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  1. D

    Thread Please delete thread

    Please delete
  2. D

    Thread [ROM] [Stock] J320A/J320AZ/J320AG deodex'd

    Today i bring you the very first rom for our device. It's only stock, but the installer includes enough options to keep us happy for a while. The core installation includes a stripped down system menu with Google play and contacts. I also added, by default, the WiFi fix and hotspot mod. The...
  3. RespawnTime_

    Thread [ROM] Galaxy J320F - j3Time v5.3 Lollipop [DEPRECATED]

    DEPRECATED just go try lineage or something J3Time is a free ROM for the Galaxy J3 (2016), well, actually an TWRP backup.It is made to be lightweight (compared to TouchWiz) and to look pretty much like AOSP Android. Features: Almost everything TouchWiz related is removed,except SystemUI...
  4. M

    Thread Extract data without from Samsung Galaxy J3 without : pincode, usb debugging, root ..

    Hello, i am try to extract data from my Android device : Samsung Galaxy J3 but i have no access in any way, i dont have the pincode, dont have root access, the usb debugging is disabled, and if possible i will want to extract without have to delete the pincode or if i can decrypt after in the...
  5. S

    Thread samsung galaxy j3 2016

    so i've ran into some problems trying to root this device and in need of some help device info: device: j3ltevzw bootloader: j320vppvrs2apl1 model: sm-j320vpp
  6. Z

    Thread Galaxy J3 2016 not taking any SD cards - in custom recovery TWRP they are working..?!

    Any Idea what may cause a Galaxy J3 not to recognize SD cards correctly? When I have one in the phone it says "sd card empty or not supported file system" - when I format it it still says the same. The card is alright (tested in pc) and in custom recovery its even working, but not in the...
  7. leather.face

    Thread [TOOL][Stock ROM][Apr 29th[BETA+STABLE]GoldenDroid J3 | Lollipop - online -

    - GoldenDroid tweaks - present by: for the Samsung Galaxy (2016) 1/ Better Performance, 2/ Less lags, 3/ Faster input/output and read/write Speed, 4/ custom Seeder Value, 5/ sysro/sysrw commands Support, 6/ and more ! :o 7/ use NOT my GoldenDroid Package with other Tweak Apps etc. I mean...
  8. P

    Thread Adopt Storage Sams Galaxy J3 Emerge

    Okay my question is simple and straight forward I have a non rooted Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge, Model Number: SM-J327P and currently running Android Version 6.0.1 on Sprint the 16 GB version... well I just got this phone and it already has a full internal memory, I installed a 32gb micro sd card ...
  9. M

    Thread ROOT Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) SM-J320G

    ROOT Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) SM-J320G. " G " Steps in the Root Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320G 5.1.1 Lollipop. Via Odin. copy download link=>> q.gs /9548889/root-j320g. delete space. Base Version J320GXXUOAPG2. picture=>>drive.g oogle.com/file/d/0B4tWps21xsZPRzlkcFF4YVBjRkU/view REMOVE SPACE.
  10. ashyx

    Thread [ROOT]Samsung SM-J120A Galaxy Express 3 / Galaxy J1 2016

    Below you will find instructions how to root this device. The following procedure has been tested up to firmware J120AUCU2APJ2 KNOX should remain 0x0 However you undertake this at your own risk. Issues: Wifi passwords not remembered (fix below) Stock Flashlight app not working. Model number...
  11. ashyx

    Thread [ROOT]Samsung SM-J320A/J320AZ(cricket) Galaxy Express Prime GoPhone / Galaxy J3 2016

    Below you will find instructions how to root this device. The following procedure has been tested up to firmware MMB29K.J320AUSC2AQA1 KNOX should remain 0x0 However you undertake this at your own risk. (NOTE: This procedure will also work for the SM-J320AZ (Cricket)) Issues: Wifi passwords...
  12. ashyx

    Thread Deleted

  13. ashyx

    Thread [RECOVERY][ROOT]TWRP 3.1.0-1 Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge SM-J327P

    Unofficial release -TWRP recovery for the Galaxy J3 Emerge - SM-J327P, Qualcomm MSM8937 TWRP 3.1.0-0 Released Mar 10, 2017 TWRP 3.1.0-0 is out now for all currently supported devices. What's new in 3.1.0-0: vold decrypt on a few select HTC devices, TWRP will now attempt to use the system...
  14. G

    Thread The definite guide to rooting Samsung Galaxy J3(2016) SM-J320FN & FRP Locked Bootloop

    The definite guide to rooting Samsung Galaxy J3(2016) SM-J320FN & FRP Locked Bootloop As first I have to say, I had to create a thread in Q&A because of the low rank, but I am sure this can be moved to the J3 section as there are many questions on how to gain root access to this device. This...
  15. X

    Thread [Galaxy J3 (2016)] Device tree for sm-j320fn

    I started work on device tree for SM-J320FN. I need some help.
  16. I

    Thread j327P (Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge) TWRP/ROOT METHOD??

