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  1. kcscott6329

    Thread [CLOSED] Phone Unlocking PC Software, ESN\IMEID software

    hey guys, Ive been in the tech repair\refurbish industry for around 20 years. Rooting phones is no problem, Ive managed to break a couple apple id locked phones free also, but I cant find the legit software to carrier unlock phones, bypass frp locks and I need software for changing imei\esn...
  2. eZaFs

    Thread Is it possible to bypass FRP for S10+ sm-G975USQS4DTF6

    So first off, this is not a stolen phone. My neighbor recently passed away and my family was able to buy the house with everything in it. She was quite the hoarder and we found like 20 phones, most were garbage but there were a few S8s and an S10+ preserved in an OtterBox. When I powered the...
  3. daleGfoo

    Thread Any way to unlock OEM without sim?

    I have a pixel 5 I acquired without a sim card. OEM unlocking is grayed out in dev options. I've been trying for a few days using various methods to attempt to unlock the OEM. The message under OEM unlocking is 'Connect to the internet or contact your carrier.' (when is connected to wifi) What...
  4. G

    Thread Samsung FRP reset help

    I am attempting to use a Samsung FRP bypass tool. It is successfully opening the prompt to view a link in youtube, but the youtube app is not up to date so it will not open the link any further. Thanks for any help!
  5. V

    Thread P40 Pro - ELS-NX9 (ELS-N29) - Huawei ID / FRP Lock problem

    Hey guys, the problem looks like this: I bought an used P40 Pro (with a little display damage) with a Huawei ID/FRP lock, which I honestly didn't understand before or even know that this leads to a problem. So I simply can not use that device. I have now done a lot of research and found that...
  6. Mrrazi

    Thread Huawei p20 lite ANE LX1 UNABLE BYPASS FRP

    Hey guys my dude gave me Huawei p20 lite ane lx1 with lost google account. He tried bypass IT before and updated via recovery Last version I tried so much methods like 5 different dload softwares every 5 Times and Also 3 different Sd cards but every time IT Just fail before IT even...
  7. J

    Thread bypassing FRP lock

    So, here's the deal. I bought a redmi note 5 pro, factory reset it via recovery, installed orangefox and a custom rom (pixel experience plus with gapps) but it turns out the phone is FRP locked. So, i wiped everything and reinstalled lineageOS without gapps. Now, the phone works fine, there's no...
  8. Q

    Thread Is it possible to bypass FRP?

    Hi everyone. I purchased a Note20 off eBay and Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is enabled. I've spent the evening looking through various posts and scouring different articles to find out how to reliably bypass FRP. However, I haven't been successful. Can anyone confirm whether or not this is...
  9. G

    Thread Google FRP bypass, help please

    My uncle give me an doogee mix with no display but the touch work, but he does'n know the password, so I hard reset it and after a reboot I activated the accessibility options and used a keyboard, but I didn't find my wifi so I put an sim card, and after that the phone sayid something like "This...
  10. P

    Thread Huawei P30 FRP

    So I have a P30 in my hands with PIN locked phone and Google FRP - I've tried all known bypass methods for that issue but was unable to get into the phone. Is there any newer tool around or any other way to FR phone itself? Also I don't know if USB debugging is enabled. Is there any recovery...
  11. DrRoxxo

    Thread Question Galaxy A02 FRP Bypass?

    Is there a current, standalone method for bypassing google account protection or factory reset protection on the Samsung Galaxy A02 USA Variant? Recently purchased from a buy sell trade group claiming fully unlocked and factory reset, ready to go. Absolutely FRP locked. As irritating as this...
  12. W

    Thread Security Policy restricts the use of the computer connection?

