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    Thread [Q][SOLVED] Touch Screen UNresponsive?

    For some reason the upper left part of my touchscreen doesn't work. I tried the "Touch Screen Recalibrate" apk from gojimi but it didn't help, well not with the corner at least. I really noticed it while running CM7.1 (which unfortunately was my favorite ROM until this situation occurred)...
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    Thread [Q] How to unlock Huawei Ideos X1 Gaga ??

    hello guys , I have a Huawei Ideos X1 Gaga locked at mobinil Egypt , I really need to unlock it but don't know how , any rom or app to crack it ? thanks , hema999
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    Thread [DEV] [Huawei U8160/U8180] CyanogenMod 7.2.0-RC1 U8160 Port (14th August 2012)

    CyanogenMod 7.2.0-RC1 "u8160" Port Latest release: v1.5 [20120814] Latest Google Apps package: 20110828 Hey folks, This is a port of Cyanogen 7.2.0-RC1 (based on Android Gingerbread 2.3.7) for the Vodafone Smart VF858 (Huawei U8160) and Huawei X1 (U8180). The current port status is stable -...
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    Thread [Solved] [Q] Android + Sense UI on a Huawei Gaga U8180 ?

    Hi people ! I've checked out on the forums and others, but did not find a lot of infos about the Huawei Gaga U8180 (I'm going to buy it up), I really want to know if it's possible to install a ROM with the HTC Sense UI on this phone? Did anyone tried it? Is it working fine? Thanks anyway for...