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  1. Hamid Chikh

    Thread [DISCONTINUED/CLOSED/END OF SUPPORT] Samsung Galaxy One UI - Optimization Guide

    THIS IS A SUGGESTED CONFIGURATION FOR SAMSUNG DEVICES OUT OF SUPPORT/DISCONTINUED I - RECOMMENDED SETTINGS To Start With - Factory Reset before starting optimisations - Factory Reset after every Major update (One UI/Android) - Remove SIM before first boot - Follow setup OFFLINE (DON'T restore...
  2. #Henkate

    Thread Touchwiz Nougat update for Galaxy J series

    NEWS REGARDING J5 2015 UPDATE - PLANED ON 01.10.2017 Samsung Turkey publishes detailed Nougat roadmap which even includes the Galaxy J5 (2015) Hello! Personally im not waiting for any update as Touchwiz Marshmallow is crap compared to Touchwiz Lollipop, but you may be interested...