    Trying to connect Samsung A8 SM-A530F/DS at the start screen after a factory reset when I put the USB in I get this on the display "Security Policy restricts the use of the computer connection" And I can't run any FRP bypass tool because it wont connect to my PC. Never seen this before I just...
  13. LareMoonHELLO

    Thread How To Bypass FRP On Galaxy A3 2017 (A320F)

    How to bypass frp on my old phone? I am stuck on frp. Pls help me.
  14. L

    Thread Scatter file or ROM STOCK for Lenovo TAB M10 FHD Plus with MediaTek P22T (MT8768T)

    Hi, I own Lenovo TAB M10 FHD Plus TB-X606F ZA5T0128IL Based on MediaTek Helio P22T Tab (MT8768T). I need the scatter file for this tablet to overcome FRP problem. Can you please assist with explaining how can I create or download scatter file for P22T (MT8768T) or where can I find the ROM...
  15. ortoledano2010

    Thread FRP Lock S21 Ultra 5G

    Hi, bought this phone to my friend and he locked it (FRP) can anypne help me to unlock it please? i sercheddays on google without get a solution...
  16. jacek.kalecki

    Thread [GUIDE] FRP Bypass for Samsung S8 - Pie(Android 9) - bit/rev C

    Hello, I was looking for a solution to unlock FRP for Samsung S8 for the latest Samsung's firmware and I might find a solution. According to tutorials I found on the internet - usually you had to get to the web browser and then by a few steps reach the settings page and set up pin lock...
  17. The_One_True_Bean

    Thread Frp Programs

    I've been looking for a program to remove my frp lock but have yet to find any ones that could do the trick. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. B

    Thread FRP bypass for P20 Lite C782 Single Sim (maybe for other variants?)

    Hi this is my first "toturial" so please don't judge me to hard :) Got solution (kinda) for FRP bypass of Huawei P20 lite C782 UK variant (maybe for other also ? I don't know). As we know nowdays is not so easy to download older official rom's for Huawei phones without huawei firmware finder...
  19. lonelygraywolf

    Thread [CLOSED]S21+ (GM-996B) FRP Bypass

    Hello everybody, I hope it fits in here. I forgot the pattern on my S21 + after resetting the phone, my phone still wanted the pattern or a Google account. He doesn't take my Google account and after a long back and forth with the Samsung support they offered me support for about 100€ an hour...
  20. hamid400hamid400

    Thread Forgot google account on GR3 2017 (with the latest security updates)

    Hello, So after updating the phone, I did a factory reset, but i forgot the google account/password, now all the bypassing tutorials are not working, is there something that would work even after updating to the latest security updates? is it possible to downgrade if downgrading will fix it for...
  21. N

    Thread How to i get combination file for samsung [ SM-G969U1] XAA

    Stuck on Google account recovery, need to remove frp lock . Model - SM-G960U1 AP-G960U1UEU8FTK2 Csc- G960U1OYM8FTK2 Country - XAA Phone is secured by knox, with help of frp tool able to get in the menu but still not getting all the option on the settings even not able change the pin.
  22. LGMERCJ3

    Thread S8 SM-G950U android 9 combination rom frp bypass help please

    I have samsung galaxy s8 that I need to get passed the google frp lock. I bought the phone, but cant use it at all . When I open recovery mode it shows : 9/PPR1. 180610. 011 *** G950USQS7DTB3 I have followed previous threads and attempted the flash of a combination file thru odin, but every...
  23. noidodroid

    Thread [FRP] BLU Advance A4 Model Number A130Q - Bypass / Removal Guide

    [FRP Removal Guide] BLU Advance A4 - Model #A130Q Security Patch: July 5, 2018 Requirements: [NO WIFI NEEDED] - 15 minutes of time - One of the following - OTG cable & USB Flash Drive / micro USB Flash Drive / Computer with usb data cable (easiest way) - Test DPC application (File attached to...
  24. A

    Thread Pixel XL FRP Unlock Android v 7.1.1 Security patch March 05, 2017

    As the title says, I have a Pixel XL which is on Android 7.1.1 and security patch of March 05, 2017. Does anyone know a method to do FRP unlock? thanks
  25. A

    Thread Pixel XL FRP Unlock Android v 7.1.1 Security patch March 05, 2017

    As the title says, I have a Pixel XL which is on Android 7.1.1 and security patch of March 05, 2017. Does anyone know a method to do FRP unlock? thanks
  26. GJSmith3rd

    Thread [QUESTION] ZTE AXON M Z999 ATT FRP Bypass - How?

