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  1. Hamid Chikh

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] Samsung Galaxy One UI - Optimization Guide

    THIS IS A SUGGESTED CONFIGURATION FOR SAMSUNG DEVICES OUT OF SUPPORT/CLOSED I - RECOMMENDED SETTINGS To Start With - Factory Reset before starting optimisations - Factory Reset after every Major update (One UI/Android) - Remove SIM before first boot - Follow setup OFFLINE (DON'T restore anything...
  2. M3DUS4

    Thread Fastboot, Samsung Galaxy A51

    Hello, i wanted to ask how to fix the fastboot mode. Everytime when i try to access it, it just says "Entering Fastboot..."and thats all. I dont want to close it, thats not my problem, i just wanna flash a recovery.img, and the fastboot seems not working. Any ideas?
  3. BredzProh

    Thread [GUIDE] Change your CSC on any Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 10 or older - will also work in Android 11 for builds older than January 2021

    Hello everyone! I made this video tutorial regarding changing the CSC on your Samsung Galaxy device. This method will work for Android 10 and older, and Android 11 (builds older than January 2021). Credits to: Steps: 1...
  4. B

    Thread [HOW-TO] SAMSUNG PASS on KNOX tripped devices NON ROOT

    this trick was original found by gundal, I just made an easy way to set it on this thread. download fastboot tools here Enable USB debug on developper options and open adb/fastboot tools on pc and type: adb devices accept prompt window on phone and type: adb shell -press enter- pm uninstall...