1. Y

    Thread remove it

    <6>[ 2.173714] [0: recovery: 2120] [c0] dsim_panel_set_brightness : panel is not active state.. <6>[ 2.173718] [0: recovery: 2120] [c0] LCD is off <6>[ 2.173790] [0: recovery: 2120] [c0] decon_blank ++ blank_mode : 0 <6>[ 2.173795] [0: recovery: 2120] [c0]...
  2. L

    Thread [Discussion]Lineage OS for Samsung Galaxy J2

    Development is going on here : <-- Contributions are always welcomed here and<-- The won't accept any contributions untill you personally know Albe96 and he thinks that you are a good dev mainly [Recognised Contributor]
  3. B

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J2 (SM-J200H) dual sim flashing problem .

    hello . I have samsung SM-j200H and tried to flash it with odin . I downloaded the right files from sammobile and start the flashing process . When odin says PASS , I disconecct mobile from pc . mobile restarts and shows the android green logo , it stays 3 seconds and phone restarts again and...
  4. B

    Thread Samsung J2 (SM-J200H) dual sim flashing problem .

    hello . I have samsung SM-j200H and tried to flash it with odin . I downloaded the right files from sammobile and start the flashing process . When odin says PASS , I disconecct mobile from pc . mobile restarts and shows the android green logo , it stays 3 seconds and phone restarts again and...
  5. S

    Thread [ROM][TRIAL] CyanogenMod/LineageOS for J2lte

    Do not try this without any backup! Hey, I tried to make a Cyanogen/LineageOS for j2_lte, I'm without my J2, so I'm leaving this here, if it works, please SHARE everywhere, but with credits :D Newbies, please wait. Download -
  6. Aj.xda

    Thread [ROM] [J200H] Aj's Galaxy J2 ROM SM-J200H [March 1, 2017]

    Aj's Galaxy J2 (SM-J200H) ROM Based on the latest J200HXXU0APK1 firmware (November 2016 Security Patch) Deodexed Extremely Debloated 100% De-Knox Zip-aligned Rooted with SuperSU v2.79 SR3 Systemless Added Busybox v1.24 Added latest Sqlite (useful for titantium backup) Added lNIT.D...
  7. Metal_creek

    Thread [[SOLVED]] Samsung galaxy J2 front camera issue" camera failed" fixed....

    Just let me know incase you facing the same issue....
  8. Metal_creek

    Thread [[SOLVED]] Samsung Galaxy J2 front camera error "camera failed" fixed

    MOD Edit - Removed watch the whole, give thumbs up and subscribe hit
  9. TimurAlaskara_TR

    Thread [ROM][AROMA][J200H][LP] Timem S8/N7 ROM v2.0

    WELCOME TO TIMEM ROM ~General information~ Base: (v1) J200HXXU0APJ3 (v2) J200HXXU0AQC2 Devs: TimurAlaskara_TR gencemre2795 ~Disclaimer~ Neither me nor gencemre2795 are respnsibe to any damage which might happen to you device. However, we will always try to help out if you get into...
  10. P

    Thread Samsung j2 200G~ dolby, viper xposed.

    I m not responsible for any damages in your phone Proceed with your responsibility. I used supersu root, install titanium backup and removed every bloatware . My rom is hell fast. here are a list of stuff essential and confirmed working for our device j2. Dolby here...
  11. M

    Thread Custom rom for Samsung Galaxy J200G

    Hey developers please port an lineage os or any other rom for galaxy j200g so it could be converted to Marshmallow or Nougat as many users are just stuck to android lollipop in j200g
  12. Veerendra Kumar

    Thread [Q] Is there any Custom ROM (RR ROM) for Samsung Galaxy J2 (SM-J200G) 2015 model

    Hi friends and developers. Is there any Custom ROM of RR ROM for Samsung Galaxy J200G mobile. Is there any possible to port it from any other devices. :) I am dying for it:angel:
  13. SweenWolf

    Thread Root Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200F using TWRP and SuperSU.

    Hi, This rooting method is for Samsung SM-J200F. THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY AND WILL DEFINITELY TRIP YOUR KNOX First of all Go to Settings>About Device and tap on Build Number 5-7 times. Developer option will appear in Settings, open it. Enable OEM-Unlock and enter your PIN (if you have...
  14. S

    Thread Please port android nougat or marshmallow rom for Samsung Galaxy J200G

    Please developers port an android nougat or marshmallow rom for Samsung Galaxy J200G as many users need update
  15. Sv Rns Srikanth Puranam

    Thread [CLOSED]CM13 Marshmallow ROM for Samsung Galaxy J2 (SM-J200G) [INS] (2015) Model Smartphone

