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  1. sd_shadow

    Thread [Help Thread][Moto G5 Plus](2017) Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly

    This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to Moto G5 Plus XT1684 (Single SIM) XT1685 (Dual SIM) XT1687 (USA) XT1686 (India) Please feel free to share issues, questions and offer help. Noob questions are welcomed. It is always best to use the Thanks...
  2. debdeep98

    Thread [OTA] Update 17-6-2 (15.6.19)

    The last one. Indian variant.
  3. Casper1982

    Thread Users with the 32/2 variant

    Users with the 2GB variant.? I need to know how many we are and as much as possible open a new discussion about our mobiles, since many, to say the least, are having serious problems with customs roms. I do not know if the admins or moderators are in agreement with this. Thank you :good:
  4. Casper1982

    Thread recovery twrp disappears when the mobile restarts

    Android stock 8.1 / g5 plus 32/2. help, unlock the bootloader. Now when I install the recovery twrp (latest version) I get the following error: sending ‘recovery’ (10236 KB)… OKAY [ 0.379s] writing ‘recovery’… (bootloader) Image not signed or corrupt OKAY [ 0.239s] finished. total time: 0.634s...
  5. debdeep98

    Thread Further Updates

    Was checking the Moto site this morning and found out that G5 plus support cycle has ended. So no more security patches:(
  6. arun6106

    Thread Moto G5 plus Screen flickers on low-med brightness

    I have a 5 months old G5 plus and I frequently notice that the screen starts flickering whenever the phone is in low-medium brightness. It gets fixed if I increase the brightness but again after sometime, as the brightness changes with lighting conditions, same issue occurs again. Anyone else...
  7. eder5jga

    Thread When are we getting oreo?

    I've been watching some videos and photos of people getting Oreo on their moto G5 plus, yet I haven't seen any stock Oreo roms What is happening? And thanks for reading my not so good English
  8. M

    Thread 64Bit Rom possible for G5s Plus ? G5 Plus has got one...

    https://forum.xda-developers.com/g5-plus/development/dev-64bits-t3708091 The above is the thread of the 64 Bit Rom developed by the awesome developer VACHE. It's my request to the Moto G5s Plus Developers to bring a 64 Bit Rom here. THIS MAY BE GROUNDBREAKING... :)
  9. M

    Thread Nougat Webview inplementation on G5Plus - Weird

    Hi Guy's. I've been running CM/LineageOs on my phones since forever, so I'm not really familiar about the default behaviours of stock android, and there's something that is bothering me on my G5 that I'm not sure is related to the system itself or to some sort of settings, and would be really...
  10. drawde40599

    Thread UPDATES

    Can anyone tell me what the most current build of Android is for the Moto g5 plus ? Currently it's showing build 7.0 January security patch NPN25 137-33 I'm used to just FastBoot and Nexus/Pixle devices so Motorola is a change for me , does Moto have an image site or somewhere I can...
  11. Y

    Thread [Tip] Enable and Use Screen Pinning on Moto G5 Plus for hassle-free gaming

    What is screen pinning and how do I use it? Using screen pinning, device can be made to show only a certain app's screen as long as you want. Screen pinning can be often useful, especially if you want to play a game without accidentally minimizing the app (if you touch the Home button)...
  12. hapticc

    Thread How to Unlock Bootloader of Moto G5 Plus (XT 1686)

    Guys unlocking Moto G5 Plus Bootloader is quite easy. Just download ADB and Moto Drivers. Visit Moto Bootloader unlock website by clicking here Now enable USB Debugging and Allow OEM unlock by going in Developer options. Then reboot to fastboot by turning off your phone and then pressing...