes with every single stock Optimus Me. Yes, we have great options to update our phones to Gingerbread or even Ice Cream Sandwich BUT sometimes we want (or need) to get that stock feel again and recently I...
  28. vj_dustin

    Thread [NANDROID] Stock Froyo 2.2.2

    FOR OLD BASEBAND ONLY! OF COURSE! :silly: Hi guys. When i had purchased my phone, i took a Nandroid backup after rooting & shedding useless LG Bundled apps. Since many people are afraid of KDZ and many didn't take a backup at earlier stage before getting into custom ROMS, i thought i'd share my...
  29. Arjav23

    Thread [Q] best froyo rom for g3

    which is the best froyo rom for g3 m-12 special edition v3 purumod v3.1 kisadworx v2.4.7 Kyrillos v9.7.1 Dutchmods v5.3
  30. sad96

    Thread [ROM][2.2][FINAL] KISADWORX ROM v2.6.2

    KISADWORX ROM v2.6.2 Features: Base: I5800XWJPI [2.2] Odexed Root Kernel: FuguMod 2.4 beta 3 CWM Recovery v2.5 Voodoo Sound v8 BusyBox 1.19 Root ADB Sound: xLoud Voodoo Sound v3.1.2.2 Perfomance: All partitions in rfs FuguTweaks CMbins 0.3.1 SD card speed tweak No need in task killers...
  31. TonzaTheChosenOne

    Thread [Q] Got no help from other threads - Bricked phone

    Yeah, my brother got his u8800 bricked . It had ICS from Dzo. He said that it was kinda laggy on his phone, so he decided to go back to 2.3 (b528), but during the installation it says "Update failed" and we cannot get the pink screen to mount anymore (either on Windows/Ubuntu/Gentoo).. All stock...
  32. Ava.tar

    Thread windows 7 theme request

    Does anyone have the Windows 7 theme for froyo? None of the links work anymore. please tell me someone has it saved?
  33. corpsetomb

    Thread [THEME] SGS II and color mms for 2.2+

    *I do not take credit for any of this work* Hello all! Here I have posted the mms.apk with the color theme/bubbles of the sgsII. I took this from the Axura Rom created by FishmanMod. I personally like it more than most stock mms apps that come with their roms, so I figured I would share it...
  34. Somcom3X

    Thread [ROM]U8800-51 Modded Stock Froyo V1

    The standard U8800-51 has been given a new twist! This is the first every cooked rom for the u8800-51. Key features: Overclock to 2112 GHz. Recommended Max: 1200 GHz Default at 1224 ICS Style Theme. Fixes multiple Froyo Bugs. These pictures are not mine. Download: By:renddyx v1.0...
  35. J

    Thread [Q] Where is Latest Samsung Froyo (I5801) DDJP2 without Bootloder?

    I want to Download DDJP2 for I5801 which not Contains Bootloder ... I have DDJP2 which Include boot.bin & Sbl.bin, How to Remove it?
  36. _Variable

    Thread [Q] Google Now for Froyo/Gingerbread

    While ICS users enjoy Google Now, Why not make a port for the legacy Gingerbread and Froyo users? It isnt that hard, is it? This is XDA, come on guys!
  37. K

    Thread Original Froyo Multitouch Keyboard on CM7/9/10

    Hey there, I asked this question a while ago but nobody answered me :( I want to have the original Froyo Motorola Multitouch Keyboard on CM7. I already tried to flash DroidX Keyoard, without succes. Can anybody help me? GB, ICS and JB-Keyboard is way too small. I'd like to have longish keys...
  38. Chef_Tony

    Thread [Q] App development: strange problems on Froyo

    I have recently released my first app (a soundboard) and am now receiving complaints from Froyo users that while the app appears compatible, it does not work properly. The MinSDK version in my manifest is 8, but the build target is 15. My app starts with a splash screen, then there is a main...
  39. eyeconic

    Thread Ahh, Salvaged my U8800-51 Brick!!