    If Anybody Want to download CyanogenMod 13 (Android 6.0.1) Marshmallow for the Samsung Galaxy J2 (SM-J200G) [INS] (2015) Model Smartphone. Here is the link for tutorial on how to root J2 and install custom Twrp recovery, Gapps & CM13 Mod Edit link removed Downloading links...
  16. Albe96

    Thread [GUIDE]How to root Samsung Galaxy J2 LTE 2015

    Many users are asking me to give a guide to root Samsung Galaxy J2 2015 LTE.So here is how you can root your device! Warning:-->>Be careful.By doing this you will void your warranty.I'll not responsible for any damage of your device.Do this at your own risk! Requirement: PC Common Sense...
  17. S

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J2 Cyanogen mod Help

    Hello looking for a CyanogenMod 13 ROM for Samsung galaxy J2 but I find all pages have ads and surveys can help me.:(
  18. ashyx

    Thread [TWRP 3.0.2-1] [ROOT] Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200H

    TWRP custom recovery for the Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200H. Spreadtrum SC8830A. Latest build is 3.0.2-1 Disclaimer: you flash these at your own risk. Knox counter will be tripped. Having the stock firmware to hand is also advised. NOTE: BEFORE MAKING MODIFICATIONS, ON SOME ANDROID 5.1.1/6.0...
  19. D

    Thread Again a rqst to users for latest upgrade's zip file

    Hey Everyone sorry for disturbing again but Pls some one provide me J2's Latest version upgrade's zip flashable file pls!!
  20. D

    Thread Request to developers For sparing their time in porting roms like Miui or funtouch os

    Hey There , its been a year since our beloved J2 LTE was lauched and now there is no hope that We will be getting Update of 6.0. Its my request to developers to pls spare some time and atleast port MIUI or FUNTOUCH OS or CM rom for our device. As this touchwiz is Kinda boring ;( Thanks :)
  21. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy j2 2015, little problem in stock ROM

    Hi friends! This is Abdullah, a visually impaired user of j2-2015 (SMJ200H) with v5.1.1. A little problem is that the call volume on headset/handfree is too slow as compared to other models. I've tried different headsets, but it is the default configguration of j2. For this issue, i've been...
  22. V

    Thread [Rom][j2lte][Samsung Galaxy J2][j200g]HydraRom V1 - Aroma

    This rom is tested and working on J200G variant only! Do not try this on other variants without any backup! Feature List: -Based on latest J200GDDU1APH5 firmware with september security patch - Aroma installer support - Rom is fully deodexed - Debloated all useless google and samsung apps -...
  23. AAMIRAHMED1968

    Thread samsung galaxy j200h ,how to root

    hi i have samsung galaxy j200H phone i want to root please guide me any one thanks
  24. A

    Thread Unable to root Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200F

    Hello; i've been trying to root my Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200F with no success , i tried many solutions and applications, different Odin and TWRP versions and nothing happened, when my phone boots , system is like having an update to get into TWRP recovery but fails with "no command" message and...
  25. C

    Thread Flashing stock ROM on Galaxy J2

    what's up guys, I've been working on a Galaxy J2 this weekend. its owner had forgotten his Google account password, and asked me to reset it. after searching for a few tutorials on internet, I've found out that I'd have to flash a stock rom with android 5.1. but I've already tried 6 different...
  26. K

    Thread Successful Installation of Xposed on Samsung Galaxy SM-J200G/DD

    Hello Guys!! After many unsuccessful attempts to install the latest Xposed framework , downloaded from XDA, on my Samsung Galaxy SM-J200G/DD, lollipop V5.1.1 rooted stock ROM, today I have installed the complete framework without any issues and errors. ;) A big thanks to Marco V. Ponciano for...
  27. otmx

    Thread Downgrade Galaxy J2 j200f 5.1.1 to 4.4.4 or any?

    hi i need to downgrade my galaxy j2 j200f 5.1.1 to 4.4.4 or any version 5.1.1 is heavy system :confused: :)
  28. N

    Thread How to install Adroid Kitkat on Samsung Galaxy J2 (SM-J200G)

    A few day ago i am bought samsung galaxy j2. It have installed lolipop 5.1.1 version but i don't like lollipop version because it was eating big ram and not giving external sd card write permission I am root my galaxy j2 and i am void mobile warrenty because it have knox prottection Help me how...
  29. A

    Thread CM Samsung Galaxy J2

    Looking for Cyangenmod for the Samsung Galaxy J2, youd really love this!
  30. R

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J2 (Model No.s - SM-J200G/DD) Indian Firmware Link ?

