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  1. Galaxyninja66

    Thread Tips for using CM9.1 ICS today

    I remember wanting to write a continuously updated guide like this back in 2016 When I was running CM9.1 on my old AT&T Fusion 2 (3.5" TFT, Snapdragon S1, and yes, this was 2016) I tried out kitkat on the Gnexus and it was alright, slow but alright. However, I bought this phone to run ICS on and...
  2. F

    Thread Most stable ROM

    Hello guys. Could you please suggest me the most stable ROM (your opinion) for my GALAXY NEXUS i9250 ? I am not interesting in latest Android features I am interesting in stability. Thanks ! :)
  3. Ckpe4

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1]UNOFFICIAL Resurrection Remix Marshmallow

    Presenting ResurrectionRemix unofficial build. This is only possible due to the work of Ziyan, MWisBest and musical_chairs. How-To Unlock your device Flash custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) Flash ROM through recovery Flash GApps (Optional) Reboot system Enjoy:) Downloads: Latest RR...
  4. jdhedden

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Galaxy Nexus

    Galaxy Nexus boot animation scaled for the Nexus 6P. Copy attached .zip to /system/media and chmod to 644. NOTE: Not a flashable .zip
  5. O

    Thread [Q] - GNex doesn't charge battery, high discharge, very hot PCB, overheated battery

    Galaxy Nexus GSM I-9250. Tested with 2 batteries (one original with NFC antenna, other aftermarket clone without NFC). Actually GNex doesn't charge at all: no charge animation when phone off, both batteries at 0%. Unable to power on. I've ordered a replacement for Micro USB + mic + charge flex...
  6. D

    Thread Nexus keeps restarting (when memory is used)

    Hello everyone! My Galaxy Nexus works normally till I copy music or any other files on it. When memory is used (more than 50% for instance), then phone starts restarting randomly. However, If I do a full wipe and made memory free, then there's no restart to happen. What can be a problem?
  7. ghost010

    Thread Fallout shelter not compatible?

    [Edit] got it working on the device. Still doesn't explain why an older device is able to get the app from store.. So my Galaxy nexus is not supported google says. Minimum SDK is 4.1 for the app. OK, so to bad right? Well..... Then there is this.. How? What makes the Nexus S be supported...
  8. n1kolaa

    Thread Best color calibration for cm12.1/cm11

    Hi i was haveing problem with screen, i looked at other amoleds and spoted that our is sooo redish so i tryed to change it to become like my s3. i succesed with it. White is white green is greed and blue is blue. So far best colors. All you need is to disable Live display, set gama: 4 red 0...
  9. O

    Thread Qi-Charger Mod

    This weekend, I did a well deserved 2015 Upgrade to my Galaxy Nexus, by making it compatible with Qi charging stations. Showcase: First thing I did, was take the phone apart. It's very easy and nearly impossible to do wrong. All you need to do is...
  10. msmilanov

    Thread No sound after teardown?

    Hello, I just opened my phone to change the charging port with a new one because the old one was so loose that charging the phone was a pain in the butt. And after months of waiting I finally decided to teardown my phone just like in one youtube video. I took a lot of risk and time and did...
  11. SirHydarnes

    Thread [Q] Galaxy nexus - what are my options

  12. A

    Thread [Q] LED Not working at all!

    My LED notification light is not working, ever. All of the settings are on, I've tried using light flow and everything but it's still not working. Any suggestions?
  13. G

    Thread Does Linaro really make a difference? [GCC4.8 vs LInaro 14.11] [CM12] [ALL GNEX]

    I have compiled Cyanogenmod 12 for the Galaxy Nexus... both with, and without Linaro. Here is the plain GCC 4.8 build: And here is Linaro (GCC 4.8 was used for the kernel)...
  14. jcagara08

    Thread [Q] Rebirth of a Legend and which ROM?