    Hey there i have question about the j327P (Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge) that i bought yesterday, I've been searching for a official TWRP & ROOT thread for this phone and had no luck. But i ended up doing my own research and gained a little more information about the phone, it is running a...
  17. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) (J320FN) - USB not recognized when in Download Mode

    When I put my device into download mode, it isn't recognized by Ubuntu nor by Windows 10 : nothing happens when I plug or unplug the USB cable from one end or the other, and Odin does not show anything. It's stock firmware, TRP lock disabled, OEM unlocking enabled, USB debugging enabled.
  18. M

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J3 sm-j320zn

    Hello, I can't find nothing for sm-j320zn version, I tried to install TWRP and I did it, but when I try to install the Supersu the mobile goes to a bootloop... Help! Thank you so much!!
  19. I

    Thread ROM and Root for j3 2016

    Hiya guys Now I own the j3 I can publish my ROM unfortunately Its touch wiz but I've got it up to marshmallow features The ROM includes Super user 2.79 Busy box S7 music S7 messages S voice No stock apps exsept Google play Xposed Floating messages Ever had this app is incompatible the...
  20. X

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-S320VL need this rooted

    Hi, i need to get this phone rooted please, no root apps works, Chainfire maybe can help?
  21. I

    Thread ROM is coming for J3 2016

    Hello j3 users, I'm planning on releasing a perform speed ROM for this device , this is because there's no device tree! Perform Speed features Busybox And XSPOSED !! Completely debloated Smusic Svoice Note 7 Floating messages Root Samsung s7 features Over clocking And many more including...
  22. 3

    Thread [DEPRECATED]Lineage OS for Samsung galaxy j3

    /////IMPORTANT READ MEH PLZ\\\\\ I have given up. There, I said it. Stop asking for builds. I tried major best but mah best ain't good enough... However not all hope is gone! Here are two other threads of people working on lineage is 13/14 and also ressurection remix to the j3 that have nothing...
  23. 3

    Thread Samsung galaxy j3 linear os

    N/A please see thread in general section here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/general/general/lineage-os-samsung-galaxy-j3-t3553175
  24. T

    Thread How can I root Samsung Galaxy SM-j320A (Express Prime aka. J3)

    Hello, I have recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy Express Prime, simply put it is a re-branded J3 pre-paid phone from AT&T. I purchased this device for it's immense value. I paid $84.79 after tax etc. where as J3 w/ the same specs runs $137.78 after tax etc. meaning that this device allows you to...
  25. KaioProHawk

    Thread [ROM] Flasheable Stock 5.1.1 For J3 J320M

    Based Stock J320MUBU0APH1 ~ Zipalighned ! ~ 750MB Free Ram ! <-No Apps ~ Small Size Only 468Mb ! ~ Debloated ! ~ Deknoxed ! ~ Pre-Rooted ! ~ No Odin ~ Installation Download The Rom -> https://mega.nz/#!vZMjUaJJ!T3S4MIQSy2PL4FFaL7XXXf33SCu4KGFk69hKJJLcaxI...
  26. K

    Thread Galaxy J3 Custom rom ? or port ?

    Hello guys, I got this device for about a week now and searched everywhere but there are no costum roms for this device and that causes me to return the device back and buy another device... does anyone have successfully ported a rom ?
  27. S

    Thread Any way to bypass Google Account Verification on the J3 2016?

    Hello guys I need your help with an issue I'm having with my J3 2016, I had an issue with battery draining so fast so I tried a factory reset through the recovery, not knowing that it will get locked and the bad thing is that I don't know the email that was used on the phone. I tried every...
  28. softkey

    Thread J320W8

    Hello, Which variant of J320 can be use to replace the J320W8 stock rom? Thanks
  29. KaioProHawk

    Thread most used model?

  30. Dar3kPlayGam3s

    Thread Help pls Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 Dual Sim

    Hey my phone is broken i can only use facebook and messenger i cant go to the chrome cuz it says that im offline and in google play it says that im offline and ihave to check do i have wifi on and try again but im connected to my wifi and im very close to the router i tryed to cleat the data and...
  31. M

    Thread Root / Rom for Samsung Galaxy J3 Tellus SM-J320W8

    Having trouble finding anything for this specific model, thank you for helping!
  32. triiuzii

    Thread Any root method for SM-J320A

    I bought an unlocked Galaxy J3 (SM-J320A) and i badly want to root it. The 320A is supposedly AT&T, but there's no bloatware or anything on it. The phone doesn't say AT&T anywhere. I'm using it with TracFone. If anyone knows how to root it, please post. By the way, I'm on Marshmallow 6.0.1.
  33. S

    Thread [Q] Any possibilities to root the Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320A?