    I was recently given a ZTE Axon M Z999 ATT US that is factory reset and has FRP enabled. The device is running Android Nougat 7.1.2. The device is SIM unlocked but I only have a Freedompop/ATT SIM which uses a VOIP app so using dialing codes to enable developer mode isn't possible. I can...
  27. noidodroid

    Thread [FRP] Android 5.1 FRP Vulnerability I Found

    [FRP] Android 5.1 FRP Vulnerability I Found I just found this UI bug/vuln when freestyling trying ways to bypass FRP on an old HTC Desire 626 here - It would be great to see others give it a run for...
  28. noidodroid

    Thread [FRP] HTC Desire 626 - Verizon Prepaid - Model # HTCD200LVWPP - htc_a32e

    [FRP] HTC Desire 626 - Verizon Prepaid - Model # HTCD200LVWPP - htc_a32e I <3 HTC! This HTC phone is OLD and yeah I know this probably won't be of much use these days as many people do not have this phone still? .. (I have 4 different 626 variant almost all modded out physically and software)...
  29. noidodroid

    Thread [GUIDE] [FRP] LG V20 US996 US Cellular - FRP Bypass - Multiple Bypass Methods

    [FRP] LG V20 US996 US Cellular - FRP Bypass - Multiple Bypass Methods Security Patch - Feb 01 2018 Android 7.0 What's needed? 1) Little time 2) BlueTooth earpiece (optional depending on method) 3) WiFi 4) OTG / SDCard (optional depending on method) 5) APK's (optional depending on method)...
  30. Zenzfum000

    Thread Looking forse ENG ROOT binary 3

    I need to remove FRP lock on my S7 Edge, i've combination binary 3 and all stuff, but i can't find the ENG ROOT binary 3 anywhere. If someone know how to find out or have it, i'll be greatful if he can share it with me. If you have others ideas how to bypass FRP on oreo (binary 3), don't...
  31. phonecapone

    Thread [FRP] LG Stylo 3 FRP Bypass - StraightTalk LGL84VL

    [FRP] LG Stylo 3 FRP Bypass - StraightTalk LGL84VL Android Ver 7.0 Security Patch: November 6, 2017 Worlds First Stylo 3 StraightTalk bypass! 09/26/18 I've bypassed yet another Stylo 3 and this time it is the StraightTalk model. This is different than my other bypasses and it seems I am the...
  32. phonecapone

    Thread [FRP] LG Aristo FRP Bypass - MetroPCS MS210

    [FRP] LG Aristo FRP Bypass - MetroPCS MS210 I'm hoping you have some experience manually removing FRP already before reading this. I'm trying to keep it short and simple. I suck at videos but maybe I will get around to making some eventually one day. Steps 1. HARD RESET your phone. Make sure...
  33. D

    Thread Galaxy S7 - FRP Bypass

    Hi, Any way to bypass FRP on a Galaxy S7. I think Android 7.0 It's a company phone that has been returned by a user who is fired. The method with SideSync to open Chrome doesn't work anymore apparently.
  34. phonecapone

    Thread [FRP] Various Ways To Navigate FRP Bugs / Bypasses / Workarounds In Android OS

    [FRP] Various Ways To Navigate FRP Bugs / Bypasses / Workarounds In Android OS I am taking notes on the FRP bypasses I "freestyle" to find things out on my own.. potential new ways into areas of Android needed for successful FRP bypass and some just for fun. I encourage anyone who does this for...
  35. phonecapone

    Thread [FRP] ZTE Majesty Pro Z798BL FRP Bypass

    [FRP] ZTE Majesty Pro Z798BL FRP Bypass (Sorry for the poor write up, it's basically notes from when I did this model quickly. If I get free time I will clean these steps up some so they are more clear and also get ahold of the handset and post additional methods/steps.) There are multiple...
  36. phonecapone

    Thread [FRP] LG Stylo 3 FRP Bypass - Boost Mobile LS777

    [FRP] LG Stylo 3 FRP Bypass - Boost Mobile LS777 This tutorial is based off me freestyling then using the method of crashing the setup wizard i used on the TracFone variant here - . It works perfect for...
  37. phonecapone

    Thread [FRP] LG Stylo 3 FRP Bypass - Tracfone LGL83BL

    [FRP] LG Stylo 3 FRP Bypass - Tracfone LGL83BL This phone was hard at first to figure out due to certain areas being framed in for me for whatever reason. However after Hard Resetting a few times I was able to get where i wanted to start. This tutorial is based off a handful of methods from...
  38. jamesalynch

    Thread FRP Bypass for 7.1.1 (November Security Update)

    After 12 hours straight of messing around with the internals of this phone, I've finally managed to bypass Google's "Factory Reset Protection" on the Moto Z Play DROID (i.e. Verizon variant, XT1635-01).
  39. D

    Thread Using USB tool to bypass FRP reduced the amount of system memory from 32GB to 8GB?

