1. Freeze24

    Thread [ROM][S9/S9+/N9]Resurrection Remix 8.7[Q][UNOFFICIAL]

    Hi guys, I really love RR and since there seems to be no one else who is willing to maintain the latest Resurrection Remix ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ for Android Q, I offer you this unofficial version. -/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\- Note: By downloading this ROM you take full...
  2. E

    Thread USA AT&T VOLTE on G965F Exynos?

    I was hoping to avoid the 3G shutdown by going back to stock but it seems it still does not work. Is there any method of making this happen?
  3. A

    Thread U8 Combination File for S9+ G965F/ DS

    Can You help me, where can I find the new U8 Combinaton files for G965F/ DS? PDA G965FXXU8DTC5 and CSC G965FOXM8DTC5 I would like to install other (ILO) official firmware with active call recording option.
  4. H

    Thread Don't Waste Your Time Trying to Root Galaxy S9 G960F Andriod Pie(9)

    I've been rooting and modding android phones in the past 3 years. Recently, I got a used Galaxy S9 (model G960F) and tried to root it. After literally a whole week of researching and numerous trials and testings, I came to the conclusion that the Galaxy S9 G960F is not root-able. So, to save you...
  5. R

    Thread Downgrade to oreo?? G965F/DS

    How do you downgrade without losing modem or anything else?? Also is it possible at all on a device that shipped with pie?? I got the dual sim intl version.
  6. J

    Thread G965F/DS on Verizon?

    The title says it all. I've heard that it will do okay since Verizon is beginning to push away from it's CDMA bands and going more for their LTE. I want the ability to unlock and root if I desire down the line.
  7. _alexndr

    Thread [ROM][G96xF/DS/FD/N][ALEXNDR] * UHFVG4 * DevBase v7.4 * Encryption support [Sep-20]

    Important notes for Developers / Chefs !!! This ROM is NOT based on any other custom ROM. My work contains many original ideas and innovations that I introduced as the first in the ROM development (see "Changelist" in post #2). Of course, it does not mean that I do not need to thank anyone -...