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  1. V

    Thread Need twrp flashable indian Baseband for moto g4 plus xt1643. urgent need help.

    my baseband has changed after downgrade and am not able to restore indian baseband after trying all fastboot methods, only twrp zip is working fine , someone pls provide me with the zip file.
  2. Ayan Uchiha Choudhury


    Hey guys since the development of the PixelExperience had stopped for a long time with a huge bugs, I decided to continue the work. Please keep in mind that this is in no way an official build and will continue to remaim UNOFFICIAL till the current device maintainer chooses to do so...
  3. moonlightdrive

    Thread [ZIP] ViPER4AndroidFX (SafetyNet passed) [STOCK 7.0 - LOS 14.1]

    After hundred of unsuccessful attempts of modify the ViPERFX installer to get it working on our stock rom (Marshmallow and Nougat), i found a way. Available versions: - ViPERFX version, codename "Beautiful". - ViPERFX version, codename "Beautiful". Changelog: V4A v2.5.0.5...
  4. V

    Thread voLTE enhance option missing..help me guys

    Also wipe catch partion no use 1.voLTE not appears ..(jio XT1643 indian varient ) 2.voLTE enhance not appears in sim settings 3.in Radio setting (*#*#INFO#*#*) voLTE Provsionated flag Not on auto off .. pls consider the screen shots .. pls make a patch are fix for that.. thanking you ...
  5. K

    Thread [HELP] Adaptive Brightness is turned on after every boot

    I have a rooted g4 plus with stock nougat(and elementalx kernel). I always turn adaptive brightness off. But after every boot it turns on. Does anyone else experience the same thing? If so, is it because of the stock rom or the kernel? Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried to find a fix but...
  6. oadam11

    Thread [ROM]AOSIP 5.9 Moto G4/G4 Plus (Athene)[OFFICIAL BUILDS]

    Android Open Source illusion Project About us: AOSIP is a quality custom rom based purely on CAF N source. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive for perfection and it shows. Team Illusion: Josh Fox (@xlxfoxxlx) Paul Clark(@Dabug123) Akhil...
  7. J

    Thread [APP] Sony Music v9.3.3.A.0.3.Final apk [APP]

    Sony Music v9.3.3.A.0.3 Final apk No root required Just download and install
  8. S

    Thread [Guide] How to get the new Hello Moto boot animation on nougat soak test versions

    [Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your actions with your device. You are doing this at your own risk..] The new Hello Moto boot animation with sound is attatched to this post.It works for me on the soak test version NPJ25.75-2. Prerequisites: 1. Rooted g4 plus on soak test. 2.Any type of...
  9. P

    Thread LTE Carrier Aggregation - Moto G4 Plus

    How to check if LTE Carrier Aggregation is enabled or not on Moto G4 Plus. Is there a option to enable the same:confused:
  10. N

    Thread microSD Benchmarks?

    Guys can you post your microSD benchmarks? (please indicate if you're using encryption (adopted storage)) Thanks.
  11. N

    Thread G4 Plus vs Galaxy S6 vs Le1S : Fingerprint Scanner Speed test

    Hello Everyone! I recently bought the 3GB variant of the Moto G4 Plus for reviewing purposes on my channel. I recently did a Speedtest of the fingerprint reader on the new G4 plus as Motorola claims that it can unlock the phone within 0.7 seconds. I pit it against the Galaxy S6 and the Le1S to...