    Long story short; I am now using a Galaxy Nexus again!! reborn from 2013 from an essential LCD repair that cost me $136 (500 UAE Dirhams) this morning!! and its aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive !!!!!!!!!!! I initially had this back in 2012 I guess, traded it off from my Pops's brand new spanking new...
  15. C

    Thread [Q] my phone cannot be wiped

    Hello, i have been used my galaxy nexus for 2 years now. i used CM 11 milestone m10. today it suddenly just keep rebooting, i can enter homescreen, but give it a couple minutes and it will reboot again, over and over again. so i decided to flash CM 11 m12, succeeded, but when i enter...
  16. KShion619

    Thread [Q] Unified Tuna Builds of things?

    What is keeping ROM devs from creating unified builds for all the tuna devices? Rather than spending time/resources making 3 different builds for 3 practically identical devices (Minus some APN/Radio differences for toro/toro+) im sure there's a way to detect which revision you have and auto...
  17. KShion619

    Thread [Completed] LTE SIM -> 3G -> LTE SIM Activation Issues [VZW]

    Okay, there was a blackout on thanksgiving, and i temporarily switched over to a phone that can last the 2 days that power was out, specifically the Motorola Qc on verizon, and now i am trying to re-activate the Galaxy Nexus' LTE SIM Card back to my account, any ideas on what to do? Whoops...
  18. S

    Thread Samsung galaxy nexus bootloader can't make changes to flash

    My friend's phone somehow got into a reboot cycle. It loads up, launcher starts, notifications start working. Then there is a nullpointer and a core service that is failing to start then it reboots. So as a solution I thought try wiping data/cache. When booting the bootloader it was already...
  19. S

    Thread [Q] Help w/ semi-bricked device (please)

    I bought this Verizon Galaxy Nexus a while back to use as a media player on a trip. It already had Paranoid Android on it. After the trip, I messed around with it, and stupidly wiped everything but TWRP v2.3.2.1. Now I have a device that boots into TWRP, but thats it. There is nothing to...
  20. V

    Thread [Q] Lost IMEI, Baseband after rom upgrade

    I tried to search around but found no new posts regarding this problem. Upgrading to today's FML rom, after reboot i lost my baseband and IMEI. I don't have a there a way to brind my phone back to life?
  21. B

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Nexus Audio Issue

    Edit: Got it, and had to download USB Audio Player PRO from Google Play. Works good so far the USB DAC.
  22. G

    Thread Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko) on Galaxy Nexus - Not Android! - Latest 2014.09.05

    I have recently had interest in running Firefox OS on my Galaxy Nexus. NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR DAILY USE, FIREFOX OS STILL HAS SOME BUGS ON THIS DEVICE Also, just a warning about the first build... I used the binaries from Toro (Verizon Galaxy Nexus), which shouldn't be a problem, but I'll use...
  23. H

    Thread [Q] Flashing Verizon GNex to support StraighTalk

    Is this even an option? I have seen some reports saying yes, but it's highly technical then others that say no. Anybody have any news on this being a viable option?
  24. H

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250 Can't Replace ROM

    Hi, I have a Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250. I used to use it to play around with ROMs and all. But the last time I flashed a CM11 and DirtyV Kernel, the phone started stuttering during boot and when I tried to flash a new ROM, the ROM just wouldn't take, it just kept coming back to the same version of...
  25. V

    Thread [Q] A bit of help? Hardware problem

    If I could kindly ask for some input... I was helping a buddy sand his car down (old Midget :o) for repainting with my phone directly next to my body. Got done and saw a bit of moisture in front of the front-facing camera lens. Touch screen unresponsive. Rebooted a few times, lots of ghost...
  26. D

    Thread [Q] [URGENT] Galaxy nexus stuck in infinite boot loop

    ok here goes. theres this big mess of a phone. it was laggy becuase of too many mods. so i downloaded swapper 2 to create a swap file and allowed it to activate on boot. then when i rebooted my phone it was stuck in bootloop. i wiped cache still wouldnt come out did data aswell. then i went...
  27. V

    Thread Has anybody the original The Room & The Room 2 Amazon APK? (*no* illegal stuff here!)