    Turns out that this 2.2.2 ROM works. First time around, I had a problem. Disconnected my USB cable (I forgot that I plugged it in) and it ran like a charm. EVERYTHING works just like factory fresh. Needless to say, I am going to be more discerning...
  40. akash akya

    Thread Karbonn A1 Development | All in one thread

    Karbonn A1 Phone Specifications All specifications specifications -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rooting Before u Root ur phone u must...
  41. D

    Thread Coming from Froyo...

    Haven't bothered flashing a ROM since Cognition 4.3, which I've been extremely satisfied with. Now, there's GB, ICS, JB, etc... I'm probably headed to an ICS ROM, and I wanted to know what the pain is going to be like. Obviously I'll be pulling a full back-up of the phone to my PC, but I want...
  42. F

    Thread [GUIDE][MOD]Transparency for froyo,gingerbread, ics

    You will see many ROMs like SUVI ROM, Creed's ROM etc. having a transparent effect. Adding this feature is easy but some developers won't tell their secret. So I will show you a very easy guide by which you can add 'transparent' effect in your ROM. How to make any Rom transparent I am not...
  43. akash akya

    Thread [guide][mod]Transparency for froyo, gingerbread, For all.....

    I have searched for transparency mod all over.... but couldn't find it.... decided to make it my self..... tried hard and come up with this when i was trying:o:o:o....... Its simple work in almost all android versions..... this make almost all apps like root explorer, settings, music etc apps...
  44. akash akya

    Thread [ROM] MicroFire 2.0 | Micromax A60 | Red Hot Theme

    [ROM] MicroFire2.0 | Micromax A60 | Red Hot Theme Guys here comes my MicroFire version 2.0........ Based on First froyo port for A60 many of u may used MicroFire 1.0..... its not much edit... simply i uploaded as ROM....!!!! :o:o:o This may be called as ROM officially i think.....!! :o:o:o...
  45. M

    Thread Written in stone, wind user wont receive any kind of update

    I have both messaged and called LG, everybody told me wind wont receive any kind of updates at all for this phone Our phone is cursed to a life of froyo (officially).
  46. mfsr98

    Thread Thank you everyone!

    Hey guys, I only had my kaiser this year, because it was from a friend. When I looked at it, it was kinda boring :D, but then I started reading the kaiser forums and quickly found a way on how to install Android on it (in this case NAND). Believe it or not, is now my MAIN device! I only have a...
  47. K

    Thread [Q] Froyo Kernel Preference

    I've seen that opinion threads are generally frowned upon ("just try them all and see what fits!"... lame :P), but I was just curious what some of the users out there still rocking a Froyo build prefer as their goto kernel, governor, and scheduler combo. Any comments on stability, performance...
  48. glimmling

    Thread [Theme][Froyo Iced Up][2.2.2] Froyo is not dead at all! (New: Flashable Zip)

    Ladies & gentlemen, this is for everyone, who still prefers froyo, because it is stable, mostly bug-free (exception: scroll-bug) and has a long battery-life. I tried a few GB-roms and CM9, but they all have issues, so I reverted back to froyo. The sad thing is: if you once tried ICS, Froyo...
  49. EvilAldo

    Thread [Q] Slow or laggy dialer, Froyo, GO dialer?

    I been using Go Launcher for a while now and I'm running trigger final. When I go to my contacts and choose a contact to dial, it takes forever to finally dial the number. I've noticed that if I hit the back button or the home button it helps a little bit. I've tried deleting old text...
  50. T

    Thread G2 touchscreen not working after downgrading/attempt to root

    Not sure if anyone has suffered the same problem, but i received my replacement G2 today and am not new to rooting the device, but with the 2.3.4 coming factory, i had to "downgrade" to froyo in order to attempt rooting. I got to the end when i rebooted into fastboot to see if "s-off" was...