    Admin, sorry, but the suggestions were close, but no cigar... :confused: So I got sick and tired of trying to Google "Google FRP bypass" on Nougat 7.0 (Google got "smart" and hid those?)... I went through Cellunlocker, and they did a remote desktop connection, downgraded my S6 Edge plus from...
  40. ErickNoz

    Thread Frp unlock bypass with all tools online updated expoits

    Advanced Box Mostly this tool contains AABox Specialification No need root for all adb options. Need Root Only for Send Files to system and build.prop editor Pattern unlock Update File New 20/11/2017 17.09v Direct from server official no Serial No Passwords # Features # Frp Unlock tool Adb...
  41. techeligible3322

    Thread Need FRP Solution for LG Q6 M700 Android 7.1.1

    I am unable to remove frp lock from LG Q6 M700 Android 7.1.1 device, tried every single method, i am stuck on when i try to install googela cc manager, or frp bypass, or quicshortcut maker, it leads me to "wifi or tethering" options instead of installing option. that is why i am unable to...
  42. A

    Thread Help rooting/enabling adb on bootloader & google locked Marshmallow

    I bought a Moto X (2014) with a broken/damaged screen for super cheap. When I bought it, it vibrated and made sounds so I knew it was functional. The next day, the alarm woke me up so I turned it off. The day after it happened again, so I just let it ring under a pillow until the phone died...
  43. MatoXD

    Thread P9 Lite Hard Brick

    Hello! I'm in serious troubles... So I tried to update my phone and now I have next problems... Phone is locked FRP is locked - This 2 means I cant unlock bootloader or anything via fastboot I can boot into android, but I cant get into it, because I have security email and I have to enter my...
  44. alukarulz

    Thread LG FRP Bypass for LG Aristo?

    I have an LG Aristo (ms210) running Android Noguat. Is there anyway to bypass frp on it? I managed to get unknown sources turned on. Install launcher and assistivetouch to launch nova launcher but that's it.
  45. Aimless Rambler

    Thread FRP Unlock (Nougat)

    See Post #2
  46. M

    Thread HTC M9 Sprint Android 7.0 Google Account Lock Bypass. Sec. Patch Feb 2017.

    This is first video on YouTube for HTC M9, HTC 10, HTC BOLT and others HTC on Android 7.0 Google security patch 02-2017. This method help you bypass 100% On video: HTC M9 Sprint Software: 4.27.651.4 Android 7.0 Sec. Patch: 02-2017 FtqvsF91K2Y
  47. M

    Thread [GUIDE] LG Stylo2 LS775 Android 7.0 ZV8 Bypass Google Account!

    My hobby is to bypass the lock Google phones. Yesterday was able to bypass the blocked LS775 on the latest version of ZV8. Google and LG have blocked almost all the old holes, but I still found a way to bypass the blockage.
  48. M

    Thread FRP - Google Factory Reset Protection Bypass - As of November 2016?

    I haven't seen anything concerning FRP around the site for the past couple months, I was wondering if anything new has popped up. I've tried all the older methods, which have all been shut down by the latest update, and I cant root or flash a custom rom now because my bootloader is locked. I'm...
  49. starovdarkness

    Thread G925t EPF1 Google Account FRP Locked After Factory Reset

    Have been attempting to help out a nephew of mine. He preformed a factory reset on edge 6 phone and wound up getting locked out by the Google account/frp..... His phone is on Marshmallow EPF1 version of android. I've tried the methods I've come across so far, while researching information...
  50. Mc Blair

    Thread FRP Bypass on S7 Edge -Guide-

    FRP BYPASS EXPLOIT - Factory Reset Protection aushebeln - GUIDE (working 26/09/16) [shortinfo for devs:flash july fw-》rootjunky method] Dies ist eine Anleitung um sich aus dem Bug zu befreien der: wenn man im Gerät das Google Passwort geändert hat und das Gerät zurücksetzt in einer...