    Has anybody the original The Room & The Room 2 Amazon APK? (*no* illegal stuff here!) I've got a little problem. I bought the Amazon version of The Room some time ago (by mistake more or less) and now I also got The Room 2 via the current free deal. However, I don't have a Kindle but a Galaxy...
  28. B

    Thread White earpiece for the white Gnex

    What do you think folks? Worth it? Sent from my Glitched Nexus 7 using XDA premium
  29. W

    Thread [Q] Phone's partition table corrupted (?)

    After fiddling with every possible options available, I think my phones lagging has to be a problem caused by a corrupt partition table. I first ran this command : [email protected]:/ # dmesg | grep mmc0 dmesg | grep mmc0 And when I ran : 1|[email protected]:/ # dmesg | grep mmc dmesg | grep mmc , I...
  30. A

    Thread [Q] Can a ROM kill the camera?

    I had a perfectly working Galaxy Nexus running CM10.x, which I updated to a CM11 nightly. This worked great for a week or so and then the camera and gallery started FCing. After several resets, restores, newer/older nightly installs, nothing changed. Tried all possible combinations of new/old...
  31. Kiraisuki

    Thread [Q] Black Lines When Rotating Screen or Screencasting

    I've got myself a Sprint Galaxy Nexus that I programmed myself to run on a CDMA BYOP Sprint MVNO (Yes, they exist!) It runs Beanstalk 4.4.2 (2014/02/14) with a Cyanogenmod kernel v3.0.101. Whenever the screen rotates, black lines coat the screen for a few seconds. Also, when I cast my phone's...
  32. M

    Thread GNex factory reset apparently doesn't write anything and I'm not able to update.

    Hello, my gnex (maguro) started rebooting frequently (like every 30 seconds). I hope is not an hardware fault and now I'm trying to restore a factory image so I can rule out any custom rom-derived problems. I'm trying to flash yakju-jwr66y the problem is when I flash the bootloader and radio...
  33. B


    First of all, sorry if there's a thread like this, but I haven't found one.. So, I've had cm11 on my maguro for a while and all of a sudden, few days ago, it started restarting itself over and over and over again. When it boots up, it works for 30 secs and then reboots again. I tried flashing...
  34. M

    Thread [Request] Fix for led notification (disabling led)

    Hi! I have a problem with my gnex. Sometimes led notification switch on without any reason. Only solution to switch off LED is rebooting phone. Color of light seems to be random but generally it is blue or red. Currently I use CM 11 but this problem appears on every ROM even stock and every...
  35. S

    Thread [Q] Motherboard for Galaxy Nexus i9250

    Hi, I am looking for a new/used working 16GB unlocked mother board / logic board for my galaxy nexus i9250. I am from India and I am having tough time finding the same locally. Can you guide me to if there are any stores where I could buy?
  36. xnightwing

    Thread [Q] Flashing Sprint Galaxy Nexus

    Hello everybody, I'm flashing a sprint Galaxy nexus and I was wondering if anybody could give me a virgin mobile script for ETS.I'm following this but cant find a script for virgin mobile.
  37. salahmed

    Thread Ubuntu dual boot (Maguro) simple installation

    After the announcement of Ubuntu dual boot I visit their page (Please visit the page read it carefully to understand what I am talking about) But I couldn’t understand how to do it under windows, so I open the and took the link for...
  38. irvingh30

    Thread [Q] Correct procedure to go back to stock in an Encrypted Galaxy Nexus? [SOLVED]

    Hello I´ve got a Galaxy Nexus GT9250 Maguro with 4.2.2 (JDQ39), this phone has CWM Recovery, and here´s the problem: I enabled data encryption on this phone some time ago, and I´ve been digging in the Forums for weeks trying to find a clear explanation on how to go back to stock on this phone...
  39. Shidell

    Thread Can we use the F2FS file system on our GNex instead of EXT4?