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320A to replace my aging Galaxy Express. Just wondering if there is any rooting possibles for my phone. Any help is appreciated :)
  34. L

    Thread J3 has no backup assistant plus

    My Dad jumped from a Verizon iPhone 5c to a J3. He locked himself out of the 5c and lost everything. The 5c had Verizon's Backup Assistant Plus running on it which backed up his phone numbers every night. Thought it would be easy to get them back but the J3 doesn't include the Backup...
  35. mr_reaper

    Thread [Q] Will the J3 get CM

    i know messi started on it, but abandoned it. anyone know of any custom ROMS...
  36. Z

    Thread Root? Twrp?

    Today I picked up this phone. Got the SAMSUNG-SM-J320VPP on Verizon version with Android 6.0.1. Is there any way of installing Twrp and rooting this device? I've seen a bunch of variants to this device but not really this version in particular. Got it for the nfc but unfortunately this model...
  37. L

    Thread Chainfire auto root FAILED Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320R4

    Hello all. I went ahead and downloaded the cf auto root tar for this phone and gave it a shot through ODIN. I followed all instructions, the model number and Android version matches the autoroot file. I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320R4, Marshmallow 6.0.1, Build MMB29M.J320R4TYU1APE1. USB...
  38. X

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J3 Model: SM-J320A

    Hi Everybody! So I have this wonderful piece of work, but I can not find any link that lets me into it.... And sadly enough I made a stupid account that I can not by pass so I am stressing out on it atm. So I am really posting this to get Additional help on maybe links on , Apply Update...
  39. M

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-S320VL rooting assistance

    I have the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-S320VL and I am looking to root the phone but have been unable to find a solution, I have tried SMSroot, King root and a couple of others but no luck as of yet.
  40. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J3 missing Screen Mirroring

    LS, Samsung Galaxy J3 with Android 5.1.1 is missing the "screen mirroring"; can i still get it enabled without any 3rd party application...?
  41. Rex Generator

    Thread [Q] Restting Flash Counter Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)(SM-J320F)

    hello guys :) { I AM UNROOTING MY DEVICE AND GOING BACK TO THE "OFFICIAL" SYSTEM STATUS SO I CAN CLAIM THE WARRENTY AGAIN COZ I GOT SOME HARDWARE RELATED ISSUE AND I HAVE 9 MONTHS WARRENTY LEFT } so Is there a Way to reset My Flash Counter Coz I have flashed my stock rom several times (around...
  42. MihailMojsoski

    Thread [ROOT] [TWRP] [UNBRICK] Samsung J3 (2016) J320FN

    So, i got a new J320FN, i hard bricked it after trying to flash a custom recovery and root it. I figured everything out and i unbricked it, and on top of that i installed TWRP and SuperSU. I made this package, that includes everything that i used to unbrick + root it, and i also made the...
  43. hamzaeid

    Thread Init.d Support for J3 2016

    [Sorry for my English] Hello. Guys I made this thread for Samsung galaxy J3 2016 and for (J320H) specific cuz i know that until now there's no custom rom or kernel for this model (J320H) so i decide to made this thread for the people who own the same model that i have and want init.d support to...
  44. adrian1234a

    Thread Roms for sm-j320fn?

    Hi I have a question for this Phone. I have any rom for this????
  45. ashyx

    Thread [TWRP 3.0.2-1] [ROOT] Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) SM-J320H

    TWRP custom recovery for the Samsung Galaxy J3(2016) SM-J320H. Spreadtrum SC8830A. Latest build is 3.0.2-1 Disclaimer: you flash these at your own risk. Knox counter will be tripped. Having the stock firmware to hand is also advised. NOTE: BEFORE MAKING MODIFICATIONS, ON SOME ANDROID...
  46. J

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J3 V

    I've been searching for a while on how to root the Samsung Galaxy J3 V from Verizon. It's not the prepaid version. It's on a contract, but purchased outright. I've tried several methods to rooting this phone, but all have been unsuccessful. The phone is on Android version 6.0.1. Any help would...
  47. melkis

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320VPP Root help

    Hi, and thanks for reading. i would like to know if theres a way of rooting the celphone Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320VPP. ive see Threads on sucefully rooting others models but not this one
  48. T

    Thread [RECOVERY][Galaxy J3 2016] How to root your J320YZ with TWRP 3.0.2-0

    How to root your J320YZ with TWRP 3.0.2-0 Prepare : - Odin v3.12 - SuperSU flashable - TWRP 3.0.2-0 Download link TWRP official webpage - USB cable - Computer - KIES (exclude windows 10) Test info : - Device : J3 2016 [J320YZ] - Android version : 5.1.1 - Baseband version ...
  49. M

    Thread ANY way to rootSAMSUNG GALAXY J3 SM-320H

    hi i tried everything to install custom recovery but still cant get custom recovery.so is there any way to root samsung galaxy j3 sm320h 5.1.1:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  50. G

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 or Alcatel Idol 3 (4.7")

    So, I need a help with deciding which phone to buy, considering there aint any video comparing these two phones. I like the Idol 3 cause of the better speakers and the better pixel density, but I aint sure of the quality of the camera even though it has better MP's. Can someone help me with this...