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    Thread Unlocked bootloader, fastboot not exist

    Hey, I have a problem, I spend 2 days on it and can't find solution. So in the past I unlocked bootloader, used Qfil, everything was fine but few months ago i switch to Z fold 3 and stop using my G8X, now I have a buyer for that phone and I can't lock bootloader at all. So manual pressing...
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    Thread Sprint A10 QFIL dumps G8X

    hello, i got all my partitions backed up with QFIL, so i want to share them, they are renamed correctly (yes it took me some hours), so if someone need the .bin files to revive a bricked Sprint G8X phone or whatever feel free to use it. they are in two parts because Mediafire restrictions (10gb...
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    Thread Sprint A10 G8X QFIL Dumps

    hello ppl, actually i got all the Android 10 Sprint fw backed up with QFIL (DUMPS), i want to help people with bricked phones or whatever they want to do with their phones, i will share the link tomorrow BUT, i want to preserve my personal info safe, like userdata, IMEI, wifi MAC adress...
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    Thread Has anyone seen this new feature on LG g8x after android 11 upgrade?