    The Moto X (and more importantly, the Moto G) are using F2FS on their /data partitions and are seeing great I/O performance--even the Moto G, which is using essentially MicroSD eMMC is performing very well, and it's attributed to F2FS. Is it possible to merge the patches required for F2FS...
  40. L

    Thread Nandroid Backup

    I need a nandroid backup to restore my (bricked) phone. Could someone give me a link or upload it? Thanks so much
  41. B

    Thread [Q] Moving from Galaxy Nexus to Moto G

    Hi, I'm a galaxy nexus user and I was thinking on changing to the Moto G. Specifications look very similar (I get two more CPU cores and FM radio and lose NFC and replaceable battery) but from what I've read the optimization of this phone is awesome so performance is much better compared to...
  42. L

    Thread Nexus Bricked

    Hi guys, I have a very big problem. After a crean wipe and install of cm11, my phone started to reboot after maybe 10 seconds from the boot. I tryed to restore factory but the toolkit and odin fail on writing of system.img.Could anybody help me? Thanks so much
  43. R

    Thread [Q] Sprint Toroplus - Infinite Boot

    Hello, Will try to explain the best I can. So I was using my GNex (sprint variant) which I had freshly unrooted and flashed back to 4.2.1 stock (then it OTA updated itself to 4.3). In hindsight, I realized that I forgot to lock it after unrooting it. Not sure if this contributed to the problem...
  44. O

    Thread [Q] OTA Update problem when upgrading from 4.2 (JDQ39) to 4.3 (JWR66Y)

    Hi, I have a Galaxy Nexus running the stock version 4.2. I also have root on this device and ClockworkMod Recovery installed. I know I postponed this update for so long :), but I am now attempting to upgrade to 4.3. I'd be grateful if someone could show me how to do this. My first attempt was...
  45. claudio8

    Thread [Q]Phone is bricked but it's work..impossible to return in stock ROM.

    Hi folks, My phone became crazy... All it started 3 days ago when I swiched off my phone and when I tried to swith on than it started to reboot. It is really strange because the phone works for 3 minutes and it shows the laucher and it loads some widgets but after this it reboots itself. I...
  46. Z

    Thread [Q] Moto G VS Galaxy Nexus and Ques

    So I ordered the 16GB Moto G U.S version on Amazon and waiting for them shipping it out on the 11th and it then occured to me the other phone that is around the same in specs ..the Samsung Galaxy Nexus I went on eBay to see if the price dropped on the unlocked version and its still $270 and...
  47. M

    Thread [Q] No 4.4 KitKat Kernels?

    I can find 2 wokring kernels for 4.4 KitKat on the GNex. No Trinity, No Faux, Franco has one that does not work. are there any kernels besides the 2 that ive found? ive looked every where with no luck.
  48. P

    Thread Clipboard Crashes Application

    Every time I try to copy text, the application I'm on crashes. But, the text is copied to the clipboard- if I reopen the app, I can paste the copied text. And if the app automatically copies the text to the clipboard, everything works normally. I'm on 4.3 stock JB and have no apps that listen...
  49. M

    Thread [Q] Cannot find specific kernels?

    hey guys, I'm looking for a few kernels that, for some reason or another I can't find no matter how hard I look. maybe you guys could help? Matr1x kernel Bricked kernel Hells core kernel and last but not least Semaphore kernel. I'm looking for the latest releases for JB 4.3 Thanks! :)
  50. E

    Thread [Q] Coworker's Gnex started acting funky - app crashes

    Hi everyone, My coworker has a Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Virgin in Canada. Virgin is a child company of Bell, and therefore his GNex has Bell-approved OTA updates only. He's not interested in custom ROMs, rooting, etc. This means he currently has Android 4.2.1. The other day his phone went a bit...