1. A

    Thread [Q] How to switch to Internet Sharing mode with not working touch screen?

    Hi there, Touch screen of my Fuze stopped working. I'm not going to repair it but I still want to use the device as GSM modem. I think this is feasible as the keybord does work and I can access registry. The problem is when I connect the device to laptop USB to PC screen pops up with Active...
  2. R

    Thread Jawbone Microphone too low

    hi everyone i have an HTC Fuze P4600 and suddenly one day the jawbone microphone started to hear very low, in an active call, the other person barely can hear me like if i where too far from the microphone, i already tried the AudioPara3 file thing, the Diamond Tweak cab and others like the...
  3. A

    Thread [Q] Fuze Slider stuck :'(

    Hi everybody, I have a HTC Fuze and been using it for a long time now. Yesterday I reckoned that the spring which holds the ribbon slider is dislodged so it wouldn't close the black ribbon Cover. So I happily found a service manual for the Fuze and gathered my tools to solve the problem...
  4. P

    Thread [Q] task rpcrouter:15 blocked

    I have a HTC Fuze (AT&T GSM). I followed the instruction on (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=951981) for FRX06 but it keeps getting stuck at "task rpcrouter:15 blocked for more than 120 sec". It never gets to the calibration screen... I even tried downloading and using a...
  5. C

    Thread [Q] Suggestions for Android builds suitable for gaming?

    Hi all I have a HTC Fuze, I was wondering what android builds anyone recommend for gaming (angry birds, paper toss, etc.) I tried games on xdandroid 2.2.1 and it was a bit too laggy. I'm using an Android 1.3 build right now and it's way better compared to 2.2.1. I was just wondering if anyone...
  6. E

    Thread [Q] Hardware Repair Advice

    Hi all, and thanks for this incredible support group ;). I have been using an HTC Fuze P4600 since 2008, running TAEL roms as they are released since 2009. Recently the in call speaker (ear speaker) has begun to malfunction. The sound produced is inaudible; volume is turned up, no foreign...
  7. T

    Thread [Q] Which phone should I get?

    I need a new phone.. My old Motorola Q9h is not cutting it anymore. I have AT&T but I could get a T-Mobile and unlock it. I am debating whether I should get the Blackberry Torch or the HTC Tilt 2/Touch Pro 2. Also, what's the difference between the HTC Fuze and the HTC Tilt 2? Thank you.
  8. G

    Thread [Q] Which phone for Android?

    Hey all! I am new to the forums, this being my first post. I had a question about running android on htc phones. Through a switch of cell phone carriers I have gained access to a Pure, a Fuze, or a Tilt 2. My goal is to run Android on one of these phones, using google voice for texting and...
  9. O

    Thread [Q] Problems with WiFi Proxy Configuration

    Hello guys I have problems with my connection wifi because it uses proxy. I configured the connection WIFI using an IP Static. It is configured in the adapter WIFI. Then, I configured the connection "THE INTERNET AND WORK' with the same configuration, and I configure the proxy HTTP...
  10. Skorpyo

    Thread [ROM+KIT][6.5-WWE][11/22][23148/23699/28244/21684/21916]Skorpyos Stock-Like ROM

    Details: This is a BARE BONES ROM. It has as few modifications and tweaks built into it as possible. This ROM is not intended for those who want to flash and go. It is meant for those who like to tweak, config and specialize their Raphael/Fuze to their liking. This ROM is UC Enabled. For those...
  11. K

    Thread [Q] Fuze screwed up

    I screwed my phone trying to change the theme. It powers up to the point where the top and bottom bars are visible, there is only the background wallpaper showing. The start menu is unavailable. I have tried hard reset with no success. I have tried to go through the forums but I can't find...
  12. T

    Thread [Q] Kaiserdroid to...

    I love my Kaiser and I love android, but the poor Kaiser just needs a little more ram to be really effective with Cyanogenmod 6. I have been trying my wife's old iPhone 3G lately, and the screen is nice, but I can't stand many things about it (no HW keyboard, still running out of RAM, etc). I...
  13. D

    Thread [Q] DLNA/AllShare/Connected Home client for AT&T Fuze?