    Want Samsung Galaxy J2 (Model No.s - SM-J200G/DD) Indian Firmware Link , I Googled It But I Only Found Thailand,Veitnam And Cambodia Links For Firmware .. Please Help
  31. G

    Thread [q][porting_help]porting aosp for galaxy j2 [q][porting_help]

    Hi, i'm trying to port AOSP for Galaxy J2 (j2lte - J200BT), but i did not find any source for this phone on Github... (i'm downloaded a .zip from but I do not know if it would be helpful in porting... so, guys, what I need to do the port, besides the AOSP source (which I...
  32. G

    Thread [Q] An AOSP ROM for Galaxy J2 (J200BT)

    Hi guys, Have any AOSP ROM for Galaxy J2? i have this phone (j200bt) and i want an AOSP ROM... can you put the link of the ROM? THANKS!
  33. 5

    Thread How to port "screenMirroring" feature from Galaxy S4 or later for Galaxy J200F

    How to port "screenMirroring" feature from Galaxy S4 or later for Galaxy J200F Hi guy's Is there anyone who can help me to port "ScreenMirroring" feature for galaxy j2 ??? :confused::confused::confused: I realy need it, please help me :crying::crying:
  34. krasCGQ

    Thread [KERNEL][j2lte][5.1.1] KudKernel for Samsung Galaxy J2 LTE [ABANDONED]

    Sorry to tell this, but KudKernel development on j2lte family has been abandoned due to fact that I couldn't give make any of my current builds to boot and I don't have any device to test. Thanks for your support all. Hope we could meet again on another device development. :fingers-crossed...
  35. 5

    Thread custom kernel for galaxy j200F

    Hello I need a custom kernel with selinux permissive for my galaxy j200 F anyone can help me to find it ?
  36. H

    Thread Tester available for CyanogenMod on Samsung Galaxy J2

    I'm using a brand new Samsung Galaxy JS (SM-J200G) on Android 5.1.1 using Kernel 3.10.9. If anyone wants an active tester to build CyanogenMod for this phone, I'm available. FYI, I've only rooted a phone once or twice before but I am a Linux freak so with a little help, I should be able to...
  37. R

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Root Galaxy J2 ( almost all android 2.x-5.1 )

    So Guys I'm Successfully Rooted My Galaxy J2 Safely without unlocking the Bootloader :D Proof is here The steps are really simple Download kingroot from here Install the apk and open it and you know what to do next ;) enjoy your rooted android :)
  38. desktopuser

    Thread Can't access my device after Factory Reset in Samsung Galaxy J2.

    Hello folks, i have Samsung Galaxy J2; its a year old. Yesterday, my device got stuck and after restarting the device, it failed to open up normally. So i did a factory reset ! But it took me to Wi-Fi Connection setup and enter gmail id. As i remember this phone belonged to my father...
  39. Z

    Thread How can i use Viper4Android in my Samsung Galaxy J2 (SM-J200G)

    is there any possible way to work Viper4Android in Samsung Galaxy J2 (stock Touchwiz 5.1.1) , i"m dying for it :(
  40. M

    Thread روت Galaxy J2)J200H ( فقط

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته طريقة روت Galaxy J2)J200H ( فقط اسم الجهاز Galaxy J200H اصدار الاندرويد 5.1.1 الطريقة هي عن طريق تنصيب رومة مروتة جاهز عن طريق الأودين ولكن لن يحذف شيئ من الجهاز قط الروابط أسفل الفيديو .. بعد تنزيل الملفات ثبت تعاريف السامسونغ كخطوة اولى اوصل الجهاز...
  41. A

    Thread Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J200G Galaxy J2 Duos LTE

    Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J200G Galaxy J2 Duos LTE How To Use: - Download The Arabic Firmware Zip. - Extract it to get the *.Tar.md5 file. - Run Odin3.exe - Select the extracted *.Tar.md5 file as AP/PDA file. - Put the phone into Download Mode. - Connect it to PC via USB cable. - After...
  42. Y

    Thread [DEV]Samsung Galaxy J2 LTE[Index]

    Welcome To the Index thread of Samsung Galaxy J2 LTE. Here you will find everything for the device.Let's start by knowing this device. Device codename : J2LTE Launched : September, 2015. Specifications (Credits: GSMArena) Technology(Operating Bands) - GSM / HSPA / LTE 2G bands GSM 850...
  43. irfanjunaid

    Thread How to root Samsung Galaxy J2 : SM-J200G

    Hi guys, Is it possible to root Samsung Galaxy J2 with 5.1.1 ? Firmware: J200GDDU1AOJ3 Putting together everything I found TWRP recovery for J2 - Version - here The TWRP installs fine and fully working without bugs. I flashed Supersu both 2.46 and 2.50 but...
  44. A

    Thread Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J200GU Galaxy J2 Duos

    Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J200GU Galaxy J2 Duos Install: Use Odin3 flasher to install this Arabic ROM, Select file as PDA / AP only. Download: - J200GUXXU1AOI6 Arabic ROM v5.1.1: Download ( AFH Link )
  45. B

    Thread Is there any possible way to root Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200G 5.1.1

    Is there any possible way to root Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200G 5.1.1? Thnaks in Advance :)