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  1. wuseman

    Thread How to launch usb debbuging from adb

    Hello. I have tried to get usb debugging popup enable via various tools in windows. For example when I have recovery my phone, i enter welcome screen in setup wizard, press on emergency button and then i type *#0*#, and then the windows tool can open usb debugging dialog, how could this be done...
  2. F

    Thread [Tool] Samsung **** Your FRP - FRP Removal Tool [Updated 5/5/2020]

    Super simple to use will work for most Samsung devices with emergency dialer access. Lots of tools trying to charge for this its free for everyone. • Install drivers • Select modem from drop down menu • Run & Follow instructions • Works for Android 7,8,9,10,11,12 • Does not require root or...
  3. J

    Thread [HELP] Samsung Galaxy S6 (920F) Stuck on FRP

    Hello. So, here is my problem : i've found my old family S6 (G920F - Romania) and, after many attempts to remember the old screen lock model, i factory reset it from the default recovery (bad decision) and after the format, i can't pass the Samsung Account lock; to be clear, i know the Samsung...
  4. sferia82

    Thread Question Vibration doesn't work after Reset FRP Samsung A12

    Vibration doesn't work after Reset FRP Samsung A12. any idea? :( thanks
  5. John132693

    Thread How to detect google account

    Hello everyone, i hope i post in the correct section. I would like to know if you know a possibility of knowing if a mobile is connected to a google account on a mobile whose screen does not work or does not turn on? Mainly for samsung mobiles As part of my activity, Purchase and resale of...
  6. ortoledano2010

    Thread FRP Lock S21 Ultra 5G

    Hi, bought this phone to my friend and he locked it (FRP) can anypne help me to unlock it please? i sercheddays on google without get a solution...
  7. T

    Thread Question SM-A326U Combination Firmware

    US Combination Firmware link for Galaxy A32 5G Supposedly you can FRP bypass or OEM unlock based on what I've heard
  8. S

    Thread delete Samsung Account

    - deleted - solved by get the account data from seller to remove protection for factory reset