    I'm considering the purchase of Samsung HDTV with Samsung's "AllShare" feature, which I understand to be based on DLNA. I'd like to be able to use Samsung's AllShare feature with my AT&T Fuze, but I am unaware of any DLNA client software for the Fuze or Windows Mobile phones in general. From...
  14. N

    Thread HTC Raphael (fuze/diamond)

    seriously, how the fu** do i set up a pic as my home wallpaper, where it has the huge clock numbers, PLEASE!
  15. S

    Thread Music Rotation Help

    I need some way to stop the music screen from rotating to landscape view because I use the phone along with an AUX cable to my car. It makes it difficult to drive and change songs when it rotates to landscape view. Is there anyway to turn off the accelerometer or stop the rotation? I've tried...
  16. H

    Thread Fuze:Android vs WinMo 6.5

    WinMo 6.1 was almost unusable. I switched to a Tael ROM to run 6.5, which was immensely better, especially using Spb Shell 3.5. How does Android 2.1 compare? I know its a work in progress. I know its better than WinMo 6.1.. but how does it compare to WinMo 6.5 on the Fuze? Also, I see mostly...
  17. N

    Thread Windows mobile recovery

    i have a htc fuze which has an oily screen of death(newtons ring). the touch is not responsive. i have ordered the replacement screen for it but will take a while. the issue is i have the phone password protected and am unable to use the phone. this is tael rom with 2.5 sense questions: 1...
  18. S

    Thread same error message keeps popping up

    Ever since I got my ATT Fuze, I've been getting a pop-up warning box: Warning There is a problem connecting to the GPRS service in your registered home network I started out on the stock ATT ROM, and in the hopes that it would fix the problem I flashed a 6.5 ROM by TAEL which works perfectly...
  19. S

    Thread help choosing a new radio

    Hi- Just getting into this with my new (to me) Fuze. I've just flashed my phone with the newest TAEL ROM (6.5.3) and now I'm ready to work on the radio. My radio is currently I've searched for an hour now, and though there are threads on flashing new radios, none of them give any...
  20. banes

    Thread Touch Screen Not Responsive, is this due to Flashing?

    Hello I have an AT&T Fuze (Raph100) that I have been reflashing roms successfully for a few weeks now. Yesterday night I had some problems with the touch screen being none responsive. This morning I removed the top half portion of the screen protector and then it started responding again...
  21. jul644

    Thread Format SD card though windows mobile

    okay so i can not get android to run on my fuze with an 8 gig class 6 card. i have tried everything but i need to format the memory card not normally a problem but i do not have a card reader that can read micro sd and the sd adapter is not working, so i need a windows program that can format...
  22. G

    Thread Feedback of Android 2.0.1 on Fuze

    Hi installed Android 2.0.1 on my Fuze Issues Found - Consumes 4 times battery than windows - When we put screen off, the round bottom light keeps blinking(Same as when we charge in windows) - No option to switch off - No option to go back or close a window from touch screen - After some hours...
  23. R

    Thread Usb wont connect

    The first week I had my fuze i connected it to my cmputer multiple times. I connnected through active sync and through the memory card in my phone now when in plug it in on the same computer all it does is charge it doesnt show anything is connected or even attempting to connect. I reinstalled...
  24. Z

    Thread Fuze: GPS Faaarked :(

    Ok, I've moved from a Touch Pro to a ex-AT&T Fuze so that I could get 850Mhz band I needed on Telstra (Australia). It's all working awesomely thanks to the guys help here and after a diversion where I had to get my SIM card holder replaced. Now the remaining glitch is that the GPS is totally...
  25. Purple Drama Llama

    Thread I'm confused...Help with my Fuze?

