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g5s plus

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    Thread [Request] Can anyone port the OneUI Rom of Samsung to Moto G5s Plus ?

    It's a request to Devs to port OneUI Rom of new Samsung series to Moto G5s Plus... It's a good Rom. Feels good, looks good, gives a fresh feeling... So is it possible ?
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    Thread Moto G5s/G5s+ Boot Logo Pack (Remove "Unlocked/Can't be Trusted" Message)

    This is my own custom made Boot Logo which I made for myself but thought to share here. This removes the message "Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted." I have used Moto Boot Logo Maker by @xpmule. You can find it here Resolution is 1080x1920 or higher of most of them. Just flash...
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    Thread 64Bit Rom possible for G5s Plus ? G5 Plus has got one...

    https://forum.xda-developers.com/g5-plus/development/dev-64bits-t3708091 The above is the thread of the 64 Bit Rom developed by the awesome developer VACHE. It's my request to the Moto G5s Plus Developers to bring a 64 Bit Rom here. THIS MAY BE GROUNDBREAKING... :)
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    Thread Flash official firmware Moto G5s Plus [sanders]

    So far, we have had the guides for you to unlock the bootloader in Moto G5s Plus or how to install TWRP on Moto G5s Plus and today, I am going to show you how to download and Install stock ROM in Moto G5s Plus. So if you probably have already tried a custom ROM on the Moto G5s Plus, let me tell...