    Hello, i apologize if these have already been asked but i searched and couldn't find an answer so i figured might as well post eh? I'm getting a Fuze within the next few days and had a few questions. How do you know if your phone has been Hard SPL? If you do it twice can it brick your phone...
  26. J

    Thread My Faves on HTC Fuze?

    I've looked at the forum for the My Faves files and have seen some success on other devices but can anyone report any on the Fuze and how to do it? Had an issue with T-Mobile already for using a RAZR that did not have My Faves.
  27. D

    Thread Fuze w/ EnergyROM "Slide to Unlock" no longer working

    This is the craziest issue.. My slide to unlock is no longer working so therefore I can hardly use the phone except that I can take inbound calls. I have tried to factory reset using down volume, circle, reset. Please please please any other ideas are greatly appreciated! I am totally stuck...
  28. Z

    Thread SIM Card Missing (Locked?)

    Ok - tearing my hair out here... I have an AT&T Fuze I was given and am trying to get it going on Telstra NextG here in Australia. I was fully expecting the device to be SIM locked, and am ok paying to get an unlock code, however I'm not sure exactly how to tell. When I boot the device up, it...
  29. Z

    Thread HTC Fuze (AT&T) on Telstra NextG (Australia)

    I currently have an HTC Touch Pro that I got when my work used Optus as a provider. Shortly after that, they moved to Telstra, so I've been on the old 3G (non NextG) speeds ever since :-S A work collogue just gave me an HTC FUZE - which as I understand it is a US AT&T branded version, which...
  30. S

    Thread ATT Fuze Camera Problem - Black dots on all pictures

    Hi, I have ATT Fuze and its out of warranty. I'm using Energy Rom, and my radio rom is I have camera problem. My photos have lots of black points. I tryed soft reset, hard reset, clean cameras lens cover and change my TOM but problem doesn't solved.. How can i solve this problem...
  31. 1

    Thread Rebuild HTC Fuze

    Hello, I have recently unlocked my cell phone and would like to mod it / restore it to factory setting void of any Carrier apps, icons, sound scheme etc. Is there a ROM or series of cabs available to reset my HTC Fuze to factory setting (i.e. out of the box setting, look and feel had I...
  32. T

    Thread Unable to unlock AT&T Fuze

    I've received and confirmed the unlock code from AT&T based on my IMEI # - but it is not being accepted as valid by my Fuze. I've downgraded the radio and ROM to stock, and I am still under the 5 invalid unlock attempts before I'm stuck to AT&T. Any thoughts on what to do when the code from AT&T...
  33. J

    Thread Caller id doesn't show up on jabra bt8010

    I am the owner of a jabra bt8010 bluetooth headset...This headset has caller id and a built in contact list... These features didn't work on my tilt and it still don't work on my fuze... It works on both of my nokia phones (had to make sure before i posted this)... I can use it as a bluetooth...
  34. 4

    Thread Mgmaps please help: FUZE java "read user data"

    I have a Fuze and am trying to run Mgmaps offline. I am able to run unsigned versions but I am repeatedly asked if I wish to allow read user data. If I use signed versions I am not able to change the security setting to allow read user data (I can't use stored data). Is the security setting...
  35. J

    Thread Hand Gestures \o/

    I was on Twitter, and people were discussing some of the biggies of Windows Mobile 7, with some rumors and all. One of the things mentioned was hand gestures. I was curious about this, and thought about my Fuze's ambient light sensor, so I thought I'd give this a shot :D It's proof of concept...
  36. Broman400

    Thread How to change shape of taskbar icons in Windows Mobile 6.5.3

    My question is, how do I change the bottom buttons on a WM 6.5.3 Build. I want to change it from the circles to the squares. Before I was on an Energyrom, I switched it by switching the theme. But now I am on a new ROM and have no idea how to.
  37. Broman400

    Thread Swype Overlapping

    So, I downloaded swype onto my WM 28011 Manila 2.5 ROM, and the problem is that when I click to open Swype, it overlaps a piece of the taskbar on the bottom of my screen. Is there any fix for this?
  38. Broman400

    Thread Swype Overlapping

    So, I downloaded swype onto my WM 28011 Manila 2.5 ROM, and the problem is that when I click to open Swype, it overlaps a piece of the taskbar on the bottom of my screen. Is there any fix for this?
  39. N

    Thread Special AT&T locked Fuze?

    Hello All, I have been doing a lot of searching and reading lately in regards to cooking ROMs and stuff for my HTC fuze (US AT&T touch pro). As many of you have already flashed a ROM, I updated to the latest OEM HTC ROM instead and just lived with it. As anyone can imagine I see the need to...
  40. Captain_Throwback

    Thread [ROM][WWE][2010-NOV-25][SENSE 2.1/2.5/NO-SENSE] The Captain's Special (23149/21914)

    * IMPORTANT * THIS IS A GSM ROM. Do NOT use this ROM if you have a CDMA (Sprint, Verizon) Touch Pro!!! To flash a custom ROM, you MUST first flash Hard-SPL by OliNex!! If you don't know what's involved with flashing a ROM, PLEASE see mskip's guide for n00bs!! A BIG special thanks to XDA...
  41. P

    Thread Raphel Scroll Whell and Keys problem

    Hi friends, I bought a HTC FUZE but I have some problems with my device.... 1) the buzzer speaker didn't work but I send the FUZE to a repair center....they told me that the problem was the FLEX....they repair the flex and now the speaker works again....I'm happy with the result....but 2)...
  42. zyphuris55

    Thread Dead Screen/ new phone

    The touch screen stopped working around 2 weeks ago randomly. I was in class, turned on the screen, and it was unresponsive to my touch. After calling at&t, they said my warently was 2 months past, but my phone insurence was still good. So they chagred me $125 and shipped out a replacement. Good...
  43. R

    Thread ReEnable PTT

    I have searched around and have not been able to find a good post about how to renable PTT on my Fuze. I am looking for a valid cab, if someone knows of one that exists. Thanks
  44. D

    Thread Fuze Vibrate

    Is there any way to edit the Fuze vibrate? The way it is right now is loud. I know there has to be some changeable settings in the registry I'm just not sure where to look, or a program that can edit it would be nice too.
  45. techteacher2

    Thread Tilt 2 Camera Photo Quality

    Anyone having issues with poor photo quality? My Fuze used to take rather sharp pictures and with an extra 1.2 MP I just figured the Tilt 2 would be the same, but my pics are very poor. The first two attachments are with the Tilt 2. The third attachment is the fuze.
  46. K

    Thread HTC Warranty Status

    Does anyone know how to check a warranty status on a HTC Fuze? By using imei or something...
  47. M

    Thread fuze reg hack for tethering??? i forgot how to do it. and i cant find the thread.

    as stated. i have hacked the reg before and gotten free tethering. something about changing something to wap.cingular.???..? or media.net?? brain just cant remember everything with this silly phone.. any help would be appreciated.
  48. TAEL

    Thread [ROM][PRO|FUZE][23569|21904][21MAY10] TAEL ROM v4.23569/21904 • STANDARD EDITION •

    v4.23569/21904 Standard Edition Features Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC Sense 2.1 Leo and Rhodium Phone Canvas (Video Call Support) Auto Call Recorder Microsoft MyPhone PIM Backup Microsoft Facebook Google Maps Windows Live and Live Messenger Opera Mobile Palringo Remote Desktop Connection...
  49. M

    Thread Frustrating Video Out/TV Out Behavior

    Hi, everyone. I searched for this and didn't find anything, but it's a little hard to know what to search for. I use WunderRadio to listen to Internet radio. A few weeks ago, the Video Out (TV Out) screen started popping up at random times, usually when I was tapping something on the menu or...
  50. M

    Thread DPAD

    I just got a FUZE, and I must say it's a BIG step DOWN from my Tilt (Kaiser) as far as dpad is concerned. It is pretty much useless in games. Now I've done some digging online and found out that the whole surface of the pad is touch-sensitive and it actually only has 4 physical buttons, and the...